Jason Finds His ‘Fuck Buddy’

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It had been two years since Jason’s sweet Alice had passed away, killed by a drunk driver. He was still grieving, but realized that at fifty years old he had a lot of living yet to do. Alice had been his childhood sweetheart. As children they lived two houses apart and played together. They maintained their friendship through their school years until High School, when they realized that they loved each other. Both were sixteen when they first made love, and they remained lovers through college. The day after graduation from college, Jason and Alice were married. Life had been good to both of them, providing each with good jobs, a lovely house and all the amenities that made life enjoyable. Their only regret was that they never had children. At age forty-eight, Jason’s marvelous life ended just as sure as if he had been in the car with Alice.

Their business had flourished and he was moderately wealthy, not super rich, but he really didn’t have to worry. He had money enough for the rest of his life without wanting for anything. Jason just didn’t know how to live his life without Alice at his side. He had plunged himself into his work, but after two years he realized that all he had accomplished was to increase his wealth with no one to share it with. His secretary and his friends urged him to take some time off to find himself and learn how to live without Alice. Reluctantly Jason agreed to take a vacation. After going through many travel and cruise brochures, Jason decided to just start driving from place to place, sightseeing here in the good old USA.

Jason drove his Corvette west from Virginia, to sight see then head towards Atlanta. Arriving in Atlanta, he checked into the Ritz-Carlton hotel in midtown Atlanta. Jason showered and shaved before going out to find a good steakhouse. The lobby desk clerk directed him to an upscale restaurant off I 75, said to have the best steaks in Atlanta. Jason found the steakhouse easily and it was as good as advertised. Finishing dinner, Jason asked the Hostess where he might find a lounge or bar with authentic country music. She directed him to a place called the Country Barn that had good music, good crowds, spirits and dancing. The Hostess told him that a lot of yuppies and some older crowd frequented the Barn. He thanked her, paid his check and drove off to find the Country Barn.

Jason found the Barn and walked to the door, hearing the music playing one of his favorite country melodies. Inside, the dancehall and bar were packed with a generous mix of young people and others near his own age. He spied an empty barstool and was fortunate to grab it before any of the other patrons claimed it. Jason ordered a beer and turned around in his barstool to watch the dancers, band and the crowd. Every so often the band played a New Country song, to placate the yuppies, and charge up the drinking horde. Some of the women danced with their girlfriends when no males asked them to dance.

Jason’s eye caught a stunning redhead, gyrating and dancing with her girlfriend, to the rock beat of the New Country song. She was tall, with a lovely chest as best as he could tell, great long legs and gorgeous. Her dancing was sensuous, sexy and caught the eye of several guys in the dance hall. Every movement of her body was fluid, rhythmic and in perfect sync with the music. Looking closer at her, Jason saw that she was certainly not of the young yuppie age group, but appeared to be in her mid to late thirties. Jason’s heartbeat quickened and for the first time since his wife had died, he felt alive. He found himself tapping his toe and fingers to the rhythm of the song as he watched her gyrate to the music. Several guys tried to cut in to dance with her, but she declined each request.

A man, who seemed to have become upset when she declined to dance with him, started to shout obscenities at her, that she was a cockteaser. She ignored him and that seemed to make him even angrier. When the music ended, the woman and her girlfriend headed to their table, located near Jason. He could see that she was truly beautiful and had a smile worth dying for. Jason shook his head, sipped his beer and admired the stunning woman. The man that had called her, a cockteaser, walked to her table and demanded that she dance with him. Jason put his beer on the bar and took an interest in these proceedings. The woman smiled and shook her head no, then looked away from him.

“Don’t turn your back to me, you fucking cunt!” the man shouted at her. The woman ignored him again. “You fucking cockteaser! You look at me when I talk to you!” he screamed at her. She refused to look at him or to respond and just stared at her drink. Enraged, the man pushed her to the floor screaming, “You rotten cunt! I’ll beat the shit out of your cock sucking ass, bitch!” He moved toward her as she lay on the floor only to be cut off by Jason who knelt to help her.

“Are you all right?” Jason asked her. She nodded as czech couples porno she rubbed her elbow and knee where she struck them on the table and floor.

“Get the fuck away from her, cock sucker!” the man shouted at Jason, who didn’t answer, but watched him out of the corner of his eye. “I’ll kick your ass and the fucking whores’ too!” He reached down to grasp Jason’s shoulder as he knelt at the woman’s side. As soon as Jason felt the man’s fingers touch his shoulder, he whirled on his knee and drove his fist hard into the man’s balls! The man screamed and doubled up holding his crotch. Jason stood up and punched him on his jaw, sending him reeling to the floor. The man was roiling on the floor, holding his balls, cursing, and screaming, but without any zeal to continue the fight.

