Kenny and Hypnosis Ch. 01

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(The following arc happens before Nick is introduced.)

“Happy Meadows housekeeping!” Ms. Evans said as she rang the doorbell.

Within a few seconds, she was let in by a middle-aged Caucasian woman.

“Come right on in!” she said.

Ms. Evans looked at the interior of the house. It was your average two-story with a living room on the right, kitchen/dining room on the left, and stairs close to the living room.

“Don’t mind me, you can go right ahead,” the woman said before sitting down on the couch.

Ms. Evans put down her equipment and got to work starting in the kitchen.


“Kenny, I’m going to be out for a while! Be nice to the cleaning lady!” Kenny’s mother shouted up to the second floor before taking her keys and leaving.

Ms. Evans watched out of the corner of her eye for Kenny’s mother’s car to leave the driveway before letting out a deep sigh.

“Fuck,” she thought to herself.

Ms. Evans pulled out her phone and browsed through her gallery until she came across a picture of a middle-aged man standing in front of a house.

“This is his house alright. Why the hell isn’t he here?” she thought to herself.

Ms. Evans reflected on why she had become a housekeeper in the first place: to fuck guys for extra cash among other stuff. Her particular target today was in possession of an antique sofa that was recently purchased before she had a chance to buy it. Ms. Evans managed to get a name and took up a convenient assignment for his house.

“I was hoping to fuck this guy’s brains out for that couch, but it looks like that’s not happening today,” she thought to herself as she continued cleaning.

As she cleaned, a door from upstairs opened. Footsteps trailed down the stairs until a young man went to the living room and sat on the sofa.

“That must be the son,” Ms. Evans thought to herself.

She cleaned for a few seconds before getting an idea.

“Hey, I saw a college parking tag on a car in the driveway, he must be a college guy,” Ms. Evans thought with a smile. “Maybe I can just fuck the sofa out of him.”

Ms. Evans inspected herself in the kitchen. She was wearing a blue cleaning dress that had white-vertical stripes along with white athletic shoes. Her G-, close to F-cup, breasts stuck out far enough to emphasize their size and her skirt hugged her massive booty in the way a tight dress would. Ms. Evans unbuttoned the top of her outfit to expose even more cleavage.

“Big tits, big ass, MILF willing to do anything a horny college guy wants; he’ll definitely cave in.”

Ms. Evans picked up her duster and walked in to the living room. She immediately went to the shelves close to the TV and started her sweep. Kenny looked up from his phone and did a double-take of Ms. Evans’ backside.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” Ms. Evans turned around to say with a wink.

Kenny was more focused on Ms. Evans cleaning than his phone now. She did the best she could to exaggerate her features by jumping up and down to reach the top of the shelves. Kenny continued to keep his eyes glued on Ms. Evans’ ass.

“So, your name is Kenny?” she asked.

“Um, yes, ma’am,” he quickly answered.

“I’m Olivia Evans, but you can just call me Ms. Evans,” she said cheerfully. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?”

“Me? I’m just a freshman in college who recently turned 19,” Kenny said.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Ms. Evans asked.

“Oh, no. I’m too busy with my studies,” Kenny answered embarrassingly.

Ms. Evans smiled and readied herself to go in for the kill.

“I know this is out of the blue, but would your father have happened to have gotten a new couch recently?” she asked Kenny.

“Yes, but he put it in storage. He likes to collect fancy furniture, but always forgets about in the storage space. He’s probably already forgotten about it,” Kenny said.

“You know, I really wanted that couch, but he got to it before I did,” Ms. Evans said. “And I came here today to fuck his brains out in order to get it.”

Kenny’s nearly dropped his phone in surprise as Ms. Evans turned to face him.

“Medium messy hair, dorky, and shy; there’s no way he’ll turn me down,” she thought to herself.

“E-Excuse me?!” Kenny asked.

“You heard me. I opted to come to this specific house today to bargain for that sofa with my body,” Ms. Evans said.

Ms. Evans got closer to Kenny while still talking.

“Maybe it wouldn’t have been a one-day thing either. Maybe I would have had to become a booty call coming here under the guise of house cleaning in order to make payments with cumshots.”

Ms. Evans leaned down, putting her breasts in Kenny’s face.

“Maybe you can take his place instead,” she said seductively.

Kenny’s shyness got the better of him and quickly sprung up off the couch and ran up to his room.

“Great, he didn’t pounce on me and I’ll probably get fired now,” Ms. Evans thought despairingly.

Kenny soon returned with a coin dangling from a string. Ms. Evans stared at both him and the coin casino siteleri quizzically before Kenny spoke.

