Katie Has Fun

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She had been looking forward all week to Friday evening. Like a child waiting for Christmas Day, it never seemed to arrive. They had all originally planned to go on the trip to the Coast to visit Grandma and Granddad. They went at this time every year; it was what they did. It was part of the family tradition.

But Kate couldn’t go this time. John and the kids would have to go without her. They couldn’t just not go; so Kate had to stay at home all alone. She hadn’t been alone for probably 13, 14 years, since her student days; she could hardly remember being on her own for more than an hour or so. She had to put a brave face on things for the children’s sake. It wasn’t her fault she had got behind with her studies. If Kate failed her tests, she could be thrown out of college. Everyone agreed she had no choice – stay home or give up the idea of teaching. Two whole days would be enough to catch up as long as she stayed at home and put in the hours.

She helped with the packing and made them a food pack for the journey; John kept fussing like a hen that they had forgotten this and had she checked that? He had never been in charge for so long and wanted to be the boss man. It was only three hours’ drive away but it seemed as if they were going to South America on an expedition. At last they were all in the car and driving away; kisses, waves and last good-byes.

“I’ll call as soon as I get there – be good.” said John.

Kate smiled and nodded; inside she laughed – she had no intention of being good!

* * * * *

They had left at about four. Kate gave it an hour before she made her calls.

First to Simon, “I am studying tonight and need some help with the English paper. Would it be ok if I popped around just for an hour at around six.”

“No problem, my girl-friend is coming around at seven. We could work until then and then go out for dinner together. Could your husband join us?”

“Sorry, he’ll have to look after the kids. Another night you must come over and meet him. He’s heard a lot about you!” she lied. “Thanks Simon, but I’ll need to be back by eight. Perhaps a drink instead of dinner. You’re a pal. I’ll see you at six.”

Second to the hotel to sort that side of things out. Good, she thought. Now what shall I wear?

* * * * *

Simon was only five minutes’ walk away, so she had time to get ready. First a glass of wine and then she undressed. It was a warm summer’s evening and she was alone. A few sips and she began to relax. She took off her trainers, socks, top, sweat-pants, bra and undid her hair. Naked apart from her very sensible white underwear, she went into the study and put her papers together. English was her second favourite subject; (her favourite was Englishmen, but more of that later).

It was good to feel the cool breeze on her body as she wandered bare-footed round the house. Usually so noisy without a minute to herself, Kate enjoyed the late afternoon light; she glimpsed a sight of herself in the long mirror. Curiously, she stood in front of it and saw herself full length; not bad at all she thought. Blonde hair, pretty face with that sensual hungry look that had always seemed to get her more than her share of admirers. Slim, shapely body (all that exercise wasn’t so bad a thing after all). And nice breasts; not a 16 year-old’s, all perky and in your face, but a real woman’s breasts, still firm and alluring, large but not too large. And the nipples standing to attention. Now she was getting in the mood. Pity about all that studying ahead.

The only thing out of joint was the underwear. She looked like a school-teacher! Slipping those down over her hips and thighs, Kate felt the freedom of being naked. She was pleased she had shaven, apart from a small triangle to show she was a real blonde. Without the bush of hair John liked, she felt so free and cool down there. And she liked the look of it! It felt so much more sensitive; without the hair, she could see herself so much better. A little touch proved it. Her clitoris tingled with anticipation.

This is no good, Kate thought. I must get moving. She took a shower, washing all over and particularly between her legs. She wanted to be fresh; she used her favourite body spray and some perfume on her neck, breasts and inner thighs. She put on her skimpy silk white bra and panties and put a spare pair in her bag, along with her condoms. She wandered how many she would need and settled for six; who knows what the night might bring! Then a simple white cotton dress, knee length and close fitting enough to show off the shape of her body; buttons down the front. It was warm enough not to bother with tights or stockings. She brushed her hair, put on a simple pair of slip-ons and was ready. Answerphone on, keys, papers, bag – one last look and out the door.

What Kate didn’t know was that she would return a very different woman.

