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College Sex

It was their second Christmas together and their relationship was quite sound. It had begun as a fully D/s arrangement and progressed to a Master/slave interaction seamlessly. She was one to do exactly as she was told even though she sometimes didn’t really like the twists and turns along the way. He was a good Master and a great dad for her two kids from a previous soured relationship.

Why does He send me to do these things alone? skye scowled silently. She’d been sent to get her hair colored and trimmed and her nails done. The first time in forever for her nails but she still preferred His company rather that doing things alone.

Gone for nearly two hours she was pulling back into the house and she saw that his vehicle was gone…dang.

Inside she found a note and a card hanging on the Christmas tree and her belly did a huge flip flop. She was informed that the kids were gone for the night and she was to follow His instructions as written out exactly. There was a tub already drawn for her and she was to wear the clothes already laid out.

In the bathroom, sure enough the tub was full of lavender scented water, hot as could be. A simple red plaid skirt and green bare midriff top were spread on the bed and a pair of shiny patent leather boots sat on the floor completed the outfit.

She was to go to the hotel that they had used for some BD/SM play before and go straight to room 218. The drive would take less than five minutes and she had been given a strict time table. She was to watch the time on her cell phone and at precisely six pm she was to open the door with the keycard that had been left with the instructions.

Standing outside the room now she trembled but knew she would be safe…no matter what plan He had been made she was safe. Her phone flipped to six pm and she pushed firmly on the door and stepped into the darkness.

The door was pushed roughly out of her hand and a dark hood dropped over her head plunging her into a blackness that had no measure making her heart race casino siteleri faster than a hummingbirds.

Pulled now into the room her hands were held firmly by two different people at least and her hood was held on by a third. She felt more hands grasp her and in the silence of human noises she could hear furniture being moved along with the faint teasing sounds of zippers and belt buckles.

She was not able to resist even if she wanted to and certainly wouldn’t have even if she could have. Flung over some kind of bench or stool she felt her clothes being pulled away and fingers roughly probing up into her suddenly exposed pussy. Her arms were pulled upwards, above her head while her top was removed and then just as suddenly pulled back down.

She was moved to a position that had her more or less straddling a bench which she now recognized as being similar to the one at home. Pushed forward, she now laid on it with her hands being quickly tied near the floor and her feet being drawn up so her ass was raised up and in the presentation position. Her feet were being tied now and another rope wound around her waist, preventing even the slightest movement.

She felt something cool and wet, probably lube, she thought vacantly being drizzled across her upraised crotch and then she felt the pressure of a hot hard cock against her eager pussy. As it began to wedge its way into her the hood was lifted up partway and she heard the unmistakable husky baritone of a black male say, Lick it slut, lick that black cock.

Skye’s head swam with visions of what the room might look like…her tongue shot out to do as she was told and ran the length of an impossibly long cock. In her hopeful mind she saw men, all black of course in every corner and recess of the room as eager to take her as she was to be taken. She longed, in a way to have her hands free so she could feel their hard cocks first before they entered her. But equally, she loved to be bound.

She licked as much as she could while the other guy canlı casino slid in deep. Fucking her unresisting pussy all the way to his huge heavy balls his motion increased over the next few minutes until he could no longer bear the pleasure. His big hands clutched at her hips and he gave a deep grunt and she could feel his cum jet inside of her.

He slowed but his body shuddered as he gently withdrew his spent meat. He and the guy at her mouth changed places and her pussy was quickly filled with cock again. The scent of musky man cum filled her nostrils and all reservations departed her. She licked hungrily at his cock, lapping the thick fluid that coated it like glaze on a huge brown candy cane.

The guy fucking her lasted barely as long as the first and he soon had his cum spattering inside of her too. A third and fourth took their turn filling her pussy with cock and cum before a fifth finally and deliciously pressed against her ever so eager soft and ready ass hole. At least as big as anything or anyone that had ever entered her there before she could feel it stretch her anxious hole to its most extreme limits. The depth that he reached inside of her were mind numbing and she reeled with orgasmic pleasure, cumming herself for the first of many times on this sensational evening.

The guy held her firmly by the hips and worked his massive cock in and out of her for nearly twenty minutes straight. Several other guys grasped her head and she could tell by the taste and even the smell that they were never the same man twice as they took turns rubbing their swollen cocks over the exposed portion of her face. Eventually the guy in her ass thrust in deep and hard, lifting her and the bench up off of the floor a few inches and he furiously spewed cum up her aching ass.

No sooner than he pulled out than she was untied and lifted from the bench and moved to the bed where she was placed on top of another guy who lay on his back with his throbbing tool standing straight up. She was lowered onto him, impaling kaçak casino her quivering, cum dripping slit onto him and then shoved forward and a second cock slammed ungraciously up her ass for a mind blowing thirty minute DP session that brought her to orgasm more times than she could count.

That session ended with barely a moment between it and the very next as she was taken again by a fresh pair of equally hung black stallions and fucked into a state of near unconsciousness.

After four, maybe five of these DP settings were repeated she was just brought up onto her knees with her head down and the hood slipped off enough so she could see what reminded her of a closely grown grove of trees. Looking back from between her legs she could see just barely to their knees but there were so many… He had warned her that there may be ten or twelve for her first black cock gangbang but from what she could see there were at least twenty pairs of legs on just this side of the room.

She swooned as the first guy in the crowd stepped up behind her and slid his cock deep into her dripping ass hole, sending his own donation of thick cum into the rivers that flowed down the inside of her thighs after a couple minutes of vigorous pumping.

One by one they took their place behind her, each fucking her hot ass hole with a tempo that seemed to surpass the previous. Skye happily lost count at twenty five and the line continued for well over an hour after that.

As the last man finished she could hear the hands slapping and the thanks for being included while each of them located their clothing and made their departure. When the last was gone the hood was finally removed completely from her head and she rose as much as her trembling thighs would allow her. She looked down at the twin puddles of milky man sauce where her knees pressed into the mattress.

She turned her head up to look into the smiling eyes of her Man. You did good girl. I’m so proud of you…Merry Christmas.

How many? She asked with a tremble in her voice.

He handed her a box from a deck of cards, Each guy took a card after he’d cum in you girl.

She lifted the flap on top of the box and shook out two cards that remained doing the count mentally…Jokers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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