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It started out as an internet friendship. Somehow we had gotten each other’s e-mail address and found out that we had similar fantasies. We wrote back and forth, sometimes every day, sometimes going a week between emails. We dove into the world of our fisting fantasies. We would tell each other what we would do if we ever met. We became friends, too, sharing our every day lives with each other, our frustrations, how our day went and all the things you share with a good friend. We traded pictures of each other. We exchanged phone numbers. We talked a few times. It wasn’t phone sex; it was talking about the normal everyday stuff, and, well, about how and when we would finally meet. You see, we live 5 hours apart. Therefore, the idea was to meet somewhere in-between. It was hard to find a day that we could both get together. The first one we had planned didn’t work because I had forgotten it was Columbus Day and the kids would be off of school. The second try didn’t happen because she works a few days a week and the only day I can easily get off is Tuesday and of course it is one of the days she works.

What a frustrating situation. We continued to talk on the phone and send messages back and forth, but we really wanted to get together. We were curious to see if we would be compatible when we were together in person and comfortable enough with each other to act out our fantasies. Then the day finally arrived! We had figured out a way to meet on a Monday. I was very excited and I’m sure she was, too. As I was driving there I had Metalica blasting in the car. I was singing along, windows down, hair blowing all around. It was a great day for a drive. The sun was shining, it was in the upper 70’s and the sky was clear as clear can be. We had decided to meet at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant just off I55 in the town halfway between us. This way we could get to know each other over lunch and see if we even wanted it to become more.

As the music droned on in the background (since in my excitement I forgot to bring more than one tape and was listening to this one for the 3rd time) I started to think about what she would be like. I mean, we had exchanged pictures, I had talked to her on the phone multiple times and it seemed like this would be a go, but you never know. I hoped it would be great! I would have hated to drive all that way for “nothing.” You know how you get your expectations up so high that nothing can meet them, well, I was afraid that we had both done that. Little did I know that we were going to get along so famously.

I arrived at the cracker Barrel at 11am, 30 minutes early. It hadn’t taken me nearly as long as I though it would despite the tail end of rush hour traffic I encountered when I left home. I mulled around in the Country Store they have on premises, looking at postcards, knickknacks and coffee mugs. I went in to the bathroom to check my appearance. I touched up my make-up, fluffed my hair and put a breath mint in my mouth. I was getting nervous the longer I had to wait. I went back out to the store part of the restaurant and I saw her walk in. It had to be her; she looked just like she did in her picture. We walked towards each other and with a smile on my face, I asked “Judie?”

She replied “Yep, it’s me, live & in person.” It just happened, what happened next. We embraced like long lost friends. Our breasts touched & rubbed against each other & my nipples became rock hard. I thought to myself ‘this is going to work out just fine.’

We went to the counter to wait to be seated. “Two, non-smoking. Oh, and in a secluded area, please. We have a lot of catching up to do.” The hostess obliged us and seated us in the back of the restaurant at a corner table. We sat down and immediately began talking about all sorts of things: the drive here, traffic, how excited we each have been to meet, and, of course, what we thought of each other now that we had met. The waitress came over to take our order and we hadn’t even looked at the menu yet. We asked her to come back in a couple of minutes and then stopped our gabbing to see what we wanted. As we were looking I slipped off my shoe and let my foot wander to her leg. I started playing footsie with her and she kind of gasped at the initial contact, but then peeked over her menu and winked at me. We continued to rub feet and only stopped when the waitress came back to take our orders. I, of course, ordered breakfast, as it is my favorite meal of the day. Judie ordered breakfast, too, which surprised me, but maybe it shouldn’t have. We were alike in more ways than we had ever imagined!

