Keeping It in the Family Ch. 02

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Armana Miller

A word of warning to those that deem these things necessary. Apart from the usual disclaimers about fictional characters and all of legal age there are some scenes of BDSM and the story as a whole stretches the definition of ‘consent’ to its limit. You may rest assured that they all lived happily ever after. Please enjoy.


When I awoke some time later it took me a while to realise where I was and for the memories of what had happened to start flooding back. I also became aware of an unfamiliar weight in my lap. When I looked down I saw a naked figure, kneeling at my feet, with her head in my lap and seemingly fast asleep. I moved slightly and the figure came instantly awake. Her head came up and she had the look of a child caught stealing from the biscuit jar. I stroked her head gently and smiled at her.

“My dear Charlotte, are you OK?”

In reply she merely smiled weakly at me.

“Where is your mother?”

“She … err … she left.”

“She did what?” I said trying to hide my outrage and not alarm her.

“She left in tears,” said Charlotte sadly.

“She had no right to leave without my permission. She knows that.”

I moved her head off my lap and stood up.

“Wait here,” I told the startled girl and I left the room. I went back to the playroom and looked around. Gwen’s clothes, which had been in a neatly folded pile in a corner, had gone. The ball gag and the butt plug lay discarded on the bed. Opening a built in closet I took out a short and almost sheer robe. It would hide almost nothing but it would be enough for what I intended it. I went back to the lounge. As I came in Charlotte lifted her head. I held out the diaphanous robe to her.

“Stand up, girl, and put this on.”

She quickly realised quite how transparent the robe was but valiantly attempted to pull it around herself. She stood there looking slightly frightened and confused.

“Your mother has been very disobedient, Charlotte, and that is one thing I will not tolerate. Follow me.”

I strode out of the lounge and made my way to the kitchen at the back of the house. I opened the door to the garden and turned back to Charlotte who had dutifully trailed behind me.

“You will go immediately and fetch your mother. She knows better than to leave without my express permission.”

“But …”

“You will either return with her or not at all, is that understood? The next time I see either of you, you will be naked and on your knees in the lounge alongside your mother. Now go!”

I stood aside and pulled the door wide. With a look of fear on her face she hesitantly stepped outside and I shut the door firmly. I had brought her to the back of the house as there was a gate in the fence separating her garden from mine and she could get to her home without using the road. I watched as she nervously made her way to the gate with a sort of awkward waddle. I smiled to myself when I clearly made out the black base of her butt plug through the flimsy material of her robe. I watched as she walked across her garden and into the back door of her house. Would she persuade her mother to return? I certainly knew that she would try her best and that her mother knew better than to defy me. While I waited I switched on the kettle and made a cup of tea which I took into my bedroom which also looked out onto the garden. I slowly sipped my tea and waited. I was just beginning to grow doubtful and fear the worst when Charlotte re-emerged from her back door followed by Gwen. Charlotte was still trying to hug the robe around her and, by the way she walked, was still impaled on her plug. Gwen was wearing a white towelling robe and her hair was wet. She had obviously been taking a shower when she had been summoned.

I stepped quickly back from the window to conceal myself but was still able to watch them cross the two gardens and approach my back door. I heard the door open and then close and two sets of feet move through the house to the lounge. There was a low muttering of voices and then silence. I sat on the bed and slowly drank my tea. I would let them wait for a while and think about what might come.


When I felt they had had enough time to stew I put my cup down on the bedside table and made my way to the lounge. I was pleased to see that they were both as I had demanded, naked and kneeling. Gwen’s head was bowed and stayed that way as I came in. Her posture was as she had been taught, knees apart and hands behind her back. Charlotte on the other hand knelt with her knees together, her hands folded into her lap and her face lifted towards me with a happy smile. She obviously believed that she had accomplished her mission. I was prepared for the time being to forgive her lack of proper posture. After all she was very new to all this and I had the feeling that she would be an eager pupil and very quick to learn. I stared at them both without expression and Charlotte’s smile quickly faded. Eventually Ankara escort I broke the silence and turned to Charlotte.

