Jamie Ch. 07

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Double Penetration

I know this is technically a group sex category, but I’m just keeping the series together in the same one. That aside, I hope you enjoy! Please comment!


Around 11:00 that night, we were watching TV, waiting to see if the pizza girl would show up. She’d been off for an hour, so we were starting to doubt she was coming, when there was a knock on the door. I looked at Jamie and she returned my smile.

“I guess she is coming,” she said and giggled.

“I guess so,” I said and got up out of the bed to answer the door. When I opened the door, there stood a beautiful blonde girl. Her pizza delivery uniform had hidden most of her figure earlier, but now, in her “street clothes”, I was able to see what she was hiding. She’d ditched the red visor to show off her styled blonde hair. She looked like Rocket from Sucker Punch (if you’ve seen the movie then you know it’s a hard style to describe).

The oversized polo shirt was now replaced with a form-fitting pink T-shirt that definitely showed off her great, full tits. When she’d brought the pizza, she’d been wearing tight black jeans, but the bagginess of the polo shirt hid the view of her tight, round, bubble-butt that her low-riding blue jeans hugged.

“Are you going to invite her in or stare at her?” Jamie asked with a laugh.

“I’m sorry,” I said and stepped aside, holding the door open for this young, blonde beauty we were about to fuck.

“It’s okay. I get that a lot,” she said with a wink.

Jamie laughed again. “I like her already.”

I let the door shut behind us as we walked to the bed.

“I have to be honest with you guys,” she said. “This is the first time I’ve done something like this. I’ve never hooked up with a customer before; and I never dreamed it would be a couple either.”

I smiled at her reassuringly. “And I have to be honest with you. The exchange we had at the door when you brought the pizza was the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. But,” I said looking at Jamie, “something about this beautiful woman has brought a whole new me out.”

Jamie blushed. “Stop it, Jason. You’re embarrassing me.”

“Well, it’s true,” I winked at her.

“Have a seat,” Jamie said to the girl who was smiling at our exchange. She sat down on the edge of the bed, still looking nervous.

“What’s your name?” I asked, sitting with Jamie again.


“Well, Tracy, it’s nice to officially meet you. And we’re glad you decided to come. You are absolutely beautiful.”

Tracy blushed. “Thanks. You’re really pretty too,” she said with a nervous grin.

“Do you have any questions? We want you to be totally comfortable before we do anything. We want us all to enjoy this, but if you’re not comfortable with this, we would also understand.”

I nodded. “Exactly. If you’re not up for this, then you have nothing to worry about.”

She seemed to study us both for a minute. “Well, you guys now my name, what are yours?”

I chuckled. “My name is Jason and this is Jamie. I guess introductions should have been the first thing to happen, huh?”

Tracy giggled. She looked more comfortable already. “Have either of you done this before?”

Jamie answered this time. “Neither of us has been in a threesome before, no, but we both learned tonight it was a fantasy we both shared. I have been with other girls before, and, really, only one other guy, and only once with him.”

I looked at Jamie, surprised. This gorgeous girl I’ve been in love with for so long has only been with one other guy? I almost didn’t believe it.

“Really?” Tracy voiced my disbelief.

“Yes, and we were both really drunk. I really regretted it the next morning. Especially since he was gone when I woke up.”

“I thought you’d been with other guys,” I said to her.

“I’ve dated other guys, but only slept with one. I really wish I hadn’t.”

I hugged her close to me. “I’m not perfect either,” I admitted. “I got divorced a little over a year ago. She was the only woman I’ve ever been with until Jamie and I finally ended up together.”

“How long have you two been together?” Tracy asked, seeming to be really interested in our relationship.

We both laughed a little. “Since Monday,” Jamie said.

Tracy’s jaw dropped. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. We’ve been friends for years, though. And I’ve had this not-so-secret off and on crush on Jamie since I was about sixteen,” I explained.

“Then that explains why you two seem so close. You really seem like you’ve been together for a while.”

Jamie and I looked at each other and smiled. I kissed her and then we looked back at Tracy who was smiling at us both.

“You guys are cute,” she said.

“You think so?” Jamie asked. Her smile grew and then she started to crawl across the bed to Tracy. While we waited for Tracy to show up, we’d gotten dressed, although not in a whole lot. I was in shorts and a T-shirt while Jamie wore a tight, white T-shirt with no bra and a tiny black thong. I couldn’t help but stare at her perfect ass as she crawled on all fours away from me. I sat back and watched as Jamie approached Tracy. Antalya Escort A shy smile spread across Tracy’s face as Jamie grew closer. Jamie reached up and gently dragged her fingernails across Tracy’s cheek while slowly moving her face closer. Their lips were centimeters apart as Jamie’s fingers reached the back of Tracy’s head. Jamie lightly brushed her lips across Tracy’s before finally pressing them in for a kiss.

