Kaitlin Closes The Deal Ch. 02

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Kaitlin had a restless sleep, her body tossing and turning all night long as her conscience struggled with the plan she had envisioned the night before. When she woke around seven the next morning she was still trying to convince herself that Jessica was right. Sometimes in life you just need to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, even if it means bending your professional ethics and personal moral standards. Kaitlin knew that if she didn’t sign the Cortez account she would lose the prestige of being the top account executive at Anderson Advertising, and the hundred thousand dollar bonus. The money would help to pay off all the bills that had been piling up since her husband Brian had lost his high paying job a few months ago.

As they arranged the night before Kaitlin and Jessica met for breakfast around nine the next morning. Jessica flirted shamelessly with the waiter, and Kaitlin noticed there was a glow about her this morning that was even more pronounced than normal. After the waiter walked away from the table with a big smile on his face, Kaitlin turned to Jessica and asked, “How did things go last night?”

Jessica smiled wickedly and leaning closer to Kaitlin said, “Ramon and I had a very interesting time. After the dinner party broke up he took me to this cool nightclub called Christina’s and we danced to the sensuous beat of this live band playing Salsa music. By the time we left the club both of us were sexually charged from rubbing our bodies against each other while dancing. He took me to his fabulous high rise penthouse suite. For the next two hours we enjoyed wild adventurous sex. I have to tell you Kaitlin that Ramon is generously endowed, and quite the lover. He made me come so many times that I lost count and during those two hours he came twice, once in my pussy, and once in my mouth. Afterwards we talked for a while and Ramon told me that he was looking forward to having me as their new account executive, but he had to talk with his brother Carlos before the deal could be finalized.”

Kaitlin’s mouth dropped open, and she blushed slightly as Jessica related all the juicy details from her sexual romp with Ramon the night before. Hearing Jessica recall the events from last night in such vivid detail was causing Kaitlin to get wet. Kaitlin had always been able to control her sexual desires throughout the years but something was different this time. The sexual encounter with Jessica the other night had opened a doorway to a world of burning sexual need that Kaitlin had never felt before. The lack of sexual attention from her husband Brian over the last couple of months had created a void, and now her body constantly ached for sexual attention trying to fill that empty space in her life.

Kaitlin sighed deeply, she had desperately hoped that Stuart’s plan to use Jessica sexually would not be successful, and that she would not have to consider the radical and dangerous plan she had conceived last night.

Jessica could tell that Kaitlin was upset about her using sex to win the account. She looked at Kaitlin pleadingly and said, “Please tell me that you understand why I had to do it Kaitlin. We both know that you are the better account executive, and that Anderson Advertising is a cut above the rest. This is just a case of me being able to give them something more than what you can offer.”

Kaitlin’s fierce competitive spirit kicked in and a fire blazed in her eyes as she responded, “Well Jess I guess we will just have to wait and see how the Cortez brothers feel about what I have to offer!”

After finishing their breakfast they both returned to their rooms to hone their presentations. Jessica was scheduled to present in the early afternoon, and Kaitlin would be the last person to present later in the afternoon.

Jessica knocked on Kaitlin’s hotel room door as she was leaving to do her presentation. She was dressed stunningly and Kaitlin wondered whether her and Ramon were going to have sex again. Jessica said, “I just wanted to wish you good luck with your presentation this afternoon. “

Kaitlin gave a mock wolf whistle then smiled warmly at her close friend and replied, “You look absolutely stunning Jess. I don’t know how I can possibly compete with that hot wicked body of yours, but I may have a few tricks of my own. Don’t spend your bonus for winning the account just yet Jess.” Then she gave Jessica a warm lingering hug and patted her ass before sending her off to do her presentation.

Kaitlin took a warm steamy shower to try and unwind. What she was planning on doing was either going to win her the account, or backfire and ruin her career. Either way Kaitlin felt like she really didn’t have any other options. If she didn’t take an enormous risk then Kaitlin knew that Jessica would almost certainly sign the account.

