Jim , His Sister-In-Law Day 4

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Continued from Jim and His Sister-In-Law-Days 1,2 and 3


Monday my sister-in-law, Bea, and I saw Sally, my wife, and Jack, Sally’s brother/Bea’s husband, off at the local airport. Sally was to help Jack with a big business opportunity. They would be gone until Friday and Sally’s instructions to Bea were for her to take good care of me! For the rest of the day Bea did just that and the next morning started with Bea sucking me off to get the cream for her coffee. I had breakfast at the ‘Y’! Later we bathed together followed by an erotic shopping excursion. Topping the day off dancing at her favorite night club. Day 3 started with Bea mounted on my face and ended very late with her sensuous orgasm along with my fourth load. Bea told me that she had something special for today!

Day 4:

Slowly I rubbed Bea’s mound as she lay there sleeping. Gradually I worked my finger under the hood and began to tease her clit. I was sure she would wake but even though her pussy was responding to my attention she remained sound asleep! After ten minutes and now, with two fingers deep inside her it became a challenge to see if I could get her off without waking her.

I carefully rose to my knees inserted one more finger and took over stimulating her clit with the other hand. It wasn’t long before her pussy was doing most of the fucking. Just several minutes later she had a monster of an orgasm. Well in to the orgasm she woke up. When she started to cum I quickly laid back down only to pop up as if surprised by her activity. Her breathing was short and rapid and her face was flushed red with embarrassment.

“Hey baby. Dreaming?”

Her hand went diving between her legs. “If I was dreaming I’d like to have this dream every night! Holding her cum sticky fingers up for me to see she exclaimed, “I blew my fucking load!”

“Wow. I guess you don’t need me.”

“The fuck I don’t!”

I was pushed to my back as she crawled on top! Her neglisa was nearly transparent but it could have been opaque because my view was from the gaping bottom, up! Dam, I’ll never get tired of watching this woman’s tits. I reached up and took one in both hands. I know it’s a shame to let a breast without any attention but as I learned, earlier, in the bath tub, “it takes two hands to handle a whopper.” The other one would just have to wait its turn.

She raised up and I watched her gaping pussy drain its cum all over my morning boner. Her expert hand gave my freshly lubricated cock a couple of strokes before guiding it into her love hole. She stayed up right, guided my hands to her nipples, and started to fuck me with slow and deliberate strokes. With every stroke my cock slipped out, slide up her pussy crack to ram her clit then like magic it would slide right back in.

“Pull them. Stretch my nipples. Pull them hard make me cum with you!”

Shit if I pulled any harder they would be longer than my dick. Oh well. I guess that’s what she wants. The harder I pulled the more she teased my cock and her clit. Hell I wasn’t going to last 5 minutes if she kept this up. I didn’t need to. She stripped her nighty over her head, and as her cunt tightened she bottomed my cock one last time and then, stopped!

“Cum. Cum now! I can’t hold it! Please cum with me. Please cum!”

I was almost ready but still nothing happened. I tried to ram in further but she already had it all. The world stopped, waiting, waiting until she was ready. When she was, she ripped her nipples out of my grip, leaned back, grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard! “Fuck yea!” I screamed as I shot my wad into her convulsing pussy.

“Baby that was great. It’s been a long time since I’ve cum with a woman. That was fucking great!”

No robe or neglisa today. We strutted, stark nude, to the kitchen like we were husband and wife. While the coffee was dripping, Bea and I engaged in a never ending string of hugs, kisses and, yes, a little titty and cock play too. After a couple cups of coffee we took a bath together including another erotic pussy shaving for her. She wanted to shave me but when it comes to razors my balls are off limits.

“Honey I need to make a trip over to the house to get some more clothes. Do you want to go anywhere this morning?”

“Well why don’t I go along. You can change at your house and then let’s go over to the club.”

“The club? What’s up at his time of day?”

“It’s a surprise. Ok?”

At my house, I got out of my sweats and into a clean pair of jeans and shirt, picked out something for the airport tomorrow and let Bea pick something out for tonight. That settled we left for the club. I couldn’t believe how many cars were in the valet parking. Just what the hell goes on in a night club at this time of day?

