Jo and Mike

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I’ve got the perfect job. I’m an interior designer at C###### the nationwide premier designer builder of exclusive homes. I mean, if your dream home will cost less than two million, don’t even bother calling. Right?

I mean, where else could a five foot tall, third generation Vietnamese Canadian, be allowed, even encourage to wear eye liner and nail polish to work? Right? I mean I just know when the matrons and trophy brides show off their new palaces to their girl friends they whisper and giggle about “the sweet little oriental faggot” who picked just THE perfect colours and furniture.

So, last night my auntie phoned up. She’s my mother’s oldest sister. Since Grandma died, she’s the family matriarch.

Anyway, she phoned up out of the blue. “Jo, dear, I’ve been consulting the spirits about you.” No ‘hello’. Her usual style of phone conversation. “This weekend will be the start of something very special, if you let them lead you. Don’t try to out think them, just do what your heart says. Right dear, gotta go, Uncle Yan want’s his supper.”

Sounds good to me. In fact, I’m pretty sure the spirits want me to go to the ‘Satin Slipper Club’, my favorite gay bar tonight.

Last week I dyed my hair a light brunette with just the hint of pink highlights, and got a new style. Bangs, straight around just covering my ears, then tapering down to a point just at the base of my neck. Right? I mean it was a time for a change. The gals at work loved it. The guys, of course, don’t say a word. I mean, don’t want to be too friendly with the token faggot. Right? Oh well.


Makeup, perfect. White nylons. My slinky red dress. The off the shoulder one with the ruffle around my bosom and it’s hem three inches above my knees. Red three inch strappy stilettos. My gold earring bracelet and necklace set with the red Lucite hearts and diamonds. My soft red leather clutch purse.

I’m adorable.

It’s getting chilly. Summer is definitely over, so my purple velvet bolero jacket with the cuddly raccoon collar, cuffs and hem.

I catch the streetcar to the ‘gayborhood’. The ‘Slipper’ is slow for a Saturday night, but there’s a big concert at Ontario Place.

Hanging my coat on the back of the tall chair at one of the little round chest high bar tables. I hop up and look around.

There’s Toni, the club’s owner and social matchmaker. We catch each other’s eye and wave. Within the first half hour of discovering the ‘Slipper’ she was introducing me to all the regulars. I see she’s got a big hairy blond man in tow. That big bushy beard must be itchy. Yuck.

Oh. Pamela is back. Haven’t seen her for months. Heard she hooked up with a man and went straight. The lesbian side of me would just die to cuddle up to that voluptuous body. Mm. Right?

“Hi Jo.”

“Hi Pam. Long time.”

“Ya. Have you seen Mary?”

“No, but I just got here a minute ago.” Mm, Pamela. Think Mary will take her back? Not fucking likely. Right?

“Pam, Jo, this is Mike. He just moved here from Edmonton.” Big hairy gallute. We all say ‘hi’ and Toni leads him away to the next group.

Pam hops up on the other chair and sips her ‘Export’. “Good to see you back.”

“Huh, oh, ya.” She’s looking around. Maybe if I move my hand over to touch hers. Slide it on top of hers? Too late, she hops down and leaving her half full beer rushes towards the door. Mary’s just come in. They hug and kiss. Really kiss, then turn and leave. Oh well. No help from the spirits there. Shouldn’t mock. Bad Jo.

” Jo, right? Can I get you a drink. Um, I mean, your glass is almost empty. White wine?”

“Mike, yes please. Ask Ed, the bartender, I think it’s a Riesling.” What the hell, not my type, but he’s new in town. Right?



Mike has a mixed drink.

“You moved here casino siteleri from Edmonton, eh. Work?”

“Yes, the company moves me around every few years. You?”

“I work in Oakville.”

“That’s west of the city.”

“That’s right.”

We sip our drinks.

“Like to dance?”

What the heck. He did buy me a drink.

“Sure.” Shit, he’s a big one. Must be over six feet. Hope he knows how to dance.

The Slipper always has slow dance music and low lighting on the dance floor.

My! He’s solid. So gentle and light on his feet. He knows how to hold a lady when he leads. Didn’t expect that. I relax and put my cheek to his solid chest. Wish his hand would slip down to my tush, but he’s a real gentleman.

A few drinks and dances.

“Look , Jo, I’ve got to get going. I work tomorrow, still catching up, you know. But, I was wondering, would you like to go out to dinner with me some time.”

“Like on a date?”

“Sure, I mean if I’m not being too, you know.”

“Give me your phone.” I enter my number in his ‘contacts’.

“I’ll call you. Sixish OK?”

Before he leaves I figure I’d better be sure. I hear stories about ‘ladies’ whose dates went ballistic when they found out. Even though this is a gay bar.

“Look, sweetie, you do know what I am? Right? I’m a sissy boy faggot.”

