Keep On Truckin’

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This story is set in the 1970’s and involves an older and quite rough-around-the-edges gentleman and an 18 year old natural hippie girl. It involves a variety of usual and not-so-usual sexual acts and could end up being placed in either the Mature or Fetish categories. Please refer to the story tags for guidance.


“You wait for me around the side of the building,” Red instructed the young girl with the tattered knapsack and the equally rumpled appearance after agreeing to give her a ride from the truck stop he had just eaten at. “Can’t have nobody see you get in with me because that might get me fired.”

The girl nodded and jogged down to the end of the drab building while Red started his rig up, and as she went Red looked at the girl’s rump wiggle in the jeans he sighed while wishing he was a generation younger than his 65 years.

1974. This was the best of all eras to live in as far as the grizzled trucker was concerned and part of the reason were the hippie girls, some of them having appetites for the pleasures of the flesh that were just as great as Red’s were, and who also didn’t judge people with tastes that were a bit off the beaten path.

The girl he was about to give a ride seemed to fit the part and Red chuckled when she saw the sunlight make her curly red hair light up. Long ago Red’s hair was that hue too, but what little was left was now gray,

As Red approached the girl she took off her sweatshirt and tied it around her hips, giving Red a chance to appraise her body even though the denim shirt was baggy. She wasn’t fat but a little chunky, with boobs that seemed to match her full butt, and the fact that her slightly plump arms were covered with freckles made Red smile.

After Red pulled around and the girl hopped on the running board and awkwardly climbed into the cab the old man chuckled at what he saw when her arm lifted up.

“What?” the girl said when she saw the truck driver smiling.

“What’s your name honey?”



“Yeah. Rainbow, only spelled R-A-I-N-B-E-U-A-X. You know like Rainbeaux Smith the actress?”

“Never heard of her but I bet she’s not as pretty as you. Nice name too. My name’s Red.”

“Nice to meet you Red, and thanks for the ride,” Rainbeaux said. “You gonna tell me what you were laughing at? Was it because I got in the truck like a klutz and almost killed myself? Didn’t realize how high the step was.”

“No honey, and I wasn’t laughing,” Red said. “I was just enjoying the view and liking the fact that you’re a natural redhead.”

“Huh?” Oh,” Rainbeaux said after the driver nodded towards the hairs that were peeking out from the fold of her arm she scrunched up her face. “Sorry.”

“Sorry?” Red chuckled. “Don’t know why you’re sorry but I’m sure as heck not.”

“Really?” Rainbeaux said with a twitch of her nose, and after Red nodded she swiveled a bit to face him while putting her arm over the back of the seat.

“Damn,” Red mumbled as he looked over at the wild spray of flaming red hair that filled the girl’s armpit.

“You like that?”

“Gonna make it tough for a dirty old man like me to stay on the road with you looking like that,” Red noted, but when Rainbeaux started to return to her former position he stopped her. “Didn’t say I couldn’t handle it. Damn you are a furry young thing.

“Tell me about it,” Rainbeaux lamented. “I’m not that young though.”

“That right?”

“Yeah, I’m 19 – almost that is. Next month.”

“Child, that’s young,” Red advised as he peeked over to catch a glance at the fat nipple that seemed to be boring through the worn denim shirt with the ripped off sleeves, even though the blouse was baggy enough to minimize most of her considerable assets. “I got socks older than you.”

Rainbeaux laughed at that, a delightfully giddy laugh that seemed to fit her, and as the girl looked around the cab she saw the sticker on the dashboard.

“Dirty Red?” she said.

“Yeah, that’s my name,” Red said. “Believe it or not before it went gray and then went away, my hair was red too. Not as bright as yours, but still red.”

“What about the “Dirty” part?” Rainbeaux asked. “You don’t look dirty to me.”

“I’m not. It’s an old nickname of mine. Took a shower back at the truck stop. The dirty part refers to some of my – well – not right for an old man to discuss such things with a young girl like you.”

“Hell, I don’t care. Wish I took a shower back there. Didn’t know they had showers.”

“They’re mostly for the truckers,” Red said. “Never saw a girl take one back there, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be thrown out, especially looking like you do.”

“Haven’t taken a shower for a couple of days,” Rainbeaux noted while sniffing herself.

“I know,” Red replied.

“Sorry. If you got deodorant or something I can…”

“No,” Red replied, a little more forcefully than he meant to. “That wasn’t a complaint. I’m not much for perfumes and such. I stop to shower because I can’t stand myself nasty, but as far as natural women go? Never met a nasty one yet so casino oyna relax and enjoy the ride.”

