Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 04

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This is my 4th installment of the story “Jenny Plays with the Big Girls”. Again, I want to thank everyone for their kind words of support and wishes for continuation. This chapter is a bit more messy than previous ones, arriving finally as we have at the golden shower scene. I must warn you that if you are turned off by this kind of literature, that you probably should not read further. For fans of my work who are not fans of golden showers, I can promise that this is the only chapter with said topic included in it. And there are still many more chapters to come. Otherwise, I do hope you please enjoy the read.

“Ah, good. We’re here now,” Julie said, as we pulled into the theater complex. “Anybody decide what flick we’re going to see?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Since this is Jenny’s night, we’re going to see a western that’s playing here. Jenny just loves westerns, don’t you dear?”

“Oh yeah, gee thanks Lori,” Jenny answered excitedly. “I do, I really do. Which one are we going to see, huh?”

“It’s a surprise, honey,” I said. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love it. I’m sure we all will.”

I told everyone to buy the candy and popcorn while I paid for the tickets and we all hustled into the cineplex as quickly as we could so Jenny couldn’t see the marquees outside the doorway and note the title of the film. Once inside, I decided we should sit in the “cheap seats”, up in the balcony, for a little more privacy, away from prying eyes. I wanted this in case we wanted to provide our new girl a little more action than the movie decided to offer us. Once up there, I noticed that, although not totally alone (there were about six or seven other couples there desiring the same privacy we sought), it was at least not as crowded as the 75-100 patrons below us had we chosen to sit there.

When we were all seated, Cindi went to the ladies room just as the lights were dimming and the previews for upcoming movies were starting. Five minutes later she returned and again insisted that Jenny sit on her lap. Not wanting to make a scene nor in any way be the reason why the odd-numbered couples around us or the 75-100 people below us should suddenly turn their heads to look around or up and see a femininely dressed boy arguing with a group of girls over seating arrangements, Jenny reluctantly agreed. When he finally sat down though, he received two shocking jolts.

The first and greater of the two shocks was that upon sitting his still naked bottom on Cindi’s lap his butt-hole was suddenly speared by a huge plastic lubricated dildo that Cindi had apparently strapped onto her waist while she’d been in the ladies room moments before – the dildo she no doubt picked up at the Adult book store where she’d had Denise stop earlier this evening.

The second shock he received was when he noticed the western they were going to watch that was just starting up was Brokeback Mountain, the one western he’d sworn to me he would never see because of all the gratuitous male-male sex involved. Jimmy thought that made the entire movie obscene and completely worthless as a western genre film.

I noticed Jenny squirming uncomfortably in Cindi’s lap and assumed something was up, though was completely unaware of precisely what trick Cindi had pulled this time on my hapless sister. Therefore, I thought I’d make her life a bit more worrisome by playfully teasing her.

“Anything wrong there, Jenny?” I asked. “You’re not looking too good.”

“Uh, um, no, no sis, nothing’s…ugh! Wrong.” Jenny gasped. “But…ugh, um! Brokeback Mountain? You know I…ugh, hate this film, Lori, ugh! Those guys, ugh, screwing, ugh, all the time, ugh. It’s, ugh, gross!”

“Well maybe you’re right, Jenny,” I said, giggling as I watched Cindi bouncing Jenny on her lap, suddenly realizing just what she might be up to, though I found out later the implement I thought was being thrust into poor Jenny’s butt was not what Cindi was using at all. “I just thought that maybe in your new frame of mind and style of dress, you might watch the movie from a different perspective tonight, and get a girl’s view of the film instead of a boy’s view. We gal’s like seeing two guys humping each others bones. It really turns us on. See if it does you, Jenny.”

Not really expecting an answer, I turned my attention back to the movie after that conversation to give the two a tiny bit of privacy. Twenty minutes later I couldn’t take it any more as the movements next to me were getting more and more exaggerated and out of control. Again looking over I noticed Jenny’s eyes crossing and glassing over while I saw that her hand had slipped under her dress and once again had begun stroking her cock.

Even more wild was what I saw Cindi additionally doing to Jenny. Instead of feeding her the popcorn or candy the girls had bought earlier, she was forcing her to suck on a six-inch dildo, thrusting it in and out of her mouth as she whispered endearing comments about those cowboy studs making Escort Bayan out on the movie screen below us. Just the sight of Cindi taking Jenny like this, raping her two holes at the same time while making her jerk herself off, really blew my mind. I just had to get in on this too.

