Just a Suggestion Pt. 01

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I am a third year graduate student in psychology and I’m helping to pay for my schooling by working as a research assistant to one of the professors in our department. Dr. Eisen’s research involves studies regarding individual differences and general susceptibility to hypnosis. The research involves several hundred undergraduate volunteers being hypnotized, followed by a range of tests intended to quantify how quickly each subject reached a hypnotic state, how deep their hypnotic state was, and how suggest able each subject was. My job was first to master the technique of hypnosis and then to conduct the actual experiments.

I spent several weeks training with Dr. Eisen to become proficient at hypnosis. In fact, we found that I am extremely adept in bringing people into a deep hypnotic state. For consistency, Dr. Eisen decided that I would conduct all of the hypnosis for the research project. This was great for me because it assured that I would meet my required work hours for my assistantship. I would also meet and hypnotize each of the several hundred volunteer subjects.

It was in this setting that I met Elaine. She was a second year undergraduate student from the Business School, majoring in Accounting. She was about 5′ 5″, about 105 or 110 pounds, with auburn hair, a girl-next-door personality with unassuming beauty. She was also shapely with substantial breasts. She was about as close to my “dream girl” as anyone I had ever met.

As the hypnosis experiment proceeded, it became clear that Elaine was nearly a perfect hypnosis subject – she quickly drifted into a deep hypnotic state and was very accepting of hypnotic suggestions.

Over the course of hypnotizing many dozens of prior subjects, I had considered using my ability in hypnosis to improve my ability to connect with women. I had been in numerous relationships over the years, but none had ever become permanent. Now, here before me was a beautiful woman to whom I could implant a suggestion that would incline her towards me. I considered this for several minutes as I conducted the standard experiment. Then I turned off the video recorder just before I brought her out of the hypnotic state.

With the recorder off, I said, “When you and I touch, you will experience a feeling of happiness and a beautiful sense of tranquility. You will also return to a deep hypnotic state when you hear my voice say the word ‘Archimedes’. Nod your head if you understand this.” Elaine nodded slowly. Then I continued, “When I snap my fingers you will be fully awake and alert, you will feel well rested, and you will not remember anything from this session. 3-2-1.” I snapped my fingers and Elaine came fully awake.

“Weren’t you able to hypnotize me?” she asked. I replied that she had been a nearly perfect subject, and she had done very well. I asked for her contact information, in case we would have any follow-up questions. She happily agreed. I shook her hand as she prepared to leave, and she smiled broadly as she left.

I waited about 10 days before I called Elaine. When I called I suggested that we meet for coffee the next day. I could hear the happiness in her voice as she agreed.

As we sat chatting in the coffee shop, I took the opportunity to touch her arm a couple times as we talked. Before long, Elaine had put her hand over mine as we continued to talk, mostly about where we were from, what music we liked, and stuff like that. She suggested that we take a walk around campus. As we walked, she took my hand in hers. We walked and talked, getting to know each other.

When we reached a bench overlooking the creek that runs through campus, we sat down to continue our conversation. At a lull in the conversation I said, “Archimedes!” Elaine immediately sank into a deep hypnotic state. “You are moving into a deeper hypnotic state.” I said. “When we kiss, you will experience a powerful emotional connection with me. You will also feel a strong erotic thrill when we kiss. You will not remember discussing this, but the suggestions will be active deep in your subconscious. You will also return to a deep hypnotic state when you hear my voice say the word ‘Archimedes’. Now, you will wake when I snap my fingers. 3-2-1.” Snap.

Elaine picked up the conversation as if there had been no interruption, but she twined her fingers with mine. We spent the entire afternoon walking and talking, enjoying each other’s company.

We made plans to have dinner together and go to a campus theater production the following evening. As we approached her apartment door, I said, “Archimedes”. She immediately settled into a deep hypnotic state. “When we are together any stimulation of your breasts or nipples will result in your experiencing extreme sexual arousal. And when you are anticipating being with me, you will choose to forgo wearing a bra. You will not remember discussing this, but the suggestions will be active deep in your subconscious. You will also return to a deep hypnotic state when you hear my voice say the word ‘Archimedes’. Now, you will wake when I snap my fingers. ankara eryaman escort 3-2-1.” Snap.