Jason turned to help the woman to her feet. She was crying and her knee and elbow were bruised. Her stockings had been torn and runs seemed to be everywhere throughout her hose. “Thank you,” she managed to whisper to Jason, as her girlfriend tried futilely to tidy her up. Jason nodded, but was more concerned about the man’s two friends that had come to his aid. The girlfriend helped the woman sit down in her chair, as the two men helped their drunken friend to his feet. Jason looked coldly at both of them, hoping that he could remember all the martial arts training he had received when he was in his twenties.

“Hey, man,” one of them said calmly to Jason, “He had it coming…we don’t want any problem with you or the lady. We’re going to take him home.” They walked the drunken man to the door and left.

Jason suddenly felt some pain in his right hand from having punched the drunk. As he rubbed his hand, the manager of the Barn walked to Jason, smiling. “I have no quarrel with what you did. That bastard had it coming. He’s been a pain in the ass for over a week and if you hadn’t cold cocked him, I would have,” he said. He turned to the woman and asked, “Glenda, are you ok? Do you need a doctor, or to go to the hospital? That was a nasty fall.”

“No, Whitey…thanks to this handsome knight in shining armor, I’m ok,” she said softly. She smiled at Jason and extended her hand to him, “Hi, I’m Glenda Pierce. Thank you so much for what you did to save me from that animal,” she said still smiling.

“You’re welcome, Glenda. I’m Jason West, and I was glad to help you.” Glenda invited Jason to sit with her and have a drink. Jason accepted and turned to signal the waitress to bring a round to the table. In a few moments the waitress returned with the drinks, telling them that Whitey said they were ‘on the house’. Jason, Glenda and Glenda’s girl friend Bambi, sipped their drinks and chatted about where everyone was from and about the incident that brought them all together. The band began to play a slow love song and Glenda asked Jason if he wanted to dance with a beat up old lady. Jason laughed and said, “Ma’am, it would be an honor to dance with you.”

As they danced, Glenda made some small talk then moved her cheek against Jason’s. The feel of her warm cheek against his, stirred feelings within him that he hadn’t felt since his wife passed away. At first he was upset with himself because he enjoyed the feelings, but he told himself that it was natures way of telling him that it was ok to feel good again. Glenda sensed that he was just a bit sad and she asked him frankly if he was ok about dancing with her. He nodded as she pulled back slightly to look at him and saw a tear well up in his eye. “You lost someone you loved very much, haven’t you Jason?” she asked.

“Yes…two years ago I lost my wife in a car accident. I’ve not spoken about it until just now,” he confessed.

“I don’t want to pry, Jason,” Glenda said, “If you’ll feel better not dancing, I won’t mind.”

“No, Glenda…tonight is the first time in two years that I’ve felt alive again. I do want to dance with you.” She smiled and placed her cheek against his again to finish the dance. When the song ended, she stayed with him on the dance floor until the music started again. It was as if the band knew that they both needed another slow love song to dance to and they complied. Dreamily, Glenda and Jason danced holding each other close and gliding along to the music.

“That’s why I come here, Jason,” Glenda said to him, “I lost my husband and lover three years ago. I feel that coming here has helped me to cope with losing him.” Jason told her that he knew how she felt and he understood only too well. “He left home one Wednesday morning after breakfast and drove to the office in a really good mood. We had made incredible love that morning and we were so much in love,” she continued, “At the office, he sat at his desk and a massive heart attack killed him on the spot.” Jason felt a tear roll off her cheek and onto his as they danced.

“I’m so sorry, Glenda,” Jason offered, “Life sometimes throws too many curve balls. I thought I had struck out on life, until I came here tonight. I feel…I don’t know how to say this, but I…I feel resurrected somehow, tonight,” he said softly into her ear.

“God, czech estrogenolit porno I’ve waited three years for someone to say things like that to me, ’cause that’s exactly how I’ve felt these past three years,” Glenda whispered in his ear. She was strangely quiet for several minutes then softly whispered in his ear, “Jason, somehow you and I are soul mates who found each other, finally,” she said softly.

“Soul mates?”

“Yes, soul mates, Jason. Not lovers nor friends, but kindred souls…buddies that suddenly discover that they want to be close, without any preconditions or commitments. Does that make any sense to you, Jason?” she asked.

