James the Virgin Ch. 02

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My sweet Debora had left for Israel. I was still here in my high rise apartment. Alone again, but much wiser. She had taught me so much and I had learned well. I was ready to put my lessons to good use. In the meantime I was still using my binoculars to scope out the lady across the parking lot who loved to work out in the buff.

One day I was standing in the nude as always waiting for her to come into her living room and do her exercises. I was scanning around the area, checking out all the windows that had no curtains drawn. Finally I returned to her apartment window. It was a four story rooming house made of brick. It had been there for decades.

I looked into her window and was surprised to see a her standing at the window with some binoculars of her own. They were pointed right at me! I saw her wave her hand, and then she lowered the glasses and grinned. She proceeded to make a jerk off motion with her hand. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to jack off while she watched. I was all for that.

With my left hand I held the glasses to observe her and with the right I began to beat my already hard meat. As I did so, her hand was down in the bush she had for a pussy. She was rubbing her clit as she watched me. Her fingers were going in and out of that hairy cunt. I was getting hotter and hotter. I think she was too as I jerked faster and faster.

Shit! I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot a string of spunk out against the window pane and she bent over with the force of her own cumming. Then she put all her fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. Putting down the glasses she grinned again and then disappeared. I looked but she did not return to the window. I was so hoping this would be an ongoing event in our lives.

My apartment building fronted on a main surface road to the campus. It was on a corner, with a side road going to the east. Across that corner, on the opposite corner, was a brick apartment building. It was, in fact just next door to the building my sexy hippie girl lived in. I loved her reddish hair done up in dreadlocks and I could see her hairy pussy matched. Anyway, in this building on the corner were also rooms and apartments for students. Or anyone else, for that matter.

In the basement of this structure was a vegetarian restaurant. I was definitely a meat eater, but I would drop in once in a while because it was close and because I enjoyed some of the dishes they served. Besides the ambiance, shall we say, was cool and mellow. All the staff were part owners in the affair and they all had a reason to make it work. They were typical counter-culture types. Do you remember them? Anyway, I liked it there.

One day not too long after my little mutual masturbation session with the foxy hippie I went to the eatery and was going to have a soy burger. My waitperson approached. It was her! I would recognize that grin anywhere. I don’t think she recognized me though. I had kept my binoculars in front of my face most of the time and just jerked off with one hand. She didn’t know we had actually be intimate, sort of. But I had an idea of what she was into now. And I knew where she worked.

“I was going to have the soy burger but I’ve changed my mind. Let me have some of the beans and rice. I love beans.”

“Oh, you must be a Brownie then. They love beans.”

Well, it was good she was bantering with me. I would keep it up.

“Now how would you know that? It’s true, I’m a Brownie, but why would you know that?”

“Because I’m an Elf. We know everything about the creatures of nature. I love Brownies. They’re usually very talented in pleasant ways. Not just in making shoes, but other ways.”

She grinned that sweet grin of hers.

“You’re right. I just apprenticed with another Elf and she taught me lots of things. Very special things. I’d love to practice them with someone.”

“Oh. That sounds like fun. I’m a good brazzers porno teaching Elf too. Perhaps I could teach you some new things.”

“Well, you already taught me something new just the other day. It only took some binoculars, but it was an informative lesson.”

She looked a little startled, but only a moment. She was a bright girl, as well as being sweet and cute. She gave me her grin. Then she went off to put in my order.

I had my dinner of beans and rice and then took the check up to pay at the register. Glancing at the check I noticed she had put her name down. They usually do. It was Samantha. But she had also written a phone number. I quickly took a pen at the counter and wrote the number on a dollar bill in my wallet. Then I paid the check and waved at her over in the corner waiting on another table. She grinned.

Since I lost my virginity to Debora I had been incredibly horny. Now I was looking forward to assuaging that need. I would call Samantha as soon as I decided she was not working. That would be in the morning. The restaurant was only open for lunch and dinner. No vegetarian breakfasts.

So I called as soon as I hoped she was awake. I knew students. We didn’t rise too early if we didn’t have class to get to. Anyway, Samantha might not even be a student. Our town was a mecca for counter-culture types.

She was awake and glad to hear from me. I didn’t just hear it in her voice, she told me so. And she asked me to come over right now. Damn! Morning sex. I would love this.

