Jean’s Awakening Ch. 06

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I woke, I’m not sure how long I napped but long enough that when I woke and turned over I knew I had been sleeping.

I groaned.

I ached. My back hurt where muscles I had never used before had been worked hard.

My thighs ached for the same reasons.

My nipples ached from the serial nursing.

Betty ached, my labia sore, and my clitoris was so sensitive that when I moved I felt an electric shock.

My calves ached and I remembered at one point both of them cramping into charlie horses.

When I stretched my shoulders screamed in protest.

I started to roll over and met Al, grinning, kissing me.

“Honey,” I said, groaning a little, “I absolutely have to get up or I’m going to wet the bed.”

He grinned wider and said, “say please.”

I rolled my eyes so hard I thought they would cramp too but then said, “please.”

He rolled off of the bed, flexible as a seal, and offered me a hand.

I was aware of my nakedness, of the semen running down my thighs, and in an odd way, I was proud as I walked across the room.

PROUD?! Aunt Marie shrieked.

I sat and started to relax and realized Al was still standing there.

“Ummmmmm,” I said, “a little privacy please?”

He laughed and said, “a bit late for modesty Jean.”

He bent and kissed me then, his hands light on my arms.

He nuzzled my neck.

He breathed into my ear, “go ahead bride-o-mine.”

I sighed and tried to relax, but I couldn’t

He chuckled and his finger traced down my belly, ending between my legs, tickling softly.

“Come on honey,” he said, a chuckle in his voice, “make the pee-pee for me.”

I giggled at that and managed to relax and start.

“Jean honey,” he said softly as I peed, “there is no modesty among us now.”

I kissed him back this time, that soft hissing sound of my urination providing an odd background.

I wasn’t surprised when almanbahis he pulled on the roll of toilet paper when I was done.

“Front to back honey,” I said as he touched me down there with the pad he had formed.

I was surprised when I felt my nipples suddenly harden, excited by this odd intimacy.

When his finger probed, finding my clitoris, my breath caught.

“A-a-a-al,” I said softly, “at least close the door.”

He chuckled and kept doing what he was doing, masturbating me slowly while I sat on the toilet.

“Nope,” he said, “toldya. Your modesty days are gone.”

Which made me giggle again.

“You are mine now Jean,” he said, his finger, bringing me along, “well, ours, and we intend to make sure you are the most satisfied woman in town.”

I was having trouble catching my breath by then but got, “only in town?” out before my body started tensing and I felt the orgasm getting closer.

He slowed his movement then, making my hips push forward, wanting more, and said, “welllll then, the county?” ((a little quick five strokes bringing me closer but then stopping)) “Maybe the state?” ((five more, taking me right to the edge)) “The whole country?”

I yelled, “YESSSSSSSSSSS,” and the orgasm took me.

I sat, my back rigid, my head thrown back, and came, sitting on the toilet.

He held me with his hand pressed flat against Betty, while the tension slowly left my body.

When he kissed me it was slick again, snotty, and wonderful.

He said softly, “stay put,” which made me giggle a little.

It wasn’t as if I could move anyway.

I watched as he ran the water until it was warm and then wet a washcloth.

He carefully washed my face as I sat, still getting my breath back.

“You’re beautiful,” he said.

I met his eyes and said, “thank you, I believe you.”

I padded, naked, head held high, back into the bedroom almanbahis giriş and was surprised not at all to find Steve laying in bed, doing his best Burt Reynolds imitation, head propped on his hand, other hand covering his groin, smiling broadly.

I went to him, happy, and crawled into bed next to him.

We kissed and embraced for minutes.

I was only vaguely aware when Al left the room.

Steve pulled away from me a little and used his hand to very gently roll me, well, more like “guide” me, onto my belly.

His hand covered my back, my ass, and my legs, caressing lightly, drawing goosebumps wherever he touched.

I felt him move then, his knees getting between mine making me part my legs a bit.

This was new to me again, and honestly, I was a little frightened. I knew I wouldn’t say “no,” but I was afraid he’d want me anally.

But he didn’t.

His hands were so gentle, but also so irresistible, as he lifted my hips, bringing me up until I was on all fours.

When he slipped into me from behind like that it was like my first time.

I couldn’t breathe as he slowly entered me and then got deeper and deeper inside.

Once all of the way in, he relaxed, forcing me to carry his weight.

When he reached around and his fingers found my nipples, tugging them, I couldn’t decide if I should bark or moo.

I was helpless.

If I tried to drop him, I’d be pressed, face first, into the mattress.

And I didn’t want to drop him.

I wanted more.

For the first time in my life, I said “more,” and then, “harder” to a man.

But he didn’t. He held still, making me carry his weight, while his fingers were deliberately milking my breasts, hanging free like udders.

“Harder,” I said again, this time a little louder.

And this time he did.

He was still not moving where he was inside of me, but he opened his hands, almanbahis yeni giriş his palms flat against my nipples, and pressed.

“Harder honey,” I said, a little louder again, and his fingers started to close, the pressure slowly building.

I groaned as the pressure moved from interesting to painful.

“HARDER!” I said for the third time, captivated by the way the pain was building sending a direct current to my clitoris and then deeper into my belly where he was.

Now he was enjoying it too.

His fingers dug into my breasts, making me groan, and then he would grab my nipples pulling them hard enough to make me hiss, and then squeeze again, drawing another groan.

“Moo for me my beautiful cow,” he whispered and that put me over the edge.

My orgasm was a wholly new level.

My body clenched and I could feel my release soaking us both.

I thought for an instant that my bladder control had failed but the scent was pure womanneed.

He yanked at my nipples drawing a second wave.

He squeezed my breasts hard enough that I had five little bruises on each one, drawing a third wave.

He was thrusting hard now, each thrust an audible slap on my ass, his hand tormenting my breasts.

I came again, tiring now, sweating, drooling a little as I panted, and managed a soft, “moooo.”

That seemed to set him off even more.

He was rutting now, not making love, and I was wallowing in the sensation.

I came again and went, “mmmmmmMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOO00000000000oooooooooo.”

When he came inside of me I came with him, weakly though since I was tired by then.

His weight, when he collapsed onto my back almost drove me to the mattress but I managed to hold us both up while he drew deep, whooping breaths and I gasped in my own need for oxygen although not as loud as him.

Finally, I felt him take his own weight and I let myself lay down on the sheet, face down, basking in the afterglow.

He laid next to me, his hand caressing my back, and said, “wow. Are you all right?”

I giggled softly into the pillow and turned to face him.

“Yes my love, I’m fine and yes, wow,” I said and then kissed him.

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