Janet’s Fantasy

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Ted and Janet had been dating for about 6 months. Both were professionals, but in different fields. They had met at a party thrown by a mutual friend. After a month of casual dating, they had become sex partners as well. Their relationship had deepened with some mutually satisfying sex.

Janet was a slender woman, on the tall side, about 5′ 10″. She had small, firm breasts, very long, shapely legs and dark hair, like the rest of her body; she kept her hair very well groomed, usually in a tight bun on the back of her head. She thought it was in keeping with her “professional image”.

Janet also had a personal side, which included kinky sex. In Ted, she had found someone who was willing to participate without being judgmental. She knew he didn’t share all of her kinks, but he was always willing to go along for her pleasure. That had been one of the most important things to Janet in bonding them together.

For Ted’s part, he had found Janet’s kinky side to be very interesting. His own sex life before he had met Janet and been fairly vanilla. He had slept with a few women, but his activities had been limited to oral sex and intercourse.

With Janet he had been introduced to anal sex, bondage and play-acting. He had been very willing to accept a wider sex life, because he knew that was a key to cementing her relationship with him.

On this evening, they were going out to eat at a nice restaurant. Ted was dressed in a dark suit, as was Janet. They had met at the restaurant after work, with Ted’s apartment being close by for afterwards. Dinner started with shrimp cocktail, a wonderful salad and small steaks for the main course. Neither one of them wanted to be too full for the fun that was to follow.

The evening was warm as they walked from the restaurant to Ted’s place. Once there, ted had pulled Janet to him and kissed her deeply. They slowly moved into the living room and the couch where they kissed for another ten minutes or so.

“So, are you ready for your fantasy?” asked Ted.

Janet smiled and nodded.

Ted rose from the couch and turned the light on, so that the living room was very well lit. He returned to the couch and sat back down.

As Ted sat back down, Janet stood up and crossed the living room to where czech gangbang porno a straight backed chair sat. As Ted watched, she removed her suit jacket, draping it carefully over the chair back to avoid wrinkles. Janet was very particular about clothes.

She looked at Ted and silently removed her dove gray blouse, revealing a black lace bra and a single strand of pearls… Then she unbuckled a slim black belt and unfastened her knee-length skirt. Carefully, she stepped out of the skirt and folded it carefully, as she had with the other clothes and placed it on the chair. Removing the skirt had exposed her shapely legs in dark stocking held up by a black garter belt and black high-heels.

She looked across the room at Ted. He was smiling approvingly. He considered the sexy woman standing in front of him and had only one request. “Take off the bra and let me see your sexy tits.”

That hadn’t been part of her fantasy, but she didn’t see any reason not to accommodate her loved. She worked her arms from under the shoulder straps, reached around and unfastened the bra, placing it on top of the neatly folded pile of clothes. Her rosy tipped breasts were exposed to his gaze.

She walked across the room and stood in front of him. He stood up and embraced her. Kissing her deeply, Ted could feel her nipples were hard. He was still fully dressed. That was a part of her fantasy.

“So, did you enjoy working today without any panties?” he asked

“Yes, I did. I enjoyed being a secret horny slut without anyone else knowing it.”

“Well, if you really are a slut, you won’t mind being on your knees in front of me.” With that, Ted placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed down.

Without a word, she knelt in front of him. This was all a part of her fantasy. She ran her fingers up the front of his pants and pulled his zipper all the way down. He fingers slid into his fly to grasp his cock.

Ted inhaled deeply as he felt Janet’s slender fingers curl around his cock. He hadn’t worn any undershorts, which was part of her fantasy too. He also hadn’t orgasmed in a week. That had been pretty tough to do, but he had been out of town, so Janet hadn’t been available to him.

Janet’s fingers pulled his long cock free czech harem porno of his pants. She could feel that he was already aroused. Silently, she leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue delicately licked at it. The she sucked the shaft of his cock deep into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth, sucking intently on his rapidly hardening cock.