“Okay,” Rainbeaux chirped, and for the next hour they gave each other their life stories.

Rainbeaux told about how she had dropped out of college her freshman year and after getting tired of her parents badgering her about her life and what she was going to do with herself she decided to hit the road.

“Maybe catch up with the Grateful Dead and follow them around on tour,” Rainbeaux commented. “They’re going to be in Arizona in a couple of weeks.”

“You like them?”

“They’re okay. I think I would just like hanging around and traveling with other weirdos like me.”

“Hell, you ain’t that weird, at least compared to me,” Red opined.

“Can’t see you following the Grateful Dead though.”

“That right? Who do you see me following?”

“I dunno. Al Jolson?”

“Al Jolson? How the hell old…” Red sputtered before realizing that the girl was kidding around.

“How about this then?” Red said, and then proceeded to start singing in a very raspy voice, “Truckin – got my chips cashed in…”

“Holy shit!” Rainbeaux exclaimed, and for the next couple of minutes they harmonized badly as the truck roared down the highway.

“Oh man,” Rainbeaux said when they finished. “I can’t believe you’re a Deadhead!”

“Afraid that’s the only song of theirs I know,” Red said. “Some guy that sings a lot on the CB does that song so much I guess I learned it.”

“Well, you’re as lousy a singer as I am but we did alright together,” she laughed.”

“Amen to that.”

“How far did you say you were going?” Rainbeaux asked.

“Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.”

“Well maybe by then I’ll be able to find out about the dirty part of you,” Rainbeaux suggested with a wry smile.

“Not sure if you’re ready for that.”

“Well see,” Rainbeaux said. “You mind if I take off my jeans? They’re hot as hell.”

“Be my guest,” Red said as he gestured to the highway. “You can see a lot down there but can’t nobody see you up here.”

“You can see though Red,” Rainbeaux said as she squirmed to get out of her bell-bottoms. “I know I need to lose a few pounds.”

“You look fine to me,” Red assured the teen as he glanced over as the jeans came off. “More than fine. Better keep the undies on in case we get stopped by a Boy Scout.”

“Boy Scout?”

“State Trooper,” Red explained.

The trucker noted that the girl had a little belly but while her legs were a bit plump they were shapely, and Red could see the fine down on her pale thighs sparkle in the sunlight.

“Hairy all over,” Rainbeaux commented as she ran her chubby fingers up and down her thighs.

“I see,” Red agreed as his eyes wandered up to the worn white panties and the hair that sprouted out from the leg openings of the underwear, the modestly cut panties unable to contain what he easily could tell was a jungle between her legs.

“My legs aren’t very hairy though,” Rainbeaux explained as she propped her left leg up on the console.

“No, they aren’t,” Red agreed as he dropped his hand down for a minute to let his fingers glide up and down the insides of the girl’s calf. “More like peach fuzz. Nice and soft.”

“You like?”

“Sure do,” Red said as he reluctantly put his hand back on the wheel.

“You sleep back there?” Rainbeaux asked as she gestured behind them.

“Have to in order to make a buck.”

“You going to be stopping before you get to Oklahoma City?”

“Have to. It’s the law and besides, I’d be asleep at the wheel if I didn’t.”

“Am I bothering you – me talking like a motor-mouth?”

“Heck no. I love it. Keeps me awake and makes my mind work.”

“Oh yeah? What are you thinking now?” Rainbeaux kidded.

“You don’t want to know,” Red chuckled as he stretched as best he could behind the wheel.

“Yes I do. Wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t. Thinking about me?”


“Is any of that dirty?”

“What do you think?”

“I’m thinking yes. Want to share?”

“Can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Wouldn’t feel right and besides, if you could read my mind you might jump out the door,” Red suggested.

“Not likely. Hey, tell you what. I’ll tell you something I’m thinking and then you can tell me something in exchange,” Rainbeaux offered. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out I’m dirtier than Dirty Red is!”

“Not a chance but go ahead,” Red agreed.

“Okay, you told me that you’re 65 – don’t look it by the way – and you’ve been divorced for about 14 years,” Rainbeaux recalled. “I’m guessing you broke up because you wanted her to do stuff she didn’t want to do.”

“Almost. She used to be up for anything but as she got older she got more and more conservative. That and all the travel, but I was never a cheater. Tempted plenty but never strayed until we split.”

“And you got even kinkier I bet,” she giggled. “So now when you’re on the road and can pick up girls like me you wonder whether they would do the things she wouldn’t.”

“You’re canlı casino good at this.”

“So while you’ve been driving I’ve been sitting here looking at you just like you’ve been checking me out. I figure you’re about 6′ and 200 pounds.”

