Julia and Rob Ch. 06

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Ever since the day that Casey had found out Julia was lactating—and, perhaps more importantly, that Julia hadn’t denied that she had been fucking me and breastfeeding me without Casey being involved, and, perhaps most importantly of all, that Julia and I had allowed Casey to be sexually humiliated by our intense focus on each other when Casey was fully open to a relationship involving all three of us—Casey had been a little depressed. I couldn’t blame her. I had shown that I couldn’t reassure her that she was the center of my life, but she still didn’t really want to leave me. Nor did she want to cut off her relationship with her cousin. I thought secretly that part of that was that she was still hoping she could be in a sexual relationship with Julia and her lactating breasts, too.

Casey seemed depressed but she wasn’t catatonic. In fact, though I slept in Julia’s bed for a week after the night of the big discoveries above, I returned to hold Casey in our bed the following Sunday, and on Monday morning before work, I awoke to something I hadn’t in a very long time.

I stirred from my sleep and Casey had already taken my cock deep into her wet, unbelievably tight pussy. She was facing away from me in reverse cowgirl and looking down at my balls, fondling them. I could see in the long mirror in the corner of our room that she had a look of total longing and reverence on her face. It was the hottest she had looked in a long time—like it was obvious how much she worshipped my cock and my balls. She was twisting her cunt on my cock like it was her fist.

“Casey,” I groaned. “You look so fucking hot.”

She made eye contact with me in the mirror. “I’m just so glad you came back. I…don’t laugh at me, but I have been wanting to show off my ass for you.”

I couldn’t explain how it was happening so quickly, and I don’t think she could have either, but Casey’s ass really had plumped up without losing any of its tone or suppleness. Watching it bob up and down was an incredible wakeup call. I gave it a smack just to watch the fat bounce.

“Turn around,” I said. “I want to see your beautiful face and know if your titties are growing too.”

They were. Casey had always had nice dark pink nipples, perfectly centered in her B-cups and nice to suck, even if they hadn’t been a source of intense desire for me like someone like Julia’s tended to be. But Casey was filling out. There was no way these were B-cups anymore, and it didn’t seem like hormones were suddenly going to take them back where they had been easily. As I pumped my rock-hard cock into her, her breasts slapped together in a way they never had before. We both moaned at the sound.

“Baby, can you tit-fuck me?” I said.

She smiled as she climbed off of me. “You never call me baby. I like it.”

Oh, fuck. Julia had made that our thing with her focus on enjoying being called it so much. I made a mental note not to let this slip-up happen around her.

But in the meantime, I was distracted by Casey’s breasts around my penis. There was no way this could’ve happened a couple of months ago. She looked up at me and smiled again. “I love smelling my own pussy on your dick,” sakarya escort she purred.

“Suck it off,” I ordered her.

She planted a lewd kiss on me right as a small burst of precum coursed out. I groaned in pleasure as she loudly slurped it up with her tits still wrapped around me and jerking my cock.

“Oh, do you like the noise?” she said coyly. She took my cock deeper in her mouth, holding her breasts to touch my balls instead (not a feeling I regretted at all), and slurped loudly, letting her saliva drip out of her mouth to coat my cock and then guzzling it back up greedily. It was so hot how much she wanted me and wanted to please me.

But something in my brain switched and I started begging her: “Casey, I want to come in your pussy. I want to come deep in your pussy. Come up here, baby, I want to come in your pussy.” She lay down beside me and I speared her pussy with my cock and her mouth with my tongue. I didn’t know what was going on, but I just wanted to be close to her, feel her in my arms. “Baby, baby—unghhh.” I felt my cum gushing deep inside her, and more than that, I felt her body start to tremble and shake, and her own fluids gushed out from deep within, coming all over me. I kissed her hard and we stayed locked together for an unusually long time.

“I…don’t know what’s going on,” I said after we’d rolled off each other. “I know this must be confusing, but I guess I really missed you.”

“Listen,” Casey said. “I know it’s a Monday, but will you play hooky with me today? Can we at least have breakfast out of the house so we can have a conversation without Julia potentially hearing? I’m not mad, I really just want to spend a little bit of time with you.”

The vulnerability made my heart swell. Maybe it was my protector instinct. We got dressed and headed out in separate cars as usual, but we met up at a beach cafe where we had gone on some early dates. It was a coffee in the morning, grilled cheese for lunch, beer in the evening kind of place, and being there with Casey and her blonde hair and surfer legs made me feel like I had won the lottery.

“We can talk about what’s going on, if you want, but if you just wanted to have an easygoing morning together, I’m also honestly up for that,” I told her once we were walking on the sand.

“I do have something to tell you,” Casey said. Despite her focus on sunscreen, her legs and feet were tan, and they looked weirdly gorgeous sliding into the whitish sand.

“Shoot,” I said.

She smiled at me, but then restrained it, like she was trying to look serious. “I’m pregnant.”

I will never know what reaction she expected me to have, but I myself did not expect to fall to my knees in the sand weeping with joy.

Casey rushed over to me. “Are you this upset?? Rob, I’m so sorry! I really thought that despite everything going on, this would make you excited!”

“Baby. Baby.” I pulled her down to the sand and held her close to me. “I can’t imagine being happier. I am so fucking happy.”

A tear trickled out of one of Casey’s eyes. “Me too.”

Everything else felt erased. My future wife was restored. samsun escort All of the feelings that had felt fake and superficial about being proud of walking around town with her—they were restored, and they were real. I wanted to fuck her in the sand right now.