This time I reached over and slowly pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist so I could watch her hand action and when I did this I suddenly noticed Jenny’s hips being punched up into the air at regular intervals, realizing only then that my little sister was getting herself royally screwed, just like the fella on the screen was at the campsite. And not with a finger, as I’d first assumed, because Cindi’s hands were busy elsewhere. Cindi, seeing my look of surprise when I was watching them, winked at me and mouthed the words, ‘strap-on’, confirming what I had begun to assume, that Cindi had purchased a second dildo with a strap-on harness and was using it to screw my feminized little sissy up her sweet, once virgin ass.

Boy oh boy, I thought, nearly losing it, but catching myself before I began laughing too hard. That Cindi really went hog wild back at that book store. I wonder what else she picked up there. Then I whispered down the line to the other girls, telling them what was going on between Cindi and little Jenny. In order to get in on the action, each of us, one by one, got up, deciding to go to the ladies room and, even though we were closer to the aisle on the other side, we purposely walked out the other way, allowing us to walk by and pause in front of a totally embarrassed and exposed Jenny who, while continuing to suck fervently on the one dildo, was also getting noticeably and royally humped by a proud and smug Cindi. All the while we stared down at her, a totally embarrassed Jenny never stopped jerking herself off or sucking on the six inch dildo.

When Denise, who was the last of us exiting the row of seats, filed by, she knelt down and, looking Jenny right in the eye, winked, and said, “Now girl, let’s not hear any more about you not wanting to play with the boys. After tonight we all know what a hot, randy slut you really are.” Then, looking up at the rest of us, she winked and added, “Don’t we girls?”

All Jenny could do was lower his mascara-covered lids in blushing shame after a resounding theatrically spoken YES! and “You go, girl!” from the rest of us, while she continued sucking and fucking on her twin dildoes and jerking herself off.

Then Denise stood up and began to leave with the rest of us. As she did so, however, she mischievously grabbed the hem of the unsuspecting boy’s dress and slipped it up over her head, and continuing to stare down at the humiliated girly-boy, said, “You don’t mind if I borrow these for a minute, do you dearie?”

With that she removed the last remaining item of clothing our little Jenny was wearing, the bra and foam inserts. Once removed, Denise fled with it and joined the rest of us giggling girls as we stopped to watch Jenny, who was now totally naked and exposed to any and all of the six or seven couples’ prying eyes who couldn’t help but look over to see what all the commotion was about when they heard the group of us girls suddenly get up and leave as one, en masse.

Seeing the sudden stripping of the pretty boy immediately caught their eyes and they all forgot about the movie and left their seats to move closer to the action going on in the seats close to them. As they neared the naked boy sitting on the lap of a fully dressed girl – a boy whom they had at first thought was a girl – the 14 patrons suddenly realized it wasn’t a girl at all, but was a boy who had been made up to look like a girl and that she – no, he – was being screwed and forced to suck on a dildo by the girl on whose lap he was sitting. Not only that, he was jerking off, as well.

“My god!” one of the girls said. “Did you ever see such a thing? I mean, she’s a he, and he’s getting himself screwed like the cowboy in the movie!”

“Yeah, but it’s a girl doing the screwing! Hot damn!” her boyfriend replied. “Are we sure he’s really a guy? I mean, wasn’t he wearing a dress when he came in here? Maybe he’s one of those, you know, transsexuals, or something. Just hasn’t had the operation yet.”

“I don’t know, maybe,” another boy added. “Whatever he or she is, it sure looks like a sweet set-up. I sure wish I could get in on a sweet deal like that. Looks like the best of both worlds.”

“Look guys,” Cindi spoke suddenly. “If all you’re going to do is stand there and jabber, I’d rather listen to the movie, if you don’t mind. But, if you’d like to join in the fun and help me lay this bitch out for some fun and games, well then, come on over and give me a hand. The more the merrier, I always say. Besides, pulling a train has been one of this bitch’s biggest fantasies.”

“And girls, while your boyfriends are busy with our little Jenny,” I intervened so as not to leave their girlfriends wondering Bayan Escort at such a sight or getting too angry at such an invitation, added, “Would you like to join me and my friends for a little tete-a-tete, say, in the girls room?”