“You’re a little kind but close.”

“Nice big forearms – like Popeye – and I love how hairy they are. Hairy chest too. I can see by the way it peeks out of your collar. The grey looks cool.”

“I preferred the red.”

“Anyway, I figure you have a big dick,” Rainbeaux said while looking for a reaction, and when Red hardly blinked she asked, “Am I right?”

“Does it matter?” Red asked.

“No. It only really matters if you have one or not. So, how big is your dick?”

“I never measured it.”

“I will if you want,” Rainbeaux offered. “So let me guess. How about this?”

“I don’t know,” Red said as he glanced over at Rainbeaux who had her hands about 6″ apart, and after she spread them apart a bit further a couple of times Red said, “That’s about right.”

“Mmm… and thick too I bet.”

“It is that,” Red admitted.

“Anybody ever give you head while you were driving?” Rainbeaux asked.

“Once. Didn’t like it much though. Too many distractions.”

“Too bad because that was what I’ve been thinking about doing for the last 40 miles or so,” Rainbeaux admitted. “Want me to take it out and play with it then?”

“No but – wait,” Red said as he reached down and pulled out a plastic bottle. “I gotta go pretty soon, so maybe you can help me out.”

“What? You mean you pee in that?”

“Have to. Time is money honey,” Red explained. “No time for stuff like rest stops unless you really got to go, you know the other way. It’s okay though. You can just turn away when it’s time.”

“Hell no. I’ll help you,” Rainbeaux offered and as she spoke she started to lean over to Red. “Sounds like fun.”

“Not yet,” Red said. “Be kind of hard to get it out right now.”

“Why? You got a hard-on?”

“A semi. Just give me a minute and stop talking dirty and it’ll pass.”

“I’ll try but it’s not easy,” Rainbeaux said.

“Stop being so sexy too while you’re at it.”

“You think I’m sexy?”

“Absolutely,” Red insisted as he looked over at her cherubic face with the freckles around her nose. “If I was going to make a women I think she’d turn out looking a lot like you.”

“Cool. Don’t think anybody ever called me sexy before. Obviously I don’t put much effort into trying.”

“That’s what makes you sexy to me. You don’t try. You’re so natural in every way.”

“That’s me.”

“You really going to do it?” Red asked.

“Help you pee? Sure. That ain’t so bad. Once time me and this old man peed on each other,” Rainbeaux related. “He even had me go in his mouth.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No. He said it tasted like spring water. Of course that was a while ago.”

“You’ve messed around with old guys before?”

“Sure. Course, that old guy was my grandfather.”

“Huh?” Red said as the truck grazed the rumble strips on the edge of the road.

“Told you I was pretty naughty. That turn you on? Me messing around with my grandfather?”

“Makes me glad we never had kids,” Red admitted.

“It wasn’t like I went after him or anything. I was a good girl back then and did what I was told. He told me that he wanted to give me a breast exam to check for lumps because they got so big so fast. We never really fucked, but we did about everything else and he did stick it up my ass a few times,” Rainbeaux confessed. “You lose that boner yet?”

“Of course not,” Red chortled. “Damn! He did you in the ass?”

“Yes, he said that way I couldn’t get pregnant. Wasn’t very good though.”


“Hell no. Grandpa’s dick was as big as your thumb, if that,” Rainbeaux recalled. “No, it sucked because he would cum right away. Couple of thrusts and it was over.”

“Oh,” Red sighed and then said, “If you want to try to help me now you can.”

“Far out!” Rainbeaux chirped as she leaned over, and as Red arched back in his seat the girl pulled down the zipper of his jeans.

After getting it all the way down reached in and began searching. Red inhaled deeply as Rainbeaux’s long curly red hair neared his face, and he grunted when Rainbeaux found his cock and extracted it from the boxers and the fly of his jeans.

“Holy shit!” the girl exclaimed as she pulled out the rubbery hose, and after she gave Red’s cock a stretch or too said, “Uncircumsized dicks are out of sight! Man, this is one huge cock.”

“What you see is what you get,” Red said of his organ. “Don’t get much bigger hard. Now just stick it in the bottle.”

“Nice fit,” the girls said as she eased the veiny monster into the vessel, the foreskin sliding back a bit as it did. “Should I skin it back more?”

“No, that’s good. Here it comes,” Red warned, and then he started to go.

A dribble at first, and then a stream before the stream became a torrent. Rainbeaux held on and giggled as the hot amber broth started to fill to bottle, and kaçak casino the quart bottle was over half full when Red finally went dry. After giving the fat dick a wiggle the girl extracted the weapon and put the cap on the bottle.