* * * * *

She enjoyed the walk to Simon’s. The early evening sunshine reflected on her mane of fair hair. Walking through the izmir escort bayan park, some lads admired the sway of her hips. One wolf-whistled; Kate would never normally think a whistle was directed at her but now she knew it was. She smiled directly at the boy, about 17 and really quite cute. He reddened, embarrassed now. Perhaps she would come this way again, when the fancy took her. Pity she knew the boy’s parents so well. His father had once made a drunken pass at her at a party.

She arrived on the dot of six. Simon was his usual flustered self; he was about twenty, good-looking in a boyish way. They were in the same class at college and worked in the same study group. He had once rubbed his leg against her, but she had pretended not to notice and nothing more had happened. Since then, she had felt the chemistry between them. She often thought about him awake at night, and sometimes when John was giving her his occasional attention in the bedroom.

“Thanks for agreeing to help, Simon. I just wanted to go through these tests with you.”

They sat on the large settee in Simon’s apartment; she often wondered how he afforded such a large place and such a swanky sports car. Daddy must be loaded.

He was wearing jeans, tight enough to judge that he was quite loaded too. A black shirt with the top buttons undone. She could see the hairs on his chest under the shirt.

It only took about ten minutes. She had all the answers.

“It’s me that needs the help. Not you.” Said Simon. “You’ll pass with honours at this rate.”

“Well, I have been putting a lot of extra work recently, to be sure I am ready in plenty of time. I want to be able to relax a bit before the exams.”

He got them each a cool beer and they began to chat. Yes his father was a wealthy attorney in New York. He was supposed to follow in his footsteps, but wanted to do something different. Both his brother and sister were now in the family firm. Teaching would never make him rich but money wasn’t everything.

“What about love” asked Kate. “Are you in love with Susan?”

“Too early to say. We’ve only been going out together a month or so.”

“Does she stay over?” Kate usually went straight to the point. As she asked the question, she placed her hand lightly on his knee.

Simon went red “No we haven’t done any thing like that.”

“Are you still a virgin?” As Kate leant back in the settee, her skirt slid over her knees. She knew that Simon would be able to see her panties. She took another sip of beer; she knew he had a good look and pretended not to notice. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Simon was even redder now. “I’ve never done it, no. Everyone assumes I do. I think Susan is wondering when I’ll move in on her. We do kiss and cuddle.”

“Have you felt her here? ” Kate took his hand and placed it on her knee. Slowly she guided him up her inner thigh. She could see from his pants the effect this was having. She slid her panties to one side and let him feel inside. She could tell he had never felt a woman before; he was surprised at how wet it was.

“Have a taste. Better than beer?”

He licked his fingers and looked quizzical. “Strange taste. I could learn to enjoy it though.”

“Like beer, an acquired taste. And, like beer, there are many varieties. Or so I’m told.”

She leant back further and opened her legs. “Try some more.”

He smiled and went between her legs. She felt his tongue clumsily exploring the rim of her pussy; she stroked his hair and pushed him forward. His tongue found her sensitive spot. “Yes, there, Simon love.” She exploded almost immediately. It was as if the whole of the last week’s frustration came out in one explosive climax. Her legs shook, her stomach and thigh muscles contracted and the sensation of pure pleasure, mingled with pain, rocked her body. She screamed so loud the windows must have shaken.

“Jesus, fucking Christ,” she yelled. Kate never swore. “What are you doing to me!”

Simon had jumped back as if he had been stung. He thought he had caused her a great injury; to him, the squeal had been one of pain and agony. “I’m sorry. I had no idea.”

“It’s ok, honey. If you do that to all the girls, you will have a long and very active sex life, Simon. Try it on Susan and you will be pleasantly surprised. You have a sensitive and sexy tongue.”

Now she wanted to give back some of the pleasure she had enjoyed. First she kissed him gently on the lips, unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and helped him take it off. He was in real good shape; she had forgotten how smooth a young man’s body could be.

“Let go into the bedroom,” She took his hand and lead him into the next room, a typically untidy, man’s room with a large double bed. She unzipped his pants and lowered them over his thighs. He was bulging out of his underwear.

