Jessica The Pissmop

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*** Author’s Note. This story is as a result of a readers request and accurately describes (I hope what she fantasises about). Please take the time to leave a comment or vote if you can. Thank you for reading ***

I was bored with it all. The life of a porn Director was getting to me. Poor me you say, you would probably kill to have my life, filming desperate sluts in all manner of debauched and depraved sex scenes for hardly any financial renummeration and the hope that maybe, just maybe it would be the first steps on their individual road to fame and fortune. That they could be the next Jenna Jameson or the next Tera Patrick. No chance of that happening though far more likely that having ‘suffered’ through one of my shoots they suddenly decided that the adult industry wasn’t for them and went back to being the crack whores I like to imagine they were.

Anyway, I was bored with it, wanted to do new stuff (fiction mirroring reality here then), something different, something cutting edge and exciting, didn’t even have to be porn but for whatever reason I couldn’t escape the constant cycle of depravity that my life had become. I wanted to get out but couldn’t and the person keeping me in was myself. I was depressed and angry and just about anyone that came in my office door was going to catch my wrath in some way that afternoon. So I guess it was better that is was a dumb, stuck up fucking piece of shit cunt like Jessica than anyone else.

My bitch of a secretary had just handed in her resignation yet again (and stormed off crying to boot – what’s with it with these bitches, can’t they handle a little criticism? “Geez you look like a real dog today Fuck!”) and I was twiddling my pencil in my hand and trying to think of someone I could phone up and ruin their day when the buzzer went and I was forced to get up and see who was at the door. Fuck it, I could barely be bothered doing even that but I did, begrudgingly, and instantly I saw her I knew she would be trouble. I actually thought for one horrible moment she was a lawyer or a cop or something like that, she looked kind of official and self important in my dealings with officialdom she fitted the photo fit of a hard ass bitch that loved giving me a hard time to a tee.

As I opened the door and begrudgingly let her enter I appraised her. She had dark hair that goes about halfway down her back, green eyes with full and long eye lashes. I guessed her measurements are roughly 32DD-26-34. She was dressed like a young little business woman (well she was dressed young but I was struggling to get a proper read on her age), dark skirt (knee high) and matching jacket. a white blouse, white tight push-up bra, long stockings and high heels (not stupidly high, just normal business high). It was easy to imagine that she loved to dress like a cheap slut in short tight mini skirts, black g-strings a small push-up bra that presses up my large tits even more and a really tight little top. She had striking dark red lipstick to show her nice cocksucker lips a bit more, those and a nice ass were the features that really struck me first.

Our first exchanges were hardly cordial. Despite how she was dressed I quickly figured out she was just another fucking whore looking to get cash fast from one of my films. Something about having a temporary cash flow problem and rent issues, like I cared. I wasn’t in the mood to hear it (or write about it now) but she was fucking persistent, whining on about how much she could bring to my studio and what a great beauty she was and how it would be the best film ever. She had all these ‘great’ ideas, like I hadn’t heard it all a thousand times before. Yeah right, babe, I was thinking, she was older than I liked them and hardly had the air-head bimbo look that I so particularly thrived on either. She looked and acted smart and cocky and so fucking self assured that it made you want to throttle the bitch there and then. And she kept on at me, badgering me, wanting the money wanting to film it there and then. I was torn between picking her up by that tight, white blouse and physically throwing her from my offices or hauling her through to the studio and just getting the fucking thing done there and then and getting it over and done with. There was only me there that morning so I would have to use the hard camera and star myself (At least unless I wanted to call some guys over later), but I done that plenty times before, it wouldn’t be a problem. I made my decision as the arrogant cunt was applying even more lipstick to her lips waiting for me to make a move.

I flung my chair back and stormed around the table, startling her with the sudden movement. Wasting no pleasantries I grabbed her long hair and jerked her face around to look right up at me.

“Look bitch, you want to do this fine, we can do it, and I’ll give you a grand on the nose today if we go and shoot the fucking thing right here and now. Anything to get you the fuck out of my office! But I tell you this, we do what I want to do, shoot what I want to shoot and if you got a complaint you fucking keep your big trap shut ‘cos I don’t wanna düzce escort hear it. We gotta do this then we do it my way, OK? Understand bitch?”