“I’ll give you the sofa if you let me try out hypnosis,” Kenny said.

Ms. Evans was taken back by what Kenny said.

“Hypnosis?” she thought to herself.

“Sweetie, you don’t have to be shy about this ordeal. We can meet up at a hotel for hookups if it makes you more comfortable,” Ms. Evans said.

“Well, I want to fuck you, but I also really want to try out my hypnosis technique I’ve been working on,” Kenny said.

“Sure, I’ll do it,” Ms. Evans said while sitting down next to him on the couch.

Kenny made sure neither his mother or father were home yet then started swinging the coin.

“You are getting very sleepy,” he said in a hypnotic voice.

Ms. Evans faked a smile as she pretended to be interested in Kenny’s coin.

“Alright, I’ll just pretend to go to sleep when he tells me to then suddenly wake up and get to getting that sofa,” she thought to herself.

Kenny continued chanting while swinging the coin.

“From now on, when I snap my fingers twice, you will fall into a deep sleep. In that sleep, I can tell you to do whatever I want you to and when I snap my fingers 3 times, you will awaken and do it.”

Kenny snapped his fingers twice and Ms. Evans slumped into the couch. He waited a few seconds before trying to wake up Ms. Evans by shaking her.

“Holy shit, it worked this time!” Kenny said out loud.

Against Kenny’s knowledge, Ms. Evans had been hypnotized in the past and was incredibly susceptible to it now.

“You will… juggle the apples on the table while thinking that it’s normal when you awake,” Kenny said, snapping his fingers 3-times.

Ms. Evans’s eyes popped open and she instantly reached for 3 apples out of the basket on the coffee table. Kenny watched in amazement as she juggled them while talking to him.

“So, about the sex,” Ms. Evans said. “I’m down for anything you want.”

Kenny snapped his fingers twice and caught Ms. Evans before she fell down. Putting her back on the couch he tried out something new.

“From now on, instead of falling asleep, you will become still and listen to what I want from you,” Kenny said.

Again, he snapped his fingers 3-times and watched her stand up while yawning. Before she could say anything, Kenny snapped his fingers twice. Ms. Evans quickly put her hands at her sides and stood at attention. Kenny waved his hand in front of her face and even tried shaking her awake once more.

“It worked!” he thought to himself.

Kenny admired his housekeeper’s seductive body and remembered her proposal.

“You will continue to clean the house with your skirt hiked up above your ass,” he said.

Kenny snapped his fingers 3-times and watched Ms. Evans pull up her skirt and tie it off in the front. Ms. Evans bent over to wipe down the coffee table, sticking her ass right on front of Kenny. Kenny looked at her black lace thong as her booty shook side to side. He watched how it jiggled when she walked around the room to clean. Kenny closed the curtains in his living room and snapped his fingers twice.

“Tell me how you really feel about me,” Kenny asked her before snapping her awake.

“I’m dead serious about fucking you. I’m a woman of my word and I will fuck you for as long as you want to get that couch,” Ms. Evans answered.

Kenny put her back under. His lust could no longer be contained and he found himself pulling his cock out of his pants.

“You will take your clothes off and continue to clean the living room,” he said before snapping her awake.

“It’s kinda hot in here,” Ms. Evans said.

One after another, her outfit, bra, and panties, piled onto the floor. Kenny walked around Ms. Evans and ogled every inch of her perfect MILF body.

“You’ve already got your cock out?” Ms. Evans said after looking down and looking back up to him. “That’s a pretty nice cock. Why don’t we go up to your room for a couch payment?”

Kenny quickly gathered Ms. Evans’s clothing and led her upstairs to his room. Once they were both in, he took his pants and boxers completely off and sat on the edge of his bed.

“How do you want it?” she asked him while standing in front of him.

“D-Do you think you could give me a little show first?” Kenny asked.

“Sure thing,” she answered with a wink.

“Can you do that cheerleader thing where you kick your leg and hold it?”

Ms. Evans took a step back and did just so. Her flexibility hadn’t withered throughout the years and was able to hold her ankle up above her head with ease. Kenny got close and saw her shaved pussy along with slight wetness around the lips.

“I’m so fucking horny, Kenny,” Ms. Evans said. “I came here wet and ready to fuck today.”

Ms. Evans put her leg down.

“Anything else?” she asked him.

“Could… you give me a blowjob and tell me what you’re gonna do?” Kenny asked.

Ms. Evans smiled and got on her knees.

“I’m going to put your cock in my throat canlı casino and wring those balls dry with my mouth,” she said before starting.