“Take them off, Simon.” As he did, she unbuttoned her dress and removed her underwear and shoes. He struggled with his shoes and socks, all fingers and thumbs in his excitement. escort izmir So she was ahead of him, lying naked on the bed admiring his body with a contented look on her face. He was a very big boy!!

Hard as a rock, he lay next to her, nervous of making the first move. “You’re beautiful,” he said.

“And you’re a dish,” she said, kissing him lightly on the lips. She rubbed her breasts against his hairy chest and ran her hand down his flat stomach feeling the strength of his muscles and then the length and firmness of his penis poking up to his belly button. She ran her mouth down him pacing little kisses as she went; he lay back and enjoyed the softness of Kate’s touch. She kissed the tip of his shaft and ran her tongue along it slowly, noticing it expand and redden. Then little kisses down the length and on each ball in turn. She moved around until her legs were around his head and invited him to explore her as she placed her lips around him and took him into her mouth.

She could feel his tongue kissing the insides of her thighs and then going up and beginning to taste her wetness again. Shivers ran through her body as she too tasted and enjoyed taking him deeper and deeper until his tip was in her throat. Then quickly, he groaned in ecstasy, came and spurted. The warm intriguing taste of his fluid in her throat and mouth was pure delight as she swallowed some and rolled the rest around her tongue.

She released him and kissed his penis gently, knowing how sensitive it could be now. He had given up licking and sucking her as he concentrated on his orgasm and she was happy with this. She kissed his lips again, french-kissing so that they each tasted both themselves and each other. They hugged and stayed in each other’s arms, sharing the warmth and tenderness of the moment.

“Simon, we had better get decent before Susan arrives. Whatever we have just done, darling, you are still a virgin and must save that for her, maybe even tonight.”

“That was wonderful, Kate, I will never forget it or you. But you are right, I will see what response Susan gives tonight.”

“Don’t worry, Simon. She’s dying for you to make a move. Just take it slowly and she will go all the way tonight, lucky girl!”

They dressed quickly, returned to the living room and were on their second beer when Susan arrived. She had been to the gym and was still sweating from her run across the park. “Do you mind if I take a shower. My clothes are in the bag I left earlier.”

“I had better leave you two lovebirds.” Said Kate with a smile and secret wink at Simon. “Have a lovely evening!” From the smile on both their faces, she knew they would!

* * * * *

Kate was very nervous by the time the taxi arrived at the hotel. On the way, she reflected on what this weekend was all about. She had met Steve over the Internet through one of the chat lines that have become so popular. He was a man who had just turned fifty. They seemed to hit it off from the start. Kate had tried several men and none had worked out; either they stopped writing or they had little in common. Most were only interested in talking about sex. Although Kate enjoyed that side of her chatting, she wanted to really get to know someone properly and to develop a trusting, loving relationship.

Steve seemed perfect. He was a divorcee with two teenage children living with his ex-wife. He had a good business and seemed to make enough money to live well and travel as much as he wanted. He was intelligent and understood Kate’s jokes. She often laughed out loud when she read his responses. The only worry was that she had pretended that she was single; she had had lovers but none had lead to marriage. Her last relationship had ended just before she started chatting to Steve. But that didn’t matter as they would never meet. Kate could not afford the time to travel to the UK and anyway she could hardly go there on her own.

All was fine until Steve wrote to say that he was coming to the States on business and could he come down to Whitefields for a week-end? He would stay in a hotel; they could meet up and see if they still got on. No commitments either way. Great, but I have a husband and three children! She would have to make an excuse or come clean about the family.

Then she thought, why not? If he could come the weekend when they always went to the coast, she could find an excuse to stay home. They could meet as if she was single (she would not let him come to the house) and have some fun together if they hit it off. She didn’t know what Steve looked like; she had sent him a photo. He hadn’t been able to work the scanner, or so he claimed. He had certainly got much more personal when he had seen Kate’s picture and their correspondence had become increasingly sexual in nature.

Anyway it was too late to back out now. He had booked into the best hotel in the town and she was to meet him there at 8pm on Friday. He flew out on Sunday evening so they had two days, and nights, together.

It was Room 421, she remembered. izmir escort Kate thought she would surprise him. She walked straight past the reception area and took the elevator to the fourth floor. She did it very quickly so that she didn’t have the time to get nervous. That was the only way, she thought. She knocked on the door.

