Jen and Stacy at the Bookstore

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Jen and Stacy had read a lot of stories about adult bookstores and glory holes on the internet and in dirty magazines, and the topic fascinated them to no end. The more they thought about it, the more certain they were that this would be the perfect way to escalate their slutty behavior. They thanked God that they were eighteen and would have no problem getting into one of those places. There was one that they knew of out on Route 42, and every time they passed it they would gaze in lust at all of the pleasures advertised on the side of the building. Signs read: XXX movies and magazines; adult toys; peep shows; viewing arcades. They decided that this was the place they were going to check out.

One Saturday night they got dressed up in their sluttiest clothes: tank tops with no bras, miniskirts for easy access, and of course, no panties. They rarely wore panties anyway, it made them feel dirtier. Before they left the house, they got each other all worked up by watching some hot porn, eating each other’s cunts, and telling each other how nasty they were going to be tonight. They knew that tonight they would constantly be trying to one-up each other in the filthy department. That was part of the fun. The entire drive there they discussed all of the depraved acts they were going to commit.

They arrived at the bookstore, and as they had hoped the parking lot was full. Jen and Stacy knew that inside were tons of perverts just trying to get their nut off. These men had no idea what kind of night they were about to have. The girls didn’t care who they were, where they were from, or what they looked like; they were simply here to be used and abused by every cock that walked through the door.

They entered the building, and saw that the front room was filled with all the merchandise. There were shelves and shelves of videos, magazines, and sex toys. It was a porn-lover’s paradise, and Jen and Stacy were definitely porn-lovers. There were about ten guys in this part of the store, all kind of milling about and looking at the porn. They all stared at the girls in surprise, including the clerk behind the counter. These guys rarely saw a woman come into this place, and if they did she was usually some old hag or accompanied by a man. They certainly never saw two hot eighteen-year-old girls come in dressed like sluts. After the initial shock, most of the men turned back to what they were doing, too embarrassed to make eye contact.

Jen and Stacy didn’t know where to look first. They decided to browse the sex toy aisle. They slowly perused every item, discussing its merits or faults. They didn’t purposely talk loudly, but they didn’t exactly whisper either. They wanted every guy in this store to know how open they were about sex. There weren’t too many toys here that the two girls hadn’t tried before; Stacy’s parents had a giant collection hidden in their closet, and the girls had spent months trying out everything in the box. Still, there were a few things that caught their interest. There was a giant dildo that instead of being shaped like a penis, it had a big fist at the end of it. There were anal beads that were bigger than any they had ever used before. And there was a buttplug with a pump attached to it, so you could expand it once it was inside your ass.

“Wow!” said Jen. “Now there’s something I might just have to buy. Imagine how much that thing would stretch our assholes!”

The entire time they were looking at the toys, they could tell that all the men in the shop were listening intently. Most of them were pretending to be involved in something else, but Jen casino oyna and Stacy could tell that they were really interested in their conversation. Many of them even had noticeable bulges in their pants. Of course the thought that they were making all these guys horny just turned the girls on even more.

Eventually they moved to the section with the magazines. They found the dirtiest ones and began to flip through them. Now they were getting extremely horny, and as usually would happen, they started to absent-mindedly rub their pussies through their skirts. Their skirts were so short just the act of rubbing made the material start to rise up, revealing the bottoms of their ass cheeks. It was clear to all the men that they weren’t wearing any panties. Emboldened by this display, some of the guys began to walk up and down the aisle, casually bumping their hard crotches into the girls, or brushing their asses with their fingers. Stacy looked down the aisle and even saw one guy with his cock hanging out of his zipper, just flopping around, for anyone to see. She glanced at the clerk to make sure that what was going on was acceptable, and he just smiled and gave her the thumbs up. It was then that she knew that there were no rules in this place.

“I can’t take this any more,” Stacy said. “Let’s go back to the booths and see what’s going on there.” Jen agreed, and they walked into the back room without bothering to fix their skirts, their ass cheeks still clearly visible.