“Beautiful Jo. Of course I know. Don’t ever put yourself down. You’re an exotic beauty.” He kissed my cheek. “I’ll call.” And away he went.

He did. “Wear a dress, we’ll go someplace nice.” We’ll meet at the Slipper next Friday at six.

My French blue satin and lace bra and panties under my dark navy blue dress with the grid of tiny white six pointed stars, the sweetheart collar, and it’s hem a few inches below my knees. Natural nylons. My pearls for sure. One little pearl on my earlobe, and a three cm silver chain with one big pearl. A two row Pearl choker necklace and two matching pearl bracelets, one for each wrist. Don’t you just love estate auctions. This set was a surprise in a jewelry box of bobbles I got for fifty bucks. Right? My spike heel soft white leather knee high boots seem a little, you know, too. Right? So I wore my two inch heel French blue mules. My mid calf tan wool trench coat, snug up it’s belt. Perfect.

Timing the streetcar to arrive at the Slipper at twenty after six, I go right in. Crowded tonight. There he is to the right. He hops up when he sees me. That is obviously a custom tailored suit to fit like that. Mid grey with a fine chalk stripe. Pale blue shirt, and a maroon and bronze tie.

He bends down and kisses my cheek. “Sorry I’m late, TTC was slow.”

“Look at you! Worth every second. Glass of wine before we go?”

I hop up on a chair and set my blue sequin clutch on the table. I undo the belt on my coat so my dress skirt can flow out and drape dramatically over my legs, as Mike goes to the bar.

He returns with two glasses of white wine.



“So, been here in Toronto long?”

“Almost three months.”

“Must be settled in by now.”

“Ya. Pretty well. Finding my way around, eh. Even found a friendly gay bar,” he lay his big paw gently over my hand, “and even got a date with a beautiful Asian lady.” He even blushed a bit.


“How long have you lived here?”

“Actually, I was born here.”

“Really? You have to be the first person I’ve met who isn’t from away.”

“From away? Are you a Newfie, (Newfoundlander) or what?”

“For sure. Family moved west when I was twelve. Dad got work in the tar sands.”

I tease him with my best accent. “You round eye no have funny accent.”

“You speakie good English.”

We both laugh. Good, he’s got a wicked sense of humor, like mine. Right?

“Where do you live?”

“An canlı casino apartment off Avenue road, just south of the 401. You?”

” Jarvis east.”

We sip our wine. Comfortable silence as we listen to the music and watch the people. Hairy, but big and solid. Gentle. Good dancer. Big hands, we know what that means, right? I almost giggle out loud. Those blue grey eyes twinkle when he laughs. Big soft lips. Is ‘kissable’ a word?

“Shall we go dine?”

After he holds my coat, I hook my arm around his elbow. He smiles down at me. I smile up at him.

Instead of turning towards the TTC stop we go the other way to a paid parking lot. He has a Nissan two seat coupe. Wow. New car smell. “I didn’t think I’d need a truck here, so I sold my Navigator out there and bought this one when I arrived.”

He took us to an Italian restaurant. A real one, not a chain.

“This sounds like the start of a joke.”


“A Vietnamese and a Newfie go into an Italian bar…”

We both laugh.

Fancy. He checks my coat. The waiter holds my chair. Candle on the table. White linen table cloth and napkins. We eat and chat. Mike is so attentive. Even the two bimbos with their rubber tits hanging out who are seated with their dates at the next table don’t distract him.

He holds the door as I slip into the passenger seat. I know what I want for dessert.

“So, Mike. Are you going to show me your place?”

“Not tonight. My wife and kids are home.”


“Joke, just a joke. No wife ,no kids. You should have seen the look on your face.”

“Oh You ass.”

We both laugh. Ya, I like him. Right?

He leaned across and gently kissed my lips.

His apartment was in an upscale neighborhood. Underground secure parking. Up on the seventh floor. Expensively, tastefully decorated. I know this, it’s my job. Right?

“Did you pick the furnishings?”

“No, contracted. Taxable perk. Company called ‘######’.” I know that company. It’s one of ours.

I settled on the big comfortable couch. Mike poured two glasses of wine and joined me. We sipped then set our glasses down. Soon we were kissing and groping, our tongues slipping together.

His right hand slipped up under my dress. Is there any feeling so wonderful and exotic as someone you like’s hand gently touching your stuff? I let out a little low whimper.

He slid to his knees and pulled my dress up. I lift my tush so he can pull down my panties. He kissed up my thigh. He winked at me, then pulled my dress over his head.

Oh! I felt his mouth swallow my balls. His tongue teased them. Then, releasing them he kissed and licked my clitty cock. I stroked my dress over his big head. His kisses were adoring my little cock. Then his mouth slid over and down it. His tongue did wonderful things.