Bea took my hand but instead of entering through the main foyer she dragged me down a pair of wide steps to a sub level that looked like a health club. I don’t do the jump around exercise thing and I do my weight lifting with a trainer so Bea was Antalya Escort going to be disappointed when I just took a newspaper and waited for her. Inside at the usual health club desk we were greeted by a scantily clad babe. Bea leaned over the counter, showing me most of her sweet white ass, and whispered something to the girl. She nodded and next thing I know Bea was dragging me down a long hall lined with steel doors. No glass in the doors and they were every 20 ft, on both sides, all the way down the hall. This sure wasn’t like any health cub I’ve ever seen.

“Here, Number 38, this is our room.”

Bea opened the door with a hotel key card and pushed me in first. The walls were lined with mirrors from floor to ceiling. Shit the ceiling, except for the lights, was all mirrors too. Along one wall were 6 or 7 plastic cases all different colors and the other had two leather clad benches. In the middle of the room was a narrow steel platform about 4 feet long. Hung from the ceiling was a steel frame nearly 6 foot wide and about 5ft above the platform. Attached to the frame and the platform were some sort of leather straps. Holy fucking shit, this is an S&M setup!


“Yea I know! When you have a husband like Jack you got to do something to get off!”

“You come here?”

“I a club member. I get up on that thing, strapped in, I cum like there’s no tomorrow! No whips or anything like that though. I’m not into the bruising and whip mark stuff.”

“Shit Bea?”

“Jimmy you have been so good for me this week. I wanted to show —- I mean —- you would make a perfect trainer.”

“A trainer?”

“Yea that’s what we call the person who helps us get off. You have been doing it all week and your great at it. Please don’t say no now.”

“I don’t know anything about this shit!”

Just then the door opened. Shit, I’m in a fucking S&M den with my sister-in-law and now someone just walked in on us! Son-of-a-bitch, a Spandex body suit stretched so tight it was little more than a second skin. Cut so low that her delicious brown tits wanted to pop out. ‘Oh, Please Please bend over and set them free!’ She turned for us to take it all in. What an ass and she has the first 4 finger keyhole I’ve ever seen.

“Dolly? Chocolate Dolly?”

“Hi Jimmy.”

“Shit do you do this S&M stuff too?”

“Didn’t Bea tell you? I’m the owner’s wife and the master trainer!”

“Well you girls just do your thing. I’ll go read a news paper.”

“I teach the male trainers! Bea asked me to help you tend to her needs. We don’t do any lesbian and homo shit in this club. If you do a good job on Bea – well we can always use another trainer. Still want to go read a newspaper?”

I was certainly reluctant but the thought of strapping Bea to that frame and doing what ever I wanted to her thrilled my balls. I wonder what is in those cases. Dildos? Vibrators? Shit what are all the cases for?

“Ok girls. I’m game, but if this shit gets too kinky I’m out of here.”

Dolly had me strip Bea down to her bra, panties, and lace toped nylons held up with a garter belt. Oh- Can’t forget those spike heels. First I had her stand on the metal stand and I strapped her ankles. Next I strapped her wrists to the frame which was suspended from the ceiling. I thought it would be different. Hell, she could almost bring her hands down to her shoulders and her legs were barely shoulder width. Hell she was too big for the frame!

Dolly held up this remote control thing. She pushed a button and the ceiling frame moved up several inches. Umm, maybe this was going to be fun! I took the remote and with Dolly pointing at buttons I adjusted the frame until Bea was splayed wide. Wow, what a fucking tip! My sister-in-law spread and ready for me tease or take her any way I wanted. Hell I might even fuck this chocolate beauty right in front of her.

Now — how was I going to get her bra and panties off? That was solved when Dolly opened the black case and showed me a pair of scissors. Oops, wrong tool. The straight razor will work better. Just then Dolly made my day! She bent over and everything she had popped out. Right there, forced up like they were in a corset, was a beautiful pair of chocolate Cs with lovely dark brown aureoles and large black nipples. She didn’t even try to put them back. I thought about what I could do to those beauties but for right now Bea was on the menu!

I took the razor along Bea’s cleavage over the soft skin dry shaving as if they had hair. She shivered in fear that I may slip and cut her. Then through the lace I took a nipple, stretched it out as far as I could and circled her precious appendage sawing a hole in the bra with the razor. Bea’s face turned white and I though she was going to faint. By the time I did the other one she was hanging limp from the frame. When I split her panties from ass to clit she peed all over me!

“Jimmy, you’re the fucking great! I wish I was up there instead of Bea.”