“You have pleased me, Charlotte. It was only a minor task but you did well. Get up and come and stand beside me. And wipe that silly grin off your face; we have serious business to attend to.”

She managed to modify her smile to some extent as she took her place next to me.

I turned my attention back to Gwen who still knelt silently in front of me, her eyes fixed on the floor. I let the silence get heavier until she could bear it no longer and flicked her eyes up to look at me. When her gaze was met by my steely stare she immediately looked back down.

“Do not move an inch,” I commanded her before turning on my heels and exiting the room. Unhurriedly I walked to the playroom. The ball gag and the plug were still lying on the bed and I picked them up. I checked in the cupboard thinking about which of my many whips and paddles I might use to mete out the punishment that we all knew was coming. Eventually I made my way back to the lounge holding the gag and the plug behind my back and resumed my position. Probably out of fear Gwen had stayed where she was and made no move as she heard me come back in. Again I let the silence stretch out. Eventually I spoke, not loudly but with a coldness in my voice that must have been unmistakeable.

“You are a disgrace and I am deeply disappointed in you.” I saw her flinch and then move as if to speak. “Silence! When I want to hear your pitiful excuses I shall ask for them. Why did you leave without permission? Answer me slut!”

“I … I thought you had finished with me Mistress.” She paused briefly before adding, “and I was upset and confused.”

“You stupid slut, you should know better than that by now. You know I shall have to punish you don’t you.”

She snivelled and I saw a tear drop to the carpet. Involuntarily her hand went up to wipe the tears from her face.

“Did I say you could move?” I barked at her. Her hand went quickly back behind her. “Look up at me, bitch.”

Her face was tear-stained and distraught. I glanced sideways at Charlotte and found that she seemed to be enjoying her mother’s misery. I moved my hand from behind my back revealing the red gag and the black plug. I knew I had no need to explain why I had them.

“You removed both of these also without my permission. Your misdemeanours are adding up are they not?” I turned to Charlotte and took a half step towards her. My empty hand came up and curled behind her head and I kissed her warmly partly to display my ownership of her but mostly to discomfort her mother.

“I have a task for you, dear girl,” I told her and handed her the butt plug. I turned back to Gwen. “Turn and face away from me, bitch.” Awkwardly on her knees she shuffled round. “Now head on the floor!”

Obediently she lowered her head until it rested on the floor and her arse proudly offered itself to me. I motioned Charlotte forward.

“Replace the plug in your mother’s arse. No need for any gentleness.”

Suddenly she looked nervous but took obedient steps forward until she stood behind but to one side of the bowed figure. With one hand she eased one cheek aside and applied the tip of the plug to Gwen’s arse. Although since her escape Gwen had showered and cleaned herself luckily for her there was still a coating of lube on the plug. With very little consideration for her mother’s comfort Charlotte thrust the plug home, ignoring the cries of pain. She stood up and turned to me with a grin on her face.

“Well done my dear, it wasn’t that difficult was it?”

She came and stood back next to me but closer than before. I reached out and put an arm round her waist.

“Obedience is very important to me and now you must find out what happens to those who don’t do as they’re told. Follow me back to the play room and bring the slut with you.”

Without any bidding from me she walked forward and grabbed a handful of her mother’s hair and pulled her head up from the floor and forced her to turn around. I led the way back to the playroom, Charlotte following me half leading and half dragging Gwen behind her. I handed Charlotte the red ball gag.

“I have a feeling she will need this unless she is to wake the whole neighbourhood.”

Charlotte grinned as she took it from me. She pulled Gwen’s head back and demanded, “Open wide mummy slut.” Gwen glanced at me, a look of pleading in her eyes but I turned away and went to the cupboard. I picked out a large wooden paddle and a multi-tailed lash. When I turned back round Gwen was once again wearing the gag and it was fastened tightly round her head. She looked scared.

“Lay her across the bed,” I told Charlotte. None too gently she pulled Gwen up and onto the bed leaving her legs dangling over the side.

“Perfect,” I said, “Now take this.” I passed her the paddle, handle first. “My usual punishment is twelve strokes but since she has broken Ankara escort bayan the rules twice we’ll make it 24. Are you ready?”