I was practically already hard as they shared their first kiss. I’d watched lesbian scenes plenty of times in porn, but I’d never witnessed two girls soberly kissing each other in real life before. If Jamie and I hadn’t fucked twice earlier that day, I would have blown my load from their first kiss alone.

Tracy reached up and grabbed Jamie by the back of the head as she pressed her lips harder into Jamie’s. Their mouths separated, allowing their tongues to meet. I enjoyed the show as their kisses grew more passionate and lustful. They laid down across the bed, pulling each other into an embrace as they continued to make out. Wanting in on the action, I laid down behind Jamie and kissed her shoulders and the back of her neck. Her hand found its way to my crotch and squeezed my rock hard cock as she continued kissing Tracy.

I helped her out by unbuttoning my shorts and pulling the zipper down. Her hand moved inside of my shorts and grabbed the naked flesh of my dick. She slowly began to jerk me off as she kissed Tracy. As kissed and licked her neck and then nibbled on her ear in intervals, Tracy reached up Jamie’s shirt, fondling her breasts. Suddenly they broke their kiss and sat up, Jamie’s hand also left my dick. They each pulled off their shirts and then Jamie dove into Tracy’s tits before Tracy could respond to the sight of a topless Jamie. I didn’t blame her, I was usually mesmerized by Jamie’s tits too.

Tracy closed her eyes in pleasure as Jamie sucked on one tit and then the other. I decided I wanted to get some interaction with Tracy, and now that her lips were free, I took advantage and moved in. She smiled at me as I came in for a kiss. She received my kiss happily, sliding her tongue into my mouth almost immediately, so I did the same. Our tongues wrestled and danced with each other until I broke away and kissed down her neck and sucked on the open breast Jamie was neglecting at the moment. Tracy gasped and then let out a long, happy sigh. I slid my hand down Jamie’s back to her wonderful ass with one hand while I reached behind Tracy and squeezed her jean covered ass with my other.

I felt long fingernails scratching my back and the back of my head a moment later. A look out of the corner of my eye showed me that Tracy was giving Jamie the same treatment as well.

Jamie abandoned Tracy’s tits and moved down her body until she ran into Tracy’s jeans.

“Let’s get these off,” Jamie said with a horny grin. Tracy returned it and I backed off of sucking on her nipple. Tracy then stood up and peeled off her skin tight jeans and tossed them aside. She hadn’t been wearing any panties, so her entire body was now fully revealed to us. Both Jamie and I stared in awe at the beautiful eighteen year old body standing in front of us. Her full and perky round tits; her tight and slightly muscular stomach; her long, slender, yet shapely, legs; and her tight, shaved pussy; she was probably the most gorgeous girl I’d seen naked aside from Jamie. I couldn’t wait to find out how that little pussy felt on my throbbing cock.

I tugged at Jamie’s thong and pulled it over her hips and down her perfect, creamy-white legs. She rolled onto her back and allowed me to pull the tiny amount of fabric off of her completely. She then spread her legs and I wasted no time in diving into her snatch and begin eating her out. I looked up her body and saw Tracy climb onto the bed and plant her beautiful pussy over Jamie’s face. Jamie moaned from the pleasure I was giving her as she hooked her arms around Tracy’s legs and pulled the girl’s pussy tighter into her face. Her tongue darted in and out quickly and then began to lick up and down her slit. I was already performing a similar action as I ate out my amazing girlfriend.

Tracy let out cute whimpers as Jamie eat her box out and Jamie slowly bucked her hips into my face as I stuck my tongue deeper into her pussy. I felt Tracy breathing into my ear and then stick her tongue in it and begin licking it. It drove me insane as I pleasured the love of my life. I pulled away from Jamie for a second and kissed Tracy. Before I could return to Jamie’s pussy, though, Tracy dove in, working on her clit. I repositioned myself to get better access to the lower half of Jamie’s pussy as Tracy took care of the upper. Jamie began to scream in ecstasy, unable to work on Tracy any longer. I decided to take advantage of this and let Tracy go to town on Jamie.

I crawled off of the bed and stood behind Tracy. I had a choice to make. Do I feed my cock to Jamie’s mouth or stick it in Tracy’s pussy?

“Fuck her pussy, Jason,” Jamie said and then gasped at whatever Tracy did to her pussy.