Unlike any ordinary blowjob, Ms. Evans wasted no time in going straight down to the hilt. Kenny arched his back and shouted, “fuck!” on reflex. Ms. Evans rested her hands on Kenny’s inner thighs and slurped up and down. She played with his balls while doing so, putting them to her bottom lip and giving him some humming service.

Ms. Evans pulled off and slid her lips up and down the side of his shaft before giving it long licks.

“You like that?” she asked him, already knowing the answer.

Ms. Evans moved down to his sack and sucked on each testicle before putting both in her mouth. She moaned softly and thoroughly ran her tongue over each one. Her left hand reached down and toyed with her pussy while continued the intimate blowjob. Ms. Evans stopped and looked at Kenny’s thick twitching cock.

“Are you close?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I’m just about there,” Kenny said.

Just as Ms. Evans lowered her mouth back on to Kenny’s cock, he heard the beeping of his mother’s car. The two looked at each other wide eyed before Kenny grabbed her head and thrusted into her mouth. Kenny stood up and continued fucking her face like it was a wet pussy. Ms. Evans whined and tried to get up but Kenny’s drive was just too great. Just as Kenny’s mother opened the front door, he held Ms. Evans’s head down and busted down her throat.

“Suck my load out!” he said to her.

“Kenny! I’m back!” his mother said from downstairs.

Ms. Evans extracted Kenny’s load as fast as she could before being released with a stomach full of cum.

“You are fucking wild,” she whispered with a smile before trying to get to her clothes.

Kenny quickly put his pants back on and peeked out of his room into the hallway. To his advantage, his room wasn’t directly at the top of the stairs, so he was able to usher Ms. Evans out to the bathroom a room down. From inside there, she was able to get dressed just as Kenny’s mother headed up.

“Kenny, have you seen the housekeeper?” she asked him.

“I’m cleaning the bathroom, Miss!” Ms. Evans said, poking her head out from the open bathroom door.

Kenny’s mother acknowledged her words and looked downstairs.

“Dammit! I left the bread and eggs in the back seat…” she said before walking down and back out of the house.

Kenny went to Ms. Evans.

“That was fucking incredible, Ms. Evans!” she told him.

“Getting my face fucked while your mom was downstairs really turned me on,” Ms. Evans said.

The two took their phones out and exchanged numbers.

“I’ll call you later about where to come and get the couch,” Kenny said to her before returning to his room.

Ms. Evans went back downstairs and gathered her equipment to finish up.


[Later that evening]

Kenny met Ms. Evans at the storage where the couch was. With Ms. Evans already standing in front of it, he pulled the door open and let her take her pick from the gallery of furniture. Ms. Evans immediately located the sofa and went to claim it. Kenny helped her load it into his truck and told her how he would follow her to her house to drop it off.


“Thank you so much for doing this, Kenny,” Ms. Evans said, hugging him.

“It’s nothing, really,” Kenny said embarrassed.

“How about we do another payment?” she asked him. “Let’s fuck on my new couch!”

Ms. Evans led Kenny inside her house. Once in the living room, the two got out of their clothes. Ms. Evans sat Kenny down in the middle of the sofa and mounted him bareback.

“Whoa, with no condom?” Kenny asked.

“I was gonna negotiate raw,” Ms. Evans said.

Ms. Evans and Kenny broke in the new sofa. It creaked and groaned as MILF flesh collided with young cock. Ms. Evans giant tits bounced in Kenny’s face with every intense thrust. Kenny caught them with his hands and took turns sucking on both nipples. Ms. Evans gripped Kenny’s knees from behind and encouraged him to stare at his cock penetrating her pussy.

“Look at how you stretch me out!” she said to him.

Ms. Evans grinded her hips a bit before getting on the couch. The two went at it missionary style for a bit before Ms. Evans finally had her body-shaking orgasm. She rolled her eyes up and gritted her teeth while her pussy went berserk.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she grunted out.

Kenny didn’t let up and kept going until he busted inside her cunt with more volume and intensity than earlier. He groaned and watched his cock throb inside her before slowly pulling it out. His cum spilled out right after and was caught on the towel beneath them.

“That’s a nice creampie you gave me,” Ms. Evans said to him.

The two caught their breath before doing anything else. Kenny received a text from his mother wondering if he would be home tonight. He looked over at Ms. Evans.

“Want to stay the night? We fuck in the morning,” she said to him.

Kenny told his mother he would kaçak casino be spending the night at a friend’s house. He then faced Ms. Evans and snapped her into hypnotism mode. Ms. Evans sat upright as stiff as a board.

“From now on, you and I are a couple. We meet up to fuck, do absolutely anything and everything, and are madly in love!” Kenny said, then snapping her awake.

