Jeff Comes Out For Baseball Ch. 1

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Amanda Taylor

When I was about a block away from Jeff’s house on my bike, I saw Eddy DiCarlo leave the house, get into his Mustang and drive away. At first I didn’t think anything of it, since the three of us are on our high school’s baseball team. I didn’t think that Jeff was hanging out with Eddy. Eddy’s kind of a `fast lane’ guy and Jeff and I have been friends since second grade, and were both in Boy Scouts and altar boys together. Not really, `fast lane’. But now we were all seniors, old enough to register for the draft, and things might have changed.

When I got to Jeff’s front door, I knocked, but I didn’t hear any reply. I thought maybe he was busy in his room and didn’t hear me. I opened the door and yelled, “Hi”, but still didn’t hear anything. I knew Jeff’s parents wouldn’t be home, since they both work and, anyway, their cars weren’t in the drive. I continued inside, a little puzzled. I walked over to Jeff’s room, and found his door ajar. I was horrified by what I saw.

Jeff was naked on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably. His rear end was all red and bruised. I rushed in and said, “Jeez, man, what happened? Are you okay?”

Jeff turned his head to look at me, and said, “Oh, great, now my misery is complete! Why did you have to come in now, Alex? I’m fucked!”

“What is it, Jeff? It can’t be that bad. And what happened to you?” I said.

“I mean I’m really fucked, literally. Eddy DiCarlo just got finished fucking me in the ass, and now you’ve found me like this. I’m fucked!”

“Jeez, would you quit saying `I’m fucked?’ The term is rape, and we need to call the cops. I thought that DiCarlo was a bad sort, now he’s proved it!” I exclaimed.

“I can’t do that,” said Jeff. “I invited him over.”

“So?” I said. “You certainly didn’t invite him over to fuck you, did you? Whatever reason he came ov-“

“That’s exactly why I invited him over, Alex. I think I’m gay, and I thought that Eddy was too, so I invited him over to ask him about being gay. Instead, when I told him I thought I might be gay, he wrestled me onto the bed and, well, fucked me.”

I was stunned by Jeff’s revelation. Jeff was gay, or thought he was? The first thing I had to do, was calm him down. He HAD been raped, whether he knew it or not, and I told him so.

“But I practically asked him to fuck me,” Jeff said. “By telling him I thought I was gay, I opened myself up for assault.”

“Sure, you made yourself vulnerable,” I said, “And frankly, making yourself vulnerable to Eddy was stupid. For one thing, I’m your best friend, don’t you think you should have told ME?”

“You? You’re the last one I would have told THAT to, Alex. I love you, and respect you, and I wouldn’t want you to think less of me. God alone knows what you must think of me now!” With that, Jeff started sobbing again.

“All I know right now,” I said, “Is that creep DiCarlo hurt you, physically and emotionally. If you want to take this to the police, I’ll back you up.”

“No, if I do that, the whole thing’ll come out and I’ll be ruined at school,” Jeff said.

I knew in my heart that what he said was true. If word got out that Jeff was gay, he would be treated miserably by a lot of people at school, and I was pretty sure that coach wouldn’t want him on the team anymore. I knew Jeff was counting on baseball for a college scholarship.

“Well, then you and I will have to think of something else,” I said. “C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up.”

I led Jeff over to the bathroom, and drew a hot bath for him. As we waited for the tub to fill, I looked at Jeff in a new light, considering all that his being gay meant. I saw an attractive 18 year old, same age as me, with straight light brown hair, like a surfer, though I doubt Jeff had ever seen the ocean. Deep blue eyes, the warm kind, not icy ones. A straight nose, fairly full lips. Weight about 170, 5’11”, and I couldn’t help noticing, a circumcised cock about 4″ long flaccid. On the occasions when he had a partial hard on, his dick looked like it was about 6″ long. Of course, I’d seen him naked before, it’s hard to go through 10 years together in sports and Scouts and not see a guy naked, but this was a little different. I supposed it would be different between him and me from now on, but didn’t want to think about that now.

As Jeff turned to step into the tub, I caught a look at his ass, and winced when I saw the bruises. His round cheeks were purpled where he’d been manhandled, and his ass hole looked kind of red and slightly swollen. I was furious that someone would treat my friend like that, and I resolved to get even with Eddy DiCarlo.

I guess I should describe myself, too. I’m 6′, 1″ tall, 185 pounds, curly black hair, gray eyes (the icy kind, not warm ones), average to good looking, pretty muscular where Jeff is more on the skinny side, and, not that it matters, my cock is 7″ long when I’ve got a hard on, and, I dunno, a couple of inches when I don’t. My butt looks good, at least my last girl friend said it does. I play catcher for the team, and have to stay in pretty good shape since I have to be ready to throw out runners, block the plate when it comes to it, and bursa escort intimidate our pitchers when they tried to act like prima donnas.