“Yes, it does make sense, but I haven’t a clue why.” He looked into her eyes, green as emeralds, misty and deep. “We are sole mates, Glenda. It’s as though we were destined to find one another, just as you said.”

“I know you may not believe this, but my husband, Wayne once told me that before he met me, he had a soul mate…a girl named Wanda. They weren’t in love, ever, but they made love all the time. When she met me at our wedding she introduced herself as Wayne’s…don’t get mad…fuck buddy!” Glenda told him, “I didn’t understand her then, but tonight I do. Jason, I think you are my fuck buddy, what do you think?”

“Glenda, if anyone else had said that to me I would have laughed out loud, but it isn’t funny…it’s…it’s true, Glenda, I do feel so close to you, but I’m not in love with you. You just seem to be an integral part of my existence…my life.” She hugged him closer and they whirled around the dance floor as though they had melded together. They returned to their table and Glenda told Bambi that she was leaving with Jason. Bambi smiled and kissed Glenda’s cheek, sensing that there was something special between Glenda and Jason. On their way to Jason’s car, Glenda explained that Bambi drove tonight and she would have no problem getting home.

“Where would my damsel in distress like to go?” Jason asked her.

“Wherever you want to go, to make love to me,” she replied.

“Are you sure?” he asked her.

“Surer than I have ever been,” she answered. “Take me to your hotel, Jason. Fuck buddies need to express themselves, often,” she smiled. Driving back towards his hotel, Glenda told him that she wouldn’t care if they didn’t made love tonight, if it bothered him. Just being together with someone who understood was enough. “I just want to sleep with you and cuddle, if you don’t want to make love, I understand. I just want to be with my fuck buddy that I finally found…isn’t that silly?” Jason smiled at her and shook his head ‘no’ as they sped toward the Ritz-Carlton.

“I’m game for whatever my new found fuck buddy wants to do,” she grinned.

“What if I wanted to do something sinister to you,” he teased her.

Glenda smiled beautifully and said to him seriously, “You would never hurt me, Jason.” He reached out to hug her as they pulled into the hotel’s parking lot. Stopping at the front door, he helped Glenda out, gave the Valet his keys and walked Glenda to the elevator and to his room. Glenda whirled about in the huge suite and fell back onto the King sized bed. “I’m so happy I found you, Jason. I’m going to take a shower. Want to share a shower?” she asked, as she stripped naked revealing her magnificent and flawless body, smiling she seemed to glide into the shower.

Jason stripped and followed her. Standing next to her, the warm water splashed all over their bodies. Glenda looked up at him and he bent to kiss her deeply. “Ummm,” Glenda moaned as she drove her tongue deep into Jason’s mouth. His cock seemed to harden instantly and Glenda could feel the shaft pushing against her belly. She dropped to her knees and kissed his cock, drawing his ample foreskin back to reveal his pulsating cockhead. Kissing his cockhead all over she took it deep in her mouth to lick and suckle it as Jason moaned with pleasure. Glenda sensed that he would cum early if she continued sucking his cock. She released it take his balls into her mouth and slather her tongue over them.

She stood up, brushing her breasts and nipples against his legs, belly and chest as she rose to kiss him again. Glenda moved the showerhead so it sprayed the shower wall as she took the soap to lather his body completely. Her fingertips touched his lathered nipples and she began to sensuously rub them to Jason’s delight. “You like that?” she asked softly as Jason nodded and kissed her deeply again. “I love a man with sensitive nipples,” she whispered, returning his kiss. Washing his cock, balls and asscrack she smiled and handed him the soap and washcloth, “Your turn,” she said holding her arms out invitingly.

Jason lathered her magnificent body, starting with her bush, pussy and asscrack. He covered her in lather as she had done to him. Glenda moaned as he drew the washcloth over her pussy and clit, sighing, “Ooooooooooo, yes…that feels soooooo nice.” Jason embraced her and they tingled with excitement, as their lathered bodies slithered over one another. He shampooed her czech first video porno hair and she did his, both playfully shampooing each other’s bush. Jason grasped the hand held shower and rinsed Glenda’s hair and body clean of soapsuds. She in turn, rinsed his body as well. Glenda stepped out of the shower and put on the thick terrycloth robes the hotel provided then dried her hair with a towel.

