Jim’s Jock Ch. 01

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It was my first year at the university. I was a shy kid. I liked to read, didn’t like sports and was sort of chubby. I pretty much kept to myself in my dorm. I stayed out of the way and tried my best to be invisible. I was from a small town and my folks were middle class working people. I was a good boy growing up, never got into serious trouble, I got good grades and I never had a girlfriend.

My assigned roommate, Jim, couldn’t be more different. He was a rowdy guy with plenty of street experience from living in the intercity of Detroit. He was loud, pushy, in shape and had girls hanging all over him. He was the proverbial good looking bad boy. I took an instant dislike to him. Jim always wanted me to go out to the bars with him to pick up some pussy. When I would decline he would call me a pansy, and a mama’s boy. He would go anyways. I usually wouldn’t see him until the next morning when he would crawl in with a hangover and tell me about his sexploits with girls with big tits who loved to suck his dick and loved to have him fuck them.

I knew his stories were true because women would stop by the dorm room all the time looking for Jim. They would ask me if Jim had talked about them, and did I think that he liked them. Personally, I thought he used them and then didn’t want anything else to do with them. He would just fuck someone else. There were plenty of women in a college town he didn’t stick to one. I would just tell them Jim played the field and eventually they would stop coming around. When Jim found out I told his dates that he played the field he punched me in the arm pretty hard. It really hurt! I left the room quickly and went into the bathroom to cry. He had quite a punch. I learned real quick to keep my mouth shut.

Jim wasn’t shy about his body. He shouldn’t have been. He was blond about 6″ 2′ and about 205 pounds. You could tell he worked out because his arms were pretty well formed with big biceps and protruding triceps. His shoulders were wide and his waist was tiny. He had six pack abs and pretty good sized legs. He also had a very deep voice that was as sexy as hell. He frequently walked around our dorm room in his jock strap stuffed with his ample dick. One day he was talking to me and I looked down and my boner was sticking out of the leg of my shorts. Whoa! I quickly shoved it back in my shorts and hoped Jim hadn’t seen what had happened.

Having a boner wasn’t new to me, but having it around Jim was upsetting to me. I hardly liked the guy, plus, I liked women, even though I didn’t date much. I didn’t really know why but a couple other times Jim would be talking to me; I would be concentrating on his masculine voice and watching his full lips moving and I would get hard! Fuck! What was happening to me?

One afternoon one of Jim’s blow job girls came by to visit. The three of us were in the living room talking. I was quietly sitting on the sofa when I saw Jim reach down and adjust himself in front of me and Shannon. I thought to myself, how rude is that! A couple minutes later Jim reached down and groped his hefty package again and I saw Shannon had watched him do it. The thought of Jim playing with his package in front of Shannon got me hard. I got up and went to the bathroom to beat off.

When I came out Jim and Shannon were in the bedroom that we shared with the door closed. I thought to myself, what a slut she was. Then I realized I was jealous of her. That was my first realization that I liked Jim and wished that he could like me as well. How could I be attracted to someone who treated women like shit and had been physically abusive to me?

I wasn’t going to come out of the closet to Jim. He probably would beat the hell of me. The rest of the school year was pretty much the same. I started to feel more social and enjoyed college life a little more. Jim continued to use many of the new girls who he met.

At the end of the year Jim asked me to be his roommate off campus that following year. I was flattered and pretty stoked at the idea. Living with this macho stud and being his sidekick was a chance I was willing to take. Maybe I could get him to like me the way I liked him.

The following term I continued to act straight and dream gay. I found myself feeling safe around Jim. He seemed to watch out for me and make me feel protected. I could feel myself falling in love with him. I was constantly jealous of all the girls that he brought around but I had to sit quietly and watch the way he turned them on in front of me and then took them into our bedroom and into his bed. I dreamed it casino siteleri was me that was in Jim’s bed instead of the girls. I longed to get a glimpse of his cock. I knew without a doubt that his cock was big like Jim was himself. In my mind when I could hear Jim slamming his dick inside the lucky girl’s pussy, I would see Jim with a hard on so thick and so long that it would be splitting the poor girl in two. Jim was constantly having sex and as a result, I was constantly horny.

