Josie Goes To Work

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Big Tits

Josie was a beautiful woman 24 years old, blonde hair, 34b bust, that’s the basics really you don’t need much more than that other than say she’s hot and you defiantly would! Josie work as an office manager or a large building firm. Josie’s boyfriend Mark worked there as well, Mark was tall with a good build he was good looking and couldn’t get enough of Josie. Today was there special day on Sundays they would sneak into work and fuck. (Sometimes they would fuck in a lorry, sometimes in the builder’s yard and sometimes and mostly over her or her boss’s desk.)

Now today Josie was in her office ready for Mark. Josie had a blouse on with no bra her nipples hard excited as she waited for Mark. She also had on stockings and a short skirt with no knickers. Mark burst into her office dressed in his uniform.

“You done it again you stupid cow” Mark shouted.

“You’ve not paid my overtime” Mark played his part well and Josie quickly tapped at her computer even though it wasn’t on.

“I’m really sorry Mark I’ve corrected it now your get it next week now.” Josie said fluttering her eyes at Mark.

“Well its not good enough” he demanded this happens every other week I want compensation” he told her

“I’m really sorry Mark it was just any error but I’ve put it right now”

Josie said almost pleading with Mark, normally they would be fucking by this point but today he had a new idea.

“I’m sick of this, you think by saying sorry it’s all ok, you need to be punished for your errors and mistakes that always do and just shrug em off.”

Josie not sure what to say, just as she was about to say something, Mark reached over her desk and grabbed her and pulled her over her desk.

Josie screamed shocked Mark was being so rough.

“Please Mark, I’m so sorry please don’t hurt me.” Josie begged.

Mark grabbed Josie by the hair and lifted her up to her feet. Then he ripped open her blouse exposing her small tits. Josie tried to cover them up but Mark slapped her round the face.

Josie now angry and she slapped Mark back. Mark looked mad and spun Josie round and bent her over her desk. He yanked up her short skirt up over her bare bum and he spanked her arse. This wasn’t what Josie had planned but strangely enough she was really wet by what was happening to her.

Josie begged Mark to stop as he continued casino siteleri to spank her arse.

“Please Mark stop this your really hurting me.”

Mark spanked Josie’s bum over and over again, she begged him to stop but not today. Josie’s bum was on fire it was so red and Mark just carried on spanking her. Josie had tears running down her face, and then Mark dropped his trousers and boxers to the floor and spread Josie’s legs and rammed his hard cock into her.

Josie was dipping wet down there as Mark cock slide in without a trouble, Josie protested but only half heartedly as this is what she really wanted, a big hard cock in her.

Mark thrust away and slapped her arse every now and again making Josie scream out in pain this was one of the benefits of sneaking into work they could make as much noise as they liked. Mark cupped and rolled Josie’s tits and nipples as he thrust into her. She loved being taken from behind feeling Mark’s balls crash into her pussy, she reached down and played with her clit rubbing it as Mark fucked her.

Whilst they were going at it they hadn’t notice Mr. Tompkins and his wife pull up, he was behind in his paperwork and he had a busy day on Monday so he popped in for an hour or two to catch up. He was surprised to see Josie’s car there and guessed she was catching up with paperwork as well!

(Oh how wrong was he.)

He unlocked the front door and walked in with his wife behind him, “You go and say hi to Josie, Debs and I’ll put the kettle on.” Mr. Tompkins said to his wife.

“Ok Martin” Debs said walking towards Josie’s office.

She stopped outside Josie’s office and grinned at what she was hearing.

She could clearly tell Josie was getting fucked in her office, she felt very jealous as she is what she hope her husband would be doing to her later.

Martin appeared carrying a tray of coffee. Debbie shushed to him and he put the tray down and walked over and listened.

“Holy shit” he said.

Debbie grinned and kissed him and cupped his balls as she did so.

“Let’s burst in on when and I might even let you fuck the little blonde whore as long as I get her fella if he’s fit”. Deb said.

Martin smiled and said I might even let you have them both he replied.

He composed himself and picked up a file from the side and walked in as if he canlı casino hadn’t notice anything.

“Oh my god what the hell do you think your doing Ms Holland?” The boss demanded.