She gave me her room number at the boarding house and I was down the elevator, over to her place and upstairs knocking on the door in about 5 minutes or so. I only took time to gargle some mouthwash. I’d be getting my mouth dirty but I didn’t want to start that way. A little humor there.

Samantha opened her door completely nude except for her grin.

“Get naked little Brownie boy!”

I did. More than happy to do her bidding. She would be my second woman to fuck in my twenty-five years.

“Okay Elf, show me something new!”

My cock was standing up. It did that when it got hard. She knelt down and started kissing it. Just kissing. All over and it was getting to me. I wanted more. But she grinned at me and just kept kissing it. I grabbed her dreads and crammed my cock into her mouth. She moaned and I knew she wanted to be used. I would do that.

I started fucking her face deep into her throat and she began gagging. I just kept ramming deeper and deeper and she started deep throating me. She did know some new things to teach me. I was rubbing her nipples at times to keep them hard. She was cramming all the fingers she could up that red haired pussy of hers.

She kept moaning and shivering whenever she had an orgasm, which happened often. She really loved her sex, and I loved making her eat my prick. I was not going to cum yet though. I wanted to fill her cunt with my jizz. I needed to fuck some cunt.

At last I was nearing a large cum so I pulled out and she groaned with frustration.

“Get on the bed Elf and spread your fucking slut legs. I need to screw a hippie bitch cunt.”

“Oh yeah little Brownie, talk dirty to me. Make me your Elf whore!”

I picked her up off the carpet and flung her onto the bed and then sprang between her legs. I picked them up and put her legs on top of my shoulders and rammed my cock into that hairy cunt. She squealed with pleasure and a little pain.

I did what I wanted to do. I started fucking that hippie cunt long and deep. Her legs in the air just made it more pleasurable for both of us. I was thrusting so deep I could feel her cervix deep inside her.

Fucking and fucking and hoping to fill her with my spunk.

Finally I allowed her to wrap her legs around my waist and urge me even deeper into that creaming pussy. I could not have fucked any faster if I was the castingcouch-x porno Flash. In and out with all my power I fucked that cunt and had to finally shoot my wad into it. I filled it to the brim. It was oozing out onto her thighs and the Indian print coverlet she had on her bed. I could feel her pussy pulsating as I kept fucking her. Her cunt was massaging my prick as I kept emptying my cum into her.

At last I collapsed and my cock slipped out of her cooze. So did lots of my seed. It was dripping onto my balls and cock as I nestled between her legs and just relaxed with the afterglow of good, satisfying sex. She was grinning too and she gave me kisses again, but this time on my nose and lips.

We relaxed together on her bed, still wet with our sex juices, and I could smell the odor of sandalwood permeating the room. With my Debora it had been patchouli. We did love our eastern scents back in the day. My little Elf finally told me I had to get my Brownie butt out. She had to get to work at the restaurant.

“Come by this evening about seven and have something to eat. Then we can come up here and learn some more things about ourselves. Do it little Brownie boy or I may teach you a lesson you won’t like!”

She was grinning at me and was still grinning when I had put on my clothes. Then I went over to my own place to get cleaned up and ready for a new class with my little Elf. I did have some errands to run but I was promptly there at the vegetarian restaurant at seven that evening. Was I a fool? Hell no. I wanted more of that hippie pussy.

Samantha was busy when I entered but she looked up and grinned. She had obviously been hoping I would be there. Someone else was coming over to wait on me, but she intercepted them, they whispered together, and then I was being served by Samantha. She grinned and asked what my pleasure was.

“You know what it is, little Elf girl. You and you alone. But I do need to eat something to keep up my strength.”

“Okay, little Brownie boy, you will get your beans and rice. And I think I’ll give you a chocolate shake for good measure.”

She laughed and tripped away. My food came quickly and after I finished eating I stayed while they were cleaning up for the evening. Finally Samantha came over with her backpack on one shoulder.

“It’s school time, my lad. Let’s get next door to my pad and teach each other some new things.”

Eagerly I took her hand and we walked quickly to her room in the next building. It looked exactly the same as when I had left that morning. The coverlet was still covered with her cum and with mine. Fuck it. This was a room made for sex.

“Do you remember what I did for you this morning babe? Well it’s your turn. And by the way, what the fuck is your name?”

She grinned as she asked and when I told her it was James she really laughed from the belly.