One summer, we had a month off before the next semester started. Jim had gone to California with a girl he was fucking. She was getting married and this was her last fling so she invited Jim along to vacation with her. This was all on the Fiancé’s dime. It was just like Jim to be fucking and vacationing a woman who was getting married in two months. And he was paying for the whole thing!

Jim was only gone a day and I already missed him. Several times a day I would imagine him fucking the hell out of Lydia. Then I would imagine having Jim’s body on top of me and I would get rock hard. I started sleeping on Jim’s bed. I could smell his essence and sleeping in his sheets made me feel so horny. God forbid he should ever found out!

About a week after Jim had left he called me on the phone. It seemed he and Lydia had been talking and they wanted me to come to California. Lydia was going to pay for everything. Well actually, her future husband was going to pay for everything. Jim told me that I would have a blast. We would be going out to dinner every night and staying at a luxury hotel for free and spending our time by the pool during the day. He sounded convincing and I wanted to be with him so I agreed to meet them there.

The following day I met both Lydia and Jim at the hotel pool. Jim had turned a dark golden brown in the week he had been in California. He looked amazing. I loved the way his muscles glistened from the suntan lotion he had on. Both he and Lydia were glad to see me.

Jim took me up to show me the room while Lydia remained at the pool. I was glad to be alone with him, even if he was there with Lydia. In the elevator on the way up to the room I stood across from Jim and was admiring how great he looked and how happy I was to see him. Jim quickly told me that he and Lydia had an ulterior motive in getting me there. Lydia had told him that she wanted to have a three way before she got hitched. She wanted to be fucked by two guys, so he invited me out and got her to pay for it.

I was taken aback. Now all of the sudden I was beholding to Lydia because she had already paid for my plane ticket and was putting me up while I was there. Jim had a big ass smile on his face and put his arm around me and said, I thought of you buddy. We can both fuck her.

My problem, I had never had sex with a girl before. I had no idea what I was going to do. I felt trapped. I didn’t know what to say. Then Jim says, “You don’t have to worry Chris, I’ll show you what to do, I’ll take care of you buddy.” I wasn’t sure if Jim realized that I hadn’t had sex with a woman, but he immediately put my mind at ease.

After we got to the room Jim made a couple really strong drinks and we downed them. I started to feel relaxed and a little buzzed. I was both nervous and horny. I was going to be close up with Jim while he was having sex with Lydia. This could be hot!

Lydia came up to the room and sat on the couch. Jim fixed us both another drink and then stood behind Lydia, then bent down and kissed the side of her face and undid the top of her bikini. Her tits fell out. I have to admit that as far as tits were concerned hers were perfect. They were large and full with smooth skin and nice sized nipples. Jim reached around and put his hands on her breasts. I got hard immediately. It wasn’t because of her breast; it was Jim being so sexual right in front of me. It was like watching a live porno video. Jim offered up Lydia’s breast. “Aren’t Lydia’s tits beautiful Chris? Come on over and feel them,” he said seductively. I went over and started running my hands over the big breasts. Jim leaned over and began kissing and licking Lydia’s right tit and I started to kiss her left. Jim says, “Come over here and we can both work on this beautiful breast and then we can do the other.”

I scramble around to the other side of Lydia and I start kissing the same tit that Jim was kissing. We both made our way over to Lydia’s nipple and I suck it into my mouth and she gasps. Jim pushed my face away and said, “Don’t hog that all to yourself, let’s both kiss canlı casino her nipple.” Jim leans in and starts running his tongue over the tip. Playing with it back and forth getting it wet with his saliva. I push my face toward Jim’s and we both begin flicking and licking Lydia’s nipple. Lydia moans and grabs my firm cock. Jim’s tongue snakes out and touches mine as we continue to tease Lydia’s nipple. Jim does it again and I respond as we end up French kissing her beautiful nipple.