Ted could feel his cock getting hard too, and when Janet wrapped her arms around his waist, to cup the cheeks of his ass, he feared he might cum right in her mouth, then and there. As badly as Ted wanted to, he concentrated on not ejaculating in his lover’s mouth. That wasn’t the way this fantasy was supposed to end, and he didn’t want to disappoint Janet.

His lover, kneeling in front of him, spread her legs apart as she sucked his cock. Janet’s right hand left his ass and dropped between her legs to stroke her hardening clitoris. Her middle finger stroked it slowly at first, then more urgently as she became more and more aroused.

As Janet fingered her clitoris, Ted’s cock got harder and harder in Janet’s hot, wet mouth. Ted knew he was very close to his orgasm. He reached down and gently pushed Janet’s head back, sliding his cock from her still sucking mouth.

The taste of Ted’s pre-cum had really turned on Janet, especially when she thought about what would follow. As his cock withdrew past her lips, she looked up at him, her eyes shining.

She then quickly dropped her eyes and looked down at the floor, tilting her head forward.

Ted grasped his cock with his right had, fisting his cock. “Here it comes you horny slut!”

His left hand grasped her hair bun with his left hand, and grasped it firmly. He rapidly stroked his cock, breathing hard. With a rush, his cock started jetting out a week’s worth of cum on her carefully styled hair. With each jet of cum, Ted felt like his guts were emptying through his hard cock. The spurts of cum gleamed whitely on her dark hair.

After shooting a half-dozen spurts of cum on her hair, he pushed down on her hair bun, forcing her face upwards. She looked up in surprise. This wasn’t part of her fantasy. The last spurts of cum landed on her face, coating her forehead and cheeks. Then He czech sharking porno slid his cock between her lips and said, “Suck me clean you horny bitch!”

She smiled as she sucked and licked his cock clean. Janet realized the last was his own part of her fantasy. Ted’s cock softened as she cleaned in with her mouth, and she finally released it. She looked up at him.

“Are you ready?” Ted asked.

“Oh, yes I am!” she replied.

Ted replaced his cock in his pants and zipped up. He strode to the corner table where his digital camera rested. He turned the camera on and quickly checked the settings. He strode quickly back to his cum covered lover.

Janet got to her feet, smiling. Ted quickly composed the picture and took his first shot. It was a full face portrait, clearing showing her smiling face, coated with his cum. The cum shown wetly on her dark, glossy hair too. He then got a left and right profile shot. Janet thought she was done, but Ted had other ideas.

“I’ll start the shower” Janet told him.

“No”, he said. He took her by the hand and led her to the couch. He seated her then turned her so that her back was against the arm of the couch. He placed her left foot on the couch, next to the back of the couch, and the other stocking clad leg on the floor. Her legs were “veed” widely and her wet swollen pussy was completely exposed.

“I want you to finger yourself until you cum too” he said, in a tone that brooked no argument.

Janet smiled and lowered her hands to her groin. Her left hand spread her lips, and the other stroked her swollen clitoris. She closed her eyes and smiled as she stroked herself. She could feel the cum in her hair, on her face. Through her eyelids she could tell when the camera flash fired as Ted continued to photograph her.

Ted looked through the viewfinder and captured her exposed pussy, fingers work hard on her clitoris. He photographed the cum on her face and her hair. He loved the look on her face, teeth white as she bit her lips, and the agony/ecstasy as her orgasm swept over her body as it radiated from her pussy.

Janet finally opened her eyes and smiled up at him. “I love you, Ted.”

Ted smiled back at her. “I love you, Janet.”

She lowered her leg and sat up on the couch. “Can I have my shower now?”

“Yes, and I’ll wash your hair for you. Then we’re going to bed and I’m going to fuck you!”

She laughed and took his hand as she got off the couch; her fantasy was complete for tonight.

The End

Copyright © 2008


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