The back room consisted of two hallways, and each hallway was lined with booths. There were ten booths in each row, totaling forty booths in all. It was very dark back there, so it took some time for the girls’ eye to adjust. They could see above each booth was a little light that indicated whether or not it was occupied. On the wall in front of them was a big glass display case that showed the box covers of all the movies that were playing in the video booths at that time. They all looked so appetizing to Jen and Stacy. They started to wander the hallways, where a lot of guys were just milling about, obviously looking for some action. Most of their eyes got very wide when they noticed two hot eighteen-year-old sluts walking down the hall.

Jen and Stacy could hear the sounds from all the porno movies being watched in the various booths, and it was getting them very excited. They couldn’t help but think about all the guys jerking off behind those closed doors. They passed a couple booths where the light was on to indicate that someone was in there, but the door would be open halfway, and the guy inside just standing there jacking his cock for all the world to see. They even passed by one open door where inside they could see one guy sucking another off. Jen and Stacy had never witnessed such unabashed debauchery, and they loved it.

They finally chose an empty booth right in the middle of one of the aisles and they locked the door behind them. The booth was bigger than they expected, for you could easily fit three or four people in there. Right away they noticed the glory holes on either side of the booth, and they were huge… about the diameter of a basketball. Definitely made for easy access, they were sure. Jen inserted $20 into the money slot, and the screen flashed to life. The first scene that appeared was that of a hot blond sucking a huge black cock. She was really forcing her face down on it, making herself gag, and drooling all over the cock and her tits. This was hot, but Jen and Stacy wanted to find something that would really get them going.

They scrolled through the channels canlı casino until they found what they were looking for: a nice big gangbang. The scene had what looked to be about fifteen guys fucking two girls. The girls were already being double penetrated. This was all Jen and Stacy needed to see, and they hiked up their skirts and began rubbing their sopping wet pussies. Of course within a minute they noticed movement on each side of them through the glory holes. Soon a face appeared in each one to watch what was going on in their booth. The girls barely glanced at them; they didn’t care what any of these guys looked like, or how old they were. Their only goal tonight was to be complete fuck holes and cum dumpsters, to be used and abused by anyone and everyone.

Now that they knew they were being watched, Jen and Stacy really began to put on a show. They shoved their fingers deep into their cunts, getting them nice and wet, and fed their pussy juice to each other. They took turns ramming four fingers down each other’s throats, showing the guys what could be expected for their cocks. Jen opened her mouth so Stacy could spit right into it, and she swallowed it down greedily. The guy on Jen’s side reached through the hole and started squeezing her ass cheeks. So Jen backed herself up and put her naked ass right into the basketball-sized hole. The guy immediately pulled her ass cheeks apart and stuck his tongue up her asshole. She loved having her ass licked, so this was heaven for her. Meanwhile, across the booth, Stacy had her guy’s dick in her hand and was jacking him off. She was just about to get on her knees and suck him when his cock began to spasm, and he shot his load all over her leg and shoe. Oh well, she thought, there will be plenty more where that came from.

Jen decided she needed a dick in her mouth, so she pried her ass off the guy’s tongue and said, “Let’s see that cock daddy.” By the time she got on her knees the man had already put his crotch up against the hole. A nice-sized cock was sticking through the hole, hard and ready to be sucked. Jen wasted no time in gobbling it down. The girls were both experts at deepthroating, and this six-incher gave her no problem at all. She loved the fact that the glory holes were so big, because it allowed her to do one of her favorite things: she took the guy’s cock completely down her throat, and while it was embedded there, she used her tongue to lap at his balls. This always drove guys wild. She just kept the cock deep in her throat, making contented gurgling sounds, while her tongue drooled all over his hairy balls.