Jeff plays shortstop, and he’s pretty good. I think he’ll get that college scholly, but he’s a singles hitter where I’m a power hitter. He reminds me of a guy that my father told me about who used to play for the old Washington Senators, Eddie Brinkman. Sort of skinny, but a defensive whiz.

Eddy DiCarlo was something else again. He was a rich kid who pitched for our team, the Warnock County High School Screaming Eagles. I don’t even understand why he played, because he didn’t put much into it, his family was rich so it wasn’t like he needed the sport to go on to college. He was openly gay, which in the high school hierarchy got other kids shunned, but not Eddy. No doubt due to his father throwing money around so freely when he thought it would bail out Eddy. Even Coach Saunders was swayed by the equipment that Eddy’s father “donated” to the team. I sure didn’t hold Eddy’s being gay against him, just as I never would against Jeff, but Eddy was mean.

Regardless of sexual orientation, Eddy was just plain bad. Mean to his boyfriends, who all seemed to come from somewhere else, and seemed to change with the week, and mean to everyone else. That’s why I couldn’t understand Jeff trying to get close to him.

As Jeff soaked in the tub, we talked more. He explained that he’d always been a little attracted to other guys, but that in the last two months his feelings had really blossomed. I’d noticed that in the last few months he’d also changed physically, so I supposed with puberty moving right along, that Jeff just came to grips with something that had been inside him all along. I could understand his feelings, I thought, because I’d occasionally found myself looking at other guy’s cocks or asses in the showers, but as soon as I realized what I was doing, I’d shake myself out of it. So, anybody could have a little bit of attraction to other guys in them, it didn’t make them gay.

I watched Jeff as he slowly ran the wash cloth over his chest, but I could see him wince with the pain he felt, apparently from Eddy twisting his arm the wrong way. We’d be here forever at this rate.

“Here, let me help you,” I said impatiently. I took the washcloth and ran it over his chest and arms, soaping him, then rinsing off. “Okay, top’s done, now stand up and I’ll do the rest of you.”

Jeff slowly stood up, and I soaped him all around his cock, balls and then his ass, but gently, as I could see those bruises clearly. I guess I was too gentle, because as I wiped down Jeff’s cock, it started to get stiff and quite a bit bigger. Jeff laughed, and, rather than get embarrassed, I was kind of proud that I could turn him on, even though I wasn’t gay. I finished washing down and rinsing Jeff’s legs, and helped him to step out of the tub, then patted him dry with a towel. There was something satisfying about feeling his muscles under the towel as I patted him, but I couldn’t put my finger on why it felt that way.

I helped Jeff over to his bed. He asked me if I would replace the sheets, and I said sure. Quickly changing them out, I got Jeff tucked into bed, where he rapidly fell asleep. I brushed his hair out of his eyes, and brushed his cheek with my fingers. I wasn’t embarrassed to show a little sensitivity with a guy who was my best friend. I thought a little more about Jeff coming out, and the way his body looked to me knowing that fact. It troubled my mind, and I felt confused.

I left Jeff’s house, figuring at least he’d get some much needed rest, and we could talk more tomorrow. I rode my bike home, and, after dinner went up to my room to work on homework and fool around on the computer. I’d done my share of checking out porn sites, but most of them were pretty boring, with skanky looking girls that didn’t bring much excitement to their posed pictures. I had figured that was why Internet sex sites were boring to me, but it occurred to me that there might be places that I hadn’t thought to look in that might be more interesting.

I typed in “nude men” to the search engine, and about a million sites came up, so I took a look at some of them, purely for research. The first couple of sites were pretty weird, but some of the banners on the sides showed guys about my age, or a little older, and I found myself looking a little harder at those. I noticed that some of those sites were referred to as “Twinks”, so I typed that into the engine and WOW!

I found myself looking at web pages that had guys I could only describe as, well, ‘cute‘. I sure was surprised that word came to mind, because I’d only described girls as cute. But these guys actually made the base of my cock tingle, and I began to get very erect. The more I looked at them, and what they were doing, the harder I got. Some guys were sucking other guys dicks, some guys were fucking other guys in the ass, some were jacking off each other, but the pictures that made me the hottest, were the guys kissing each other.

