Jamie Ch. 01: Seduction

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Female Ejaculation

All sexually-involved characters are over the age of 18. This story includes elements of manipulation, free thinking at the expense of Christian dogma, as well as some beer drinking. If that bothers you, well then, I don’t think we can be friends! I’d encourage finding something more to your taste, but it’s your choice.


One might think I wasn’t really at my best when I met Jamie. I was 34 years old, recently separated from my wife of 12 years, and trying to balance work with a return to college, as well as sharing custody of my 11-year-old daughter.

Truth be told, I liked how busy I was keeping myself. Never much for introspection, I figured if I just kept things moving forward, I’d eventually get past the failure of my marriage. Even though I was the one who’d left, and we’d both realized too late that we weren’t right for each other, 12 years is a long time to be with someone. A person shouldn’t get over such a drastic change too quickly. But still, I had needs…

So I really took advantage of the explosion in popularity of the internet. It was the year 2000, and suddenly, you could meet and chat with people around the world… or even lonely, unhappy women in your own town!

Simply by sitting at my computer in my rented 2-bedroom townhouse, I had found a steady string of fuck buddies over the previous months. That, along with occasional hookups with two women I worked with, kept my cock pretty well content.

I was greatly enjoying the variety of willing women making themselves available to me, and I realized that I was still just as much a pussy hound as I was before my marriage. I had 12 years of monogamous lost time to make up for, and I was definitely looking for nothing more than racking up a body count for a while. I was ready to play, damnit!

One day, there was a knock at my door. I opened it to see a cute young woman standing there.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m moving in next door.”

“Hi, Jamie. I’m Jim,” I said with a smile. “Welcome to the house. What can I do for you?”

“Do you have one of those screwdrivers that looks like a plus sign?” she asked.

I laughed. “A Phillips? I sure do. I’m actually part of a generation of guys who learned how to use tools as a part of growing up,” I said with a smile. “Give me a second and I’ll get you hooked up.” I went to my toolbox in the hall closet and grabbed a Phillips set.

“These ought to do. There’s an assortment, so just pick the one that fits your screws the best.”

“Oh, I didn’t know there were different sizes.”

“There are,” I replied, then decided to flirt a bit. “Size is pretty important when it come to picking the right tool, don’t you agree?”

My suggestive remark seemed to have missed the mark completely. Jamie simply replied “I guess it must be. Thank you. I’ll bring them right back.”

“Sure, no problem. I’ll be around.”

I watched as she turned to walk the few steps to her door and went into her new place.

I closed the door and assessed my new neighbor. Jamie was young, to my eyes, and a bit overweight. She was about 6 inches shorter than I was, which gave her about 4 inches over my soon-to-be-ex-wife. She appeared to have small breasts, always unfortunate on a heavy girl, imo. She was cute though, with short, curly blonde hair and big blue eyes, and I did enjoy the jiggle of her big, round butt as I watched her walk away.

There was something about her, though, that seemed unique, and it took me a few minutes to put my finger on it. Jamie had a natural sweetness to her personality that shone through even in our brief meeting. She just seemed genuinely nice.

A guy could be drawn to a woman like that, I thought. Always hesitant to shit where I eat, my first thought was to leave Jamie alone and just be neighborly.


Over the next couple of weeks, Jamie and I had several more interactions. She met my daughter, and they hit it off right away. Jamie expressed admiration for how I handled being a single dad, and I got the idea that my young neighbor might be developing a bit of a crush on me.

I 1xbet yeni giriş wasn’t too concerned about her crush. Not the first. I’m a reasonably attractive guy with a nice smile and a quick sense of humor. I’m just under 6′ tall, 170 lbs, short straight brown hair and green eyes with gold flecks that women have said they find intriguing, and I spend an hour 5 days a week at the gym (weights and kickboxing) to keep toned and fit. I also find it a real pleasure to talk to women, so I’ve never gone too long without female companionship.

I worked the overnight shift, so when Jamie and I saw each other, it was usually just for short periods of time. Jamie seemed a bit of a homebody. I met a couple of her friends, but never saw her date. She was a very different person from me. On occasion, Jamie encountered the random woman either coming into or leaving my place. She came out of her house once as I was sending my newest friend off with a deep kiss.

I noticed Jamie gazing at me in a strange way. I smiled and said hi as I went back inside.

I was off from work the next night and my daughter was with her mother. I had grabbed a 12-pack of beer and was sitting down to prowl online for some company when I heard Jamie’s familiar knock.

I invited her in and offered her a beer. She “ummm”ed for a moment and then said “I’ve actually never had a beer before.”

