Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 04

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Amanda and Katie had returned home from spending a day at the beach. They were both wiped out after laying under the hot sun, taking a dip in the cool ocean water, and kissing under a large umbrella.

Both were so in love with each other, everyday was like a first date for them, with butterflies rumbling through their bellies several times each day. Katie told her friends Amanda’s kisses were amazing, always making her head spin.

But today, after arriving home, all Katie could think about was taking a nap.

The girls caught a ride to the flat they share. As soon as the door had been closed behind them Katie took off her huge sun shirt and flopped over on the sofa with a groan. Amanda sat down at the end and put Katie’s feet in her lap, then turned on the television and started flipping the channels. She stopped on a TMZ episode to catch the latest gossip, but soon shut it off. Feeling thirsty, Amanda got up carefully from the sofa, trying to make sure she did not wake Katie.

Amanda grabbed a wine cooler from the fridge and went back to the sofa where Katie was fast asleep, laying on her stomach with one foot stretched out, the other hanging off the end of the sofa. Her hands were folded underneath her head as she slept and the side of her right boob was hanging over the edge of the sofa.

As Amanda’s eyes traveled the length of Katie’s body, a familiar desire came over her. She untied Katie’s bikini top and let the sides fall down. She sat on the edge of the sofa beside Katie’s head. She stroked her hair gently and ran her fingertips down Katie’s adorable suntanned face. Amanda lightly dragged her thumb across her lips, closing her eyes with a heavy sigh when Katie’s tongue touched her thumb as she licked her lips in her sleep. She let her hand travel down over Katie’s shoulder and back, feeling the warm soft skin.

Katie shifted on the couch, rolled over on her back and sighed, still asleep. Her bikini top fell to the floor, with her boobs now resting on her chest and her nipples relaxed for the moment.

Amanda continued her hand’s traveling until her lover started to wake up.

She opened her eyes halfway and looked into Amanda’s.

“What are you doing?” Katie whispered.

“You look like an angel sleeping and I couldn’t help myself by touching you,” Amanda Ankara escort whispered back.

She picked up Katie’s hand and held it to her breasts still covered by her beach shirt. She picked up Katie’s other hand and slid the index finger into her full lips and mouth and began to suck lightly. Katie inhaled deeply. She loved Amanda’s scent. It was intoxicating.

Amanda sucked on each finger individually, then kissed each fingertip before letting her hand fall. She leaned over Katie and stared into her eyes.

“Does Katie want Amanda to kiss her,” she whispered. Katie nodded, never breaking the eye lock they had. When their lips touched, pressed softly against each other, little sparks flew into their breasts and pussies. It wasn’t like they hadn’t kissed before, but this kiss was different.

Amanda slowly brushed her lips back and forth over Katie’s, wanting more but not wanting to press. When Katie slid her arms around her neck and pulled her closer, Amanda deepened the kiss. She opened Katie’s lips apart with her tongue, then slowly slid it into Katie’s mouth. Their tongues caressed each other slowly, with growing arousal as they got more excited.

Amanda pulled back, breathing heavy and looked into Katie’s eyes and took off her own shirt, revealing her 34C boobs and erect nipples. She pressed her boobs against Katie’s 32C’s and they rubbed them together. Katie gave a little moan and pulled Amanda back down to her. Amanda growled like a little kitty and gave into Katie as they kissed some more, their hands caressing each other’s tanned bodies.

Amanda let her hands slowly slide down Katie’s shoulders, then over her breasts and down her stomach. She let her hands play over Katie’s taut body, drawing sighs and shivers from her lover. Her hands cupped Katie’s breasts and she let her thumbs brush across her sensitive nipples, which brought out a pleasing whimper. Amanda broke the kiss and started applying her mouth down Katie’s neck and over her shoulders. She lightly ran her tongue around Katie’s nipple before closing her mouth over it and sucking gently.