Finally the guy could take it no more and said, “I’m cumming,” probably trying to warn Jen in case she didn’t want to swallow. Of course he didn’t know who he was dealing with. She pulled off his cock just a bit until the head was in her mouth, because she wanted to taste his load, and he blasted away. It wasn’t a huge load, but it tasted great and was a nice start to the evening. This first load of the night just made Jen hungrier for all the cum she would be eating. She heard a guy moaning on Stacy’s side and turned around to see her eating what was already her third load of the night.

“Let me see what you got there,” said Jen. Stacy turned around and Jen could see globs of cum dripping off her chin and onto her shirt. Jen grabbed Stacy’s face and eagerly licked up all the excess cum that was there. Then they each turned back to their respective holes where the next cocks were already waiting for them.

During the course of sucking these cocks, Stacy had her chest mashed up against the kaçak casino wall of the booth, forcing herself onto each dick as hard as she could. She started to notice that her shirt was getting wet. She looked down and noticed that her shirt was becoming soaked with cum, and it couldn’t be from these cocks because she was swallowing most of it. Then she realized that the walls were wet with loads of cum that had already been shot there. It made her so horny to wonder when the last time these booths were cleaned. The cum on the walls could be from earlier that day, or yesterday, or the day before… who knows. Just imagining all of the filthy acts that must have gone on in this booth to produce all that cum was such a fuckin’ turn on. Guy after guy coming in here to watch porn, shooting their loads all over the walls, or getting sucked off through the glory holes, or maybe even getting fucked. All Stacy knew was that she wanted to add to that collection of sperm.

She lifted her shirt up over her tits and started sucking the next cock. While she was doing this she began to rub her tits all over the cum-covered wall. God it felt good to have her tits sliding around in all that slimy nasty jizz. Stacy took her mouth off the cock and said,

“Come on you fuckin’ bastard, fuck my mouth like you mean it! Treat me like a whore deserves to be treated! I know you wanna ram my dirty slut throat, so fuckin’ do it!!”

Then she just put her face right up against the glory hole and let the guy pound away. His cock was about eight inches long, normally something she would have no trouble handling, but he was really ramming her mouth now. Every time his cock filled her throat she gagged and choked and spit up all over the place, but still she didn’t move her face one inch away from that hole. This is what both girls had come here for, to be used and abused in every way possible, and this was only her first hole. She still had her ass and her pussy left to be fucked raw.

Streamers of spit were pouring out of her mouth, coating the lower half of her face and dripping onto her tits where it mingled with the cum that was already there. Her eyes were watering, and every time the guy pulled his cock out she had to gasp for air, but it just made her want it more. She had three fingers up her pussy and she was soaking wet, her juices running down her hand. Finally the dude started moaning loudly and she knew he was ready to blast his load. She dislodged his cock from her throat and began jerking him off.

“Mmmmmm cum for me baby!” Stacy shouted. “Let me see that hot thick creamy load of jizz! Oh my god I want it so bad, I’m a fuckin’ cum whore! Feed your dirty little cum whore!”

Her words were too much for the guy and he began to cum. This was a mammoth load. The first two spurts shot out of his dick with such force that they splashed off Stacy’s face. Then the next few jets came shooting out in big ropey spurts, landing in her hair and crisscrossing her entire face. Stacy didn’t think he’d ever stop cumming. The last few squirts she aimed at her tits to add to the mixture that was already there.

“Holy shit, Jen!” Stacy said. “Take a look at this fuckin’ load!”

Jen turned away from the cock she was servicing to see Stacy’s plastered face. She couldn’t believe it; it looked like at least three guys had cum on her face. Jen couldn’t resist, she leaned over and started licking Stacy’s face, slurping up all that creamy sperm. When her mouth was full she’d kiss Stacy and deposit the load into her mouth, which Stacy would eagerly swallow down. Guys were watching through each hole now, plus they could see more guys crowded around the crack in the booth door, trying to get a good view. The two girls loved putting on a good show, and now they really wanted to put their nastiness on display.

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