Jason did the same. His cock was rock hard as he moved to the bed to lie down, waiting for Glenda. She removed her robe and lay down on his body, pressing his cock between their bellies. “Ummm, I need that,” she whispered as she rubbed her belly over his cock. Gary rolled her onto her back and stood up to remove his robe. Glenda got onto her hands and knees and provocatively pointed her beautiful ass toward Jason. He climbed up onto the bed and moved snuggly behind her to place his cock on her cuntlips. Glenda reached between her legs and parted her cuntlips, holding them open as his cockhead entered. She gasped as Jason slowly pushed his seven inch cock deep inside her pussy. His balls slapped her clit as Glenda pushed back hard to impale herself on his piston of flesh.

“Fuck me, Jason…fuck me hard,” she sighed as he withdrew to his rim then thrust it deep again and again. Glenda put her head on her arm and reached under her belly to find Jason’s balls to fondle them as he fucked her. Both of them sensed that they were hurtling toward orgasm, having been denied cumming for such a long time. Glenda groaned with each thrust of Jason’s cock and smiled as she felt his cock pleasuring her pussy. “Oh, God how I love this…it’s soooooo wonderful,” she gasped with nearly each stroke. Jason held her hips tight in his hands as he drove into her as hard as he could to Glenda’s delight. “Oh, God…I’m cumming, Jason…I’M CUMMING!” she cried out as her orgasm erupted deep inside her.

Her pussy clenched his cock with each spasm of her orgasm, her juices spewed forth coating Jason’s balls and the inside of her thighs. “Don’t stop…don’t stop,” she murmured as her eyes rolled in their sockets from the intense pleasure. “Oh my God, Jason…oh my God,” she kept repeating as he fucked her through another convulsive orgasm. Her second orgasm was more than Jason could stand as her inner cunt muscles gripped and released his cock as she spasmed. Jason drove his cock deep inside her and held it there as his cock exploded in orgasm. His warm thick cum blasted deep into her pussy and she spasmed again from the warm erotic feeling of his cum within her.

Huge wads of cum blasted into her as Jason’s balls contracted to pump volley after volley of his seed into her pussy. Glenda, recovering from her own cumming, thrust her ass back hard against his thighs, crying, “Yes…yes…yes…Oh God, yesssss!” Jason’s balls ached from propelling his cum into her pussy. Clenching his cock tightly with her cunt, Glenda basked in the feeling of a warmly filled pussy that had just cum so wonderfully. Jason’s orgasm was so hard that he nearly lost consciousness. He bend over to try to lay his chest on Glenda’s back, but she held his cock so tightly with her pussy that he could not easily do it. Lubricated by his cum and her creamy cunt nectar he finally slid his cock back far enough out of her pussy to enable him to lie gasping for air on her back.

They stayed in that position, as though locked together doggie style, for several minutes, breathing hard and trying to catch their breath. “Jason kissed her back, “Wow, Glenda, that was awesome. Simply incredible…I haven’t cum like that for a long, long time.” His cock had softened to a semi hard-on and slowly eased out of Glenda’s still clenching pussy, dripping cum droplets on the back of her thighs and over her calves. Jason rolled over to her side and looked at her with her eyes shut and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Her eyes fluttered open and looked at him for several moments before saying, “Oh Jason, how I needed you…that was so amazing,” she sighed, laying her head on his chest.

Still winded, they lay still regaining their strength. Glenda moved first, to rise up and lay her head on his belly looking at his softening cum covered cock. Taking his cock in her fingers she guided it into her mouth to cleanse it of their blended cum. Her tongue swept across his sensitive cockhead making Jason twitch several times. Glenda felt his cock getting hard in her mouth and redoubled her efforts on his cock. She could feel his cum leaking from her pussy and she reached for a hand towel she had strategically placed on the bed, to wipe her pussy. As she tried to wipe herself, Jason grabbed her wrist to stop her, and pulled her on top of him to straddle his head. Glenda sighed in anticipation as she dripped cum onto his lips.

Jason grasped her asscheeks and pulled her towards him until his mouth covered her cum leaking pussy. The sweet salty blend of cunt nectar and cum oozed from her pussy as Jason licked it into his mouth and swallowed. “Save some for me, lover,” Glenda sighed softly. Jason filled his mouth with their ambrosia and reached up to clasp her by the back of her neck. Glenda scooted her hips down his body until her lips met his in a passionate kiss. Still kissing him, she parted her lips and Jason pushed a huge dollop of blended cum into her mouth with his tongue. Glenda sucked his tongue clean of their cum to swallow it then entwined her tongue with his.

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