As I washed in Antalya Escort Bayan the basin of water I asked Dolly “what’s next?”

“I think a pecker diddle will be next!”

“Now just what the fuck is a pecker diddle?”

Dolly said nothing. She just dropped to her knees, opened my belt and dropped my pants, shorts and all! Son-of-a-bitch, I though I was going to do Bea not get stripped by her friend. My cock was hard as steel and when she grabbed it I thought I’d fire my load all over her tits. It took her only seconds to slip a cock ring over it’s head and roll it to the root. Under the ring she hooked a leather strap and snapped it tight around my balls. There I was, my cock standing straight out begging for attention and my balls strapped so tight I couldn’t cum if I tried.

“That’s to prevent accidents. Now stand in front of Bea, push the head of your pecker up under her hood and diddle her with it until she’s ready to cum”

“Dolly let him fuck me. Please!”

Again Dolly didn’t say a word. She walked to the blue case and removed a short nylon belt with a rubber ball attached in the middle. She handed it to me and nodded to Bea. If Bea couldn’t be quite then she had to be gagged. I forced the ball into her un cooperative mouth and then reached behind her head and tied belt. Next Dolly produced some things that looked like big sinkers for fishing. On the top were J hooks. Now I figured out the gag but these were beyond me. I shrugged my shoulders.

“They’re Nipple weights. You hang them from her nipples.”

I was confused. Just how can I get these hooks to stay over her nipples? Dolly saw my problem so she had me pull on Bea’s nipple and pointed. Shit, her Nipples were pierced! I hooked the weights through the holes and gently let the heavy weights stretch her nipples further than I thought possible. The tears were running down Bea’s face so I tried to remove them but Bea shook her head ‘NO’.

“Dam Bea I don’t want to hurt you!”

Bea just shook her head so I checked them again and then took some nylon ropes from Dolly. Again I had no idea what to do with them. Bea took the scissors cut Bea’s bra loose and worked it over the nipple weights. She took one of the ropes laid a loop on the top of one of Bea’s breasts then tightly wrapped the rope around her breast from the base toward the nipple. When her nipple was standing on top of what looked like a pink balloon she slipped the rope end through the loop and pulled the other end back until the loop closed tight. I did the other breast then stood back and admired our work. Earlier the weights were hanging against her breasts but now they hung straight down like Christmas balls, stretching her nipples more than 2 inches.

“What does that do Dolly?”

“You know how sensitive your cock gets when the head fills with blood. Well- in a few minutes her tits will be purple and so sensitive a light touch, even breathing on them will send erotic sensations through her. Ten minutes of these feather dusters on her tits and she will need to cum, so bad —-. Well- you’ll see. First it’s time for you to diddle her.”

I stepped up to Bea and bumped my cock into her belly. She was too low. Then I noticed she was moving up. Dolly was raising her up with the remote control! When she had her just right I pushed my cock up under Bea’s hood and against her clit.

“Well— Jimmy, you know how to jack off!”

I looked in to Bea’s eyes as she shook her head ‘No’ and I jacked my cock slowly sliding its head up her pussy crack and flicking it over her clit with every stroke. I wanted to cum but the ring and strap held for nearly 20 minutes. All the while Bea shook her head ‘No’ but that all changed when she was ready to cum. Then it was ‘YES’. I knew she wanted me to go faster but I didn’t change anything. Slowly Bea began to quiver, her nipple weights started to bounce and soon they were jumping up and down, alternately, the left one up and the right one down. How can she do that? Sill slowly jacking off I brought my eyes to hers and took in the awesome expression while she climaxed.

“Baby the only thing I like better than making you cum is watching you cum!”

Dolly stood behind me and removed my shirt. If you don’t count my socks, I was now naked and when Dolly pressed against my back I realized she was too. Bea wasn’t done shaking from her first orgasm but that didn’t stop Dolly. She took my cock, smeared it with lubricant, rolled the cock ring off and started to jack me off right front of Bea. Five minutes later she was jacking me off faster than I could stand. My balls swelled up so much the ball strap popped, My cum shot up the channel and with each stroke streamed cum all over Bea’s pussy!

“Son-of-a-bitch I’ve never seen a man shoot so much cum! Those balls of yours are for real.”