He was a good-looking guy. He must have just taken a shower because all he was wearing was a bathrobe. Without speaking he grabbed Kate, pulled her into the room and kissed her full on the lips. I thought Englishmen were supposed to be reserved, she thought with a smile. His robe was on the floor now and his dick was up pressing against her stomach. He walked her to the bed and threw her on to it. He removed her shoes and unbuttoned her dress. She had no panties on so all that was left was her bra. He pulled that off her beasts and fondled them roughly. Then, hastily he put on a condom.

Pulling her legs apart, he got on top of her and moved into her. No foreplay, just straight in sex, fucking her until his eight inches was all the way in. Hard and fast like a dog on his bitch. She felt his weight and the pummelling of his penis inside her. It didn’t hurt but there was little pleasure for her. He came, grunting like a pig, and rolled off her.

She lay there in a daze. He spoke for the first time.

“That was great, honey. You’re quite a lady!”

“You’re American! You’re not Steve!”

“Who gives a fuck what my name is. I paid for it. $100 for 30 minutes. You may get a tip, depending what else I get. Mind you, you’re a bit old for this game aren’t you?”

Another knock on the door. The man put on his gown to open it, then looked puzzled. In came a black girl in a short tight skirt and with breasts to die for.

“Well Hi you’all.” In a deep Southern accent. “Are we having a party?”

It had all happened so fast that Kate was still lying on the bed naked with her legs apart. She quickly got under the bedspread and covered herself.

“No need for modesty, darling. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!” she said undressing as if she was part of the family. Even Kate could see that she had a wonderful figure; superb firm breasts and a lithe athletic body.

The man at last began to realise what had happened. But it didn’t stop him continuing as if it was all planned. “Sorry, honey. We started without you. Come and join in.”

Linda had to admit she was tempted! She hadn’t been with a woman since college days when she had tried every thing that was on offer, but never with a black girl. But maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, until the other woman lay on her stomach naked, smiled and poked out her tongue. “Want some, honey?”

It was too much for a girl to stand! She had lost interest in the man as he mounted the black girl from behind. That tongue was so, so tempting. But she resisted, got off the bed and began to dress.

“Wallets over there, spoil sport.” He muttered between grunts. “Take $100 if you think you were worth it and fuck off you bitch.” After that he ignored her and got about his business. From what Kate could see and hear, the black girl was enjoying her work too!!

* * * * *

Gathering up her belongings and trying to maintain her dignity as best she could, Kate left the room. She was late now. Should she try to find Steve’s room or go home and call him from there? Best to calm down first, she thought. She went to the ground floor, found the bathroom and freshened up. She needed to! She was sweating and her face was flushed with all the excitement.

But my, did she feel good!! Her body was tingling and she knew she was still wet; her pussy seemed to be saying “Hey, I was getting in the mood! What’s next?”” It was still before 8.30 the night was young and the week-end had only just begun..

She cleaned up in the cubicle and put her fresh panties on. Then she touched up her make-up and checked she looked good. She did too, as if she was just setting out for a hot date, which is really what she was doing. And she fancied another drink.

The bar was quiet, except for a couple of small groups and one man on his own; could that be Steve? Kate didn’t want any further embarrassment, she went to the bar and ordered a glass of white wine. She paid for it with one of the bills from earlier, there was a lot of change, even after the tip. The barmaid became friendly.

After a few minutes, “This sounds a strange question, but is that man over there English by any chance?”

“I don’t know. He has some kind of foreign accent. Do you know him? He’s on his third drink already; looks as if he’s just had some bad news.”

Certainly he man didn’t look too happy; he had though been looking at Kate curiously but then attractive women didn’t usually drink alone in hotel bars and he may have thought she was a prostitute. The second man today; Kate had to get a grip on her life!

It must be Steve – he was the right age after all. Oh what the hell, someone had to make the first move. Kate finished her drink and walked over to him.



“I’m so sorry. I got held up at college. Then I couldn’t get the car to start; had to take a taxi. I did call but they gave me the wrong room number.”

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