Kaitlin had decided to wear the new lingerie that she had purchased from Victoria Secret when shopping with Jessica the other day. She stood there looking at herself in the full length mirror and had to admit that the petite blond reflected back at her looked very hot in the sexy black under-wire bra with black strings in a crisscross pattern across her cleavage, black Antalya Escort silk thong, and a lacy black garter belt with stockings. She slipped into her black business suit skirt that fit her nicely and ended about three inches above her knee. Deciding that she would not wear a blouse underneath she put on her suit jacket which modestly buttoned almost to her neck and didn’t show any cleavage. The jacket fit snugly over her large round 38C breasts and accentuated their size and fullness. To complete her outfit she slipped on a pair of shiny black high heels and checked herself out in the mirror again. She smiled wickedly knowing that she looked very professional on the outside, and extremely sexy underneath.

She needed one more item for her plan. Kaitlin had noticed an adult book store not too far from the hotel. She always ordered her sex toys over the internet and had never been inside an adult store in her life. She was embarrassed and excited as she quickly slipped into the store. There were a few men and all of them seemed to focus on her at the same time, ogling her like a tasty desert. Kaitlin blushed and quickly found the aisle with the dildo’s. If she wouldn’t have been the only woman in the place she might have taken more time to explore the whole store.

She had to admit to being curious about some of the items she had noticed on the shelves. Some of them looked interesting. She looked at what was available in the dildo’s and then selected one that realistically looked like a seven inch cock. As she held it in her hand she imagined how the thick life like dildo would feel sliding in and out of her pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. One of the men who had been staring at her when she entered the store slowly approached and asked if she wanted to go into one of the booths in the back and get some real cock instead of an imitation.

Kaitlin thanked the man for his interest and hurriedly down the aisle. Then she quickly made her way to the young male cashier who raped her with his eyes as he rang up her purchase. Once she was back in her car she removed the dildo from it’s package. Gawd it almost felt like she was holding a real cock in her hand and that caused her pussy to get even wetter. She put the dildo in the bottom of her briefcase. Then she quickly pulled out of the lot before anyone else approached her.

When she arrived at the Cortez Clothing corporate headquarters she was greeted by a very attractive dark haired woman who introduced herself as Selena. She escorted Kaitlin to large nicely decorated conference room where Carlos and six other employees were gathered around the oval table. Some of the faces she recognized from last night, and the others quickly introduced themselves to Kaitlin and made her feel welcome. Ramon was not present and Kaitlin suspected that he was still tied up with Jessica. Carlos seemed a little perturbed that his brother did not show up for the presentation and after five minutes of waiting he asked Kaitlin to proceed without Ramon.

During the next hour Kaitlin gave one of the best presentations of her career, expertly highlighting all the reasons that the Cortez Clothing chain should select Anderson Advertising to handle all their advertising needs. On more than one occasion she caught Carlos drinking in her body with his deep brown eyes, and she smiled hopeful that he had not made a final decision to go with Barnes & Cunningham. Perhaps she still had some chance of winning the account without resorting to desperate measures.

When Kaitlin’s presentation was finished she asked if anyone had questions. A few of the employees asked her a question and she handled each one easily. Carlos thanked his staff for their time and they all left the room leaving Kaitlin and Carlos alone in the huge room. Carlos smiled at Kaitlin and said, “Let’s go to my office and talk about a couple of things.”

Carlos led Kaitlin down the hall towards his office. He caught the scent of her perfume as it wafted through the air. It was after five o’clock and Selena was still working at her desk. Carlos stopped and said to her, “Selena you always work too hard. It’s after five o’clock, and I think you should go home to your husband and family. I’m sure they miss you.”

Selena laughed and replied, “Okay Carlos you’re the boss.”

Kaitlin excused herself to make a quick trip to the ladies room. When she returned Selena had already left and the office seemed deserted.

Carlos was waiting in his doorway and he escorted Kaitlin into his huge private office and invited her to sit in the chair in front of his massive oak desk. As Kaitlin sat down in the chair across from Carlos she adjusted her skirt pulling it up a little higher than necessary for comfort. Knowing that she needed any edge she could get in negotiating this contract Kaitlin slowly crossed her legs allowing her skirt to ride up a little further. She wanted to see whether Carlos would be tempted by seeing her stocking tops, garter, and the pale creamy skin of her thigh.

Carlos stared into Kaitlin’s eyes for a second and then his gaze moved to her stocking covered legs and bare thighs. He Antalya Escort Bayan said, “I was very impressed with your presentation today Kaitlin, and what you have to offer Cortez Clothing.”