I found myself imagining that I was one of the partners in the couples pictures. Maybe one bursa escort bayan of the guys getting sucked, or sucking a cock. The guy with his cock up another boy’s ass, or the guy riding a cock. I’d picture myself as the more `manly’ of the two guys kissing, always kissing a boy who looked a little more feminine. I found an especially hot picture of 3 guys together, and took my cock out and started stroking it. It felt really good to imagine I was the guy in the middle, with a cock up my ass and one in my mouth, while I jacked myself off. I rubbed my hand up to the purple head of my erect circumcised cock, and smeared the pre cum flowing out of it all over the soft, velvety head. I brought my wet finger up to my mouth to taste the pre cum, and I found it pretty much salty. I wondered if that was what it tasted like when a guy sucked another guy’s dick.

As I still carried the taste in my mouth, and returned to stroking my hard penis, I quickly shot a load of white, sticky cum all over my fist, followed by two weaker spurts that pooled in the juncture between my thumb and forefinger. I was really curious, so I brought my hand up to my mouth and licked the cum off it. Surprisingly, it didn’t taste bad. Actually, I liked the taste, and the creamy texture. Still, I didn’t think of that as gay. I was just curious about what my own cum tasted like. Not gay. My dreams that night were kind of confused, and I almost overslept and got to school a few minutes late. I saw Jeff in homeroom, where he was talking to Melissa Harden, the head cheerleader. I felt a funny twinge seeing him talking to a pretty girl, but I don’t think it meant anything.

“Hey, Jeff. Hey, Melissa. What’s goin’ on?”

“Hi Alex,” Jeff said, somewhat shyly.

“Hi there, stud muffin,” Melissa said. I rolled my eyes, as Melissa came on to all the guys like that. I guess if she’d been a little less aggressive I might have been attracted to her. It’s not like she wasn’t cute or anything, she just didn’t do anything for me sexually.

“Hey, can I talk to you Jeff?” I said.

“Sure, I’ve gotta get over to Chem anyway, we can talk on the way.”

“See ya, Melissa.”

“Yeah, see ya,” Jeff added, as we headed out the door. I asked Jeff what was going on, what he was feeling, what he was going to do. He was reluctant to acknowledge what had gone on the day before, at first, but then said, in a low voice, “I really can’t talk about this here, Alex. I’m afraid I’m gonna start crying. What would people think? Come over to my house after practice today, okay, and we’ll talk about it, please?”

“Okay,” I said. “See you at practice.”

Baseball practice was pretty routine, with one exception. We had a 3 inning intra-squad scrimmage, which we ran once a week when we had games scheduled. Eddy DiCarlo had hit a single, and moved around to second on a ground out. I was catching. The next batter hit a bloop single over Jeff’s head at shortstop, and Eddy tried to make it around third and slide into home plate. A perfect pickup and throw by Jeff at shortstop nailed Eddy as I blocked the plate. Eddy slid into my shin guards, trying to knock me off the plate, and instead everyone in a 30 foot radius of home plate heard a loud crack as Eddy’s right leg snapped in two. Everyone in a 300 foot radius could hear his scream.

I wish I could say I felt really bad about his accident, but that wouldn’t be completely true. I also wondered inwardly if I really had to lock my cleats in front of home plate, so that there would be less ‘give’ when he slid, but hey, who knows, right?

When coach canceled the rest of practice, and the ambulance had left, Jeff and I rode our bikes home. We both got Cokes out of the fridge and went up to Jeff’s room. Jeff slouched on his bed, and I stood over him and said, “So let’s talk about your big revelation yesterday. Are you really gay?”

Jeff got all red-faced and said, “Yeah, I really think I am. I started looking at gay sex sites on the Internet, and I found they were turning me on. My cock got hard, and I started jacking off looking at gay guys there.” I gave a little start at that, based on my experiences after I’d left his house the night before.

“Geez, Jeff, that doesn’t make you gay. If you fell in love with some guy, and had sex with him, well, that’d sure make you gay. I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but I jacked off last night looking at some nude pictures of, uh guys, and I know I’m not gay.” Jeff looked at me funny, but I knew I could prove to him that he, like me, wasn’t gay.

“Look, do you want to kiss a guy? That might make you gay,” I said.

“I’m not sure,” Jeff said. “How would I know?”

“Well, we could experiment, I guess,” I said, as I felt a tingle at the base of my cock. “I mean, we could try it. I know you’d never tell, and I sure wouldn’t.”

“Well, okay, I guess,” Jeff said. We moved closer to each other on the bed.

Jeff said, “I’m not sure how to do this. Not kiss, I mean. I mean, how to kiss, uh, you.” I took his cue to mean I should take the lead, so I pretended Jeff was a shy young girl on her first date. I moved my face to his, tilted my escort bursa head so our lips would fit together, and tentatively brought my mouth to his until our lips were just touching. I noticed that Jeff’s eyes were closed the whole time. His lips were warm and dry against mine, and I thought I felt a quiver run through him when they touched. My body jerked, slightly, but I’m sure it was just an involuntary reaction. That’s all.