With no need for a second offering, both the boys and the girls made an immediate rush for whichever invitation was offered them, the girls running off to the Ladies Room with Lori, Julie, Denise and me, the boys eagerly rushing up to the coupled pair, Cindi and Jenny, eager to get their hands and cocks on and in the girly boy’s body. Cindi felt the naked Jenny immediately tense up at the approaching hoard of wild barbarians, and knew she was about to run if something wasn’t done and done quickly.

“Hold up, boys. Hold up,” Cindi cried out in an effort to avoid the two of them getting trampled on. “Let’s be a little more organized about this. We’re not going anywhere now, so there’s no need to rush here. First, let me get up and place our little darling over the back of my chair, like this. That’s right. Now you, yes you, take my spot here and plug her butt while it’s still nice and juicy. You there come around here and let her suck on your nice, juicy dick from the front here. OK, you both lodged inside her? Then go to it. Have at her. Now, you two guys get on either side of her. Good. Grab her hands then and wrap her fingers around your cocks. Yeah, that’s good. OK, Jenny, start wanking those juicy cocks off, real nice now honey, just like you were doing your own. Yeah, you’ve got it, slut. You’re doing great. Keep it up, just like that.”

“Mmmph,” Jenny grunted around the cock eagerly thrusting in and out of her mouth as the cock in her ass continued its deep thrusts. Everything that had happened to her since she arrived at the theater tonight had combined to so overwhelm her perception of right and wrong that she was on total sensory overload now and could only go where she was led, only do what she was told, paying attention only to the commands given. She no longer worried about the embarrassment or humiliation that she would normally have felt because of what was happening to her. All she felt now was the pleasure it was bringing her, because it all felt so good. Everything that was done to her now was so exciting, she simply wanted more of it, and would have asked for it if her mouth hadn’t been so full of that tasty, tangy, super-sized cock that she couldn’t get enough of.

“Oh man, this is one hot, foxy mother,” said Rob, the boy screwing Jenny’s ass. “This is the first time someone’s let me fuck them up their butt, but believe you me, after seeing how good it feels, it ain’t gonna be the last time I visit this little orifice. God, I love it back here!”

“Man, you’re right about this bitch, Rob,” Tony said. “Her mouth is as sweet as a vacuum cleaner. Nice and tight and pulling the cum right up from my balls just as if she’s nursing on it like a little baby looking for its first drink of milk. Man oh man oh man, here it comes. Yeah bitch, I’m shooting my wad! Drink it down, baby, drink it all down.”

Jenny swallowed everything Tony had to offer, even looking for more once the boy was drained of all his come. Finally, when there was no more to be had, Tony pulled his shrriveled cock from her lips in sheer delight over having received the best blow-job ever, and for free, to boot.

“Thanks, bitch,” he said. “I was sorely needing that.”

Once Jenny had finally swallowed all Tony’s come and recuperated from the blow-job she had been forced to give, she suddenly realized she was still being fucked by Rob and that her hands were still occupied with two of the other cocks. With her mouth now free however, she began giving vent to the feelings again starting to build up inside her.

“Oh yes, you bastard!” she shouted. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me as hard as you can! Damn you, rip me a new asshole!”

“Wow, bitch,” Rob said, slapping Jenny hard on her ass. “Man, you’re a hot slut once you get a fire lit under you, ain’t ya?”

“You bet she is,” Cindi said, chortling with glee as she watched the proceedings take place, at the same time seeing Jenny’s true colors finally come to light. “Me and the girls taught her everything she knows, but it looks like she’s caught on to some new tricks she could even teach us now.”

“Well I’ll tell you this, honey,” Rob said. “She is good, real good. Cause I’m just about ready to shoot my wad up her tight ass. In fact, here it comes now, bitch. I’m unloading now. Ugh, uhhh, I’m coming, you motherfucking whore, oh yeeesssss!”

“Me too, you bastard,” Jenny shouted. “I’m coming so good, god it feels great!”

Slowly, Rob finally stopped pumping his cock in and out of Jenny’s ass until he finally withdrew it with a lurid “plop”. Jenny continued pumping away at the two remaining cocks held in her hands. Suddenly there was another shout from Cindi.

“Come in her face, boys! I want to see you cum all over her!” Escort she grunted at Ray and Sam, the other two boys. “Take your cocks from her hands, turn her over and spray her with jizz! Cover her in cum! I tell you, the little bitch will love it!”