She was shaken, for sure, and for a moment I thought she was going to back out but in an instant her hard veneer was back and she almost sneered her agreement back at me. Mocking me with her voice and her eyes, telling me with her body language that she was better than this, better than me and I was just a dumb fuck that had struck lucky with a dame like her. It took pretty much all of the remaining composure I had not to keep holding her hair and drag her through to the studio. Though we got in there in double quick time and the dumb bitch never even thought to ask about the contract. Oh dear, I thought, as I started, that is going to come back to haunt her, isn’t it?

Lights, camera, action. It took me a few minutes to get the cameras set up and fortunately one of the guys arrived in and I co-opted him into shooting from the shoulder mounted while I took on star duties.

“So what is the score? What do I do? Where do you want me? Will I take my clothes off yet?”

Fuck she was full of questions, and I hated that she was trying to run the show, I need to put an end to that quick smart and I knew just how to take the starch right out of bossy cunt like her.

“Kneel down, open your mouth and I’m going to piss in it.”

Simple instruction really. Clear, concise, to the point, no room for misinterpretation if you consider it. Funny how Jessica seemed to have real trouble comprehending it. She stood there, across from me, her mouth flapping like a fish and her tiny brain whirring, it wasn’t what she and expected evidently as a starting point.

“But-But, don’t you want me to strip first?”

Ah, she had gathered what wits she had and was playing the soft-core approach. I could just imagine a stuck up bitch like this would have so much on herself that she would think just strip off would be worth it for me. Well fuck that honey, you ain’t got nothing I ain’t seen a million times before on a million foxier chicks than you, cunt.

“No, are you deaf as well as dumb, I said I wanted you to get down on your knees and to get ready to use that mouth of yours for something other than being smart or sucking cock! Now do it!”

To be frank, I did not care in the slightest whether she would go through with it or not., if she thought better of it and stormed out of the studio I would not have chased her, I could happily go back to being in a foul mood and brooding over the general banality of the business and my life in particular. That was just the mood I was in. If she did it then fine, I needed a piss anyway and it would be good for Jessica to start learning that if you don’t have the cash then you are nothing but a whore, a prostitute, it’s just what you do and are willing to do to get the cash that matters.

By this point in proceedings she had smoothed her skirt and had dropped to her knees but her eyes still said she wouldn’t do it, that she still had an argument left to come.

“But my clothes, I can’t get them soaked, at least let me take them off. What is this I thought this was just porno?”

I smiled, evilly I like to think.

“It’s what I want it to be lady, like I say you are wasting my time right now, if you want the cash then stop speaking, hold that mouth nice and wide and I suggest if you are so worried about your clothes then you don’t spill a drop!”

There it was my, last word on it. Jessica either accepted my demands and did what I told or got the hell out. I waited and enjoyed the consternation over her face as she debated it in her mind. She so obviously wanted not to do this, to turn me down and get me back to doing what her idea of a porn video should be, all soft focus and moonbeams no doubt. Not in my world it wasn’t. She even moved on her knees, for a moment making me think that was it she was going home but eventually she settled, nodded and prised her jaws apart and held her mouth open for me.

I’m a bastard. You know that by now, even just reading this. So I had no bother at all releasing my dick and hosing the dumb brunette with a shower of piss, and as hard as she tried to keep it in the confines of her mouth and keep up with the flow, gulping and swallowing for all she was worth, I was never going to let her off with just that. As her mouth filled up inexorably and started to spill out over her lips and down her chin I deliberately moved my aim away from it and began to direct my pungent piss all over that nice white blouse, turning it quickly a horrible stained yellow colour. Her hair too, was a nice target for me and I doused it liberally too as she coughed, spluttered, gagged, choked and reeled that I had her doing this so soon after entering my office.

Oh and I had a mighty full bladder to empty over the bitch. I couldn’t help but get carried away and hold my cock in my hand and spray it all over her, much to her displeasure and the sheer look of anger, frustration and hatred on Jessica’s face when I was edirne escort done was enough to finally raise me somewhat out of my bad mood. Good, we were started and things should only get better like that.

