Jinx and the Military girl

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Jinx and the Military Girl

A light rain falls from the sky in the college town of Denton, Texas. Black canvas high-tops splash through shallow puddles on Locust St. as a light rain falls at a slant. A black haired 16-year-old walks down the street, his hair a few inches short of shoulder length. He wears a pair of faded blue jeans and a faded jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbow. His hands rest in his coat pocket and he can’t seem to take his deep blue eyes off the side walk.
“Huh, I wonder what freaking poor person is in the library this evening.”

It was around fall time and Thomas knows how the homeless folks visit the library. It was cold, the skies were darkening and hailed rain, and the almost brassy light of the street lights lit the slick roads. The leaves had begun to change color from a bland green to brilliant reds and shades of gold. The green grass was wet with cool rain water by now.

It seemed so oddly serene. The poor folks from the Salvation Army and such would usually come to the library in the morning and into the evening. Denton is a rather poor town and there isn’t much help for the homeless. There’s an old church not far from the square, which is built around an old court house; the poor folks can go eat lunch there for free. The food isn’t so great and the workers are sort of like the elementary school lunch ladies; they seem to take a bit too much pride in the slop they call food.
The inhabitants of the Salvation Army homeless shelter are kicked out every morning at around 8:00 a.m. and have to go find something to do until 5:00 o’clock that evening when they decide to let you in. It’s strange but it’s not a rule you can disobey for they pretty much kick you out. Sometimes if you’re lucky they end up opening up early for lunch but that’s only on occasion and only when it’s raining or snowing and still it is unlikely to happen.

There wouldn’t be many poor people in the library at this time because most of them would already be on their way to the Salvation Army so they could sign in. The building is quite small so you want to make sure you’re there early in order to get a room. Denton has quite a few homeless people but that doesn’t make all of them bad people.
There are weirdoes every now and then but most of poorer people were just people with drug problems and bad pasts which don’t allow them to get ahead in life.

As he walked down Locust Street listening to a skipping CD player and staring down at the ground, he lets out a sigh and heads across the street into an empty parking lot.
Scratching his head, he stares forward at the public library and heads toward the heavy glass doors. Parting them he lets out a cough and takes a look around. Planting his feet on the thin light carpet, he stares around at the thin metal bookshelves which are scattered about and darts toward the left and surreptitiously travels up four tile stairs gazing over at the meticulously stacked books and varnished wooden bookshelves and stops in place to turn off his CD player. He slips off his headphones and leaves them to rest on his neck.

He instantly realizes that the three long tables of computers are filled with people who don’t seem to be leaving any time soon. Sighing, his shoulders go slack and his head goes down. Pulling his head up, he saunters over to the square table and has a seat not realizing the Styrofoam coffee cup before izmit escort bayan him. Resting his hands on the back of his head he puts his head down sulking publicly.

If there was someone for him to vent to, they’d be lacking of their ear within seconds. He’d always saw himself as a jinx and any luck he did have, he thought to be dumb luck which wasn’t meant to be his own.
As far as the state and city know, he’s being homeschooled. He lived with his aunt who was most often in an alcohol induced blackout and if she’s not doing that she’s popping pills. Half the time she’s on pills she could be getting anally raped and not even know. He quit school and leaves every night and tells his aunt he’s going to his sister’s house for school.

His sister was a married adult so she agreed to say she was going to be teaching him. During this time he would just leave for a while and climb back into his window.

At sixteen he’s awkward with women and girls and can hardly talk to a woman even when in a professional situation; like at the dentist or talking to a slightly attractive clerks. He can’t wait to lose his virginity but knows he won’t lose it to a woman equal in age. He knows it’ll have to be with someone a bit older than him who’ll give him a chance.

He thinks part of the reason girls his age don’t like him is because of the way he looks. He doesn’t look very adult like and to be frank he’s actually quite boyish. He almost pisses his pants every time a woman says hi to him.