There was something in the way his voice deepened, and the way his piercing brown eyes focused on her exposed legs and thigh when Carlos said the words “what you have to offer” that made Kaitlin’s heart pound faster in her chest, and caused her to squirm even more in her chair. She felt like she had a personal connection to Carlos. Perhaps it was because he reminded her of someone she once knew when she was an exchange student in his native country of Costa Rica.

Kaitlin casually adjusted her position and crossed her legs again allowing her skirt to ride up even further. She looked down at the exposed tops of her black stockings and smiled knowing that Carlos was straining to get a closer look from across his desk. Kaitlin had been very nervous about her plan, but now that she had presented the initial gambit it was apparent that she had his full attention and interest, and it made her feel more confident.

Carlos felt his manhood stiffening in his slacks as his eyes alternated between looking into Kaitlin’s deep blue eyes, and looking up her skirt. They talked for a while covering some of the preliminary aspects of the contract. He asked Kaitlin, “What type of pricing is Anderson Advertising willing to give us for the volume of business that we can provide?”

Kaitlin had spent a lot of time the week before doing research on Cortez Clothing. They had been extremely profitable this year. Being a shrewd negotiator she knew that Cortez Clothing could easily afford the fee that Anderson Advertising wanted to charge. Now it was just a matter of convincing Carlos that the service her firm could provide was worth the asking price. She started out by throwing a dollar amount on the table that was twenty percent higher than she expected to get.

Carlos rolled his big brown eyes at Kaitlin and responded, “That amount is quite a bit higher than either of your competitors. “

Kaitlin had expected him to reply in that manner. Even though she had never resorted to blatantly using her sexuality before she didn’t feel any shame as she sat there teasing Carlos. After all she knew that Jessica had provided Ramon with a lot more than just a peek at her goodies, and Kaitlin was determined to see how much it would take to land this account which she desperately needed for both personal and financial reasons. Kaitlin pushed the chair and moved a little closer to the big wooden desk, uncrossed her legs, and spread her creamy white thighs apart a little to give Carlos a better look.

Carlos grinned knowingly, and his gaze grew bolder no longer making any attempt to hide that he was staring up her skirt. His rigid shaft was fully erect and painfully begging to be released from the tight confines of his slacks.

Kaitlin smiled seductively and asked, “Are the other competitors willing to give you the same amount of personal service and attention that I have to offer?” Before Carlos could answer her question Kaitlin spread her legs wider, giving Carlos a spectacular view of her crotch and black silk thong.

Carlos smiled and responded, “Well maybe your services and personal attention are worth a little more than what the competitors have to offer. ” Carlos then suggested a dollar amount that was about ten percent less than Kaitlin’s original quote.

Kaitlin smiled coyly and replied, “I can assure you that my services are worth every penny of the full price I quoted you. I’m sure that you don’t want us to cut corners, or not be able to give you the personal attention that you desire.”

Carlos pondered the full meaning of her last statement and then asked, “What other incentives can you offer me Kaitlin?”

Kaitlin replied, “My assurance that I will personally see to all your needs!”

“Goes without saying. What else?” Carlos presses on.

“Well…what about this?” Kaitlin says, as she slowly unbuttons the top two buttons on her business suit jacket exposing her sexy black bra and ample cleavage. Then she slowly rises from her chair and moves over to the edge of his big wooden desk.

“Very nice,” Carlos replies teasingly. “But that’s nothing more than I could see on the beach any day.”

Kaitlin gives him a flirtatious look from under her lashes. She leans over the desk, placing her palms flat on the surface, and brings her beautiful deep cleavage to his eye level. “Carlos I can assure you that I am not like any woman you’ve ever seen, on the beach or off.”

“I’m beginning to understand that,” Carlos laughs.

The intensity in his dark eyes made Kaitlin shiver. Undaunted, she sat down in her chair, making sure that Carlos still has a generous view of her stocking-clad thighs, and paused while she considered her next move. His steady gaze never left her spread thighs and Kaitlin sensuously licked her lips in anticipation and her pussy started to tingle with anticipation. “Maybe I can think of a way to show you just how different I am,” Kaitlin suggested. She slipped one silk Escort Antalya stocking covered leg over the arm of the office chair, fully exposing her soft inside thighs and silk covered pussy. She looked seductively at Carlos and said, “I can see in your brown lust filled eyes that you are enjoying the view.”