“You want me to do it?” Charlotte asked suddenly nervous.

“Of course. How better to learn. Try and strike across both buttocks and get her to count each stroke as you go. If she loses count then we start again. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss.”

She turned and took her place to one side of the figure on the bed. Tentatively she measured her distance by laying the paddle across the proffered bottom before lifting her arm and bringing it back down. Immediately I swung the lash and struck Charlotte’s bottom hard. She yelped and looked at me in surprise.

“You need to strike harder,” I told her, “we won’t count that one. Now, try again.” As an incentive I swung the lash from side to side in my hand. Charlotte turned back to her task. She swung the paddle again with more force this time. Gwen flinched and her knuckles turned white as she gripped the edge of the mattress but she made no sound.

“Count, bitch,” I told her, slightly raising my voice. A muffled and barely audible “one” came from somewhere buried in the mattress.

“Louder next time, bitch.” I nodded at Charlotte and she struck again. The muffled “two” that came from behind the gag was louder this time. Another strike and Gwen wriggled ineffectually. To give her credit, apart from the count she remained silent until the seventh stroke at which she cried “ow” loudly and began to sob audibly. Charlotte’s next stroke lacked the purpose of her previous ones and I reminded her of her duties by delivering another lashing to her bottom that made her jump and cry out. I reminded her to stick to her task which she did until we had reached twelve.

“Take a breath, my dear, your arm must be getting tired.”

“Thank you, Miss.”

I put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me, kissing her quite forcefully and letting my tongue slide between her lips. She was at first shocked but soon responded with her own tongue. We kissed for some time before I broke away.

“We are only half way through, my dear. For the second half I want you to use this,” and I handed her the lash and took back the paddle. “I think the slut’s bottom has had enough for the time being. Use it on her back and the backs of her thighs. And remember to make her count. Now, get to it before I decide you need punishing as well.”

She immediately stepped away and turned her attention back to her mother. She swished the lash through the air a couple of times as if to get a feel for it before bring it down on her mother’s back. I spanked her across the bottom with the paddle. By now she understood what that meant and struck harder, slightly higher on Gwen’s back. Between her sobs I could just make out the sound of her counting the blows. At eighteen Charlotte switch her attention to the legs, probably the most sensitive area she had attacked so far. Trying to impress me she swung her arm with gusto. The yelp that came from Gwen was loud despite the gag but was still followed by an almost unintelligible “nineteen”. Charlotte swung again with a similar result and then eased up slightly for the final four. I didn’t punish her again, in fact I was quite impressed that she had instinctively known to ease up and that her mother was nearing her limit. As her mother sobbed quietly she turned to me with a big smile. I held out my hand and she passed me the lash.

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“I feel sort of high,” she replied, “it was fun.”

“It wasn’t meant to be fun. It is something a Mistress has to do from time to time. It is not something to be enjoyed.”

“Sorry that was the wrong word.” She looked shame-faced.

“Don’t worry you will find the words soon. Now, see that cross against the wall?” I asked pointing at the large wooden St. Andrew’s cross. She nodded. “Take your snivelling mother and strap her to it, wrists and ankles.”

“Yes, Miss.”

She turned back and dragged her mother off the bed by her hair. Barely able to stand Gwen struggled to follow her. As Charlotte was busy fastening the leather restraints around her mother’s wrists and ankles I put the lash and paddle back on the hooks in the cupboard. I retrieved my customary riding crop without which I felt almost naked. While Charlotte was still busy I slid my thong down my legs and stepped out of it before taking a seat in the only comfortable chair in the room. When she finally finished securing Gwen she turned to look at me.

“Nice and secure,” I asked. She nodded and I pointed to the floor just in front of my chair. “Come and kneel there,” I told her. Dutifully and almost eagerly she did so.

“You have done well, my dear and now it is time for your reward,” and I smiled kindly down at her and her face lit up with anticipation. I briefly turned to Gwen hanging from the wall. “Pay attention, bitch. I want you to watch what good girls get so you might learn in Escort Ankara future.” Her tear-stained face lifted wearily and she looked at me. Slowly I opened my legs.

