Juvenile Ch2- A Special Delivery

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Please read the first chapter to get an idea of the plot. For those who don’t want to, here is the overview of the characters:

All:16 years old, good looking, and sent to juvenile prison

Jordan: short straight dark blonde hair, tanned white skin, brown eyes, football player, the tallest of them all at 5 foot 10

Liam: short straight black hair messy at the front, fair skin, penetrating blue eyes (think Asa Butterfield), skater, 5 foot 9

Ben: slightly longer but still short straight light blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, swimmer, 5 foot 9


Is that better now?” Jordan said with a smirk.

“That felt SO good, best one I’ve had for ages. It wasn’t exactly in the best circumstances though…” Ben commented, still breathing slightly heavier than usual.

“I haven’t had a wank in a few days, but I can definitely keep it in till we get there, unlike some people…” Jordan replied, rolling his eyes at Ben.

“Same” said Liam, “although I won’t lie, that did get me in the mood”.

“Yeah it’s hard not to be in the mood when someone else is enjoying themselves right in front of you.” Jordan said, “how do you think we will even be able to do it in juvie? Won’t we be in bunks with strangers and stuff? I don’t want some psycho watching me cum”

“Jordan, stop worrying, I’m sure everything will be fine. If we stick together, we can try our best to live through this.” Liam said, sensing Jordan’s pessimism.

“Liam, we won’t be released until we’re thirty, THIRTY!” Ben chimed in.

“No way” Liam said, “we’ll be able to get parole at least half of that time. Remember, this is the British prison system, they let terrorists out for ‘good behaviour’”

“Don’t believe everything you read” Ben said, sticking with his pessimistic outlook, “although if the news is to be believed, the prison will be overcrowded”

The warm, musky air of the van got the better of the three teenage boys and they drifted off to sleep.

The driver pulled over for the second time of their journey. He pulled open the hatch, “everything alri-woah! What the hell is that smell?” The trio had grown accustom to the mingling smells of three teenage boy’s collective B.O, Jordan’s piss-soaked nappy, not to mention Ben’s rocket load escort izmit of cum slowly dripping down the wall of the van.

“teenagers…” the driver tutted.

The three boys stirred at the sudden absence of motion. “are we there?” Liam said, begrudgingly.

“no, not yet, we’re about an hour away.”

The other boys were paying attention now. “why have we stopped?” Jordan asked.

“I was going to ask you if everything was alright, you boys stink by the way.”

Jordan looked momentarily embarrassed, as did the others. Being insulted to the point of feeling self-conscious in front of your friends is the nightmare of many teens. Then he said, “you would too if you were thrown in the back of a van for 10 hours”

“very well”, the driver sighed, “I’ll turn the a.c on now though.”

“There’s air conditioning?!” Jordan hollered.

“of course”

“why didn’t you turn it on to start with?”

“I forgot”

“Un-fucking-believable” Jordan sighed.

With the air conditioning turned on, the boys stayed awake for the rest of the journey, not saying much.

“Guys if we have the nappies on when we get there we’ll get bullied for the rest of eternity” Jordan realised.

“it almost seems a shame not to have used them” Ben joked, “apart from you of course”

“well I’m getting out of this soaking wet thing anyway”

Jordan wiggled onto his back and put his tanned, athletic legs in the air. He undid the strap and slowly inched the nappy down his legs. The other two boys just watched him blankly as he did it. Jordan noticed saying, “take a good look why don’t you”. The boys quickly looked around innocently. The nappy had now got to Jordan’s ankles and his smooth legs were now spread wide up into the air as he flailed them around. The nappy slipped off with a ‘splat’, and Jordan hurriedly put on his prison suit. “Done” he said, sitting back down. He pushed the nappy over to the wall of the van with a grim look, still not quite believing that he had actually used it.

“come on then, aren’t you two going to change?” Jordan asked.

“actually, I think some revenge is in order.” Ben said with a grin on his face.

The others looked confused.

“The driver made us suffer without the a.c on, let’s get him back by chucking our nappies through the partition when he opens the hatch.”