We were standing in front of her door. I said, “I am looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow evening. I’ll be here around 6:30.”

Elaine agreed, smiling. Then she lifted her head, rose onto her tip toes, placed her hand behind my neck, and kissed me. It was a warm, wonderful kiss that promised much for the future. “I’ll see you tomorrow evening,” she said with a beautiful blush.” Then she stepped into her apartment and gently closed the door.

The following evening I knocked on her door at precisely 6:30. When she opened the door it nearly took my breath away. Elaine was wearing a light, mint green blouse and a dark skirt. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra beneath her blouse. “You look amazing!” I gushed.

Elaine blushed and smiled. “Thank you.”

In the hours of talking the previous day she had mentioned that she was reared in a rather strict household in a rural community. She had always been somewhat insecure about her looks, so compliments were a new experience for her. She had put on just a little bit of makeup, and it beautifully accented her natural good looks.

As we walked hand in hand to the nearby Italian restaurant, I could see her breasts bouncing and swaying. By the time we were seated at our table, her nipples were hard points clearly visible through the thin fabric of her blouse. After placing our orders I said, “You look absolutely beautiful this evening. I am accompanied by the most beautiful woman in the restaurant.”

She blushed once again, looking down. Seeing her obviously erect nipples nearly poking holes though her blouse, she blushed more fiercely. But she also smiled and said, “Thank you. I’m not accustomed to such flattery.”

“It is not flattery, it is the truth!” I replied forcefully. “You are truly beautiful in my eyes.”

After a short pause, our conversation resumed our natural flow, talking about the play, school, etc. Almost before we knew it we needed to head to the theater.

As we walked towards the theater I paused, took Elaine into my arms, and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around my neck, passionately returning my kiss, and rubbing her unrestrained breasts against my chest. She was panting heavily when we broke our kiss.

“Archimedes”. She immediately settled into a deep hypnotic state. “When we are together, when you climax your orgasm will be extremely powerful, and it will continue on and on as long as I continue to stimulate you. You will not remember discussing this, but the suggestions will be active deep in your subconscious. You will also return to a deep hypnotic state when you hear my voice say the word ‘Archimedes’. Now, you will wake when I snap my fingers. 3-2-1.” Snap.

I took Elaine’s hand and wrapped her arm into mine as we walked on towards the theater. I could feel the softness of the side of her breast pressed against my arm as we walked. She wrapped her arm firmly into mine, pulling my arm more firmly against her lush breast. Her breathing quickened slightly and I could see that her skin was flushed around her throat.

We found our seats at the campus theater and settled down to watch the performance. Elaine wrapped her arm around mine, pressing my arm once again securely into the side of her unencumbered breast, and laced her fingers into mine. The play was enjoyable, but the closeness with Elaine was even better.

After the play was over I asked, “It is still fairly early, is there anything else you would like to do?”

“I don’t want the evening to end, but maybe we could just go back and talk some more?” Elaine said, blushing fiercely.

“That would be great by me!” I responded. “You are such a pleasure to be with.” I said honestly.

We walked toward her apartment with our fingers intertwined. We paused in the shadow of a tree, looking over the moon bright campus. “Archimedes”. She immediately settled into a deep hypnotic state. “When we are together, there will be times when you choose not to have intercourse but do want sexual activity. You will enjoy both giving and receiving oral pleasure. When you suck on my penis, you will experience great sexual pleasure as you give me pleasure, and you will climax as you taste and feel me ejaculate into your mouth. You will not remember discussing this, but the suggestions will be active deep in your subconscious. You will also return to a deep hypnotic state when you hear my voice say the word ‘Archimedes’. Now, you will wake when I snap my fingers. 3-2-1.” Snap.

As we continued to look over the campus in the moonlight I moved to stand behind Elaine and wrapped my arms around her. I looked down over her shoulder to see that her nipples were hard points, clearly visible poking into her blouse. I lifted my hands and brushed my fingers across her nipples, eliciting a moan from deep in her chest as she rubbed her buttocks against my rising erection. A few minutes of this stimulation and Elaine was nearly panting with escort elvankent need. She turned in my arms, pulled my face down to hers and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. “Let’s go back to my place,” she said. “My roommate is visiting her family for the weekend.” She added, blushing furiously.