“Oh! I can’t hold on. I’m going to…!” and I came in his mouth. He sucked and licked until I was happy and empty. Then he slid back onto the couch, handing me my wine. We kissed. I tasted me on his tongue.

“Beautiful and delicious.” His tongue’s tip circled his big soft lips.

“I can stay. You don’t have to drive. Why not take off your tie and trousers and get comfortable?” As I spoke I reached for his belt buckle. Down came his pants. Silk boxers. Big bulge. Pull those undies down.

Yum! Longs and thick and circumcised. A big sack of blond hairy balls sway as I pill him towards me. What a handful. I gently squeeze and tug them.

“Ah. Jo.”

Time to see if this new blow job proof lipstick lives up to it’s advertisement.

What a beauty. I kiss his knob. Tender kiss. Lick. Along the ridge on it’s bottom. Balls to knob. Salty. Just his knob in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around it. I lick pre-cum from the slit. His big gentle hands are stoking my hair.

“Ggh.” kaçak casino My gag reflex. So big. “Ggh.” Try gain. One hand around his shaft, the other fondling his balls. OK. Deeper. “Mmm.” Yes. “Mmm.” So big. “Mmm.”

“I can’t hold on!”

“Mm, mm, mm,” I pick up the pace.

“Ooooh!” Big balls, big load. Lots and lots of thick cum fills my mouth and dribbles down my cheek.and chin.

In one big strong movement. Mike scoops me up, rotates and sits on the couch with me across his lap. He enfolds me in his big arms. He kisses and licks his cum from my chin and mouth. His hand slips under my dress and tickles my clitty cock and balls. I cling to his neck. He hands me my wine and reaches for his.

We clink and toast.

“An unprepossessing wine with a fruity bouquet and a subtle cum aftertaste.” We giggle. Well, I giggle.

“Sweet Jo.”

We kiss some more.

“Are you gong to show me your bedroom, or will that wake your wife?”

He answers with a kiss and stands with me still in his arms. “Wait, my purse!”

“You don’t need to fix your face, dear. You’re perfect just the way you are.”

“No, I brought Trojans.”

“Well! In that case.”

He carried me over to the table inside the door so I could grab my clutch

His bedroom is very masculine. Dark wood bedroom set, dark green bedspread and darker smoky green sheet set.

I slip out of my dress as Mike tosses his shirt and tie aside. I unhook my blue lace bra.

Mike’s blue eyes look so loving as he strokes up my smooth flat girly boy chest. His fingers swirl around my hard dark nipples. “You’re gorgeous Jo.”

His whole body is covered with his soft blond pelt. I stroke his hard hairy chest and squeeze his big pink nipples. Mm, big man.” I’m so secure in his strong embrace.

“Lie back on the bed, let Jo look after you, sir.”

I take a foul pack from my clutch and crawl onto the bed. That’s a surprise, soft mattress. Hard body, soft bed. Big hard cock. Even bigger than the rubber one I’ve been wall banging in the shower since Phillip and I split up. That knob needs a kiss and a stroke.

The rubber. Lets not waste this big beautiful wood. His big paw strokes my hair as I roll the condom down his shaft. I start kissing. Up his hard tummy. His pink nips. His neck. His soft sensual lips.

I push back to my knees and blow him a kiss. Feet under me one hand on his thigh, my other guides it to my cunt hole.

“Aaaah.” That delicious first pain as he spreads my sphincter. Stretching, stretching. “Mm.” his knob is in. I lower myself. That beautiful feeling. I feel him penetrating. All the way. “Mm.” So big. His hands stroke along my thighs and clamp my hips. Legs and arms, I raise up, then settle back down. So good. Up down, up down.

“Oh, Jo.”

Up down. Slow up then drop down. “Mm.” So much better than my pink rubber lover. “Mm.”

“Lift you leg and rotate away from me Jo.”

He pull me back to his hard hairy chest, his big cock still deep in my ass cunt. His big gentle hands stoke from my clitty to my throat.



He rolls us over. His elbows are either side of my shoulders. I reach for his hands. He strokes in and out. Long smooth fulfilling strokes. Deep and hard.

“More, more, please.”

He picks up the pace.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Yes. Mm. Oh yes.”

A beautiful hard pile driving. I surrender. My beautiful big hard Viking. Rape and pillage me. So wonderful. Take me, Dominate me. I’ll be your weak little girly slut. I squeal. He pounds. So hard.

Then it happens. I explode. My little girly clitty cock squirts and squirts with every deep thrust in my ass cunt.

Mike pushes in and stops deep inside me. “Jooo!” He cums too.

A hot slippery soapy shower then a tender toweling dry, then back to bed.

My ass cunt is still tingling as I fall asleep, held gently. My cheek is on his chest, one leg over his leg. His arm is along my side, a big paw gently holding my ass cheek.

Auntie was right, let the spirit’s do their thing.

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