Karma Has Its Way

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Seema Patel was a lovely young woman. She was twenty-one-years-old and had recently graduated from college. She had gotten the highest marks in her classes and graduated with honors. Her mother, Asha Patel, and her younger brother, Manish, were both very proud of her.

It had not been easy for Seema. She had grown up as part of a traditional family in a small village in central India. Her father was a good man who had worked hard at low paying jobs just to keep his family fed and a roof over their heads. In spite of their financial difficulties, he had refused to allow his wife to work outside their home. He had always held that a wife’s job was to see to the household and tend to the children. Given the long held beliefs of his family and culture, he had made a major concession to the modern world by allowing his daughter to attend school beyond a basic level.

Unfortunately, Mr. Patel had died several years earlier in an accident at work. He had no personal insurance and there was very little compensation from his employer. Thus, Asha Patel was forced to take work using the only skills she possessed. She cleaned the homes and did the laundry for some of the wealthier families in their village. She not only allowed Seema to continue attending school, she encouraged her daughter to go on to college and excel in her chosen field.

Neither of Seema’s parents were educated people. Seema was the first of her family to attend school beyond the first few levels. In the face of her many challenges, Seema graduated with honors in mathematics and bookkeeping.

Even her own body had been a challenge for Seema. As she matured, she became a beautiful young lady. At graduation, she was five feet four inches tall, weighed about 115 pounds, had a well pronounce chest line, and a small round butt that wiggled as she walked. Long curly hair framed her beautifully rounded face in a shiny black halo. Her eyes were dark pools that had a hypnotic effect on many of the boys in her classes.

“Mama, how can I concentrate on my studies when the boys want to be around me and talk to me all the time? And Mama, some of them make me feel strange inside when the hang around.” She often asked for her mother’s advise.

The young woman always got the same answer from her mother. “Seema, you’re a pretty girl. The boys are just being normal. You must ignore them and study even harder.”

Seema listened to her mother and studied even harder. None of the boys in her classes ever had an opportunity to get close to Seema. She was friendly enough, but she just didn’t have time for boys. As a result of all her hard work, Seema had won many awards for her academic abilities and finished with her school’s top honors.

One evening, several weeks after her graduation, a lady came to the Patel home looking for Seema. She was a recruiter representing an employment agency. She had a job offer for the young woman.

Seema’s high marks in mathematics and bookkeeping had gotten the attention of a large accounting firm. They wanted her to come to their main office for an interview. If she passed the interview, Seema would be offered an entry-level job. “This accounting firm is a reputable company. They pay well and have never treated their employees badly.” The recruiter told Seema and her family about the accounting company that had made the offer of employment.

Seema was excited about her prospects with the accounting firm. The offer of a good job was a good turn of events for the poor Patel family. The problem was that the accounting firm was located in Mumbai. If Seema accepted the job, she would be a long hard bus ride away from her home village and her family. After several tearful hours of discussing the offer with her family, it was decided that Seema would go to Mumbai seeking the offered job.

It was a happy but tearful group of family and friends that accompanied Seema to the village bus stop. The recruiter was there as well. She was going to accompany Seema on the journey. The recruiter had told the family that if Seema for some reason did not get the job, the recruiter would bring her home.

Seema past her pre-employment interview and other tests with ease. She was offered a job as an entry-level combination bookkeeper-secretary. Her starting salary was more than adequate. It was actually large by her village’s standards. Seema would be able to send some money home to her family every week. Along with the job came a small apartment that was close enough for her to walk to her new job. She was also given a small advance against her pay to help her get settled in. After she signed a multi-year contract, She was shown to her new apartment for the night.

The next day Seema arrived at work a little early. Her early arrival made a good impression on her new employer. She was assigned to work with one of their top accountants on the accounts he was responsible for. She was also to be his receptionist. As is normal in many fields, the accountant met with the clients while Seema did casino siteleri most of the actual accounting work.

Seema didn’t mind the heavy work load. It helped keep her mind off her loneliness. She missed her family and friends at home. However, she was determined to make it on her own. She refused to waste her family’s faith in her and her hard work in school.

Seema wrote to her mother once or twice a week. In those letters she describe her job, how much she liked it, and how well she was doing. When her pay began coming in, she happily sent some of it home to her mother.