Not done yet, Dolly got an odd shaped metal loop (she called it a brace) and a small dildo with a big flat head out of another case. Dolly and I went around behind and she showed Escort Antalya me that the small end when between her legs then up until it forced her pussy open. The wide part slipped up over her ass cheeks. For this the panties had to go so I cut them off. When I got the brace up over her ass Dolly handed me the lubricated dildo. That’s what hold’s it on? As directed I pushed it through the hole in the brace and slipped it up Bea’s rear hole. It locked into the brace with a twist.

We went around front and admired the beauty of the brace. Bea’s pussy was splayed like a steak flayed for fast cooking. Her clit was standing inside the small loop of metal like a tiny cock. I couldn’t wait to see her climax again!

Dolly handed me the feather dusters and like she told me earlier Bea’s purple tits were so sensitive that she shuttered from the breeze caused by moving the dusters close to her breasts. I unhooked the nipple weights and gave them to Dolly then lightly dusted each breast. Bea was quivering like a leaf in seconds and in a minute she was shaking the whole frame. When she climaxed again the thick yellow cum shot out of her pussy and ran down my legs.

When the cum stopped so did Bea! She passed out and we had to get her down and on the bench. Although I was worried, Dolly acted like this happens all the time. Dolly removed the gag while I pulled the butt plug and removed the brace. Soon she was coming around. A big smile told me she was ok.

It was Dolly’s turn, and although I had nothing left I was, surprisingly, still hard. Dolly bent over the other bench and begged me to fuck her. I had other ideas! I lusted her 4 finger key hole and this position was perfect. I clasp her pussy in the palm of my hand and slid my thumb all the way down her love hole. With her clit held lightly between two fingers I diddled it with my middle finger.

Moaning like a slut in heat she filled my hand with cum then collapsed over the bench. Dam I love it when they cum in my hand! Before her climax subsided I dropped to my knees spread her legs wide and face fucked her pink pussy until she blew another load.

My cock now throbbing uncontrollably wanted this woman and after all, she did beg for it! Still spread wide I raised her ass back up where we started. With a tit in each hand to keep her from slipping away I fucked her like a whore until I had filled her with my cum. That was the third load today and it was only lunch time.

It was shower time and even with two beautiful women bathing me I remained soft through it all. We got dressed and ate a quite lunch at the club’s restaurant. It was during that lunch that Dolly offered me a job. She told me after 3 days of lessons I could make $100 dollars an hour plus tips.


“Yes! We require 3 full days of lessons and all of the usual medical tests before you can be a trainer for our customers. I personally teach the new males and we use experienced female trainers as subjects.”

I wasn’t sure about all of this. How would I get out of the house for that long when Sally was there? I didn’t need the money! So why? Because I loved it — That’s why! Lunch was over and although I still hadn’t made up my mind, Dolly and Bea had plans to make it for me!

“Saturday? You come with Bea and see me about 8 and We’ll show you what is involved. Ok?”

“If I can get free. Ok!”

Back at the club Dolly introduced me to a cute little masseuse and left with Bea and her whispering and chuckling all the way down the hall! A could use a good message so I asked how much it would cost. She told me that messages and steam baths are for members only but that Dolly told her to give me the works!

“Ok honey!”

Sandy was a college student majoring in sports medicine and worked there for extra money. She was a sweet young thing, tall and slim, with short dish water blond hair and beautiful enchanting black eyes. It was hard to tell what was under the white terrycloth robe but she sure didn’t have a pair of 34 Cs under there. She pointed me to a set of hooks on the far wall, tossed me a towel and told me to get undressed.

Those black eyes watched as I removed my shirt, shoes and trousers. I think I saw a smile when she saw how much I had in my shorts. She didn’t know of course that it was all balls and that, rock hard, my cock was no bigger than 6 inches. It was impossible to hold a towel and drop my shorts so I just turned around and dropped them then wrapped the towel around my waist before walking over to the table.

She motioned for me to get up on the table so I sat on the end until she was ready. She walked over looked at my socks, grabbed on leg and pulled it up to remove my sock.

“Holy fucking shit! Are they for real?”

“Yep. All natural.”

“Mister Beam, I’m going to love every second of this!”

Without taking her eyes off my crouch she removed both my socks then pointed me to the steam room in the near corner. As I slid down from the table she snagged my towel. As I walked across the room I could feel those black eyes watching my ass. I love it when a young woman takes interest in my 54 year old body! I turned so she could see them sway as I opened the door. She smiled, hurried over, held the door as I entered and then followed me in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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