June – Sexperience 01

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Donald Dentley © 2017


So June and I started a relationship. For me it was a strange relationship. She’d made it clear to me on the way home, very clear indeed, that my only function in her life would be to provide sexual stimulation and excitement. I knew I was lucky but I’d be dishonest if I said I didn’t want any more than that. To have a real looker, obviously a good deal younger than you, on your arm is a great feeling. It had never happened to me before. To be honest I suppose my wedding ring put a lot of women off. I always liked to guess how long it would take them to ask about it. June of course never did because she knew my wife. They were even on friendly terms.

The first time we did some sexploration together will always remain one of my favourite memories of June. I bumped into her at the local supermarket a few weeks after the art school party. She told me she had a get together with some friends and that she thought we ought to go to as a couple. Friday night at seven thirty!

She told me that since we only had to travel a view blocks we’d go by foot. If I walked past her house at seven then she’d join me. Gave me time to invent something to tell the wife. I asked about dress code but she told me to be smart but informal and that since we wouldn’t be dressed much of the time it wasn’t that important. That made me really curious but she refused to answer any more questions. In an off-hand manner she told me that under no circumstances should I take any Viagra.

This made me a bit concerned but she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and whispered: “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

So on Friday at the appointed time I strolled slowly past her house. I didn’t turn round when I heard a front door close behind me but when I’d turned the corner of our road I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I turned round and was rewarded with a sight of June looking totally stunning. She wore an almost transparent white cotton dress, which flounced around as she walked. It was totally obvious that she was not wearing a bra, but as I’ve said before she didn’t have very big tits and they were beautifully firm. Her nipples were standing proud under the thin fabric.

I had the suspicion that she wasn’t wearing panties either, but I just said: “You look stunning.”

Perhaps my tongue was hanging out because she said: “Thank you kind sir, but you’ll have to wait a bit before you can have your way with me.”

I was wearing some jocks under my slacks, which was just as well because just looking at her was making my cock stiffen. Our venue really was only a few blocks away in a street of exclusively detached villas. The cars in the driveways also suggested money. We walked up the driveway of a modern single story residence that seemed to sprawl across an acre of garden. We rang the bell. Our hostess, who introduced herself as Sally, answered it. She was very smartly dressed in a close fitting trouser suit that tempted the imagination as to what lay under it. No underwear! I’d bet on that.

She obviously knew June and June in turn introduced me. She looked me up and down and then looked at June in an enquiring way. June said: “Yes Marc is new, but I’m sure he won’t disappoint.”

I gave up trying to understand what was going on. We were led through a entrance hall and a large reception room out into a large courtyard which contained a circular swimming pool in one corner. There were two other couples, drinks in hand, chatting together and a tall dark-haired man who came up to us and offered us each a glass of bubbly. His name was Jon and it turned out he was the host. I don’t much care for champagne but the labels on the bottles on the little serving table said Moët et Chandon. Even I know that name!

I said by way of small talk that I liked Jon’s house. He smiled at me but especially at June and said: “Oh this is not my house. This belongs to Sally and her husband.”

June whispered in my ear that she should explain something. She said: “Look Marc the couples here are not married to each other. Each of the women at our party has a man with whom they get sexual adventure and pleasure. In no case tonight is it their husband. Sally’s husband is nice enough, and stinking rich, but he can’t get her off the way Jon does. Look it’s the same for us. Let’s go and meet the others.”

So we walked over to the group of four. Jacky was a dark petite woman wearing what looked to be a very expensive satin trouser suit. The other woman, called Sue, was a redhead. The light sort with very pale skin! No freckles though! The men, Les and Tom, were both smartly dressed. I can’t say I know who was who, because they were both of medium height with regular features and fair hair. Jon brought round a plate of small toasts with what looked like caviar.

I looked at June and raised my eyebrows in a questioning manner. She simply said: “Yes. It’s the real stuff alright.”

Now I may not be a fan of champers but I am very partial to caviar. We chatted casino siteleri about politics of all things. During that time another couple arrived. A strange couple at that! Louise was peroxide blond of medium height with a Dolly Parton bust. Her partner, Pete, by comparison was unimpressive in the extreme. Well that was first impression, and it was to be proven completely wrong.