I smiled down at Jamie and when I went to grab the Antalya Escort Bayan base of my cock to direct it into Tracy’s perfect pussy, Jamie grabbed it and tugged me towards the teenaged girl eating her out. I closed the distance to the beautiful ass facing me and Jamie led my dick to Tracy’s tight hole. Before she placed me at Tracy’s entrance, though, Jamie took my cock into her mouth and lubed me up with her saliva for a few seconds. When she released me, I was properly lubed and ready to fuck Tracy.

Jamie guided my dick into Tracy’s snatch. I pressed forward slowly, unsure of how tight it might be for her. Tracy stopped eating Jamie out and looked back at me. She gave me a wink and I slowly sank into her depths. She was definitely ready to go. She was so wet, it didn’t take much effort to slide my way home. When I finally bottomed out, I squeezed her cute bubble butt and slid out about halfway. I pushed myself back into her with a little more force.

“Ooh, yeah. That feels good, baby,” she cooed and watched as I pulled out a little farther the next time. I slammed in a little harder to gauge her response. She closed her eyes but gave a grunt. “Fuck,” she said. “Give it to me, Jason. Don’t hold back.”

I happily obeyed and slid out to the tip and then rammed my cock back into her again. She moaned as she returned to eating Jamie out. I slowly picked up the pace, and spanked her beautiful ass as I did. It was the only thing she had over Jamie. Their tits were about the same size, and they both had decently tight abs. But that butt of hers was just a little bigger than Jamie’s and a little more round too.

Every so often I would stop and hold my cock deep inside Tracy’s pussy. When I did, Jamie lifted her head up and sucked on my balls for a couple seconds. I returned to fucking Tracy’s tight pussy when Jamie would release my balls from her lips. It was an amazing feeling having my balls sucked as I fucked another girl.

Soon Jamie’s breathing grew more and more labored as Tracy’s tongue brought her to climax. Jamie began to scream unintelligible words with a random, “FUCK” or “SHIT” thrown in. Tracy didn’t let up, though. She seemed to increase her efforts and I did the same, banging her pussy harder and harder.

“HOLY SHIT!” Jamie screamed as she came closer to her orgasm. “FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed and then Tracy slowed her attack on Jamie’s pussy. When she looked back at me, I pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back. I wanted to feel this girl’s mouth around my cock and I knew Jamie wanted to return the favor and eat her out. Jamie read my mind and spread Tracy’s legs for full access to her pussy. I knelt just over Tracy’s face and she lifted her head, taking my cock into her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down as she blew me while Jamie ate her out. She was definitely good at giving head. I wondered how many times she’d done it. She seemed like an expert. She even deep throated me, taking my entire length to the back of her throat. I reached behind me and squeezed her tits in turn.

“Wanna fuck my tits?” she asked one time after pulling me out of her mouth.

“Fuck yeah I do,” I said and positioned myself further down her body. She squeezed her tits together around my dick and I began to fuck between her tits. The soft flesh of those perfect, natural mounds felt amazing as I slid in and out between them. “Oh shit,” I said.

“First time titty-fucking?” she asked.

I nodded. “Uh huh,” I barely got out. I felt like I was about to blow my load on her chest.

“You getting close?” she asked. I looked down and locked my eyes on her beautiful blue ones and nodded. “You go ahead, right on my face, baby,” she said and that sent me over the edge. My balls tightened and cum shot up my shaft as I fucked forward again. My spunk shot out of my dick and landed on her face. Another stream landed on her chin and then a third one hit her neck. The fourth drizzled out, landing between her tits. “Stick that back in my mouth,” she demanded. I did as she said and she cleaned me off.

Shortly after that, Jamie had Tracy moaning and groaning louder and louder. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a hand towel and began cleaning my cum off of her body. Jamie increased her efforts and I watched as Tracy began to squirm and writhe in painful pleasure. She had her right hand balled into a fist with which she punched the mattress. Her fingers curled around the sheet as she seemed to hold on for dear life. I looked down at Jamie just as Tracy squirted juices all over Jamie’s face. About a minute later, Tracy finally came down from her high and breathed heavily. I laid next to her on one side and Jamie cuddled up to her on the other. The two girls kissed again, tenderly and lovingly.

“You can stay the rest of the night,” Jamie said. And by her tone of voice, I could tell this wasn’t going to be the only time we fucked Tracy that night.

I laid back on the bed, and both girls cuddled up on either side of me. We just rested for a little while, but my mind was racing too much from what I had just experienced to be able to sleep. My new girlfriend, Escort Antalya perfect in every way in my eyes, just shared a beautiful eighteen year old girl with me. I knew this was a one-time thing, but it was a memory that would be locked away forever. I secretly wanted this to happen again in the future, but that was something I would definitely keep to myself. I loved Jamie too much to press another threesome one day.