“Well, what do you think,” I said.

“I’m not sure,” Jeff said. “Could we try again?”

“Okay,” I said, and brought my mouth to his, much quicker this time. Moving in faster, our lips mashed together instead of just touching, and I felt a thrill of sparks shoot straight to my cock. I moaned at the sensation, and my mouth opened involuntarily. I felt Jeff’s tongue tentatively touching my lips, and I responded by touching his tongue with mine. The tingle turned into an erection, and I tried to change position to relieve the pressure in my jeans where they rubbed uncomfortably against my erection. As I moved, I accidentally pushed Jeff back, and he lay back, pulling me down with him. I found my hand behind his head, pulling him closer to me.

We lay there for a few minutes, with our mouths glued together and my tongue teasing Jeff’s, my other hand stroking Jeff’s arm. Finally, I broke our kiss and looked into Jeff’s eyes. I’d never noticed how deep they were, before, but now I felt as though I was slipping into a deep blue pool. I wasn’t sure that was a bad thing.

“Alex, I really, really enjoyed that. Am I gay?”

“Yes, umm, I think you are, Jeff. And I’m wondering if I am too. Want to see if we really are?”

“Yes, oh yes, please Alex. Touch me.” I stripped off my shirt, and my jeans, leaving only my underpants and socks on. I helped Jeff take his shirt off, and I slowly traced over his chest and stomach with my fingertips, which made his nipples harden like pencil erasers. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and he lay back on the bed, raising his butt off the bed slightly. I took the hint, and slid his jeans down off his slim legs and onto the floor. His excitement was obvious, as his erection was tenting out his jockey underpants until I thought they’d split. It was only matched by my erection, which was peeking out of the leg hole of my underpants.

I rolled Jeff over on his stomach, and started kissing his back, tasting his film of salty sweat. I moved down to his round ass cheeks, and putting my hands on the waistband of his underpants, slowly started pulling them down over the hillocks of his smooth butt. As more and more of his ass crack was revealed, I found my eyes locked on that beautiful crevice. When his white underpants were halfway off his hips, I could see his pink ass hole peeking out at me. I finished pulling down his underpants, and brought my hands to his butt cheeks. I started stroking his pale white globes in a circular motion, and I heard Jeff moan with pleasure. I continued caressing his ass, but brought my hands closer and closer to his hole. I wondered if it was still sore from yesterday.

“How does this feel, Jeff” I said.

“Like heaven, “he said.

“Silly,” I said. “I meant, does your hole hurt from what Eddy did?” Jeff started giggling, and I leaned over to look him in the face as he lay against the bed.

“What?” I said.

“Eddy only has a little dick, couldn’t be more than 3 inches long, and he couldn’t get it up yesterday, thank goodness. He basically beat my butt because he couldn’t get it up!” I joined Jeff in laughing about Eddy.

“So you won’t mind if I do this?” I said, tracing around his pink pucker with my finger.

He smiled and said, “I want you in there, Alex. I want you in there now, and later, and ohh-!”, as my finger slid in past his sphincter to caress his prostate, though I didn’t know what it was then.

“Ohh, that’s nice, yes, go in and out with it. Wiggle it around, oh yeah, and rub my balls with your thumb. Yeah, fuck me with your finger, I love feeling you inside me, up and down, in and out, ohh, especially in, yes, that’s nice-” and the rest became unintelligible as he got more and more excited. I was stroking my rod as I stroked his tight ass hole. His hole was gripping my finger like it never wanted to let go, so I lay next to Jeff, and he turned his face up to kiss me again. I slid as close to him as I could get, and glued my mouth to his hot, wet mouth. He instantly attacked my mouth with his tongue, and I opened my mouth wide to give him easy entry, and allow him to do whatever he wanted to my mouth.

I rolled over onto my back, and Jeff slid over on top of me, grinding his crotch into mine, while my finger was worming into his tight puckered anus. I caressed his muscular back with my other hand, reveling in the feel of his taut muscles under his smooth, sweaty skin. He wiggled with pleasure as I stroked his back and finger fucked his ass, but Jeff pulled himself off me, and reached for my underpants. He started pulling them down, freeing my hard cock from the waistband, and pulled them down to my knees. Jeff then leaned over my crotch, and slowly took my hard dick into his warm, wet mouth. I couldn’t believe the pleasure he was bringing to me, as my cock felt like it was electrically charged. In and out, again and again, he sucked in my cock, pausing to lick the pre cum oozing out of my piss slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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