“There. You don’t mind if I leave it out for a minute do you,” Rainbeaux as she looked at the limp tool hanging out of the fly under the steering wheel. “I love uncut cocks. Oh wait a minute. I missed a drop.”

With that Rainbeaux leaned over and ducked her head down on to Red’s lap and ran her tongue over the tip of the trucker’s cock. Hearing Red moan the redhead started to take the head of his manhood into her mouth but was stopped.

“Please honey. Don’t want to kill us both and anybody else in the way,” Red said as she sat back in the seat. “If you really want to do it I’d rather wait until I can enjoy it.”

“Oh, I want to alright. Don’t know if I can deep throat you but I’m going to try,” Rainbeaux declared as she watched the driver try and pack his cock away after the brief arousing lick. “Gotta start paying for the ride.”

“Now I’m not like that,” Red corrected. “I’m giving you a ride because I like you and your company. No strings attached.”

“I understand,” Rainbeaux said. “So now that you put your dick away, are you going to tell me stuff like I told you? You know, about what you were thinking? I did just prove I could be a dirty girl didn’t I?”

“That you did,” Red said as the memory of the girl’s tongue drying his dribbling cock was still fresh.

“Want me to drink the bottle?” Rainbeaux said with a giggle as she waved the bottle of urine around.

“You wouldn’t.”

“No, but I bet my grandfather would. I think he went both ways. He’s dead now.”

“With a granddaughter like you I’m not surprised,” Red observed, and although he regretted it when he said it the fact that Rainbeaux laughed at it made him feel better.

“Ha. Wish you were my grandpa. You’re way cooler and I like your equipment better too. So what were you thinking about me? You promised.”

“Okay, well after you took your jeans off and I could see how furry you are down there,” Red started but then was stopped by the girl.

“Hold on Dirty Red. Don’t be saying things like “down there” and stuff. Next thing you’ll be saying “penis” and talking about my heaving bosoms like some romance novel. Get Dirty, Red,” she giggled.

“Okay Rainbeaux. When you dropped your jeans and I so how hairy your pussy is from the way the hairs stick out the sides…”

“How about this too?” Rainbeaux said as she lifted her knees up and faced the driver while spreading her legs apart.

“Damn,” Red said as his eyes darted back from the road to the girl’s crotch as Rainbeaux showed the trucker that the hair not only peeked out the sides but some grew on the insides of her things as well. “You are one hairy girl.”

“I know. I used to shave that when I would wear a bathing suit but I gave up.”

“Glad you did. So anyway when I saw the way your bush was so thick that it pressed against and around your panties, I was wondering whether it grew back up to your…” Red said and then caught himself as he was about to say bottom. “Grew back up to your asshole.”

“Would that be a good thing?” Rainbeaux asked as she bit her lower lip.

“What do you think?” Red asked and got a smile in return before Rainbeaux turned on the seat so that her butt was facing him, and as Red pulled the rig into a rest stop the girl pulled her panties down.

“Oh child,” Red moaned as he looked over at the full, round and pale buttocks. “Spread those mudflaps for me.”

“Like this?” Rainbeaux asked as she reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks to pull them apart.

“Damn that’s beautiful,” Red sighed as he looked at the blazing fur that shielded her anus from view. “I want to eat your asshole so bad. Your Grandpa ever do that?”

“No he didn’t but you can,” Rainbeaux implored as Red reached over and put his finger in the furry crack and rubbed around, and after a minute his digit found the tight hole.

“Oohh! That feels good,” Rainbeaux said as the trucker pushed his stubby finger as far into her ass as he could.

“Damn,” Red said as he watched a station wagon pull up nearby. “Company.”

“Oh,” Rainbeaux said, and as she sat up and pulled her panties back up she seemed to realize where they were. “Did you pull off the road on account of you were mad about me distracting you?”

“Heck no. It’s dinner time. Let’s grab a bite and get back on the road for a couple more hours.”

Rainbeaux got her jeans back on and the two of them entered the restaurant and found a booth in the back.

“We are the odd couple, aren’t we?” Rainbeaux mentioned as they grabbed the menus.

“We are at that,” Red agreed, and when he saw the girl go through her backpack he stopped her.

“I’ve got money,” Rainbeaux said.

“Save it. You’ll need it. It’s my treat, and you order what you want.”

“Okay.” Rainbeaux said, and after she devoured a cheeseburger and fries, Red insisted she order dessert too.

All the time while eating his dinner Red looked over at the girl across the table, and while she looked a bit like she had been on the road for a while it was those very things that turned him on about her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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