Janet’s Perfect Pair Ch. 02

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When Janet left I continued on with my drinking as I was beginning to get a little bit shaky. The best way to withdraw from alcohol is to taper off slowly. I had been through withdrawal before and it is no fun as you shake, sweat, shake and can keep no food down. I hadn’t had a cigarette while she had been there as I was too occupied with her grapefruit size titties so the Camel was relaxing. I decided to put myself on a strict intake of the amount of alcohol and have some food to make myself feel better before Janet came back over for another visit. I was already wondering to myself what kind of surprise she had in mind but rather than call I decided to wait.

Two hours or so went by and I had fallen asleep on the couch when I heard a knock on the door which immediately awakened me. I got up and opened the door and was greeted by Janet who had on a very thin t-shirt that showed her nipples through the material. I could tell that they were erect as they clung to the flimsy material.

“What a nice sexy top you have on Janet. It makes me want to do things to you again.”

“These titties are only for you now Don. But I want it understood that if I ever catch you with another woman I’ll go back to one of my old boy friend’s and video tape myself while he is fucking my titties. You wouldn’t want that would you?”

“As long as I have access to your tits I’m happy. They’re the perfect pair,” I replied.

With that remark I pulled up her top over her titties and just stared as they bounced for a second and looked really sexy with the t-shirt covering the cleavage. Her skin on her titties were pink patches like they were blushing but I knew better. It was from the workout I’d given them earlier in the day. I hoped that she wasn’t too sore as I was ready for more and my groin was beginning that glorious ache. I got down on my knees in front of her and proceeded to suck on her nipples making them even more erect and squeezing her magnificent mounds at the same time. I could hear a gurgling sound from her which indicated she was aroused.

“Could I have another whiskey and soda Don? I want to talk to you first.”

Reluctantly I stopped what I was doing and got up and went to the kitchen to make Janet a drink but I decided not to have one. Janet went and sat down on the couch and she could see one of the pictures I had taken of her earlier and picked it up and took a long hard look. The picture casino oyna was of her was black and white and framed to show her titties only which were spotted with my cum. The detail of digital cameras these days is incredible and you could see how hard and swollen her nipples were as well as the breast flesh surrounding it.

“Don this is a great shot but I don’t ever want anyone to see this. My titties are for your eyes only so don’t leave pictures lying around.”

“Janet,” I replied, “I just wanted to show it to you. You have to admit it’s erotic, don’t you think?”

“I guess so,” she answered.

I walked over to the couch, set the drink down in front of her and then sat down next to her. Janet had not bothered to cover her titties up and I couldn’t help but stare at them which she noticed and arched her back ever so slightly to acknowledge the fact that she knew I was looking but noticed that I was rubbing my wrist. I had banged it on something and it was swollen a little but certainly to the point where going and having it looked at by a doctor was necessary. Being very observant she looked at it as I sat down.

“What did you do to your wrist,” she asked.

“It’s nothing.” I said, and proceeded to pull it away from her as I certainly had other things on my mind including what the surprise was but Janet had other ideas and went to the bathroom. Back she came with a bottle of lotion.

“I’m going to give it a little massage to make it feel better.”

She poured a pretty good amount of the lotion from the bottle and started rubbing it on my wrist. I had to admit that it felt pretty good. What she did next surprised me as she put my wrist between her titties, squeezed them together and began to massage it like she did to my cock earlier. My hand was exposed at the top of her cleavage and she was gently jiggling her breasts giving it a nice massage.

“Does that feel good on your wrist Don?”

“Wow,” I exclaimed as she continued her incredible performance. The contact of my flesh was definitely arousing her as her nipples were becoming more swollen and erect. The soft velvety texture of her flesh in combination with the lotion was an unbeatable duo. I was aching to fill my hands with her breast flesh and really give them a massage along with giving her nipples a workout with my tongue. Not being able to resist any longer I pulled my arm free and pulled my arm canlı casino free and squeezed her ripe melons hard and slowly began to lick her nipples, first one and then the other. Her fat pink nipples were really erect now and I could hear the soft moaning growing. The alabaster white mounds enhanced the blue veins and made for an erotic look.