“Well done Jessica” I spoke condescendingly to her, ” you came in here all aloof and acting above it but how long did it take for me to make you a urinal? Go on, look into the camera and tell the watchers how long you have been here to have me do that to you. They would think I must know you for ages, months, weeks, day, maybe? Go on Jess, tell them how long?”

She looked at her piss stained watch to confirm that it was indeed.

“Just under thirty minutes.”

“Really, that long? God it didn’t take me very long to turn you into a Pissmop did it? That’s what you are, isn’t it? A fucking, good for nothing piece of shit whore that drinks my piss for cash. Go on tell me what you are!”

That always messes with their psyches, mixes the bitches up some more, looking into the camera lens with the slight possibility that someone the know ( a work colleague, a friend maybe, someone they went to school with or even, heaven forbid, a relative) might eventually watch this and hear her speak the words herself. Jessica again got that look on her face like she was going to argue but I just pointed at the camera and swore at her to do it. That did the trick and before long she was spilling the words out, not believing them but who cares, she was saying them, wasn’t she?

Well with it established exactly what this busty lady was I was all intent on moving to my next trick and it seemed she was all intent on getting out of those soaking, smelling clothes of hers. As much as I wanted to get the bitch naked I could see more fun to be had keeping her in them for the moment, so as she reached for the top button of the blouse I told her to hold on and leave them where they were. For that I was treated to another scornful look that suggested I didn’t have a clue. Like I cared.

“Nah, just leave those things on, the give you a kinda respectable look, know what I mean? We might lose them later, see how I feel, in the meantime I want you over here suck the last drops of piss from my cock for a start.”

Again with the look from her, how long was it going to take this dummy to work things out.

“You want paid then get over here!!”

I could have easily added to get that disgusted look of her face too, but I decided not to, thinking that it matched the mood perfectly. For a moment as she neared me I wondered whether I would get teeth or not, I didn’t care if there were she’d pay big style. But no when she arrived at my wet cock it got a nice sucking as she hovered up all the remnants of my piss. Maybe she was learning at last.

“Seeing as you’re down there bitch, get me hard would you. I’m going to need it to fuck your ass!”

Maybe that was slightly more what Jessica expected but still I detected a distinct lack of enthusiasm to her ministrations by hand and mouth which didn’t seem to be aided by the constant volley of verbal abuse which I directed at her.

“That’s it you piss whore, get me hard!”

“Come on you cocksucker, harder!”

“You piece of worthless shit, you’re not even good at sucking cock!”

I think it was more saying these and more and the fact that Jessica wasn’t enjoying doing this that actually got me hard rather than her own blow job technique. Still not to matter I got there in the end and before too long my dick was at its full eight inch length and shoved deep in her gob. But if dear Jess thought she was going to be giving a nice, leisurely blow job then she was about to find out quite the opposite as I started, with no warning, to fuck her mouth really rather forcibly. Her eyes bulged and widened and I could see she wasn’t too pleased at this turn of events but what the fuck, I really didn’t care and locked my fingers into her long, wet hair so she couldn’t pull away and kept on pounding her face, my hairy balls slapping against her chin noisily. As she tried to implore me with her eyes I answered her unspoken pleas.

“Forget it bitch, you want the cash don’t you, well this is how I do things. I piss on you, I fuck you up any which way I want to and you just take it, OK?”

No time to get an answer as I was gagging her now on my lengthy meat as I pulled it clear of her mouth she gagged and spewed her lunch on the floor. I must admit I kinda hoped she’d do that. I stood back, still holding her drenched hair and wrenched her back to looking at me, her smart blouse and jacket now jointly tainted with piss and sick.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing bitch? That’s my fucking floor you’re are puking on! What the fuck?”

In her current state Jessica was quickly losing her mouthy, cocky, confident persona of earlier and I rammed home my advantage. She stammered and stuttered something approaching an apology and before she could get the reasons for puking (i.e me rough fucking her throat) I cut her off.

“No excuses bitch, get down there and lick elazığ escort it up, you aren’t going to soil my fucking studio! What are you waiting on? You want to get paid for this then get a fucking move on!”

I think I’m safe to suggest that Jessica darling did not envisage licking her own sick from the floor while coated in piss when she came into my office under an hour previously. Just goes to show, and I wasn’t nearly done with her yet, not by a long chalk.

