Jenny Ch. 02

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Several months had passed since dinner with Jenny and although we had decided not to have a relationship, as such, we had now become friends with benefits or, rather more directly, fuck buddies, as Jenny calls it. Each free to do as we liked, with who ever we liked. So we met up from time to time for what Jenny calls a jolly good shag.

I had recently had the bathroom redone because I seldom have a bath and those silly showers they fit are too small to swing a cat in, not that I have malicious intentions towards the feline population, but you get my drift. The bath had gone and been replaced with a huge walk in shower that didn’t even need a door at the open end.

After a glass or two of wine one evening Jenny said, “Are you going to show me your new bathroom then?” I lead her up the stairs, through my none too tidy bedroom, to the ensuite.

“Very impressive. I like the way you can turn it on from outside, it saves all that getting sprayed with cold water while you get the settings right. Mmmmm, can I test drive it?”

“Only if I can watch.”

“Oh, kind sir, I do believe you want to peep at this poor defenceless woman getting undressed and showering. Are you a bit of a voyeur on the quiet?”

I always know when something is part of the game because Jenny uses the phrase ‘kind sir’. It’s become a sort of code for being ready to play. If only I had known that at the checkout!

Taking her cue, I feigned disinterest. “No, nothing like that. I’ll leave you to it if you like. Take as long as you want.” And left the room leaving the door ajar, knowing full well that the mirror on the dresser was strategically placed to give me a view all the way to the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for Jenny to start getting ready. She was facing away from the door as she started to undress, in a most provocative manor. It was almost as if she knew she was being watched! First she reached round for the the zip of her dress, in a way that only a woman can, and pulled it slowly down. Bare back, no bra strap, good for Jenny. She sloughed off the shoulder straps and let the dress fall to the bedroom floor. She was now naked except for her holdups, silk french knickers and a necklace. Jenny really was on form tonight.

She unclasped the necklace and turned around looking for somewhere to leave it. Now I had a full on view of her magnificent breasts crowned with darker pink areolae and inviting looking nipples. Laying the necklace on the bed, she turned away again, leaned forward and started to lower her french knickers over her generous backside. What a magnificent sight. A beautiful, mature, unfettered bottom with just a glimpse of her completely bare sex between her slightly parted legs. She then lifted one leg on to the bed and removed the first of the holdups then repeated the procedure with the other. Her rear view throughout was eroticism personified, this lady just oozed sex.

Totally naked now she moved around the room as if searching for something giving casino oyna me a view of her mature, gorgeous body from every angle. Eventually she made for the shower room and I heard the water start running. As soon as I heard splashing noises I went back into the bedroom to spy through the hinge line of the open bathroom door.

She was now completely wet and rubbing shower gel provocatively over her breasts, her nipples were obviously enjoying the treatment. The showering process proceeded at an agonisingly slow speed. Her hands made their way down across her stomach, past her scar and down her legs. She turned and twisted to keep the water flowing all over her and all the bending and twisting presented every inch of her fantastic body to my view.

Then, taking a generous handful of shower gel, she rubbed it across her lower belly and into her sex. The expression on her face and her soft moaning revealed that this was not just a washing ritual. She opened her pussy lips with one hand and started rubbing the inside with the other. This was getting too much so I retreated to the bedroom door.

“Are you alright in there?” I called from outside..

“Actually, could you do my back please?”

I returned to the bathroom door and gently pushed it open. Jenny was openly masturbating now and was obviously getting somewhere. She turned away from me.

“Back please! Do my back.”

I shed my clothes as fast as I could without falling over in my excitement and my erection sprang from my pants.

“Well you took your fucking time. Now, kind sir, do my back.”

I grabbed a sponge and started lathering her back, steadying myself by wrapping my left arm just under her breasts. Jenny continued to masturbate openly.

“That’s enough, now do my bum.”

So I let the soapy sponge slide down between the divide of her generous buttocks.


I complied.

“I want to be completely clean so make sure I am.” She bent forwards exposing her most intimate secrets.

“What’s that I feel on my bum?” She turned around, took her hand out of her sex, placed it on my erection and started pulling my foreskin back and forth slowly with lots of shower gel. “So we really are a naughty little voyeur, aren’t we?”

She knew I most definitely was, and she knew that I knew she knew, which is what that lovely strip tease was all about, but I played along. I liked where this game was going. Jenny could develop a game with amazing rapidity and sensuosity. She stopped stroking my cock.

“Well, naughty little voyeurs get punished, don’t they?”

“I suppose they do, Miss.” Miss was another of our little code words. As long as I kept calling her Miss she knew it was safe to develop the game in whatever direction her devious mind managed to devise.

“Right, out of the shower now and towel me dry and make sure I’m properly dry or you, kind sir, will be in big trouble: huge.”

We got out and I reached for one of the large white fluffy towels. canlı casino I started at the top and worked down. There is something truly erotic about drying a voluptuous woman, probably the way the breasts jiggle and the soft yielding flesh of the stomach leads inevitably down to her sex.