I got her a soft drink and we sat on my couch to talk. This was to be our first real conversation about ourselves.

Jamie had been raised in what I think of as a very restrictive Christian home. So many things I had taken as a matter of course growing up were alien to her. She’d never consumed alcohol, smoked or experimented with drugs. She had never even seen an R-rated movie! When she told me she was 21, I was blown away!

She was curious about my lifestyle, and as I mentioned, Jamie was very sweet. She seemed interested, and not judgmental of my comparatively wild life. She appreciated that I didn’t judge her relatively naivety, as well. What is it about women in their 20s wanting to be seen as mature by older men? Oh, yeah. Daddy issues. Love that!

I told her I didn’t have to understand her choices to respect them, but that I didn’t share her ideas about morality.

“Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with religion,” I said. “I think having faith is a great thing. I happen to be a pretty spiritual person, but I don’t let other human beings, or the organizations they create, decide what The Divine wants for me. I know you’ve seen women leave here, and I’m sure you know what we were doing while they were here, right?”

Avoiding my gaze, she nodded silently.

“Your Bible says that what these women and I do is sin, that perhaps we would even be damned for it. That’s morality as that religion defines it.

“Well, I think ethics are far more important than morals; I don’t lie to women and I don’t lead them to believe that we’ll have anything more than fun and pleasure. There is an element of seduction in these relationships, but seduction makes a person feel desired, and no one gets hurt.

“If living my life by that code isn’t good enough for someone else’s idea of God, then I’m not interested in that God.”

I told her I thought that whatever entity controlled the whole show sent us opportunities to learn lessons that helped us grow in a spiritual way, and that’s how we got the life experience we needed. I stood to get another beer.

“It’s all about the freedom to choose for yourself,” I called from the kitchen. “Can I get you another Coke?”

I was surprised by her answer. “Would it…maybe…be ok if I tried a beer?”

I brought her a Corona. “If that’s your choice, Jamie, of course it’s ok.”

I showed her how to prep a Corona with salt and lime and told her if she didn’t like it, she didn’t have to drink it. “Freedom of choice, Jamie,” I said. “If you only remember one thing I say, let it be that.”

She finished the beer and asked for another, which I brought her, but let her know that was her limit for the night, since it was her first time.

What? 1xbet giriş Did you think I’d get her drunk and fuck her? Ethics, remember?

The second beer really loosened her tongue. She told me about her childhood, her parents and siblings, and of course, her plans for her life. Her biggest goal was to meet and marry a preacher. I wondered if that idea was original to her, or came from her parents, but didn’t ask.

Jamie also shared that once, when she was 18, she had decided she wanted to lose her virginity. She had a best friend, a guy her own age she thought she was in love with. They made out, she said (the only time in her life she’d done that, too!), but when she put his hand between her legs, he bolted!

He later admitted to her that he was gay. They were still besties, but I guess the experience left Jamie unwilling to put herself out there again.

The more we spent time together, the more I began to find myself thinking about seducing Jamie.

Despite, or maybe because of, her limited life experience, I found myself wanting her. Part of it was her sweetness, part her cuteness, part knowing I could teach her a bit about herself, and part, yeah, I’ll admit it: a 21-year-old virgin? How many chances like this would I get? The odds of that are like winning Powerball. Game on!

I made a point then of getting physically closer to Jamie. If we were on my couch, I’d sit fairly close, but not enough so that there would be any body contact. Shortly, I noticed that Jamie was taking the initiative to get closer, even once brushing up against my back as she reached around me to grab a glass from my cupboard. Good. I wanted her to have less of a personal bubble when it came to me.


Several weeks later, another night on the couch, drinking my beer and talking. Jamie was going on again about how she hoped to meet a nice preacher to make a family with…. blah, blah, blah.

I decided it was time to let Jamie see in herself what I saw.

“Jamie, you know I support your choices, right?”

“Of course,” she replied.

“Well, I want to be honest with you. The idea of you marrying a preacher sounds to me as though you’re just parroting the party line.”

A confused look on her face, Jamie replied “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that idea for a lot of women, but I think there’s more to you than that. I think you were raised to think that’s what you should want, but I also think, maybe not even so deep down, you won’t mind me doing this.”

I reached my left hand to her, cupping her left breast and leaving my hand there.

I felt her heart begin to pound like a jackhammer in her chest. Oh, to go back to being young and so affected by intimate touches!