“Oh, honey! Forget about the “payments” thing. I want to fuck you and mean it sincerely anytime. From now on, if my sweetie needs his cock sucked or fucked, you can just ask!” Ms. Evans said.

“What should we do for our next meetup?” Kenny asked.

Ms. Evans thought hard before answering.

“Let’s keep doing the maid thing. I’ll go to your house and “clean” while also milking your dick,” Ms. Evans said. “We’ll also do some kinky shit like take a vacation to the beachside where you cum in every hole, maybe bang in public places, and maybe I’ll get my friend involved,” Ms. Evans said.

“Friend?” Kenny asked.

“Yeah. My friend, Tammy Jones, is really into stuff like this. I’m pretty sure she’ll be down for this kinda stuff. She’s also my next-door neighbor,” Ms. Evans said.

Kenny put Ms. Evans under and spoke to her.

“You will bring me to Ms. Jones and convince her to being involved with us… you will also bring me there wearing just a t-shirt,” Kenny said before snapping her back.

Ms. Jones quickly went upstairs and returned wearing just a plain white shirt. She led Kenny to Tammy’s house who was to the right of her.

“Olivia? You’re here… naked from the waist down,” Tammy said growing a smile.

Ms. Jones eyed up Kenny.

“Introducing me to your new fuck buddy?” Ms. Jones asked.

“This is my boyfriend, Kenny, and we wanted to talk to you about an arrangement,” Ms. Evans said.

Everyone went inside to the living room. Before anything else could be said, Kenny brought his coin. He did the same as with Ms. Evans to Ms. Jones who was too confused by what was happening to object. To Kenny’s luck, Ms. Jones was with Ms. Evans the first time she had ever gotten hypnotized and got hypnotized herself, and fell right asleep. Kenny snapped Ms. Jones and made her sit on the couch.

“Tammy Jones, whenever I snap my fingers twice, you will be still and do whatever I tell you after you come out of hypnosis. When I snap my fingers 3-times, you will awaken,” Kenny said.

Kenny snapped his fingers and brought Ms. Jones back only to snap again. His hypnosis had been successful and Ms. Jones had now joined Ms. Evans. Kenny put the two under.

“From now on, you two are madly in love me and always ready to fuck. Your lust is so overwhelming that I may not need to hypnotize you to do something. You both secretly compete for my affection, love anal and giving head, and love being naked,” Kenny said before snapping them awake.

Ms. Jones and Ms. Evans came to and took their clothes off.

“Oh, Kenny. We have yet to bang and I want you so fucking bad,” Ms. Jones said.

“You busted in my pussy once, how about we make it twice?” Ms. Evans said.

“What about our trips and stuff?” Kenny asked her.

“Trip?” Ms. Jones questioned.

“Yeah, I said we were going to go to the beachside and fuck in the hotel room all day,” Ms. Evans said.

Ms. Jones thought hard.

“Whatever she’s doing, I can do better! How about we move a bed to the living room so we can fuck in there, have some fuck sessions in the backyard on just a sleeping bag, and I try to milk your cock in every room of this house and yours? I’ll keep the curtains open so the neighborhood can see me getting my mouth and cunt filled with cock! One of my elderly neighbors is a fan of mine and I want him to see me fuck a young stud in my backyard!”

“Sweetie, do you want me to suck your cock in my driveway?” Ms. Evans asked Kenny.

“Honey, do you want me to blow you in the bathroom at your campus before a test?” Ms. Jones asked him next.

“How about I blow you during the test?” Ms. Evans suggested.

“How about I walk in to the building with a bikini under a coat and fuck you in the bathroom before the test?” Ms. Jones asked.

“How about I walk in butt-fucking-naked and suck your cock loud and proud during the test?” Ms. Evans asked.

“She’s all talk! I’ll take you to a motel and suck your dick on the bed with the door propped open!” Ms. Jones said.

“Please, I’ll let you pound my tight asshole in the middle of the street at night!” Ms. Evans said.

“Oh, yeah? I’ll do anal on the sidewalk during the day!” Ms. Jones argued.

“I will walk into your house wearing just my shoes, march up to your room, lock the door, and fuck you hard enough to make the bed break,” Ms. Evans said.

“I’ll jog naked at around the neighborhood if we stay at a beach house,” Ms. Jones said.

“Oh, yeah? Well I’ll suck your cock in front of your own parents if you want me too!” Ms. Evans said.

Kenny intervened as the two argued.

“Ladies! There’s no need to fight. We can do plenty of that,” Kenny said.

Ms. Evans and Ms. Jones calmed down.

“Great! Now let’s all take a dip in my hot tub before calling it a night.” Ms. Jones said.


As the three relaxed in the hot tub, Kenny made his move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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