When I was satisfied she was dry, having paid particular attention to her buttocks, she demanded a hair dryer, told me to dry myself and lie on the bed face down. I had a pretty good idea where this was headed and my cock, still fully erect from her cleansing operation in the shower, was now feeling just a little moist as my pre come started to leak out in anticipation.

“I think peeking at a defenceless woman getting undressed deserves a spanking. And watching a defenceless woman pleasure herself in the shower definitely does.” She moved over to the wardrobe, still stark naked, breasts bouncing, opened the door, took out a wooden coat hanger.

“I think this will do the job.” As she menacingly slapped it into the open palm of her other hand. “Not ideal, nowhere near stingy enough but it will have to do.” She slapped it so hard on the bed than it made me jump.

“Right my little peeping Tom, that cheeky little bum is about to experience my displeasure.” She knelt on the bed and ran her hand over my exposed buttocks. “Oh what a tempting target, all pink and soft and delicate. Put your arms out in front of you and keep quite still or I may hurt you more than I intend to, understand?”

“Yes, Miss.”

She smacked me smartly on the bum, it stung, boy did it sting, she wasn’t pulling her punches. Then again and again. After three she stopped to admire her handiwork. She ran her fingernails over the fresh marks that were erupting. The sensation was exquisite, pain and pleasure in exactly the right proportions. Then she stood in front of my face, placed her index finger in her sex and rubbed gently.

“So you like to watch girls masturbate do you?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well watch me pleasure myself while I admire that lovely pink bum with its new red stripes. Sometimes I come when delivering a jolly good spanking.” She stood, legs slightly astride, rubbing herself gently with her index finger. She continued to tease, paying particular attention to her clit, covering her fingers with her juices and taking obvious pleasure from the experience.

“I bet you like the taste of cunt too, lick my fingers.” I licked, she laughed.

“You really are a dirty little voyeur aren’t you?”

“Yes Miss.”

“If you like the taste of cunt so much, maybe I should get you to eat it. I bet you’ like that wouldn’t you? A face full of hot pussy? Juices flowing into your mouth for you to savour? Well maybe but not just yet. I still haven’t finished putting stripes on that cheeky bum. You have to take your punishment first.”

She administered another three strokes, a good deal harder that the previous three and I was getting to the limit of my tolerance. Again she traced her nails kaçak casino over the fresh wounds, again I experienced the erotic sensation of pain and pleasure, again her finger slipped between her legs.

“Roll over.” The bedclothes scratched on my recently wounded buttocks. “Hands still above head and don’t move til I tell you.” She straddled me but not down by my cock, as I expected. She was much higher up and lowered her wet cunt onto my mouth. The aroma was divine, the unmistakable smell of sexually aroused female: hot woman.

“You interrupted my pleasure in the shower, so now you owe me. Pleasure me with your tongue. Make me come or I’ll take my spanker to that errant cock of yours and teach it a lesson and, believe me, if I spank your cock, you’ll know all about it.”

Being dominated by an assertive woman is one of my most vivid fantasies and I greedily set to work. She was already, obviously, very turned on. Her juices flowed freely and her little button had emerged from its hood. I licked avidly as she ground her sex onto my face and reached behind her to stroke my cock.

“Wet little cock! I think he wants to come. Does he want to come?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well don’t you bloody dare! I tell you when you can come, understand?”

“Yes Miss.”

She rode my face and stroked my cock pulling back the foreskin and rubbing the sensitive underside with my wetness.”

“Please can I come Miss?”

“NO! When you make me come, I’ll let you come. That’s fair isn’t it.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Play with my tits NOW. Squeeze my nipples…hard.” I brought my hands from above my head and started playing with her bouncing breasts, squeezing her nipples as demanded. Her thighs tightened on my head, she went rigid and her buttocks started to quiver involuntarily: she came.

As soon as her orgasm subsided she rolled off me onto her back, legs akimbo.

“Take your pleasure, kind sir. Fuck me and come when you are ready but you must tell me before you do, just before, understand?”

I pulled on a condom, placed the tip of my cock on the pink petals of her inner lips and sank infinitely slowly into her wetness. This was never going to last long. I was way too excited and after a couple of thrusts I felt the tingling in my toes that only has one possible outcome..

“I’m going to come very soon.”

“Good, well done you naughty little voyeur.” She lifted her legs off the bed, grabbed my buttocks and forced me into her to up to the hilt.

“Come now, I want to feel you come in me.” She pressed harder on my buttocks and I could resist no longer.

I ejaculated strongly and felt the evidence start to slide up the inside of the condom as her muscles spasmed around my shaft, then I collapsed onto her breasts.

“Fuck that was hot,” I sighed when I got my breath back, “but how am I going to explain the stripes on my bum in the showers at the gym tomorrow?”

“Easy,” said Jenny with her usual candour, “just tell them your fuck buddy spanked you for peeking at her masturbating in the shower. I bet you get lots of envious glances from the ‘once a month if you’re lucky brigade’. Should do your street cred. no harm at all!”

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