I really didn’t think she would do it and if she had pushed it I probably would have let her off with it but I guess I was damned convincing and the cameraman zoomed in to perfectly capture her stoop her wet head down to the well used floor to attempt to eat up what she had just brought up. The look on her face was absolutely priceless. When she had had enough and looked up at me I could see that have the stuffing had gone from her now, great all the more compliant for my next deviant demand.

“My god girl, look at you! What a mess, we really should get you out of those clothes shouldn’t we?”

She nodded and started to reach for her jacket, eager no doubt to get out of those wringing garments and to also get to the finish of the shoot as quick as humanly possible.

“Not so fast Jessica, fact is you need to do something to be allowed to do that. Know what that is? No? Well you should have studied dome of my films before coming in here so desperate for cash, shouldn’t you!? What you need to do my dear is piss your own panties.”

I let that little bombshell settle in and prepared for the onslaught. It came but I sensed it carried hardly any of the vehemence of earlier and I easily quashed her arguments.

“Hurry up and get on with it, do you need some water to help you?”

Apparently not as within seconds of giving up her half hearted arguments she started to screw up her face and I allowed the camera man to position himself closer to be rewarded mere seconds later by a trickle first, then a steady flow of piss falling from under the hem of her business skirt, a lot ran down the side of her legs until she was stood in a puddle of her own urine. Great!

“Right! You can start getting out of those clothes now. Start by pulling off your wet knickers.”

This seemed to confuse Jessica so I was only too delighted to explain further. Real slow so the dumb bitch could follow me.

“Reach under your skirt and pull off your panties. I don’t care that they are soaked. Get them off!”

Ah! What these girls will do to earn their pay-off, eh? I had the pleasure of watching her tentatively reach under her skirt and wriggle out of her pants, slowly revealing them to be a white g-string (well an off yellow one now!).

“Want to take the rest off? Want to get out of all those wet, stinking clothes? It’s easy, you stick those panties of yours into your mouth, go on ball them up nice and tight and once their in their and you can suck down on your own piss you may start undressing properly. Understand?”

Apparently she did because, albeit reluctantly, she did as I instructed her and crammed those nasty, piss soaked panties into her very own mouth and started a not very sexy strip for the camera. That didn’t matter though, I was getting what I wanted. Once she was naked I started to really appreciate what a hot body she had, those big tits were nice and firm and didn’t looked plastic and her ass was as curvy as I had seen in my office for some time. I gave it a nice hard spank and scolded her when she tried to remove the wet knickers from her mouth.

“No you don’t! Leave them there for the moment, I’ll tell you when you can remove them, OK?”

She nodded, annoyed. I liked that she was starting to accept my authority in this situation and I liked the fact she was tasting her own piss at that moment (plus it had the added advantage of shutting her up). I circled her and played roughly with her big nipples.

“Let me ask you a question bitch, do you know what ATM is?”

She nodded.

“I don’t mean Automatic Telling Machine.”

She shook her head, Good.

“Well let me educate you. It stands for Ass-To-Mouth. That means that I go straight from fucking your asshole to fucking your mouth. No stops, no cuts, no clean ups, understand? That’s what we’re going to shoot next Jessica, I’m gonna ass fuck you (I do hope you like it up the ass!) and then you are going to suck my dirt, stained cock clean – I’ll take the knickers out first, naturally. Don’t like that idea? Well tough luck, you’ll do it or walk out of here with nothing. Thought you’d change your mind. Now get on all fours and turn around. I do hope you douched lately!”

Something told me she wouldn’t have.

So seconds later the bitch is crawling about in front of me and I’m staring at just the best, most gorgeous, bubble butt I seen in ages. Soft and peachy it is so inviting and I can’t control myself kneeling down behind her (my clothes already discarded and slapping my stiff, messy dick against her creamy skin). I was going to enjoy ploughing an ass like this, I knew. My hands could not help themselves, kneading and squeezing those ass cheeks, slapping them and mock pulling them apart to stare at her tiny, puckered anus. My index finger surely enjoyed penetrating it and exploring it. Damn the bitch even moaned slightly with pleasure herself (through the muffle of her piss soaked knickers).

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