Kathy’s Smelly Stains

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I recently had a great dirty panty experience whilst staying with a friend for a few days.

Kathy is a wide-hipped 40-year-old girl who I’ve known on and off for several years.

I have never known her intimately, however this most recent experience could be as close as I ever get.

I always figured that the opportunity to stay in the same house as a single female will present opportunities, although they always seem more exciting when you know the person.

It’s not always about “going all the way” so to speak and I am more turned on by more intimate secrets that leave more to the imagination or at least fill the space between fantasy and reality.

In this case, having the opportunity to stay in Kathy’s house during the day whilst she was away at work was a great chance to explore.

Within 15 minutes of her leaving for work, I recovered 4 pairs of her dirty underwear, some found in her laundry hamper and others in the clothes washer.

Two size 12 black cotton bikini briefs were in amongst some dirty socks and a bra. A white cotton size 12 bikini was crunched up in a pair of black pantyhose and finally a see through white lacy pair with a cotton gusset was wrapped up in a pair of jeans.

I wasted no time inspecting the gussets of each pair — both black pairs clearly had some creamy but dry stains on the crotch panel although, as I had found both pairs towards the bottom of her washer, I figured they had probably been in there the longest, so perhaps the odour had faded over a few days.

As I put each one to my nose, the sweet stench of Kathy’s stale body sweat from between her legs filled my senses. It was still strong enough to get my heart racing and begin conjuring some wicked lara kendi evi olan escort fantasies.

First though to the white pairs — my favourite of all colours. Nothing reveals the dirty secrets of a beautiful woman more than white cotton — so soft and absorbent — the stains of a woman’s vaginal discharge can never be hidden in a white cotton crotch panel.

Kathy’s vagina had left some delicious deep brown stains soaked into each gusset, most probably from extended wear of maybe up to 24 hours.

The smell from each was pungent but “sweet” — they smelt much fresher than both black pairs — the lacy pair had a damper “heaviness” to the gusset and I guessed she had probably worn them most recently, probably yesterday. There was a real “muskiness” to both these white pairs that is always hard to describe exactly but my imagination always leads to a combination of female sweat, normal daily discharge and probably also urine and faeces. I guess there might be period odours in the mix also.

It is a powerful cocktail.

With all 4 prized possessions in my fist, I removed all my clothes and sat on the toilet seat.

I took a deep inhale of each pair, deciding that both white pairs had the most staining and the deepest odour.

I then ran my tongue across the gusset of each one, hoping to get some of the discharge flavour in my mouth and licking each one numerous times, taking deep sniffs as I went. I even sucked deeply on the dirty crotch panel, hoping those dirty flavours would make their way into my mouth.

What I actually found was that one pair smelled slightly stronger than the other and also that one pair had more flavour, so I stuck lara otele gelen escort with that.

It felt absolutely incredible to be sitting naked on Kathy’s toilet seat with her dirty underwear in my hands — I kept stopping to inspect those brown discharge stains, sniffing them deeply and sucking the deeply stained crotch panel, imagining how these knickers had been riding between her legs all day long.

I kept sucking the crotch panel, hoping to taste some foul discharge but it was more of a dull, stale taste — it actually smelt much better than any flavours I was getting!!

Wrapping both black pairs around my rock hard erection, I joyfully masturbated to visions of Kathy sitting on the toilet with these soiled panties around her knees.

Pulling them back up between her legs after completing her toilet business and maybe even changing a tampon, the undies would spend the rest of the day riding her up against her hairy crotch, the soft cotton gusset staining slowly from a combination of sweat and pussy discharge and also rubbing against her smelly brown anus.

I couldn’t help imagining her thick, moist pussy flaps in amongst all the pubic hair rubbing and spreading against the tiny white crotch panel, generating such a powerful feminine odour and oozing her pretty discharge into the gusset.

I sniffed the undies hard as I pictured them riding up between her thick wide buttocks, rubbing my meat even harder as I absorbed the foul but natural stench.

It felt totally wicked to be masturbating with two pairs of Kathy’s soft, dirty undies wrapped around my penis, whilst sniffing the brown discharge stains of another and sucking hard on the brown discharge lara rus escort stains of a fourth pair and all whilst she was out at work — sitting at her desk, hopefully soiling yet another pair of cotton bikini panties for me with her delicious fanny discharge combined with her typical daily groin sweat.

It was hard not to have these fantasies about Kathy and her private female business whilst having such direct contact with her dirty vaginal secrets like this.

My final fantasy was when Kathy would arrive home from work and go to the toilet, dropping her smelly, soiled knickers beside her on the bathroom floor — stained and heavy from a busy day at the office. Sitting on the toilet, she would take a big squirting pee and maybe even empty her bowels, filling the bathroom with her sweet faecal stench. I imagine her reaching for the toilet paper and wiping her soiled anus, as I sniff and suck the panties deep into my mouth, the brown discharge flavours and musky odours filling my senses as the soft panties around my penis bring me to an intense orgasm.

I masturbated about 5 times that day with Kathy’s knickers — I just couldn’t get enough of her discharge stains when they were so available to me.

Later in the day, I also progressed to her bedroom also making use of some of her clean knickers to enhance my pleasure — at the most I was using 7 pairs of her undies to get off!

Of course, I was super careful to replace all used items as they were found but got around the dirty washer items by putting through a full load with some of my own laundry. I had Kathy’s consent to do this, so it was a brilliant way to get around it as the pairs that had been in my mouth were quite moist and I had even got a bit easy and come into one of the white pairs on my final wanking session!

And over a 3-day stay with Kathy, she left another 2 pairs of freshly dirtied knickers in her washer for me, both with ample pussy stains and the final pair had a wonderful, fresh fishy aroma with a couple of black, curly pubic hairs stuck to them that none of the others had!

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