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~Note from honeybunxo, I realise that this story is extremely short and you may find this boring but it is my first submission and I’d really appreciate feedback. I plan to continue this story and introduce you to Jay and other characters if you think this is decent enough. Enough with my babbling, enjoy sweeties!!~


Over the short 19 years of my existence, I’ve learnt that being gay is best to be kept on the down low. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jasmine, I’m 5′ 3″ and I live in a medium sized 2 bedroom flat in England. I have long, thick curly black African-American hair (which is a b**** to maintain), toffee coloured skin, chocolate brown eyes, a cute nose, luscious full lips, medium sized breasts, a trim waist and an ass to die for. Well, that’s how my ex boyfriend described me. I never really understood why I dated the arsehole. The sex was painful, he had no clue how to please a woman’s body at all. After a rough grope and two minutes of his disgusting hairy penis inside of me I felt him bust his nut and then roll off into a deep sleep. The bastard even had the audacity to tell me that I was shit in bed. ME. He was probably right though, all I ever did was give him a blowjob from time to time, but refused to swallow his semen because it was so vile and then let him have his fun in my vagina while I’d have a fake orgasm. Living the dream.

Then I remembered why I wasted two years with him, to keep up appearances so that Mum wouldn’t throw me out of the house before I could find a suitable place to stay. Lying in bed after a long 9 hour shift in Tesco’s. I realised that I’ve always izmit escort bayan felt lonely. I’ve never had many friends, the last few years of sixth form were spent practically on my own with little contact with the rest of the sixth formers. Even when I was with Joel (my ex) I felt lonely. Most probably because he was a pretentious arsehole 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time he was a decent human being, not one for humour although he was a good listener (he probably didn’t give a shit but he sat and listened anyway. Mainly because he knew he’d get sex afterwards).

Uni was better, I met Olivia, my best friend and a few other friends who we hang out with regularly. Tonight I was supposed to be going out clubbing but decided that all I wanted was a hot steamy bath and a nice soft bed to crawl into. I rearranged our plans and headed straight for the kitchen. I opened the fridge (which in the past few months has become one of my only loyal friends), dug out a loaf of bread and some butter along with a few chocolate chip cookies and brownies that Olivia had made me this morning and set everything on the work surface. I put two slices of bread in the toaster and filled the kettle. I dug out a tub of Cornish ice cream and scooped myself a hearty portion. I then crumbled two cookies over the top and added two of the brownies, buttered the toast and spread a small amount of ketchup onto each slice (if you haven’t tried it then you, my friend, have been missing out on life). I poured my self a hot chocolate and voila! I’m finished. To hell with dieting, I’ll eat what I like, when I like and if anyone doesn’t like it izmit eve gelen escort – they frankly can go fuck themselves. Regular gym visits help to keep me in shape.

I headed to bed and practically inhaled my meal. Then I started my favourite playlist on my iPod, ran myself a nice hot bath with Lush bath bombs and bath salts and fished out a clean pair of knickers. After a 15 minute dance session, it was time to jump in. I peeled off my work uniform along with my undergarments, had a nice little stretch, dumped my dirty clothes into the hamper and lowered myself into the bath. I groaned at the feel of the hot, silky water on my skin. I sat back, stretched my legs and closed my eyes.

A tall, handsome young woman came to mind. Her name is Janet but she goes by Jay. She may not be what others consider a ‘beauty’ (no offence to her) but to me she is an absolute Goddess. One of the reasons that not many pursue her is because of her cynical nature, a defence mechanism that she’s developed over the years to protect herself from being hurt. She’s 6′ tall, short jet black hair, creamy white skin, high cheekbones with a sharp jawline, a muscular body and a dominating nature. You see, I’m naturally submissive, therefor drawn to dominant women. The other reason most don’t pursue her is because she has a condition called Heterochromia. One eye is a beautiful icy blue that is a slightly darker blue on the outside. The other is an equally beautiful chocolate brown with small flecks of gold, I swear I could get lost in those dreamy eyes. Most tended to find her eyes scary or weird but not izmit otele gelen escort me, I loved them and I loved her but I wish I could find the courage to show her.

I ran my hands over my breasts and tried to imagine that it was her large hands gently fondling them, I gently pinched one of my nipples with my right hand while my left snaked its way down my stomach and through my soft curls and found my now hard clit. I thought of her roughly bending me over a table while she ripped by knickers off and took me from behind with her bright pink strap on occasionally giving me slap on my ass and telling me what a dirty little whore I am. The thought of her oiled abs rippling underneath her skin and her yummy breasts jiggling along with her loud deep growls and sweat trickling down her muscly frame that glowed in the candlelight and the image of her cum trickling down her thighs while she pounded me sent me over the edge. Thank God my neighbours weren’t home.

“Mmmmmm… That was delicious” I thought to myself as I came down from my high. I stood up and stepped out of the bathtub. I wrapped myself in a terry cloth robe. I combed my hair out, oiled and plaited it before wrapping it up into silk cap. I lathered myself if Victoria Secret’s Pure Seduction’s body lotion (which smells like watermelon if anyone’s wondering). I then rinsed the bath out brushed my teeth and washed my face and was ready for bed. I disrobed, crawled into my empty king sized bed and lay in thought. “I need a plan to try and seduce Jay, or at least get her to notice me. I might not even be her type, she might not even like black girls but it’s worth a shot” I thought. I let out a huge sigh and whispered “Goodnight Jay, I love you” to no one in particular (sad, I know but it really helps with the loneliness). Tomorrow I’m going to grab Olivia and go shopping. I need an outfit that’s sure to get Jay hot under the collar…

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