While we waited for our food we continued to talk, but it was not innocent anymore. We talked about what desires we had and what we wanted to try to do today. We agreed that after “lunch” we would drive down the road a bit to the Holiday Inn and get a room. My pussy was so wet, just from talking about what we wanted to do to each together that I thought that I was going to have an orgasm there in the restaurant just thinking about it! Our food finally arrived & as we were eating, I let my foot snake up her leg to her thigh until it was casino oyna resting on her chair between her legs. I had to scoot my chair foreword right up to the table so my foot would reach, but it was worth the effort. I moved my toes up & down & back and forth over her crotch. Judie moved her hand to rest on my foot & guided it to the most pleasurable spot for her. She massaged my foot, too, and it felt wonderful. I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

When we finished eating we paid the check & decided that we would take our separate cars to the Holiday Inn. I agreed to pay for this time & that she would pay for next time. I went to the desk & got us a room. I had a small duffel bag with some goodies inside & apparently she had thought to do the same thing. We went up to our room. The balcony looked over the indoor swimming pool. How cool! Not that we needed the balcony, but it was a neat concept if you had kids & let them go down to the pool. You could watch them from the balcony of your room. We closed the drapes of the balcony and turned the light on in the room. We were both a little unsure of how to start. I suggested that we both unpack our duffel bags & see what each other had brought. Judie sat on one bed & I sat on the other bed. We decided that it would be more fun if we each presented one thing at a time to each other & figure out how we would use it that day.

Judie said she would go first. She unzipped her bag & reached inside. The anticipation was so great that we both started to giggle. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I leaned over and kissed her smack on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss, but not a peck either. It was long enough to make my nipples tingle, though! To hell with the bags, we could worry about what was in them when it came time to use it. I moved over to the bed Judie was sitting on and sat next to her. We leaned toward each other & began kissing again. They were soft, gentle, exploring kisses at first. I turned my head to the left & she turned hers to the right so we could fit together better.

Judie start to lean back toward the bed & I followed her. We were lying next to each other, arms wrapped around in a passionate embrace. Judie slipped me the tongue first, slowly tracing my lips then gently probing into my mouth. I opened it willingly and sought out her tongue with mine. My hand moved to the swell of her breast. I cupped it in my hand and felt for her nipple with my thumb. I knew I had found it when Judie quickly gasped & then moaned into my mouth. I continued to rub her nipple over her clothes and felt it get harder and bigger under my touch. I was getting so wet that I knew Judie must be able to smell my juices. I knew I could. I lifted Judie’s shirt to feel her nipple better, with just her bra between us. She shrugged her shirt over her head & took it off completely. I continued to stroke her nipple, sometimes grasping it with my thumb and index finger and rolling it between them. Judie was pushing her chest towards me, her body aching for more. I stopped kissing her mouth and let my lips wander down her chin to her neck. I sucked and bit at her neck for a few seconds then went back to my downward exploration of her wonderful body.

Judie was letting her hands wander all over my arms & back while I was kissing her clavicle and upper chest. I followed the path of her bra, darting my tongue under the thin material every once in a while. When I reached the swell of her breast I started to lick the satin material, each time getting closer to her straining nipple. Judie let out a moan and arched her back, trying to get my mouth onto her nipple. I licked all around her nipple, being careful not to let my tongue touch her pointed peaks. Judie was breathing heavily now as I lightly kissed her nips, teasing her even more with the feathery grazing of my lips. I knew I must be teasing her and wanted to give her some satisfaction, so I started kissing with more pressure, licking and sucking through the material of her bra. There was a big wet spot and when I lifted my head I could see clear through the material. Judie has beautiful full breasts with large areola. They must be at least 3 inches in diameter, bigger than the bottom of a coke can!

Her nipples were as big as marbles. She was so aroused that all the bumps around her nipples were engorged. I could feel them with my tongue when I licked. I sucked her whole nipple into my mouth through the material and began nibbling. As I nibbled harder & harder Judie bean to moan louder. I reached between Judie’s breasts & unhooked her front clasp bra. I just had to taste her flesh. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and circled it with my tongue. I alternately sucked & bit bringing my hand to her right breast to pleasure it as well. We shifted position in the bed so that Judie was lying on her back in the middle of the bed horizontally and I was lying on my stomach next to her. As I continued to tease her tits I smushed them together and moved my head left & right with my tongue out frantically licking both her nipples at once.

I stopped for a minute & got up just long enough to fish something out of canlı casino my duffel bag. I told Judie to close her eyes. I came back over to the bed & put the nipple chain on her. It was made of two light clamps with a crystal hanging down attached together by a gold chain. Then chain had a crystal hanging from it. You could add more crystals by clipping them onto the chain to add more of a tug on the nipples if you wanted. You could also add stronger clamps & weights to it, but that was not a part of the plan today so I didn’t even bring those attachments with me. I just wanted to add a little extra stimulation, not cause pain. Judie gasped a little when I attached the light clamps. I tightened them just enough so that they would stay on her nips & not fall off. Then I started licking the protruding part of her rosy nipples.

