Jungle Fever Ch. 1

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Teen (18+)

It wasn’t meant to be like this. Solitude, harmony, peace. It wasn’t much to ask for….

I went there to find myself, but I didn’t know that the journey would be so….well, so “everything”, really. Everything so terrifying that even writing this now, my hands tremble from the memory.

I left for the seclusion of the jungle shortly after my 29th birthday. The trip was a present to myself, an escape from the world to work out who I was and where I was going in life. The jungles of the Amazon had always been a fantasy destination and despite the protestations of my family and friends, I went alone to embark on what the Aborigines would call a Walkabout. Solitude and harmony with nature; walking until I found myself, somewhere amongst the undergrowth.

I had it all planned out: I would walk between water holes each morning, according to the map, and camp by them during the scorching afternoons and ominous nights.

My body glistened in the pre-noon sun as I hiked through the undergrowth. I’d been walking for hours already, miles now from where the car sat deserted and hidden at the end of a long dirt road leading into the shrub.

The tropic heat penetrated every pour of my body forcing me to shed my clothing piece by piece as I advanced. By the time I arrived at the first watering hole that was to be my camp for the night, the sun was high in the noon-time sky and the temperature had soared beyond reasonable comfort. I was down to my boots and underwear and every muscle was aching from the constant strain of carrying my saddlebag and fighting through the dense vegetation.

Exhausted, I dropped my bag by the edge of the inviting water and slowly ran my hands over by saturated body. The sweat ran from my shimmering skin like the waterfalls that graced this deserted paradise. At 5’7″, I was a slim 75 kg, but was sure, after this first morning’s hike, that I would be even slimmer by the end of my journey. My water bottle was near empty, so I knelt by the water’s edge to refill it.

The pool was untarnished, offering fresh, crystal clear water. As the bottle gurgled steadily, refilling its empty interior, I smiled at my reflection which smiled back like an old and haggard friend. The mass of brown hair that capped my long, chiselled face was wet and dishevelled, clinging to my brow as though fearful of sliding off. My eyes twinkled in amusement at the image, the pupils dancing between their natural green colour and black as shadows played across my face.

Finding the temptation of the water too great, I peeled off my boots and the last piece of clothing, diving into the sparkling natural pool. The water’s soothing touch healed every ache as I swam and floated, lost in my casino oyna own haven, far from the madding crowds of civilization.

An hour later, I fell asleep by the water’s edge, protected by the shade of the ancient trees, their thick trucks reaching to the sky and opening into a firework of branches high above.

How long I slept, I don’t know, but I was awoken by the sounds of movement nearby. As my eyes focussed, I sprung to my feet in shock at the site of another man.

Like me, he had removed his clothing in the course of his hike though his underpants still remained, housing the impressive bulge of his manhood. For perhaps a full minute, we eyed each other curiously and by the smirk that finally graced his ruggedly handsome face, I could only assume and hope that he found me equally appealing.

With a thick coat of jet black hair carpeting his powerful chest, eyes that pierced right through you and legs that rivalled the surrounding tree trunks, The Stranger’s towering frame was a powerful monument to strength and masculinity. Whilst no weightlifter, it seemed as though The Stranger had spent most of his 30 years ensuring his perfect physique by frequenting a gym as often as possible.

I was speechless in his presence, both from his unexpected arrival and the sheer beauty of his robust good looks.

Eventually, it was he who broke the silence.

“You’re a hard man to track.”

His voice was deep and soft, inviting my knees to buckle further at the thrill of hearing him. “I was starting to think that I would never find you.”

“F-find me?” I stuttered, trying desperately to compose myself, and suddenly becoming acutely aware of my nakedness.

“W-Why would you want to find me?” I asked.

I moved forward to reach for my clothes, but as The Stranger suddenly lurched forward, I stopped in surprise.

“Let me,” he offered, and proceeded to pick up my underpants and walk towards me. His eyes flickered downward, taking in what I thought would be a final glimpse at my privates.

I smiled faintly and reached out as he approached, his sturdy frame towering above me. Now only a few feet apart, The Stranger’s smirk turned into a beaming smile. Slowly, he raised my underpants to his nose. I froze as he cautiously sniffed them.

“Do you always sniff people’s underwear?” I asked, my voice reflecting the mixture of annoyance and amusement that I was feeling.

“Not at all,” he cooed. “I usually do this…” And I was in his arms, his powerful muscles grabbing me around the waist and lifting me off the ground into a bearhug.