The girls drifted off to sleep a few minutes later, but my mind was still reeling; replaying the scene. Every moment was better than the last: Jamie kissing Tracy; their clothes coming off one article at a time; Jamie jerking me off as she made out with Tracy; fucking Tracy’s pussy while Jamie licked and sucked at my balls; and then finally, cumming on Tracy’s beautiful face as I fucked her tits. I think that was honestly my favorite part; sliding my dick between those perfect, tanned tits. Her skin was so silky and smooth, I could feel myself growing hard again just thinking about it.

“You already ready to go again?” Tracy asked quietly. I looked at her and saw those deep blue eyes sparkling as she looked up at me. Her soft pink lips were spread into an inviting smile.

“How can I not be with two beautiful women lying naked in my arms?” I asked her. Her pinks turned a slight shade of pink as she hid her face in my chest. I hugged her tighter for a second and then she reached down for my, now, rock hard cock. She lightly caressed it with the tips of her dainty fingers, using the nails ever so gently. I watched as she played with me. Jamie pressed in tighter to me and nestled her head into my chest a little more.

“I think she’s awake,” Tracy said and I looked at Jamie.

Jamie looked up into my eyes. I tried to convey all the love I had for her in my gaze, but it wasn’t doing it justice. I moved my head towards hers as much as I could and she met me the rest of the way, kissing me deeply. Words couldn’t express the love we had for each other, but this kiss displayed it much better.

“You two really love each other,” Tracy said when we finally broke the kiss.

I never took my eyes off of my angel, but Jamie looked at Tracy with a confirming smile. My heart rate increased slightly from that smile. She really did love me. It wasn’t just words and sex; it was something real. I’d always believed that true love was more than just an emotion, that it was an action, a decision that was made to commit yourself to someone. But, I couldn’t deny that it did create some strong emotions.

“I hope I can find that one day.”

Jamie reached across and caressed Tracy’s cheek. “You will, Tracy. You will. You are a lovely girl. Any guy, or girl, would be blessed to be with you.”

Tracy blushed again but never took her eyes off of Jamie’s. Jamie pushed herself up and leaned across me. Tracy responded and met Jamie’s lips with her own. They kissed softly at first, but the intensity slowly increased as sexual desire took over once again. With my left hand, I reached for Jamie’s pussy and slid two fingers inside. She was really wet and ready to go. As I increased my attack on her pussy, I reached around Tracy with my other hand and fondled her beautiful tits. Jamie broke her kiss with Tracy and began kissing me while Tracy repositioned herself to suck on Jamie’s creamy white breasts.

Jamie broke her kiss with me and stared into my eyes lustfully. She then straddled me, impaling my dick deep inside her cunt as I removed my fingers. Tracy sat up so she could continue licking and sucking on Jamie’s tits. As Jamie rode my cock, I began to finger fuck Tracy’s pussy while she kept up her attack on Jamie’s tits. Jamie felt great rising up and down on my pole. As tight and amazing as Tracy felt, I enjoyed the familiarity of Jamie’s pussy on my dick. She also knew what to do by now to really get me off.

I grabbed Tracy’s legs and forced her over my face. I then pulled her pussy into my face. I heard muffled moans from both girls, so I assumed they began making out as orgasms began to grow in their pussies. Tracy tasted great as I fucked her with my tongue. The multiple sensations I felt did wonders on building my orgasm, but with how many times I’d had sex in the past few hours, I knew I’d be able to last a lot longer.

Jamie pulled off of me but Tracy’s mouth quickly replaced Jamie’s pussy. Jamie crawled up to me and rubbed Tracy’s clit while I continued plunging my tongue in and out of her pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Tracy’s beautiful ass as I worked on her pussy. I wondered what it would feel like to fuck it. Jamie seemed to read my mind, too.

“You wanna fuck her ass?” she asked me seductively.

“Uh huh,” I said into Tracy’s pussy.

“Well, then let’s get you in there,” she said. Jamie left my side for a moment and then the next thing I knew, Tracy was pulling her pussy away from me. She straddled my cock in a reverse cowgirl position and rode it up and down a few times. Jamie then guided her off of my dick and placed her on all fours. I scrambled to my knees and positioned myself behind her. I stuck my dick back in her pussy to lube it up a little more with her juices, and then I placed the tip at her beautiful butt hole. She relaxed her anus as much as she could as I slipped the tip in. It was tight and hot inside her ass, but it felt so good. Jamie spit on the top of my dick, adding a little more lube to the shaft.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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