Seema had been on the job for about three weeks. She had made a very favorable impression on her supervising accountant and some of the company executives. Her accounting skills were all they had expected and more. Her interaction with the clients that came to the office was beyond reproach. She had already been given a small raise in salary. With the raise salary, she had begun sending a little more of it home to her mother.

Then one day a client came into the office that made Seema fell very uncomfortable. Though she couldn’t pinpoint what it was about this particular client that bothered her, she knew he was not a man to be trusted.

Perhaps it was his physical appearance. He stood well over six feet tall and weighed about three hundred pounds. He towered over the much smaller Seema. His inexpensive suit was too small for him, and his belly was poking out between his shirt buttons. He didn’t seem to fit in with the other clients Seema had met. She could not believe this man was her employer’s best client.

Or, maybe it was his overly familiar greeting that bothered her. Even with her desk between them, the man intimidated Seema. With a toothy grin, he bent over close to Seema’s face. She could smell alcohol on his breath.

“Well, hello young lady. You look like a delicious little morsel. Care for a bite to eat, my dear?” He said to her while stroking her upper arm.

Seema had no experience in handling such an aggressive and rude man. So, all she could do was reject his offer. “No thank you, Sir.”

This man didn’t give up. “Are you sure? We can have a good time over lunch. I can make it all right with your supervisor. How about it, sweetie?”

“No thank you, Sir. I have a great deal of work to do.”

“We’ll soon see about that.” With a smirk, the man turned and left Seema. She thought his last comment sounded almost like a threat. Mr. Tamraj took Seema’s rejection as a challenge. He stared back at her as he walked away. For some reason, the stare was frightening to Seema. A chill ran up the girl’s spine.

Mr. Tamraj was one of the accounting firm’s best clients. He owned several businesses, and Seema’s employer did the accounting work for all of them. He paid them a great deal of money in accounting fees each month.

Seema was expected to be nice to all the clients she met, especially Mr. Tamraj. She didn’t know how she could be nice to this man without seeming to accept his rude advances.

A week later, Seema was called into the office manager’s office. She was directed to sit in the chair opposite the manager’s desk. With his eyes downcast, he quietly spoke to her. “I am sorry, Seema. We have to let you go.”

Seema was in shock. “Why? What mistake did I make? If you tell me what I did wrong, I will make amends. I really want to keep my job. Please Sir.”

“There is nothing I can do. I am so very sorry, Seema. You have done nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, you have worked out much better than any of our other recruits. Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Tamraj has bought your contract from us. So, for the next three years, you belong to him. We are so sorry, Seema.” The manager seemed to be truly sorry for her. The weeping girl slowly rose from her seat and returned to her desk.

Mr. Tamraj was waiting for her when she returned to her desk to retrieve her personal belongings. “You’re mine now, sweetheart. Do a good job and do what you are told and you will make a good living. Disobey and you will be punished severely. Do you understand?” He snarled.

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” The frightened young woman answered through her sobs. Tears freely flowed down her cheeks.

“Good. Follow me.” Mr. Tamraj led Seema out of the office building and into a large black car.

Oddly enough, her new boss didn’t try to make advances on her once in his car. He simply said. “Seema, can you dance?”

N-n-no, Sir. I never learned to dance.” She answered.

“That’s too bad. No matter! Never mind for now. As pretty as you are, you can still make me a fortune. We will have one of the other girls teach you to dance.”

“Sir, why do I need to learn to dance?” Seema didn’t understand what kind of job required her to have the ability to dance.

“Don’t worry about it for now. We are going to the other side of Mumbai and it will take a while. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

“Yes, Sir.” Seema had never been to a city as large canlı casino as Mumbai. So, she did enjoy the ride. There was so much to see along the way.

She couldn’t help it. The question kept going through her mind as they rode across Mumbai. ‘Why do I need to learn to dance?’ The girl just could not forget about it. Again she ask Mr. Tamraj. “Sir, I really want to know. Why do I need to learn to dance?”

WHACK! Tamraj slapped Seema’s face with

the back of his hand. She reeled back from the blow.