I caressed her breast slowly, feeling its weight and fullness. Did I think she was small on top? Fuck! Her conservative clothing seems to have hidden some sweet curves. I could feel my cock start to swell slightly. Here I sat, fondling a grown woman who had never had anything like that happen to her.

Her nipple immediately stiffened to my touch, even with her top and bra between our flesh. I moved my hand, rolling the nipple between my thumb and index finger, gently pinching and tugging it, coaxing it to grow in my hand.

The look on Jamie’s face made me ache with desire. Part shock, part fear… but mostly longing. Her chest began to rise and fall quickly as her breathing became shallow and rapid.

“Oh, wow, Jamie,” I said. “I had no idea you’d feel this good. I think we’re both really enjoying this.

“Of course,” I said as I continued to caress her breast, “you have complete freedom of choice here. You are free to tell me to stop, or to remove my hand, if you want. You are free to simply shake your head and I’ll stop.”

Jamie did none of those things. What she chose to do was to sit still, silently submitting to my ministrations of her virgin body. I was enjoying this so much!

“You can choose, also, to simply experience, and hopefully enjoy, the sensations you’re feeling.” I move my second hand to her other 1xbet güvenilirmi breast and begin to fondle her breasts more firmly, kneading her previously untouched curves.

I made certain to pay attention to every part of her breasts… feeling the swell of the sides of her breasts… lifting them to feel their deliciously heavy weight…the tips of my fingers running up and down the top slopes of her firm, full…damn, were these a full C? Nice!

Jamie was silent and still, her eyes closed, her lips parting slightly as her chest began to heave.

“What I hope you’ll choose, though, is to allow me to teach you about physical pleasure.” Jamie bit her lip when I said this, and I was getting hard in my jeans. I saw Jamie’s thighs press together as she wriggled in her seat; I knew the stimulation of her breasts was sending a beeline of sensation right to her virgin cunt.

This was working better than I could have hoped. This girl was so submissive, and I was glad I had read her right.

“I would very much like to introduce you to a part of life that is very special to me, and that I think will be for you, too. I think this could be an important lesson for your life right now.

“Jamie, I want you to think about what it is you might actually want. And to be fair to you, I want you to be clearheaded when you think, so as much as I don’t want to, I’m going to stop touching you right now.”

I removed my hands from her breasts, then leaned in and kissed her lips softly. I knew that to successfully seduce this young woman, I would have to be gentle in my domination. Too much force would cause her to shut down, and I really didn’t want to miss out on the fun of this experience!

“You doing ok?” I asked.

“I’m…. ummmm…. I….” Good. I had her mind spinning so fast, she couldn’t even speak.

“Hey,” I said, standing up. “Give me your hands.” She complied, of course, and I helped her to her feet. “Think I could have a hug?” I asked. Jamie stepped willingly into my open arms, and I felt her heart, still rapidly pounding.

I wrapped my arms protectively around her, holding her close and running my fingers up and down the back of her neck, up into her hair, where I gently took a handful of her short blonde hair into my fist, pulling gently back, turning her face up so that we look into each other’s eyes.

Her hands went to my muscular chest, but she didn’t seem to know if she should push me away or caress me.

“I don’t even know what to say,” Jamie finally says. “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“You don’t have to say anything right now. This can happen, if you decide you want it to. If you decide you don’t, that’s alright, too.”

Having already kissed her lips and fondled her breasts without prior consent, I think this is a nice touch to reinforce that she still has choices. Ethically, that’s important.

But do I know that my ability to keep her off-balance gives me an immense advantage? Of course. You don’t win the game by letting your counterpart have the advantage, and my game was the claiming of this girl. I intended to turn her into my personal slut.

I hold Jamie close, pressing our bodies together, letting my fully-erect cock press into her stomach. She has to feel it but, I realize, might not put two and two together.

“I hope it doesn’t bother you to feel my cock press against you like that. You just really turned me on tonight.” Jamie shifts a bit, moving against me and causing my cock to move as she rubs our bodies together.

After saying goodnight with a few small, tender kisses, I suggest Jamie think about my offer overnight and let me know if it’s something she’d like to pursue.

That night, I lay in bed, my veiny cock in hand, my large mushroom head turning purple with the flood of blood into it as I stroked, fantasizing about taking my neighbor’s innocence and turning her into a cumslut.

It didn’t take long to achieve a very intense orgasm, and I groaned in satisfaction as my load shot over my stomach and chest, my cock spasming in my hand even after every drop of cum was released.

This was going to be fun.


I hope you enjoyed this short introduction. More will come soon. I hope you’ll leave comments and suggestions; they help me understand what readers like and want. But of course, it’s your choice!

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