We quickly made our way to her apartment and were soon seated on the couch in the living room. Our passionate kisses resumed immediately, tongues dueling. When I slipped my hand under the hem of her blouse and began to caress her breast and tweak her nipple she nearly sucked my tongue out of my mouth by the root! I continued to fondle her breast and tweak her nipple as we kissed and kissed.

I began to unbutton her blouse. When the last button was free Elaine pulled her shoulders back, pressing her breasts forward, allowing her blouse to slide down her arms and giving my unencumbered access to her bountiful breasts. I lowered my head to take one nipple into my mouth while I continued to caress the other breast with my hand. “OH!” she exclaimed. “YES!”

We continued kissing and petting, I alternated between kissing her passionately and suckling at her breasts. Elaine was panting and moaning, her hips involuntarily pumping against me. I unbuttoned the waist of her skirt and ran down the zipper. She looked at me, panting with sexual arousal, and said in an uncertain voice, “I’ve never done this before.”

Despite our earlier conversations about her conservative upbringing, I had never considered that a 19 year old, second year college student might have so little experience… That she might still be a virgin! “I don’t want you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.” I replied, meaning every word, but hoping that she would want to proceed.

“This is all so new, and also so beautiful! I just don’t want to disappoint you with my inexperience. I am on the pill because it has helped regulate my cycles, but I’ve never done anything like this. I just wanted you to know…” she said, her voice trailing off.

“You are the most beautiful, desirable woman I have ever known. I want you in ways that I have never even known to exist, but I only want to do what is appropriate to you. If at any point you feel the need to pause or stop, I will understand. It will not affect our developing relationship.”

“That’s so sweet! Thank you. But I think I would like to continue sparking.”

Sparking? That is such a quaint term for what we had been doing, but in many ways so appropriate. Sparks had definitely been flying!

I leaned into Elaine, taking her into my arms and kissing her deeply. The passion quickly reignited and soon she was pressing into me until I was reclining on the couch with her lying on top of me. Then she lifted her hips and slipped her skirt down, kicking it off onto the floor. She was nude except for her panties!

We continued our passionate kisses. My hand found its way between our bodies to resume caressing Elaine’s beautiful breast and sensitive nipple. She was rubbing her panty clad pussy against the huge bulge in my pants as she panted into my mouth. Then she lifted slightly to reach between us to begin unbuttoning my shirt. “I want to feel your skin against mine!” she said as explanation.

Working together we soon had my shirt unbuttoned and off. It was delicious to feel her full, soft breasts rubbing against my bare chest. As she continued to kiss me fervently and rub her naked breasts on my chest, I slipped my hands into the back of her panties to caress the firm globes of her buttocks, pulling her hips tighter against me and increasing the contact of her pussy against my firm erection as she humped against me.

“Oh! I want you so much!” she moaned into my mouth. With that encouragement, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties, sliding them downward. She lifted her body slightly to facilitate the removal of her final article of clothing, kicking the panties to the floor. This beautiful woman was completely nude in my arms!

I slipped one hand between us to resume caressing her beautiful breast while our passionate kissing continued. Then she slipped a hand between us and began fumbling with my belt. I looked into her eyes and said, “Are you sure?”

She nodded and said, “I want to see all of you! I want to touch all of you!” Who could refuse such a sentiment from a beautiful lady? So I unfastened my belt, released my trousers, and slid both my pants and underwear down in one motion while she sat up and watched. Then she giggled, reached down and pulled off my socks. “You looked silly with just your socks on!”

Her eyes latched onto my penis while I took in the totality of her nude body. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was shapely, perfectly proportioned, with full breasts and a narrow waist. “God! You’re so beautiful!” I exclaimed.

“If you keep saying that, I might start to believe you,” she teased.

“I promise that I will keep saying that because it’s the truth! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known!” etimesgut escort bayan She blushed a little, but her beaming smile could have illuminated the entire room.

“Can I touch it?” she asked tentatively.

“Of course, I would love that.” I said as I reclined to give her unrestricted access.