“Pleasure me, Charlotte, and do it well.” I settled back into the armchair as she leant forward.

Her first touch was delicate and shy. She placed butterfly kisses along the insides of my thighs touching only my stockings. It was almost an act of worship but she seemed reluctant to go higher so I spread my legs wider and she finally accepted the invitation. The first touch of her lips on my naked skin sent shivers through me. I was already highly aroused and I could smell my musky scent rising. It must have been even more intense from her point of view. And then, at last, her lips made contact with my pussy and another, more violent, shiver went through me. Emboldened now her tongue traced the full length before working its snake-like way between my lips. I closed my eyes and let the sensations pour over me. The tip of her tongue teased out my clit and flicked at it. The effect was electric. I could already feel something rising deep inside me. Her tongue moved and pushed its way softly inside me. I realised that Charlotte was no novice but someone well-practised in pussy licking. I was definitely not her first.

I glanced over at Gwen strapped to the wall. Her face was a mixture of awe and jealousy. Her daughter was showing a side of herself that she hadn’t known before and she was also taking away the reward that was usually hers. I closed my eyes once more and revelled in the slow rise of my impending orgasm. Usually I try and hold back but this time I allowed the feeling to grow at its own pace. I was now close and was brought even closer when two fingers entered me. Her tongue and lips concentrated on my clit while her fingers pumped slowly in and out of me. And then I came. A crashing earthquake of a climax flooded from me. In a frantic spasm my hands grasped the back of her head and held her tightly in place while my whole body shook. I may even have screamed.

For several minutes I simply sat there eyes closed adrift from reality. I slowly came back to the real world and looked down. I was still holding the back of her head pressing her tightly against me but she’d made no move to free herself. I wondered how she was able to breath and I lifted her head to look at her. She was glowing with pleasure knowing deep down that she had done well. All around her lips her face was wet with my juices. Finally I managed to find my voice.

“Wow! You little bitch!” She looked questioningly at me. “You gorgeous, gorgeous little bitch,” I said and smiled at her. With a sense of relief she smiled back.

“Did I please you, Miss?”

“Like very few before.”

I swung one leg over her head and awkwardly stood up holding on to the arm of the chair to steady myself. I pressed Charlotte’s face into the seat of the chair where a large wet patch told the story of my pleasure.

“Wait there and don’t move,” I told her.

On still trembling legs I made my way across the room to where Gwen was still strapped to the wall. With fumbling fingers I managed to unbuckle the cuffs around her ankles and then her wrists. With a fistful of hair I forced her onto her knees and made her crawl across the room. I stopped her immediately behind Charlotte whose bottom was still proudly in the air.

“Your daughter deserves a reward,” I told Gwen, “you know what to do.” I nudged her head forward until her nose made contact with the smooth valley before her.

“Get to it, slut,” I ordered.

Charlotte had jumped slightly at that first contact but then relaxed as her mother’s tongue started licking both her pussy and her arse. I sat on the arm of the chair to watch them both. Charlotte’s head turned sideways and her mouth hung open as the sensations swamped her. Gently I moved her hair away from her face so I could watch her more closely. Gwen seemed to have given up all sense of propriety and was obediently doing what I knew she did very well and something which she very much enjoyed although how she felt about doing it with her daughter I could only guess at. I smiled with satisfaction knowing I had taught her well and that Charlotte was the beneficiary of her talents and was now moaning openly and pushing herself back against her mother’s lips and tongue. I wondered if this was her first time having her arse used. I crouched down next to them and while Gwen was pushing her tongue into the eager pussy before her I stroked Charlotte’s prettily puckered arse. When I sensed she was close to cumming and pushed my finger deep inside her.

“FUCK!” she yelled and her head shot up but the force of her orgasm overtook her as she came in wave after wave. I kept her impaled on my finger as Gwen manipulated her clit. The climax seemed to go on and on slowly dying away until she slumped almost lifeless against the chair. Slowly I withdrew my finger and pulled Gwen’s head back before heading to the door.

“I shall be in the lounge. Come there when you have recovered.”

I left the room and went to sit down in the lounge where I poured myself a large glass of wine and waited for them.

To be continued …

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