“I told you not to worry about that for now. So, shut up about the dancing. You will be taught to dance. Now, not another word about it!”

Rubbing her cheek, Seema reluctantly agreed to her new boss’ demand. “Yes, Sir.”

After about an hour’s ride, Mr. Tamraj’s car pulled behind a large nightclub. It was called The Wild West. It was located in an area of Mumbai where the upscale western hotels were nearby. The Wild West was frequented by many of the tourists and businessmen that stayed in those hotels while in Mumbai.

Tamraj’s car came to a stop in a place reserved just for him. The gaudy neon signs all around the outside of the club were glowing brightly even in the late afternoon daylight. They were advertising the alcohol available inside. More importantly to Seema’s immediate future, the signs advertised the dancing girls that worked there.

“Is this where I will be doing your books, Sir?” Seema naively asked.

“No! You will not be doing my books. Now, follow me.” Mr. Tamraj used his key to unlock the steel door and led Seema through it. The door led into the rear of the club. They went down a dark hallway and entered a large comfortable looking office. “Sit there.” Mr. Tamraj pointed to a chair in a corner of the office while he pushed a button on his intercom.

When his secretary answered the intercom, he told her. “Have one of the older girls come in here please. I think Jenny will do.”

“Yes, Sir.” The voice on the intercom replied.

In just a few minutes, a girl entered the office. She was a pretty girl that seemed to be in her late twenties. She was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, had light skin, blue eyes, and long straight blond hair. Most shocking to Seema was that she was wearing nothing but a light blue bra and panty set that was so thin it hid nothing from the view of anyone who cared to look. She could easily see the girl was slender with large breasts. Seema was embarrassed for herself as well as this girl, Jenny. She could even see her hard nipples. What was most shocking to the naïve young women was this girl had shaven her private parts.

The girl smiled at Mr. Tamraj and said. “Yes, Sir. What can I do for you, Sir.”

Nodding toward Seema, Mr. Tamraj told the girl what he wanted her to do. “Jenny, this is Seema. She’s new and will be working here. She doesn’t know how to dance. I want you to teach her everything you know about dancing, how our business here works, and how to please our customers. Be sure to get her a costume that will show off her best features, especially those tits. Help her with a little make-up as well. That will be all for now.”

He continued and directed his instructions to Seema. “Seema, go with….”

Seema sat unmoving. She was in shock at what she had just heard and seen.

“SEEMA!” He shouted.

“Y-y-yes, Sir.” She stuttered.

“Seema, you go with Jenny. Pay attention to everything she tells. Do as you are told. Jenny will be your trainer for the next several days. Remember what I told you in the car about the punishment. Jenny can tell you what that can mean. Now get out of my office.”

Shaking from fear and confusion, Seema followed Jenny out of Tamraj’s office door and farther down the dark hallway. Jenny led the frightened girl to a well lit room. One wall of the room was lined with several sinks and mirrors. Another wall was lined with comfortable looking sofas. The remaining two walls were covered with racks of colorful clothing. The racks were filled with lingerie for them to use while working. “This room is the dressing room for the dancers. They also come here to relax and freshen up between dances.” Jenny told Seema.

Seema’s escort looked carefully at the small girl then rustled through the racks of flimsy nightwear. “Let’s see. You’re about 5’3″. Right? You weight what, about 110 pounds? Right?”

“I’m 5’4″ and 115 pounds. Why?”

“Don’t be stupid, Seema. I need your sizes to dress you for work tonight. Your tits?” Jenny demanded.

Self consciously, Seema looked down at her breasts and asked. “What about them?”

“What the hell size are your tits. Come on Seema. Get with it! I don’t have time to piss around with you. I’m losing money standing her with you. Now, what size cup do you wear?” Jenny was getting irritable.

“Uh, there Cs. I wear a C cup bra.”

“Fine, this ought to do for tonight.” Jenny tossed a thin black floor length negligee with matching panties and bra to Seema. “Put this on. Hurry kaçak casino up. We need to get out on the floor.”

“Jenny, I can’t wear this in public. People can see right through it. I can’t let people see me like this. Please, can’t you find something else.” Seema begged her escort.