At first the men were slow to react. They were all caught up in their private fucking worlds. So it was up to Jenny. And as much as she had enjoyed the gang-bang she’d been through, she was as curious as Cindi to see their cum burst free like rain showers all over her body. She rolled over and sat down on the seat, then tugged herself forward. She squirmed into the chair, then leaned back. She reached for the straining cocks eagerly.

Both Sam and Ray were still in a daze. They knelt helplessly on the seats to either side of Jenny, their huge glistening cocks jutting up to the ceiling like raised arms. Almost by instinct, they scrunched to either side of Jenny’s head, letting her grip their cocks in her fists. She tugged them closer to her, yanking on their cocks till the bloated shafts cast shadows over her face. Each of the guys took this opportunity to start squeezing and pinching Jenny’s nipples, pulling them out from her chest as far as they would go, and then releasing them, only to repeat the process time and again.

Neither Cindi or Jenny would have thought that that that area of Jenny’s body would have been so particularly erogenous, but the effect of those boys’ hands on her tits was amazing and caused Jenny to go ballistic. At this point, she was putty in their hands, and judging by the leering smiles everyone was giving the other, they all knew it.

Suddenly, Jenny began wildly jerking them off, her fingers tugging expertly, and with a vengeance. She was determined, and eager, to see them shoot their wads. She truly wanted wads of hot jizz in her face.

“Yeah, pull on them like that! Jerk ’em off all over your face!” Cindi ordered, addressing Jenny for the first time in a while.”Tug on those cocks! Jerk on ’em good!”

For the sixth or seventh time since she’d known her, Jenny wondered again how Lori had ever gotten hooked up with Cindi. She was so crude and vulgar, and at times seemed to almost speak like a truck driver. And her tastes in sex, well, they were not what you would call average, though in the short length of time since she’d known her, Jenny had come to wonder about her own tastes in this area as well. She was truly coming to enjoy what Cindi was putting her through.

These thoughts, while causing Jenny to begin to think twice about her current dilemma, were as quickly erased from her mind as they’d first appeared. For now she was again concentrating one hundred percent on the twitching cocks threatening to douse her femininely made-up face once again. They were as hard as steel in her fists, while at the same time curiously soft as putty…massive, swollen, ugly things whose beauty lie in the blue veins which pulsed rhythmically in Jenny’s hands, causing them to almost seem alive to the poor, overwhelmed girly-boy. The cock heads had by now ballooned way out of proportion and they appeared ready to explode at any second.

“Son of a bitch! Oh fuck!” Sam croaked at last.

At that he heaved out his belly at her as his cock began to spurt. Jenny’s eyes remained glued to his cock head. Knowing what was coming, she held her mouth open and stuck out her tongue, waiting for his burst of jism, having come to relish the flavor of the male juices by this point.

His first jet of spunk shot straight between her gaping lips, hitting her pink outstretched tongue and bouncing back into the depths of her mouth before she could react. She swallowed deeply, gulping down a thick glob of jizz. The rest swilled about her mouth and coated her tongue. Cum squished between her teeth like glue.

“Ohhhhffff! Ohhhhmmmm!” she gasped, smacking her lips to the taste of the fat wad of cum. A blob of white hung off the corner of her mouth.

A second quivering jet of spunk shot from Sam’s cock. It hit her mouth and since Jenny had her lips closed, it scattered in all directions like hot grease. Two loops of cum shot up her cheeks, while two more spun off down her chin. Lines of silver spread out from her mouth like spokes from the hub of a wheel.

“In her face, like that!” Cindi praised. “Yeah, spurt it in her face like that!”

A monstrous streamer of silver cum spurted from Sam’s cock and fountained up Jenny’s face. It was huge, nearly three feet long, and it spun in the air before splattering the length of her face down to her belly. It ended up coiled across her features like a small snake, draping from her chest up into her hair with many twists and turns between.

Jenny had had her mouth open again, ready to suck in more sizzling juice, and some of this last jet did slither between her gaping lips. But most of it just lay across her face weirdly, curving from her neck over her chin and mouth before riding up the side of her nose. It slithered between her eyes and drifted across her forehead, the rest of it hanging in her hair like some weird ornament.

There was a gasp and a grunt from Sam and he was done. Meanwhile Ray’s cock started spewing, lobbing wads of spunk across Jenny’s face.

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