After they had gotten their drinks and been offered caviar, two other couples joined us. Gerry was very tall with long blond hair in a tail. He wore a light cotton suit, which didn’t hide his musculature. His partner, called Sandra, was a spectacular looking woman, slim, with a good waist and fantastic legs. The other women, except June, were dressed well but not especially provocatively. But Sandra! Well! I could detect no panty line and her dress clung to her like it wanted to flow over every curve of her body. Her nipples stood out boldly, so I had to drag my eyes away. She noticed and winked at me, which disconcerted me somewhat.

Fee and Roger looked a perfectly matched pair. Almost unisex! Both fair with the same short, cropped haircut, similar height. Slim, almost skinny. Both wearing kaftans! Fee laughed and said: “So we’re not the last. Good! We had some trouble getting away on time.”

Sally laughed: “You know how good Sam is at being on time! I wonder who she has in tow today.”

The drift of the conversation had switched from politics to renewable energy resources. This left me a little cold — and out of it! Science is not my thing! I began to wonder if I was intellectually out of my depth. Stupid really! This gathering was anything but intellectual. Les was beginning to grumble about the late arrivals when Jon brought them in and introduced them. Sam and Barry. Sam was smartly dressed in shorts and a T-shirt that looked very expensive. Barry, by contrast, he looked a bit scruffy. He was also in shorts and T-shirt but with ragged cutoffs.

We continued to chat with each other, but when I asked Les what he did, June gave me a nudge and whispered that we didn’t go into personal things. Only generalities! I was on my third glass and had starting to get bored I hadn’t noticed that Sally and Jon had disappeared but I sure noticed when they got back. They were both naked, and I realised that, in Sally’s case, no clothes was even better by far than her revealing dress. Jon! Well, he was sure well hung!

A brief round of applause from us when Jon said: “Jacky and Les! You’re up next.”

They weren’t away for more than three or four minutes when they returned stark naked. I said that Jacky was dark haired and her pubes were also. What was interesting though was that she had a perfect landing strip but the rest was waxed. There was a round of applause and she did a quick pirouette, which had the effect of letting us see her pussy lips. The inner lips did not protrude. Apart from the hair of the landing strip she had the pussy of a young girl. Les also had well groomed pubic hair and I began to worry that I had not thought too much about that sort of physical detail. Les was also circumcised, just as I am.

I was still digesting this when Jon said: “Tom and Sue, it’s your turn now.”

Off they went and came back in their birthday suits. Sue had absolutely no bikini line, perhaps not surprising for a real redhead. Of course her cuffs and collar matched. Her skin was perfect, almost too good to be true. She had really perky breasts and a very natural burning bush. Her breasts were the kind that really point upward! She certainly wouldn’t need a bra. I was starting to get a boner and perhaps I applauded too loudly. I couldn’t help thinking how nice it would be to suck those nipples.

June had some sort of sixth sense and whispered in my ear: “Down boy!”

Jon said: “Louise and Pete now.”

They were away a little while and when they came back Pete had an erection and what a bloody erection. I could see why he might be here and why Louise might like his attention. He may have had an unprepossessing appearance but my God – what a dong. None of the women seemed surprised so I guessed, wrongly, they’d seen him before. Louise’s pubic hair was also crafted. It looked a bit like Charlie Chaplin’s moustache.

Jon said: “Short pause now for some champagne and caviar.”

Sally and Jon filled up our glasses and brought round more of the caviar-covered crackers. Funny situation four naked couples and four clothed couples. I found it more creepy than erotic but began to fantasise about Sue again. My thoughts were brought back to here and now by a sudden bellow. It seems that Sally had snuck up behind Pete and grabbed his balls hard and twisted them viciously.

He was obviously surprised and probably hurt as well. His erection deflated. Pete glowered at Sally but she just said sweetly: “Just checking the Viagra rule. It is Pete’s first time at one of our gatherings.”

Louise frowned at Sally and said: “I have told him.”