I imagine that it is just Jim and me who are French kissing. I feel faint as I taste the wetness of Jim’s mouth. He tastes incredible. His tongue is so thick and masculine; I would love to crawl right into his mouth. To drown in his saliva seemed a wonderful way to go. What a beautiful masculine stud he is. I reach down and remove my cock from Lydia’s hand. “I have to slow down Lydia. I’m going to cum!”

Jim and I switch to the other breast and continue the French kissing between me, Jim and Lydia’s nipple. I feel like I’m in heaven. I continue to stick my tongue into Jim’s mouth as often as I can without appearing gay and occasionally over Lydia’s nipples. Lydia continues to moan. Finally, Lydia says, “Let me suck you Jim. Put your cock in my mouth.” Oh Fuck, I think. I got to see this!

Lydia slides to the floor on her knees. Jim comes around in front of her and places his pulsating thick cock right in front of her face. I am kneeling right next to her watching, getting as close as I can. Lydia opens her mouth wide and Jim pops the bloated head of his dick in her mouth. Jim tells Lydia, “Suck and lick it Lydia.” I watch as Lydia does as she is told. Both she and Jim moan with pleasure.

Not wanting to be left out I lean forward and begin licking and kissing Lydia’s lips that are stretched around Jim’s big cock. I lick her lips and I lick Jim’s cock where it enters Lydia’s lips. All three of us begin moaning. I can’t believe I have my tongue touching Jim’s dick. Even though I as sharing it with Lydia. It tastes fantastic. It is so hard to the touch, and I can feel the ridges of one of his protruding veins as I continue to lick around Lydia’s mouth. Its like we are both Frenching Jim’s fat cock. Lydia from the inside of her mouth and me on the outside of her mouth.

Jim says, “Lydia open your mouth wider, I’m going to fuck your face.” Lydia opens her mouth wide and Jim begins sliding his huge cock into the eager mouth. I haven’t moved away from her lips. My tongue is rubbing the underside of Jim’s cock as it goes in and out of her mouth. God, I want Jim’s dick all to myself. How I wish I could take him down my throat. I would show him what a real blowjob should feel like. Just then Jim’s cock slips out of Lydia’s mouth and fall onto my waiting lips. I can’t believe what is happening. I begin flicking my tongue across the head of Jim’s cock and Jim slides his cock back into Lydia’s mouth. I reach up with my tongue and start licking Jim’s shaft were it meet Lydia’s lips and then his cock comes out of Lydia’s lips and lands on my face again. I’m not sure if Jim’s cock is accidentally falling out of Lydia’s mouth or he is teasing me with his dick. Either way, I’m fucking loving it!

I am in a position where I can’t get much of Jim’s dick in my mouth but I’ll take every little bit that I can of that stud meat that I have craved or the last two years. I wonder if Jim thinks I’m gay. I am trying to be straight and include Lydia in everything I do. Even if it keeps me from grabbing Jim’s cock and shoving it down my throat. Jim has talked about how much he hates faggots. I didn’t want him to think that I was a faggot.

Jim pulls his cock slowly out of Lydia’s mouth and lets it rest on my lips. “Turn around on your knees Lydia and lay your body on the couch so I can enter you doggy style.” Jim stands up and I lose the connection that my lips had with his cock head. I scramble out of the way as Lydia does as she is told. Jim gets on his knees right behind Lydia. He poises his protuberant cock head just barely touching her pussy lips. “Chris slide your head between both our legs so you’re in a perfect position to lick Lydia’s pussy.” I roll over on my back and slide between both Jim and Lydia’s legs. I look up and I can see Lydia’s wet pussy just waiting for the thick purple head of Jim’s huge cock to enter her.

I felt like I have always belonged between Jim’s legs, but I just didn’t understand my craving until just now. Jim’s low hanging nuts are just inches from my face. I want so much to suck them into my mouth and show him what a God I kaçak casino think he is. His dick is so wide with veins running crisscross over the tight skin. It is the perfect picture of machismo. Jim needed to be worshiped. I needed to get over my fears and reach up and pull his thick cock into my mouth. To lick him and suck on him to get at the nectar that is his sperm. Fuck, I needed his sperm so bad!