As he sits bathed in melancholy and far back in line, he suddenly feels a soft hand on his back. He instantly jumps up and stumbles backward, falling back in his chair and hitting his hair.
“Hey, you alright?” the stranger who patted him asks with a glare seeming rather annoyed.
“Uh…yeah,” he answers searching through his pockets to find his cigarettes have been smashed, almost all of them broken.
“Ah, fuck, f-fuck!” he shouts out.
“Sir, could you keep it down?” a worker asks angrily.
“…F-fine, I’d rather not wait for your shitty computers anyways!” he shouts making his way to the exit. Once outside he has a great epiphany.
“Hey can I have a piece of tape?” he asks one of the librarians.
“Sure,” they answer.
Heading back outside, he sloppily tapes the broken cigarette.
“Hey…you want a new one?” a stranger asks.
“Sure,” he answers with a sigh.
Grabbing it he lights it with great haste.
“Were you sleeping?” the strange woman asks.
“No…I’m just shy but…but those hands were so soft. They were like the epitome of…of, well, femininity!” he exclaims.
“Thanks…I thought my hands were a bit stronger.” The stranger answers.

Looking over he realizes it’s a woman. Her hair is dyed black; her hair is wet like she just got out of the shower and hid her ears. She was a natural beauty to say the least.

Her face is soft and slightly narrowed. Her eye brows were neatly kempt and her wide eyes were coated with mascara and black eyeliner was meticulously drawn-on. Her eyes were emerald green in hue and her plump lips were coated in an almost metallic lipstick of lavender pink. Her skin was a darker shade of tan as if she’d consistently suntanned. Her DD-cup breasts were lifted and pert, so perfect that they seemed fake. Her body was full with definition and tone—a flat stomach, flawless hourglass figure, slightly muscled arms, a round bottom, toned smooth izmit eve gelen escort legs and thighs—she is just gorgeous. While she is so beautiful, there’s something strangely fierce about her—something almost primal—like a warrior princess.

She wore a black halter top and a pair of black pants. They fit so snug that they actually seem more like spandex though it’s obvious that they’re of denim.
“Can I see your hands?” he asks marveling at her beauty.
“Sure, whatever,” she answers finding his curiosity to be rather amusing.

Grabbing it he seems like a kid with a new toy. He wishes every woman was so nonchalant. She hardly talked and his curiosity seems to be far greater than his nervousness at this time. Under an almost ensemble rainfall they seem to be the only two people alive.

Chapter 1

Stroking her supple hand he instantly begins to suck on her fingers. Her eyes widen in awe as his pale lips latch onto her breast. His tongue flickers and twirls around her soft nipple, quickly hardening it into a rock hard point.

Her wet fingers run through his black hair as he so intimately sucks on the hardened nipple. Wrapping his hands around her waist he grips her plump ass and grinds his pelvis into hers.
“Well, you certainly don’t seem so shy. A little rough but not bad for a virgin, think you can wait for about five minutes?”

Pulling his lips away from her breast a pop rings out.
“Yeah, but why would you wanna wait for five minutes, you don’t wanna fuck now?”
“I could give you a number of reasons why we should wait or why I shouldn’t even let you go as far as you’ve gone—I don’t know you, you fondled me without permission, you’ve got a massive erection poking into my crotch, and you’re a teenager—I shouldn’t even let you squeeze my ass. I live across the street—hence my clothes—I don’t think I wanna fuck outside, do you?”