Sally just nodded. canlı casino Then Jon said that June and I were next. June took be by the hand and led me to a small dressing room off the courtyard. Well we stripped off but I had really understood that it might not be a good idea to reappear in the company with a boner. I tried to think of cleaning up vomit after a party and that worked. Much as June turned me on –well you know that — I managed to arrive back in the courtyard with moderate tumescence.

Sally said: “This is also Marc’s first appearance at one of our gatherings.” She looked at my cock and said: “Seems no check is necessary.”

There was some laughter — but only from the women. Sandra and Gerry were next and Sandra had looked so good in her clothes that I found it difficult to get really excited by her nudity. She sported a Brazilian, which I always find a bit off-putting if the inner lips of the fanny protrude. Gerry, though, made me gasp. He wasn’t erect but he sure had a thick dong. I think the women there had seen him before and seemed a bit ‘Been there, done that’.

Sally then called Fee and Roger. In many ways they were an unspectacular pair, but Fee had something I’d never seen before. Her pubic hair was groomed in the shape of a heart with the bottom of the heart ending where (I assumed) her clitoris was hidden. I found this provocative and I could feel that I’d started to harden.

June just whispered in my ear: “Not yet big boy.”

That didn’t help too much, but I realised that other guys, notable Les and Pete (despite his surprise) were also starting to get boners. Nobody seemed embarrassed. That left our latecomers. They may have been slow arriving but they were bloody fast stripping off. Sam was a bit taller than Barry who was well built. Actually, when I looked around, with the possible exception of Roger, all the guys had super muscle tone. And regular features! Sam sported a torch down below and also had very firm breasts with large areolas.

Now everyone was naked I’d expected the mood to change. It didn’t. We continued our chatting and I had the distinct impression that the girls were using the opportunity to eye us up. Mostly that was all, but don’t think I wasn’t enjoying the scenery. There was very little touching.

When I tried to fondle June she said: “Be patient.”

However Jacky did take the opportunity to feel the head of my shaft and my balls. All she said was: “Oh! I do like a snipped cock.”

Of course I started to stiffen. It was a soft balmy evening and, even though the sun was getting low, the pool looked very inviting. I walked over and dived in. It seemed that this activity was not planned but Les, Pete and Roger joined me. It helped douse the flame in my groins and the water was deliciously cool. None of the girls, except Fee, joined us. Probably it would have upset their hairstyles, but I never asked if that was so. Fee was a lot of fun in the water, she would dive between our legs and stroke our balls as she went through. I also enjoyed diving through her legs, but when I tried to kiss her fanny she pushed me down. The four of us surrounded her and felt what parts of her we could reach. She seemed to enjoy the attention, except when anyone tried to feel her pussy. After a little while of these fun and games she climbed out and we followed. Jon went off to find us some towels.

At about nine Jon said: “OK guys and gals, Sally and I have decided that tonight’s game will be musical cocks. Because Pete and Marc are new I’m going to explain the rules. There will be eight chairs arranged in a circle facing inwards. The guys will be restrained to sit on the chairs. The girls will walk around on the inside of the circle. No touching any guy until the music stops. Trying to excite the guys is allowed and even encouraged. Then they must impale themselves upon one of the available cocks. The idea is to try to make the bloke cum, because if he does he’s out and there’s one chair, and one cock, less. That means that in the next round one of the girls will also be out. Can happen that there are multiple ejaculations. Just means there are fewer blokes in the next round! Can also be that no one cums! If that happens after three minutes the music will start again, and again the girls circle until the music stops. In the end there will be one male and one female winner. There is a present and, in the event of a tie, a sort of task which varies each time we play the game. Sally will only reveal the present and task at that time. OK girls it’s time to settle your partners.”

June took me by the hand and guided me to a chair opposite Pete. Then she went to the side of the room and took three soft leather straps from a box. With these she bound my feet to the legs of the chairs and my arms together behind my back. I felt very vulnerable and I think I showed this so she whispered that I shouldn’t be nervous. Indeed all the guys got restrained in the same way and the only other one that looked a bit nervous was Pete. I guessed kaçak casino afterwards that this was part of the show because of course whilst Louise was restraining Pete I got a superb view of her bum and cameltoe. The situation in general started to make my cock stir.