“Play with my titties. Bite, suck, squeeze, lick, and massage them. You don’t know how much it turns me on. My pussy is so wet I feel like I’m going to come.”

With that comment she shoved her hand inside her shorts and started to play with herself while I continued my assault on her titties.

“You don’t know how much this turns me on Janet. I could go on for hours if you’d let me. You know what I want to do but I’m going to wait to fuck them until neither of us can stand it. What a turn on!”

“Don’t stop biting my nipples. It turns me on and makes me want to come. I want to feel your big hard cock between my tits. Did my titties make it hard?”

With that remark it only took a few seconds to pull my shorts off as well as hers and stick my cock in her pussy. It drove her wild with passion.

I pulled her top off and then kissed her slowly letting my tongue rub on her teeth. As I squeezed her harder I could feel her titties mashing against my chest along with the now fully erect nipples.

“Don’t come inside me Don. I want you to rub that big cock on my nipples and come all over them. I want to feel that hot come on them.”

I continued to enjoy her perfect pair licking the tittie flesh with my tongue. As I felt my erection begin to come I pulled it out of her hot pussy and slid it between those magnificent twin towers of pleasure. I leaned over and grabbed the baby oil and squirted just enough on my cock as it was nestled between her tits to give the slow long strokes a smooth ride. As the head popped out of her titties you could hear a slight pop along with Janet quietly moaning and softly saying fuck em fuck em fuck em which I gladly did while she squeezed them together making the cleavage tight with a little bit of friction to make my cock even more erect. I felt like I wanted to explode but I held back enjoying the breast flesh and wishing it could go on for hours. As the head continued to pop out of her cleavage she licked the tip and for fifteen or twenty strokes we developed a routine. Her mouth with a little feeling from her kaçak casino teeth made it more erotic.

“I think I’m going to come in your mouth and face it feels so good,” but she stopped my thrusting and began to give me a hand job.

“I want you to spray the top of my tits and nipples with your hot love juice. I want it bad.”

She took my cock and thrust it on the underside of her tits and rubbed back and forth making sure that each square inch of her flesh had been rubbed. The precum had started to come as the feeling was incredible. All the time she smiled and glowed with pleasure as she found a man who would do what she wanted which was to worship he titties. As her grapefruit side mounds glistened with the baby oil on them it made it even more erotic as the flesh between her boobs were now red from the friction, something which didn’t seem to bother her a bit. She just continued to moan for more and I gave her everything that she wanted and more. I took my cock out from underneath her boobs and gently slapped the top of the nipples. I ached to spray them and I could wait no longer.

The thick white cum came squirting out and I made sure to cum cover her nipples in white as well as spraying a small rope up the neck to give her a pearl necklace, one of my trademarks. It still didn’t stop coming and I planted the last two blobs of cum on the top of each breast and then watched it slowly side down like a river. I had painted her good and she loved. She got a fucking I got a blow job and her titties were honored with more cum from me than I had produced in sometime. It was another erotic shot that begged to be photographed and I snapped a few pictures getting a full view as well as a close-up on her nipple and the top of her breast. They would have made great shots for video intros but keeping my word I promised there would be none of that. For now this was going to be private and it would be hard to keep this to myself When I was able to capture the cum in mid air as it was falling from the nipple. I wanted this for myself every day and while there would be temptation from other workers why rock the boat when I could enjoy the perfect assets of Janice.

As she was getting dressed I asked about the surprise and her idea surprised me. It was going to be breast toppings on each one I included, So far it has been simple such as a whip cream topping with some mixed nuts amongst the white background of the simple topping. As I haply thought this through I realized what an asset this was going to be. We would turn this into a feast for kings

For now I was very satisfied and the future looked good for us.

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