“God! That feels so good. No one has ever done anything like this before,” Judie told me. I told her I had another surprise for her a little later that was related to this one. I wouldn’t tell her what it was, & I’m not going to tell you either! You will just have to keep reading. Tee hee.

Judie started to kiss the top of my head & play with my hair. She told me “Now it’s your turn for some fun. Lie back & enjoy.” So, I did as I was told. Judie started kissing my ears and neck. She stopped to remove my top & bra. No hesitancy with her, just get it off so she could have fun tantalizing me! She kissed down my chest and over my cantaloupe sized breasts. She continued down my ample stomach to my sides and back to my belly. She kissed a ring around by belly button and then darted her tongue inside it. She continued to kiss me all over, pushing my shorts & panties down as she explored every inch of my skin. I started to giggle as she kissed my sides, as I am ticklish there. She kissed down my thigh to my knee.

She licked & kissed her way to my feet. God, I was creaming myself big time. I was so horny. I couldn’t believe that my fantasy was coming true. I pulled Judie back up to my mouth. I wanted to kiss her more. Feel her lips against mine, her tongue & mine intertwined. We kissed for at least 10 minutes, just enjoying each other. Then Judie broke away and opened her duffel bag. She instructed me to spread my legs as far apart as I could, pull my knees up and close my eyes. I eagerly did as I was told & could hardly stand the anticipation. I heard Judie going through her bag, whispering to herself, “no, not this yet. Not that. Where is that damned…oh here it is! Ready or not, here I come.”
Before Judie sat back on the bed she must have stripped off her shorts & panties, because she was now as naked as me. I felt Judie sit on the bed next to me and her hand touch my inner thigh.

She leaned down & kissed me where her hand left off, on my upper thigh. I thought I was going to cum from the excitement of it. Then I felt this cold wet substance on my pussy lips. Judie rubbed it in to my outer & inner lips, then put some on the outer edge of my vagina and a dab on my clit. She leaned over & blew on me. OOOHHHHH, it must have been that lotion that gets hot when it is blown on. My pussy felt like it was on fire. It was so good! Then I felt Judie’s tongue on me and it was fucking cold!! Judie sucked my clit into her mouth & I felt the ice cube bump against my tender flesh. Judie let my clit out of her mouth & went down to my vagina. She slid the ice cube up into me with her tongue & fingers. Oh, god, it felt so exquisite! The mixture of sensations. Judie tongue fucked my pussy while her hands held my pussy lips wide open. I started to feel that familiar tingling, the beginning of my orgasm working it’s way through my body. I must have let a moan escape because no sooner than those feelings started Judie stopped what she was doing. She started kissing up my tummy to my breasts. She moved my hands to let my legs down, so I was just laying on the bed. She started licking & kissing my nipples. I opened my eyes and was able to see the bottle of oil she had used. I was right. It was that stuff that is warm when rubbed in & when you blow on it it gets hot. I was able to reach the chain between Judie’s breasts & I tugged on it a little bit. Judie gasped, and asked me to do it again. I did, and then I reached over to tighten the clamps a little bit.

As I twisted I took each nipple in my mouth & tongued it, so as to mix pleasure with he pain. Judie moaned a bit & told me it felt so good. I told her she hadn’t felt the best of it yet. I asked her to assume the position she had me in before. I went to my bag & took out a clit clamp. It was a little piece of metal shaped like a dangle earring, except the two sides were closer together. It had a crystal hanging from it just like the nipple jewelry. I had bought it as a set for her. The clit one wasn’t supposed to hurt, it was supposed to slip over an engorged clit and stay on without being tightened. It was said to cause more intense feelings where all the nerves of the clit come together making for more powerful orgasms. You have probably seen them if you are at all into erotic jewelry. Anyway, I hid it in my hand & went down on kaçak casino Judie.