Josie panicked trying her best to cover up but her clothes were either wrapped around her waist or ripped to shreds on the floor.

She did her best to cover up but Mark didn’t bother he just stood there with his uniform on and trousers and boxer around his ankles and his big hard cock still hard and on display.

Deb walked in behind her husband and then walked by her husband and walked up to Mark and ran her fingers along his hard shaft before grabbing Josie’s face and kissing her hard on the lips.

Josie tried to push Debbie away but Debbie just grabbed hold of her arms and said

“it’s too late, you can’t come in here and start fucking the staff without 1st going through fucking the boss.” Debbie grinned and looked over her shoulder to see her husband already naked behind her.

Debbie let go of Josie and took hold of Marks still hard cock and she sank to her knees and just swallowed it down her throat in one go, even Josie was impressed at that.

Mark did have a nice 7 inch cock and she couldn’t manage it all in her mouth. Josie turned back to Martin her boss who was now standing naked in front of her.

Josie looked down and saw the biggest cock she had even since in her life, it had to be at least 10 inch’s or more it wasn’t that thick but it was very long. She now understood how his wife just swallowed her boyfriends cock. Then suddenly Josie realised he was going to fuck her.

“No, no- no please Martin please don’t do this” Josie begged.

She looked for help from her boyfriend but he was now on the floor with Debbie 69ing each other.

Debbie’s eyes were locked on Josie and her husband.

Martin said “I’ve wanted to fuck you over my desk for ages Josie but I’ll settle for your desk.”

At that he pushed her back down on the desk and spread her legs. Josie was now wanting her bosses larger cock in her so badly. He teased her as he bent over and licked the inside of her thighs before moved higher up her legs Josie wanting it more every second. Then Martin ran his tongue along the outside edges of her silky wet shaven pussy and he stood up Josie said “for gods sake just fuck me please I can’t kaçak casino take this.”

Debbie grinned as her husband did just that he pushed his cock into Josie’s wet pussy, at first it felt no different to her boyfriends but then it went deeper and deeper oh god yes she moaned gripping on to her bosses arms as he pushed the whole 10 inches into her.

He just held it there inside her. He looked down at her and said “I now own you, if I want to fuck you at anytime I will or I can just pull out now and you and your boyfriend can just walk away?”

Josie pussy was gripping tight around Martin’s cock, she was never going to let go no matter what she said.

Josie bit her lip and closed her eyes and said “You can fuck me anytime you want Mr, Tompkins, just make me cum”. Martin looked at his wife who was now stripping off she looked at her husband and said “fuck the slut.”

Martin grinned and he then cupped Josie’s small tits and he started to thrust in and out of his office manager’s nice tight pussy. Her pussy gripped his cock as he fucked her and to Josie’s disappointment he came inside her pussy falling on top of her before she had cum.

He then sucked on her tits before standing up and sitting down in a chair stroking his soft cock. His wife then got up from Mark’s body and crawled over to Josie and she began to lick her pussy and her husbands cum as it ran out of her soaked pussy.

Josie was surprised how good this was as she’d never had her pussy licked out by a woman before.

Mark wanted a piece of the action and he stood up and rubbed his cock and he looked at his boss who said “fuck my wife as she licks my cum from your slut of a girlfriend.” Mark smiled and quick as a flash he pushed his cock into his bosses wife wet pussy.

Debbie groaned as Mark fucked her hard and fast as he held on to her hips, Debbie’s tongue worked away in the blonde’s cum filled pussy, as she enjoy lapping at her juices mixed with her husband’s.

Josie closed her eyes and held Debbie’s head pressed down on her pussy as she came groaning loudly as she did so. Mark hearing his girlfriend scream out her orgasm fucked his boss’s wife’s pussy so hard and fast that they both came together in one joint orgasm.

Mark panted and moaned as he came, Debbie collapsed helplessly into Josie’s spread legs exhausted by her adventure.

Martin smiled and helped his wife to her feet, just before he left he told Josie to report to his office on Monday morning, “oh and wear that short skirt you dirty whore”.

Josie looked up and smiled “Yes Mr. Tompkins”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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