I gasped, my back arching as he gently but firmly squeezed, pressing my chest into his own. Squirming in his canlı casino grip, our bodies rubbed together like well-oiled machinery, the sweat from the tropic heat lubricating us both. My exertion excited him and he held on harder, grabbing the back of my head to bring me in closer.

“You like that?” he purred, pressing his lips into my neck. “It’s what you want, isn’t it, huh? I saw the way you looked at me then. You want it bad, and I’m gonna give it to you!”

“No!” I mumbled half-heartedly, straining against him. But my voice went unheeded as my struggles thrilled him even more. I wasn’t a weakling by any means, but this seemingly gentle giant was Herculean in strength and there was nothing I could do to break free.

He silenced me with a kiss, forcing my face to his and holding my head so our lips couldn’t part as he pushed me down to the ground and straddled me. I struggled, using the moment to try to break free, but he grabbed my wrists and forced them to the ground by my head.

“Ohhh…” he moaned, “You’re more dashing than your photograph. I’m going to enjoy every minute of you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I gasped. “Get off me!”

He responded with chuckle.

“Oh, no, my friend. You’re mine! And by the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be begging to belong to me.”


My back arched beneath him as I strained against his schoolboy pin but the move welcomed his lips to my nipples as he bent down and lashed out at my left breast with his tongue. I groaned, the thrill of his dominance beginning to take hold as he began to suck my nipple harder, teasing it with a gentle bite that sent a thrill coursing through my body.

I was short of breath from the struggle and my chest heaved as his mouth explored my torso.

“You’re hurting me!” I lied, though his grip on my wrists was tight.

He sat up into a kneeling position over my legs, yanking me up with him, my face at chest level as he twisted my hands behind my back, bringing me into him again.

“Please me!” he ordered.


“I said ‘please me’!” This time his voice was not soft and inviting but rather, powerful and booming as he twisted my arms further up my back, forcing my face into his chest.

I cried out in pain and kissed his chest, my lips sinking into the forest of black chest hair.

“That’s it…” he cooed as I licked the sweat from his body and blew softly against his fur.

The pain from my twisted arms increased as his grip tightened in his ecstasy. Unable to release myself, I craned my next back to look up at him and his lips met mine again, his tongue forcing itself into my mouth.

I turned my head away, kaçak casino burying my face against his solid trunk again.

“More!” he ordered, but inspiration and desperation melded into a bid for freedom. I grabbed a mouthful of his ample chest hair and ripped hard at it with my teeth. The Stranger yelped in surprise, releasing me instinctively.

With all of my might, I thrust The Stranger backwards and sprang to my feet, staggering a few steps away from him.

“You can’t get away,” he growled, massaging his chest as he got to his feet. “There’s nowhere to run. You’ve no shoes, no clothes. You won’t get far in the jungle like that.”

He was right, and my temper flared at his confidence. I launched myself at him, ramming my shoulder into his gut as we both flew backwards into the shallow of the water.

My sudden attack left him winded and off guard. I surfaced from beneath the waist-deep water to see him rising also, his back to me. I lunged again, wrapping my arm around his throat and hauling him back into the water. The Stranger struggled, momentarily confused by the battle as I held him below.

He rose to his feet and I knew that any moment, he would flick me off him like an ant. Releasing my grip, I shoved him forward again, making sure that my nails dug into the middle of his back as I did so. He staggered and I reached out, grabbing him by the wrists. With my foot in the small of his back, I yanked his arms backwards and held on determinedly.

The Stranger yelled in pain, every muscle in his chest straining as I held him there, crucified and helpless. Desperately, he tried to break free, his gritted teeth emitting a sound not unlike a deep siren.

Confident now that I had the better of him, I tugged harder on his arms. But the victory was short lived as my balancing foot slipped and we toppled once more beneath the waves.

Free again, and furious, The Stranger’s eyes were ablaze with a mixture of fury and passion as he turned to face me. Like an animal, he roared, throwing his head back and flexing every rock hard muscle.

I staggered back, trying to escape the confines of the water, but The Stranger was on me like a lion. He threw me into the air and as I hit the water again, I felt his fingers wrap mercilessly around my throat.

I lashed out, clawing at his face, chest and arms, but with the strength of a madman, he felt none of it, gripping my neck tighter and tighter till the bones threatened to snap.

The world began to spin and darkness closed in around me, my lungs silently screaming in agony, fighting for even the slightest breath. Gagging now, my arms were suddenly hanging like limp branches from the trees, unable to rise any longer. And like some far off sound, I heard his voice, snarling through gritted teeth…

“You will pay for this, you son-of-a-bitch! Die!”

And the blackness greeted me, complete.

To be continued…

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