I wanted to lick her pussy so bad! I started by licking on her outer labia. I kissed them & sucked on them, bringing them into my mouth and tonguing them. Then I moved on to her inner labia. Mmmmm, I could smell and taste her excitement. The scent was heavenly. I lapped her inner lips, avoiding going anywhere near her clit, but taking as much of her in my mouth as I could. I kissed her more & more, sucking inside her pussy to get some of her yummy juices just waiting for me. I pulled my face back out a little bit so that I could spread her lips wide. Judie moaned as I did this. I know that I love it when my partner spreads me wide open. It makes the skin near my clit so taunt that it gives my clit the extra sensations. So, I tried to do this for Judie. I stuck my tongue far inside her pussy, licking as much of her vaginal walls as I could. I was trying to get at every nook & cranny inside her, slurping up her juices as they flowed from her. I brought my hand up to her pussy and thought to myself that I wanted to make her cum first. I put one finger inside her pussy along with my tongue. I felt for her g-spot with my finger and added a second finger. I knew I found it when Judie gasped & let out a loud moan. Judie started talking dirty to me then.

“Lick my pussy. Yeah, lick it good. Make me cum. Oh, don’t forget my clitty. Please suck on my clit, pinch it, make it feel so good. Please, do it to me! Fill me with your fingers. Fuck me with your hand. Do me so I cum!!!”

I didn’t know she was this excited already. I found out that Judie is a very verbal person when it comes to sex. She leaves no doubt in your mind as to whether she likes what you are doing or not. I kept my 2 fingers wiggling inside her pussy , stroking her g-spot. My mouth moved up to her clit. I licked it with short strokes, using the tip of my tongue. As her clit got harder it snuck out from under the hood. I licked it with the whole surface of my tongue this time & Judie really liked that! She let out a gasp that I heard even down between her legs. Judie was almost constantly moaning now, letting me know that I was doing good for my first time.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and began flicking it with my tongue. God, it was so exciting that I was creaming all over myself as I was eating her out. I took the clit clip & as I let her clit slip out of my mouth I grabbed it. I had to take my fingers out of her pussy to put the clip on. My fingers slid out with a slurping noise. Judie asked me why I was stopping & I said “You’ll see! I think you will like this!” My one hand had her clit between my fingers & I slid the clip onto her clit with the other hand. It was a little tight, but it made her clit bulge in front of the clip. Judie just writhed when I flicked at her clit after the clip was on. She was loving it!! I had pulled my duffel bag near me so I could reach it easier. I grabbed one of my dildos out of the bag. It was the g-spot dildo, the one specially curved to reach the right place & give a girl great orgasm!

I slid the dildo inside her cute pussy & as I moved it in & out slowly & then quickly, then very slowly again I was licking on her engorged clit. Judie started bucking her hips towards me. She was moving her head back & forth on the bed. “I’m going to cum. That feels sooooo good. Please don’t stop. I love what you are doing. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh, yeah, please, please, please, ohhhhhhhhh FUCK ME!!!!!!!” As she shouted all this out to me I could feel her clitty throbbing, the dildo slurping it’s way in & out of her pussy. I slowed down and started sucking & biting on her clit while stroking the dildo in & out. Judie was using those hips of hers lifting them, making me push this dildo all the way in her hot cunt before allowing me to pull it out.

“Faster, please, oh please, faster!! Fuck me harder & faster! I’m going to cuuuuummmmm!! Yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSS!! I’M CUMMMIINNNGGG!!” I gave her what she wanted. I started stroking that dildo in faster & faster as she bucked wildly. I felt her pussy grabbing the dildo, spasming around it, sucking it in farther & farther, and then her clit exploded & she gushed a stream of cum out her pussy. I slowed my strokes down as she came down from her orgasm, flicking at her clit every few seconds. I grabbed a bigger cock out of my bag of tricks & switched it with the one I had been using.

Judie moaned & asked what I had done. I told her to lay back & enjoy it, that she wasn’t done cumming just yet. I slowly built her up again, using this 8″ long 2″ wide cock. She was enjoying it, sighing every once in a while, moving her hips with me as I stroked it in & out. Once I thought her pussy was sufficiently lubed & stretched I took out an even bigger dildo to use on her. We had told each other that our fantasies were to be fisted & I was determined to make hers cum true that day. I took out the “big boy.” He was 9″ long & tapered from 2.5 to 3.5″ wide in the middle & back to 3″ at the base. I put the tip at her entrance & told her that I was trying to stretch her pussy so I could get my hand in there. Judie just sighed & told me she couldn’t believe that her fantasy was going to come true. I licked at her clit as I slowly worked the “big boy” inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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