“James the Brownie, oh wow, that is so fucking funny! I’m fucking James the Brownie!”

I saw the humor, of course. It just didn’t seem to warrant all the laughter. But that was Samantha. She lived life with all the gusto she could. She laughed large, she smiled large, and she fucked large. She was great.

So she stripped again that day, just for me. I watched her take her clothes off and savored the sight. I was slowly disrobing myself, but I didn’t need to use my eyes to do it. They were focused on my little hippie Elf. Her pussy was already wet. I could see the beads of pussy juice on her swollen pussy lips. I was going to be tasting that juice soon.

Samantha laid herself upon her bed leaning back on her pillows against the headboard. The she pulled her knees up and let her legs fall apart spreading the cunt lips wide and ready for my mouth to give her pleasure. She was grinning, of course. So was I, for that matter.

I crawled slowly up onto the bed with my cock waggling beneath clips4sale porno me, hard and ready, but it would have to wait. My face approached that pussy and I could smell the fine cunt odor emanating out into my nostrils. I loved the smell of cunt. I loved the taste too. Debora had taught me that.

Intending to give my Elf all the pleasure I could I started with her feet. I sucked on each toe and licked her soles and laughed when she giggled from the tickling. I continued licking up her legs, passing back and forth between them. I trickled my cock over her feet and her toes tried to grasp my prick. Her feet came together and jacked me for a moment or two, but the main course was me eating some cunt. I moved on up her thighs, nipping her flesh with my teeth. My hands were busy caressing her soft flesh and rubbing my cock’s precum on her legs.

Reaching the mother lode I dove in with enthusiasm. I locked my lips on her clit and sucked it out and hard. I bit it and she moaned with lust. My fingers were separating her cunt lips and my own lips were kissing that cunt and licking all the cum juices she was leaking out for her pleasure and for mine. I bit each lip and made her cry out. Her hands grasped my hair and forced my face into her pussy, rubbing it into my mouth and making me eat it with all the intensity she desired.

I don’t know if she ran out of cum juice or she just tired of the cunt lapping, but she signaled that was enough after she had been cumming for almost half an hour. She moved my face away from her pussy and then leaned down and tasted her own cum on my lips. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and reached down and stroked my still rock hard cock.

Now it was my turn to give the lesson. I stuck my hand into her still wet cunt and got my hand all sticky with her juices. Then I rubbed them all over my cock. It was time for my lesson to begin. I grabbed her waist, so narrow and tiny, and flipped her over. She knew what was coming and was already groaning with anticipation. She leaned down on her upper arms, spread her legs apart and raised her luscious ass cheeks into the air.

Pressing down on her neck with one hand I took my still greasy hand and wiped it on her pucker hole. Then I took my achingly hard prick and started feeding it into a tight and perhaps virgin ass hole.

“Is this a new lesson little Elf?”

“Oh fuck, yes it is. Do it my Brownie. Fuck my shitter for me!”

So I did. I continued pushing into that virgin hole and feeling just how damned tight it was. I could barely force my prick into it, but I finally had fed all my cock deep into her ass hole and she was moaning. Then began the full out ass fucking. I started moving in and out, fucking and screwing her ass and making her pussy start cumming again. My balls were smacking against her cunt as I reamed her ass. She was even begging be to go deeper and deeper, pressing back and fucking my cock with her ass. What great ass cheeks she had.

I began smacking them with my hand and they were turning red. She moaned louder an louder. I kept fucking and she kept begging for more. At last I could hold it no longer. It squirted out and her cunt squirted at the same time. I wall filling her ass with cum and she was cumming all over that Indian coverlet of hers. More and more I fed her and it was enough to burst any other woman. She took it all and wanted more.

There was no more left in me. I jerked my cock out fast and a gusher of my cum spilled out and down her thighs. It was white and creamy and mixed with the pussy juice she had squirted earlier. She fell down onto her stomach and groaned as she savored the lust she had just experienced. I went into the bathroom and washed my cock clean. Then I returned and fed it into her mouth. I just wanted that hot, wet mouth around my cock once more. It was fine.

The Elf and the Brownie had both learned some new tricks. It would be repeated many times in the days to come. She was not going to a kibbutz.

She did head for San Francisco, though. Haight/Ashbury called to her. Another lover left me. But, as before, I had the new experiences and I would still have the memories. I was the true winner.

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