“No! Put that shit on. Hurry up, damn it! Don’t be so damn stupid. You’re here so people can look at you.” Jenny ordered. “If you don’t put that shit on right now, I’ll simply tell Mr. Tamraj and let him handle you. Believe me, you don’t want him training you. He starts by beating you until you can barely walk. He has a way of beating a girl so no marks are left, but you won’t be able to sit or even bend over without pain for two or three nights. A couple of the girls told me he even roughly fucked them in the ass when the beatings didn’t get the results he wanted. So, I suggest you do as I tell you.”

Seema resigned herself to follow Jenny’s instruction. Shaking like a leaf in a storm, the girl removed her own clothes and put the flimsy outfit on. As she dressed, she agreed to do whatever Jenny told her to do. “OK Jenny. But, what am I supposed to do?”

Jenny gave Seema her instructions on how to conduct herself on the strip club’s main floor. “Tonight nothing. You just follow me and smile a lot. If a customer brushes your arm, smile at him and keep following me. If one of them pats your ass giggle, but keep walking. Some customers get down right bold and will reach out and squeeze a tit or your ass. If one does that smile and say to him, ‘Maybe later,’ and keep following me. Ask me anything you like whenever you can. Oh, and one more thing. Speak English unless you are certain your customer is Indian and speaks a language you understand.”

Seema stared at Jenny with her mouth gaping open. The poor girl was in shock again. “Do you mean I am supposed to let strange men touch me?”

Laughing, Jenny replied. “That’s the idea, sweetie. While they’re feeling you up, they’re drinking the booze Tamraj sells.”

While she was dressing she asked her trainer a question. “Jenny, you said you were loosing money. Do you make much money working here?”

“Yes! A hard working girl can make a good deal of money in a place like this. This is one of Mr. Tamraj’s best clubs. The other clubs he owns are dumps with cheap customers. If you don’t do well here, he will send you to one of them. The customers here pay and tip nicely for the opportunity to spend some time with the girls here. Letting them fondle us is just part of the job. They’re usually gentlemen about it too. If they like us, they’ll pay extra to have us rub our bodies all over them. You watch me tonight. Tomorrow it will be your turn to do a little work and maybe make a little money. You will be expected to give Tamraj a cut of your money, but not all that much. He takes ten percent of what you make. As young and pretty as you are, you can make a lot of money. Just learn to relax and enjoy the attentions of strangers. Now, hurry up. We need to do your make-up before we head out on the floor.” Jenny was still impatient with her trainee.

Once she was finished with Seema’s make-up, Jenny led her trainee out to the strip club’s main floor. The first thing Seema noticed was how loud the music was. She also noticed how dim the lights were. Some of the lights were a dim purple in color. They made some of the girls’ costumes seem to glow. The brightest area in the club was a stage located at the back of the main floor.

As the two girls walked across the large room, several men reached out and stroked Jenny’s arm. A few of them did the same to Seema. One man patted her wiggling ass as she passed. He looked western.

Jenny looked back, smiled, and said to him. “Hi Robert. I’ll be back, baby. I need to go dance right now. Don’t worry. Don’t I always take care of you?”

Robert nodded and smiled at Jenny as the two girls walked away.

Jenny escorted Seema to a table next to the stage where two other girls were seated. Jenny introduced Seema to the girls before climbing the steps to the stage. The loud music started and Jenny gyrated to the beat. She cupped her tits and thrust them out as if offering them to the crowd of cheering men. She rhythmically wiggled her ass and vulgarly spread her legs showing the crowd her shaved pussy through her thin panties. Jenny was a very popular dancer. As the second song of a two-song set began, the blond dancer seductively removed her bra and tossed it to the girls seated nearby. She fondled and squeezed her own tits and continued to offer them to the men closest to her.

Seema was working hard to suppress the shock she was feeling. She could not understand how anyone could behave like that in a public place and in front of all those strange men?

As her second song came to an end, Jenny turned her back to the men, bent over, and wiggled her ass and shaved pussy at them. Her audience cheered wildly and began throwing money onto the stage at Jenny’s feet. She gathered the money and rejoined Seema and the other girls.

One of the other girls at the table took the stage and started her set by removing her bra. She was not as well endowed as Jenny, but the men seemed to appreciate her just the same.

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