Sally said: “OK girls two chairs to the right and you know what to do.”

This resulted in Sandra standing opposite me and she knelt down and started to lick and suck my cock, which responded much as you might expect. Opposite me June was working on Pete, and once again his endowment was impressive and I could see that June was not even trying to get it all inside her mouth. What a sight though! Eight somewhat different cocks! Two snipped, the rest not. Some bent right, some left and one, Roger’s, bent, what seemed to me, unnaturally upwards.

Sally said: “Don’t get them too wound up yet girls. Just make sure they’re hard and nice and lubricated.”

I was hard all right and once again a bit surprised that I wasn’t at all embarrassed. Then Sally went to a small box on the table with the drinks, pushed a button and the music started. She skipped back to the ring of chairs and just like the other girls started to dance around. They were all good at showing off their bodies so it wasn’t surprising that not one of erections showed signs of deflating. I noticed that a lot of the girls tried to skip quickly past Pete but otherwise they just seemed to be enjoying themselves. Suddenly the music stopped and Louise was standing opposite me.

She gently held my shaft and slowly sank down on it with a little sigh of pleasure. Then she started riding me. Long slow strokes whilst she held onto my shoulders. Her giant breasts bobbing just in front of me! There is no doubt that her breasts were superb but truth be told I’m not a big tits man. I prefer them smallish and perky. Like June’s, and Jacky’s and Fee’s! This meant that it was going to be harder for her to get me to cum. Indeed after three minutes (It seemed longer, but that’s what Jon had said in the introduction) the music started again.

The girls got off their rides leaving eight still erect, but mostly glistening, cocks. Whilst the three minutes was running I’d noticed that most girls had chosen to face their ride, including June. The girls were trying to be even more provocative now as they danced around, occasionally stroking their cunts. I saw Sally slide her finger into hers when she was in front of Les. The music stopped and this time Sandra was in front of me she grabbed my shaft, a bit roughly I thought.

And guided it into her. No careful insertion this time. Wham bang up to the hilt. As she moved up and down she leant towards me, I guess to maximise stimulation of her clit. She started to pant and I almost expected her to climax, but she didn’t.

We all heard the first orgasm though! Somewhere to my left Tom was panting: “Oh no!” and then: “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

As Jacky rode him there was a final “Oh God!” and I heard Jacky say: “Good boy. One for me!”

When the music started again Jacky released Tom, who was going slack. His cock was glistening with his and Jacky’s juices. Sally quickly took his chair to the side of the room, and the eight girls continued their erotic dance moves. When the music stopped I had June facing me. There was a tussle between Jacky and Fee over who would ride Jon. Jacky won and Fee retired to the side of the room to chat with Tom. I noticed again that the girls were a bit reluctant to take on Pete’s enormous penis. Louise, not surprisingly was not, which gave her a little bit of an advantage. She was certainly sitting on him when the music stopped, and to my surprise she seemed to be able to take him all.

The music started again and unlike the previous round a lot happened. It was Sandra who this time gently inserted my penis into her warm wet cunt. She was making mewling noises but again didn’t reach orgasm. Jacky was riding Barry and he couldn’t hold it any more. He came with an anguished cry and from the way she was writhing about on him I’m sure that Jacky came at the same time.

All she said was: “Another one for me!”

She took a while though to get off Barry because she was clearly still enjoying herself. But so was Sally who’d ended up on Pete. She’d found a way of moving on that enormous rod of his that must have given her great clitoral stimulation because she cried out: “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!”

She was both noisy and took a long time climaxing. So long in fact that Jon had to pause the game whilst Sally finished. When she did we all applauded. When she eventually got off Pete she got some tissues and cleaned him up a bit. He was still erect! Barry’s chair was removed and the music started again.

The fifth round there was a tussle between June and Sam for Jons cock. June won. Louise didn’t find a ride either. I ended up with Sue. I had already taken a fancy to her and to make matters worse I could see she was getting close to an orgasm. Her breathing was a bit ragged. I was entranced by the happy glazed look in her eyes, by her white little teeth and by her gorgeous breasts moving up and down in front of me. She seemed to want release so she was grinding into me more than the other girls had.

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