As he shrugs she yanks him away from the wall and with a devilish smirk across the street and into a white house. It’s a beautiful white house with an almost obscurely covered deck. A row of thick tree trunks run along the wooden fence.
The thick tree trunks and spidery branches are plated with jagged gray bark. Crete Myrtles are scattered around them yet dwarfed by the oak trees, having yet to bloom. The wooden white house has little that is distinguishable. The roof is covered in a thin sheet of black sandy shingles and smoke flows heavily from the chimneys black ashy coal covered opening. The lush green grass parts into a straight path of concrete. A weathered screen door rattles in a moist breeze. The white door opens to reveal a blank home.
The walls are white, the carpet is white. There are nothing but the bare essentials yet guns all along the walls. There are rifles, there are automatics, there are semiautomatics, every type you can think of. There’s a small TV and the cupboards are full with paper plates and disposable silverware and nothing but a queen size mattress in the bedroom and a closet built into the wall. The bathroom is tidy and the laundry room is lacking of even the slightest bit of dust.

Running into the bedroom they swiftly disrobe. An almost blue tinted light shoots through the bedroom window. They stand facing each other completely nude; a seven inch erection juts out from Thomas’s crotch.
“I’m Morgan,”
“I’m…I’m Thomas.”
Strutting toward him izmit otele gelen escort she presses her lips to his forcing her tongue past his teeth. His cheeks almost instantly turn pink as she presses her palms to the sides of his face. Gripping his ass cheeks her kiss seems to intensify. His hands shake as he spreads her ass cheeks. His middle finger sluggishly creeps its way into her tight warm ass hole. Feeling around her slick bowels, he slips his fingers into her mouth.
“Lay down,” she demands.

Doing as he’s asked she swiftly sits his face. Her bald pussy lips are brimming with her pungent juices. It’s amazingly tight and grows wetter by the moment. Her clit is fully erect meaning what ever he’s doing has her nice and excited. His fingers slide in and out of her ass hole as he eats her pussy. He can hear his finger pumping in and out of her asshole.

Muffled moans escape through her plump lips as she sucks on his blood swollen cock. She easily takes it into her throat, the pale bulbous head throbbing as it moves in and out. She gently fondles his testicles as she salivates bubbly thick saliva; she nearly gags as she takes him deep into her throat.
As he lets out a soft grunt, her eyes open in surprise as she drools hot sticky cum. A mouthful of rich salty goo oozes from her mouth before she wipes it up with his dick. Swallowing it she feels it drip down her esophagus.

Scurrying over to the mattress, Morgan places a feather pillow under her flat stomach, thus raising her ass a up.
“You squeeze it enough; I figure you want your cock inside. Go ahead and chose which one, I don’t mind surprises, my dear.” She asks spreading the bubbly cheeks.

Pressing his bulbous cock head against the crinkled hole, he can feel the heat her ass hole resonates.
Handing him a bottle of lube he sprays it into her crack as his cock forces its way in. Grasping her waist he plunges his way into her bowels. Opening what appears to be a cigar box she flips on a vibrator and instantly begins slipping it in an out, grinding it against the slick vaginal walls.

Vigorously thrusting into her tight ass he finally thrusts his full length inside to release his massive load. His body instantly goes slack, lying on top of her he knows he’s still a virgin but also realizes it was fun, nonetheless.

It was fun but I guess I’m still a virgin. The way I look at it is, “well at least I got half way there.” I got my cock into not one but two moist holes. When it comes down to it I just couldn’t resist that big bubble butt. I mean…what guy doesn’t like fucking a jiggly ass?

It’s so tight and you can cum inside without worry, sure you have to use a lot of lube but I don’t think it bothers anything. I got my laptop fixed a couple days later which is why I was came to the library anyways; I was waiting to get my computer fixed. We got together quite a few times but I gotta say she’s about the strangest person I’ll ever meet.

Turns out she’s got a Masters degree and she has so many guns because she was in the military; would’ve never guessed she was a military girl.

About a week aft our first encounter she let me bang her pussy; I did pretty well but the next week I got a call and discovered she was pregnant; ironically I didn’t even come inside that tight pussy, guess it was the precum.

Since she was in the army I figured I could just pay for an abortion and that would be enough but I guess I thought wrong. Nine months later, I’m seventeen with a twenty three year old girlfriend and a baby boy. I can’t describe to you how unlucky I am but I think you might have some idea by now.

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