“It’s so BIG! And it looks like it is jumping! It’s hard and smooth all at the same time! Is it supposed to be leaking like that? Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“No I don’t need to go to the bathroom. That is called ‘pre-coital fluid’; that happens when a man is really sexually aroused, in preparation for intercourse.”

“I guess you think I’m really stupid, or something. I just don’t know about any of this! Will you be patient with me and help me learn?” As she said this my cock jerked powerfully. “I guess ‘he’ likes that idea, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, ‘he’ does, and so do I. I will be happy to be patient with you as you learn more about the intimate aspects of our relationship. We can explore as much as you would like, anything you would like, at whatever pace you are comfortable with.” I said.

“I think I would like to explore our intimacy some more, but I don’t think I am actually quite ready for sex.”

“Well, actually, all of this is sex. But I assume you are specifically speaking about engaging in intercourse. We certainly can save that for the future, whenever you are ready for it. We can enjoy and explore so much until then.”

“Oh, I like that! You are so sweet to me!”

“That’s because you are such a sweet person.” I said, taking her nude body into my arms, feeling her skin caress mine. We resumed passionate kisses as our hands explored the expanses of naked flesh accessible to each of us.

I kissed her lips, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead; she giggled when I kissed her nose. Then I began to kiss her neck and on to the sensitive spot at the base of the neck. Downward I moved, planting kisses over all of the soft flesh accessible to me as she threw back her head and sighed and then moaned.

I latched onto first one, then the other, nipple, feasting on her beautiful mounds of feminine flesh. I believe that I could suck on these bounteous breasts forever! But Elaine was writhing and pumping her hips against me, nearly in a frenzy of sexual need.

Then I began to kiss my way down Elaine’s abdomen, pausing at her navel, and moving inexorably downward. As I began to approach her sumptuous thicket of pubic hair, she realized what I was preparing to do. “What are you doing??” she exclaimed.

“I am going to show you that loving sex has many attributes, and intercourse is only one of them.”

“But …”

“You bathed before we went to dinner, right?”

“Well, yes, of course.”

“You maintain regular good hygiene, right?”

“Well, yes… “

“Then this should be delicious for both of us.” I said with finality.

I luxuriated in her pubic curls and the scent of her arousal. I kissed along the juncture of her legs to her body. I lightly licked along the outer edges of her labia. By this point, Elaine was “Oh-ing” and moaning, pumping her hips and shifting her body as she attempted to increase the contact with her inflamed sex. I continued to lightly lick along her outer lips, one hand reaching up to caress and tease a nipple. When I dipped my tongue slightly into her juice filled slit, she bucked like she was trying to throw me off, only to grab my head to hold it in place.

On each stroke of my tongue I penetrated her honey pot just slightly deeper; and on each stroke her back arched and her hips rose to meet me. I licked and caressed and she responded like a Stradivarius as I brought her need to higher and higher plateaus. As I swirled my tongue around her distended clitoris, her body clenched on the precipice of a huge climax. I placed one hand at the entrance to her vagina, slightly inserting one finger. She was extremely tight, but I did not encounter an impediment (probably due to the active horseback riding she had done during high school.) I slipped my finger deeper into her tight, wet pussy, then curled it slightly to find her G-spot. I sucked her clitoris between my lips while I caressed her G-spot, and Elaine exploded like a rocket. She screamed and her hips began to flail wildly. I continued to lick and suck on her clit while I stroked her G-spot and her orgasm continued to crash through her body. Her hips had taken on a life of their own, her back arched so that only her shoulders and feet supported her. I continued to stimulate her, now a little more gently, and her climax continued on and on, her hands now holding my head tightly against her throbbing vagina.

When I feared that Elaine could not withstand any more stimulation, I stopped sucking, licking, and stroking, but with my face held firmly against her sopping wet pussy and my finger still entombed in her pulsing vagina.

As she began to calm down, she pulled me up onto her. Her eyes were sparkling with unshed tears, but her beautiful smile said they were tears of joy. As soon as I was within reach, she crushed her mouth to mine in a powerful, impassioned kiss. When she came up for air she said, “I didn’t know anything could be like THAT! That was the most beautiful, awe-inspiring experience of my life! Is sex always like that??”

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