Carlos smiled and replied dryly, “You certainly have beautiful equipment Kaitlin, but it’s how you use it that counts.”

“I use it very well,” Kaitlin purred. “Would you like a demonstration?”

“Yes, of course,” Carlos grinned.

“Would you like me to do something like this?” Kaitlin asked as she pressed her fingers against her silk covered crotch.

Carlos was getting very excited and aroused by the erotic show that Kaitlin was putting on for him. It was clear to him that this woman knew how to tease a man unmercifully. His deep brown eyes were fixed, never leaving the juncture of her thighs as he softly answered, “Oh yes Kaitlin I would love to see the rest of your demonstration.”

Kaitlin felt her dewy wetness seeping into the crotch of her black silk thong. She wondered whether Carlos could smell the need that was building in her loins. Carlos was starting to squirm in his seat, and Kaitlin sensed that she was driving him crazy too, so she moved forward with her plan. Kaitlin wanted to finish the negotiations as soon as possible, so she took a deep breath to quiet her nerves, and said, “Carlos are you ready to sign the contract agreeing to the price and services I’ve outlined? In return you will receive my personal guarantee of your complete… satisfaction… with our company. What will it take to make this happen?”

“Well,” Carlos slowly replied. “I would really like to give it to you Kaitlin, but I guess that I just need a little more… incentive…to sign.”

“Okay how about this?” Kaitlin asks as she smiles wantonly. Reaching into her briefcase, she brought out the realistic dildo she purchased at the adult store on her way to the office. Putting on this show for Carlos was really turning Kaitlin on. The crotch of her black silk thong was soaked with her dew, and her nipples were fully extended as they strained against the thin material of her bra. Kaitlin rubbed the dildo all over her breasts, rolling it across her bra covered nipples, which were rock hard from the excitement and boldness of being half dressed while sitting in his office. Then Kaitlin slid the realistic cock up and down the deep cleavage between her breasts before slowly sliding it down her belly, across the lacy black garter belt, and rubbed it against her mound, which was still covered by the black silk thong.

Carlos was grinning as he thought about how much he wanted to get his hands on this hot number who was teasing and tormenting him unmercifully. Usually it was Carlos who drove the women crazy with his practiced hands and tongue. Having such a beautiful woman turn the tables on him was an interested change of pace and he was curious just how far this hot sexy babe was willing to go.

Kaitlin had always wanted to do a slow sexy strip tease for a man other than her husband, just to see how excited she could get them, and how much control she could have over them. Acting like a slut had her pussy tingling with excitement. She rose from her chair, crossed the room and locked his door, then sauntered around the side of the desk where Carlos was sitting. She pushed his big leather chair back a little, and then sat on the edge of his desk with her legs spread wide giving him a very close look at her thong covered pussy. Kaitlin was sure that Carlos could see her wetness soaking through the silky material covering her crotch. She reached down and slipped the thong to the side giving him his first peek at her slit and neatly trimmed pussy. As she pulled on the thong the narrow band of silky black material tightened against her anus and her crack causing a bolt of electricity to shoot through her body and a moan to escape from her lips.

Carlos was practically drooling at the site of her wet crotch. When Kaitlin briefly pulled it to the side, and he saw her long slick crease and closely trimmed bush he thought his hard throbbing cock was going to rip through his pants. The combination of the sight and scent of her arousal caused his large hands which had been palms-flat on the arms of his chair to slowly clench into fists. He wanted to reach out and put his hands all over this wickedly hot woman and touch her tits and pussy before giving her a screwing that she would never forget.

Now that she was on his side of the desk Kaitlin could see his hard manhood tenting the front of his slacks. Kaitlin could see that Carlos was well endowed, and she wondered about how long and thick it might be. Kaitlin was totally absorbed in the task at hand and the need burning deep in her loins was getting more intense with each passing minute. Staring deeply into his eyes Kaitlin slowly began to rub the tip of the dildo up and down her slippery feminine slit. The sensation of the life like cock against her pussy lips was getting her so aroused. For a minute Kaitlin closed her eyes and almost forgot that someone else was in the room with her. Finally, the sound of his harsh breathing penetrated Kaitlin’s consciousness and she opened her eyes to see Carlos squirming in his chair. Kaitlin tauntingly questioned, “Are we getting closer to having a deal yet Carlos, or would you like to see more of what I have to offer?”

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