I knew we probably couldn’t get away with that, but I couldn’t stop myself from kissing my neck and kissing down the inside of her soft white, vaguely see-through button-down. She hadn’t worn a bra, I guess because she was used to not needing one with her smaller breasts, and I suckled her nipple in public like the newborn we would soon have. Casey laughed lightly. “There’s no milk yet.” That was true, but her thick, swollen nipple in my mouth and her fattening titflesh in my hand made me feel like I’d be breastfeeding from her any day now.

We went back to the house. I wanted to fuck her in public, but there had to be a place that would make it at least seem like we were trying to be discreet.

“How long have you known?” I asked after I had had some time to collect my thoughts in the car.

“I only found out this week, which is part of why I’ve been so down—for a couple of days I was really afraid that you were going to leave with Julia and I would be completely alone with the baby,” she confided. “But I’m actually way further along. Switching birth control really confused me and made me think it was just that.”

“Is it okay that you were still using the birth control?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve stopped taking it now, and as of my doctor’s appointment, the baby is totally healthy,” she said. “We can count our blessings there.”

“You fucking witch,” Julia said.

“Oh my god,” Casey said, springing up from the table and automatically cradling her stomach. “Did you creep down the stairs? You’re the witch, in that see-through black robe.”

Indeed, blonde Casey in her soft white shirt and raven-haired Julia in her sexy dressing gown looked like quite a pair. I noticed, with some delight that I tried to tamp down, that both of their nipples were hard and practically bursting at the fabric of their outfits. Maybe it was fear and anger, but it was sexy to me, and my cock began to harden.

“You fucking whore,” Julia said. “You ruined everything.”

“I fixed everything!” Casey said indignantly. “Rob is my future husband—that’s how it was always going to be! You tried to come in here and ruin everything.”

“No. I’m the one who’s supposed to be pregnant. The joke, of course, is that I fucking AM pregnant!”

A stunned silence lingered in the air.

Julia snorted. “Rob, I would have told you last night if you hadn’t crawled back into your blonde whore’s bed.”

“Whoa. Whoa,” I said. “The language is not necessary. But—Julia, is this true?”

“I got a blood test at urgent care yesterday because I wanted to be able to tell you for certain,” Julia said. “So I’m probably not as far along as Casey, but I really am pregnant.” A tear slid down her beautiful blushing cheek.

I put my arm around Casey and drew her toward Julia, whom I took under my other arm. Both of them were softer now, and I was happy to şanlıurfa escort see that they linked their pinky fingers together.

“I actually don’t think any of us have received any bad news today at all,” I said. “I have no doubt in my mind at all. We’re a family. You’re both my wives, and you’re both bearing my children. I love you so deeply, and I want you to love me, and I want you to love each other.”

Julia and Casey stared into each other’s eyes, seeming to really take in what I was saying. They leaned toward each other tentatively, brushing each other’s lips lightly while still looking deeply into each other’s eyes, making the sweet sounds of small smacking kisses that turned me on so much. I watched as Julia gently slipped her wide, pink tongue into Casey’s waiting mouth, and as Casey’s bubblegum-pink tongue touched hers back. I moved my hands down to their round asses and tried not to distract them with my groaning as I enjoyed their sensual kissing.

Soon, though, they did both contentedly sigh and lean their heads onto my shoulders, continuing to smile serenely at each other. My cock was throbbing in my pants and I led them over to the couch, where I took it out and began to stroke myself.

“I think you still need to focus on each other for a bit,” I said, feeling my own hardness slowly.

Casey and Julia were more than amenable to my suggestion. They drew each other’s tops aside and gazed at their breasts, all quivering with obvious lust and love. They pressed their bodies together, admiring their own big tits, smirking with pride at their size. They began to twist their upper bodies from side to side gently, rubbing their hard nipples on each other’s soft titty flesh. Julia’s milk smeared all over both of them. My mouth was open as I continued to stroke my cock.

Julia guided Casey to lie down on the couch, at the other end from me. She then leaned over the edge of the couch and hung her glorious nipples over Casey’s face, letting them lightly brush her cheeks and lips, once again smearing titty milk wherever she trailed her nipples, before Casey finally caught one with her mouth and began to suckle. Julia then leaned over further to press Casey’s tits together and take one in her mouth. She had created a titty-sucking 69 that had me almost drooling as I jerked myself off. The two women, my two wives, were lost in each other’s breasts, feeling nothing but pleasure and the desire to please.

I didn’t want to stop them, but after a few minutes I choked out, “Please—please—” and they looked up at me. They instinctively knew how close I was to coming and rushed over, presenting their beautiful breasts to me.

“Do you want to come all over our tits?” Julia breathed.

“Come all over us,” Casey whimpered. “Come all over your wives.”

“Give us your cum, husband,” Julia panted. “Master, please, we want it.”

That sent me over the edge. Ropes and ropes of cum landed on their heaving breasts and my wives smiled at each other, returning to their previous fun rubbing their titties together. My cum made their tits slide together even faster and more sexily, to my mind, and they must have agreed, because they were both rubbing their pussies, and Julia dove straight into Casey’s tits to suck up everything I had given her. “No, it’s my turn,” Casey said playfully, and started lapping at Julia’s tits.

“Love my titties, wifey,” Julia cried. “Love my titties and love our husband’s cum!”

Life was going to be good.

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