“Yes mate!” Liam said. izmit escort “but we need to use them first”

“that’s fine with me” Ben said, “I needed a piss anyway”

“I might try and do a bit more than piss”, Liam said devilishly. “I mean, do you really want to use the prison toilets more than you have to?”

“Eww, Liam that’s gross.” Jordan exclaimed, “actually do it, it will be funny watching.”

“Ben do you think you could go the full way too?”

“I can try but I don’t need a shit like Liam, ok here goes”

Ben squinted slightly, and rocked his hips a bit, then sighed, “wow it’s surprisingly hard to go against your natural instinct of holding it in”

“relax your body and your dick then try and piss like normal, that’s what I did, until it just kind of flows out”

Ben tried again “oh, I’m getting there, this feels so weird” A damp patch emerged slowly at the front of his nappy “ahhh” he said blissfully, as he let his dick do the rest of the work for him. “I can feel the warmth growing around my dick and bum” It wasn’t as soggy as Jordan’s, as he wasn’t as desperate, but it was soaked nevertheless. “are you gonna shit too?” Liam asked.

“I can try but I don’t think I’ll be able to”

“you won’t be able to do it sitting on the bench, try squatting on the floor” Jordan advised.

Ben obliged. He squatted with his hands resting on the floor by the back door near to where Liam was sitting on the bench. He looked slightly nervous.

“tell you what, how about I do it with you?” Liam suggested, as he squatted right next to his friend. All the boys were good looking, but Liam still looked partly prepubescent, and the diamond blue eyes mixed with his cute face was a defining feature. His mischievous grin was enough to cheer anyone up on a bad day.

“It’s a shame you can’t join in Jordan” Liam said. Jordan looked over at his two friends sitting next to each other about to shit into nappies and wondered what the world was coming to.

“You know what? Maybe I will.” He said.


“I’ll open up the nappy and squat over it. Every little helps”

With this Jordan picked up the nappy and put it on the floor next to Liam. He then got completely undressed again. “Is it ok to squat naked next to you?” he asked.

“um, yeah sure.” Liam said hesitantly. “we haven’t got long, let’s izmit kendi evi olan escort go”

The three boys, now all squatting against the back of the van, were a peculiar sight. They were all squinting and breathing heavily. Jordan’s bum cheeks clenched and loosened.

“I’m nearly there”, said Liam screwing up his face slightly, “ahhh” he said as he made an audible rustling noise among the awkward silence. “might as well go the full way” he said to himself, before soaking it in urine. “That’s better”. He breathed heavily a few times, before getting up to get changed. “this feels disgusting”.

“yeah this really isn’t working for me” said Ben, also getting up to get changed.

“woah woah wait for me I think I might be able to squeeze something out, this a.c is making me feel all calm and relaxed.” Jordan said. The other boys watched as he shut his eyes, then proceeded to shit onto his nappy with an audible gasp of exasperation. He narrowly avoided pissing on Liam standing in front of him at the same time.

“watch it!” Liam shouted

“sorry! Anyway, I’m done now. Let’s get changed.”

The boys wiggled out of their nappies as fast as they could, with the exception of Jordan who only had to put his prison suit back on.

They seemed somewhat less caring about their nakedness now, as if some kind of sacred pact of clothe wearing had worn off. They hurriedly got changed, and bumped into each other on more than one occasion.

“quick” Ben said, “Let’s grab our nappies then get ready to chuck them through the partition.”

The mischievous trio stood either side of the parcel sized vent, like an assault squad preparing to break into a house. The van lurched, and then lurched again shortly after, and they realised that they must have driven over speed bumps.

“I think we’re there”, Ben said.

Shortly after, the sound of gravel could be heard before the van grounded to a halt.

The driver pulled back the hatch, “we’re he-“

“Surprise muda fucker!” Jordan screamed, slamming the contents of his nappy into the drivers face. With the driver caught off guard, the other two quickly followed suit.

“You little shits!” the driver cursed, clumsily shutting the vent.

“Maybe this will be more fun than we thought”, said Jordan.


I hoped you liked it, please comment improvements etc. I know my last one was 2 years ago but the next one should be out soon so keep an eye out.

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