Katie tangled her fingers in Amanda’s hair and moaned, then after a few moments pulled her back up to her mouth and kissed her deeply. As they kissed, Amanda’s hand moved down Katie’s body, down her stomach and hips, down her thigh Ankara escort bayan and then back up her thigh on the inside. She pressed her hand between Katie’s legs and was delighted when Katie silently asked for more by raising her hips against Amanda’s hand. Katie untied the strings of her bikini bottom and it fell to the floor, giving Amanda full access to her already wet pussy. Amanda created a slow rhythm that Katie matched with her hips, when the rhythm started to speed up she broke the kiss and tilted her head back. Her eyes closed tightly, she started panting in time with their movements and Amanda kissed her throat as her body tensed. Katie’s head was swimming. A few moments later she came with a moan and Amanda kissed her gently as her breathing gradually slowed.

“You’re so adorable,” Amanda whispered in Katie’s ear. Katie sighed and laced her fingers with Amanda’s, and said, “So are you.” With a groan, Katie sat up and climbed off the sofa, walking nude towards the bathroom. She stopped in the middle of the room and turned back to Amanda who was simply observing the beautiful hot ass in front of her. “Are you coming honey?” Katie asked with a smile. They started the water for the tub and Katie helped Amanda get undressed, most of the time never breaking an eye lock they had going. When they were both nude, they wrapped their arms around each other, kissing deeply. With a giggle they got into the tub and held each other close as the warm water caressed their bodies.

Katie soaped up a washcloth and washed Amanda’s body from behind. Slowing down over her breasts and curved ass, Katie turned Amanda around and kissed while Amanda laid on top of her. Katie continued letting her hands travel over Amanda’s back and round ass.

The kissed softly and with an open mouth as Katie maneuvered her knee right up against Amanda’s pussy. Katie rubbed her knee back and forth as Amanda’s eyes grew wide and she held onto Katie, breathing quickly. Amanda moved her head down to Katie’s chest and began sucking on her left nipple and using her fingers to tweak her right nipple.

Both girls were panting as the water moved about them. Both were cooing and letting out low whimpers as they approached their orgasms.

Amanda buried her head into Katie’s chest and Katie was pressing her knee into Amanda’s Escort Ankara pussy. The pace increased until both girls let out a long moan and came at the same time. They held onto each other in the tub looking into each other’s eyes and thinking about what a great relationship they had.

The girls got out of the tub and dried each other with a large towel. In their bedroom, Katie pushed Amanda against a wall and kissed her hard, their nude bodies caressing against each other.

Their bodies were locked together and their breasts were mashed against each other.

Amanda brushed Katie’s hair aside and they kept on kissing, touching their tongues together and giggling, knowing they were being filmed.

Katie started to massage Amanda’s tits, and she smiled as Amanda’s nipples grew larger and larger. Amanda lifted up one of her breasts to Katie as an offering. Katie licked it, sucked the nipple, and rubbed the areola.

Katie’s other hand went down Amanda’s body and she began lightly stroking her pussy which was tingling with sensations.

Katie licked her way down Amanda’s body and was teasing her by kissing her inner thighs and licking around Amanda’s gorgeous vagina which was already dripping her sweet nectar. Amanda was on the verge of screaming. The environment was filled with sexual air, and the tanning screen was all steamed up. Amanda put her hand on the screen when Katie finally touched her tongue Amanda’s pink labia, causing Amanda’s body to spasm. Amanda was moaning “oh… Katie… oh… oh…” over and over, her head was tilted back and her heart beating a mile a minute. She gripped onto Katie’s shoulders until her orgasm subsided.

Katie lapped up Amanda’s cum and kissed her pussy a couple times before she stood up and kissed Amanda, letting Amanda taste her own cum. Now it was Amanda’s turn. She grabbed Katie’s arms and held her against the wall, kissing her until Katie’s body went limp. They kissed passionately for a few minutes until Amanda got on her knees and lapped at Katie’s pussy still wet from her last orgasm. Amanda grabbed Katie’s butt and held her tight against her face. Meanwhile, Katie leaned her shoulders against he wall as she tweaked her nipples, pinching and squeezing them.

Amanda kept working down below and squeezed Jamie’s ass cheeks. Katie’s heart fluttered and her breathing stopped for a moment right before she came into Amanda’s face. Katie knelt down and licked Amanda’s face.

They both fell to the floor, embraced in each other’s arms, and kissed until they fell asleep.

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