Before I can act, Jim pushes his cock forward and I watch as Lydia’s pussy lips are being forced aside as the fat head of Jim’s cock works it’s way into her cunt. I watch as the beautiful swollen head disappears into Lucky Lydia’s pussy. Lydia moans. Just as slowly Jim pulls his dick back and the head slides out with a soft pop and Lydia’s pussy closes. I quickly reach up with my tongue and start to lick the pussy lips in front of my face. The taste is not revolting. I start to love the taste because Jim’s cock was just there. Lydia moans at the feel of my tongue on her pussy lips.

Jim begins pushing his dick forward but I don’t move, I continue to flick my tongue over Lydia’s cunt lips and I turn my attention to tonguing the underside of Jim’s helmet shaped head. Jim moans at the feel of Lydia’s tight pussy and my tonguing of his dick as the deep purple head disappears into the folds of her pussy again. I moan at the manly taste and feel of the massive sex tool that belongs to the man I want with my total being.

Jim continues teasing Lydia with just the thickness of his cock head. I continue to lick the head every time it peeks out of her cunt. Lydia starts to whimper,” Jim please give me all your cock. Please fill me up with that huge dick of yours. I need you so bad. Please baby, I love your cock, give it to me.”

I refused to move my head aside. Jim slides his shaft into Lydia’s wet cunt and I use my tongue to my best ability. This is as close as I’ll ever get to having Jim make love to me. A three way, pretending to get Lydia off as she gets fucked by Jim’s huge tool. How I wish it was me getting fucked. I wish I was Jim’s woman so he would fuck me with his huge monster dick. Jim gets his cock all the way in and his balls are now lying across my lips. I stick my tongue out to reach for his nuts and Jim pulls his cock back and I lose the chance to taste those balls. I continue to take advantage of the dick that is sliding in and out of Lydia’s cunt. I feel so lucky to be here. I am so turned on I can hardly keep from cuming. I have never in my life thought sex could be this nasty, or this hot!

Jim gets a nice rhythm going, sliding his huge cock, in and out of the tight pussy. His balls continue to slide across my face and I continue to lick his shaft as it pounds into Lydia’s fortunate hole. I can tell they both are getting ready to cum. Jim picks up the pace of his thrust and continues to slam my head between his pelvis and the sofa. The roughness of Jim’s pounding is turning me on I’m going to pop any second.

Suddenly Lydia begins screaming and Jim slams his cock as far into her cunt as it goes. Jim cries out, “I’m cuming!” I take the opportunity to slip my hand around Jim’s ball sack. I can’t believe the size of his nuts. It’s like grabbing two plums in a sack. It is incredibly sexy! I now have my lips wrapped part of the way around Jim’s thick shaft and can feel the spurts of cum jetting out of the big vein that runs the length of the of his cock.

I begin to cum as Jim pulls his cock from Lydia’s warm pussy as his nuts slip off my chin. Jim pulls the head of his cock so that it is just outside of Lydia’s pussy and lets the last rope of cum that he shoots land on my face and lips. I fucking cum like a pig! I begin shooting sperm all over Jim’s back and on my stomach. While I am wreathing in ecstasy I quickly lick Jim’s thick cum from my lips. The taste makes my mind real! I couldn’t believe I was tasting sperm from Jim’s big dick.

I could feel the last spurt of cum leave my dick. I was completely spent and happier than I ever had been. I felt an intimacy with Jim that I couldn’t explain. I felt blessed that I could be sharing this masculine God with Lydia.

We all untangled and Jim said, “That was hot! Man Chris you shot all over my back and Lydia, Wow, you were amazing!”

Lydia echoed Jim’s feelings. I sat there in complete silence with a big smile on my face. I was thinking I am more in love with Jim than I have ever been. If I had to play second fiddle to Lydia, then that’s what I would do. After all, she would be married in less than two months and I would have my roommate to myself.

I know Jim is straight as an arrow. He was somewhat kinky because he let me team with him on Lydia. I wondered how it was going to be between us when we got back. It turns out; Jim continues to fuck every girl he sees. I’m left with my dreams.

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