Kevin’s Roommate Ch. 05

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Kevin woke up and got confused when he heard his alarm going off. He opened his eyes and realized it was nine in the morning. He had an hour to get up, get dressed, and pack before Brad picked him up. He had been home visiting his parents for Thanksgiving and now his roommate was coming to pick him up to drive back to campus.

As he waited at the front door for Brad, his mom was going on and on about how Christmas was so far away and that he should come home and visit more often. Sarah was there as well and they glanced at each other, trying not to giggle at their mom’s neurosis.

Brad’s sports car pulled into the driveway and Kevin said his goodbyes. Kevin got into the car and the drive back to campus was quiet and uneventful. They had a relaxing evening and as they were getting ready for bed Kevin was the first to ask.

“My bed or yours?”

“Yours. You have a more comfortable duvet.” Kevin grinned and let Brad climb into bed with him. They cuddled all night and had a very peaceful sleep. They slept soundly and didn’t hear Brad’s cell phone ringing at six in the morning. They were awakened at seven by a loud knocking on the door. Brad was on the outside of the bed so got up and stumbled to the door. Kevin awoke to Brad casino oyna talking to someone at the door. He heard only bits of the conversation.

“…Yes, I can be there right away. Thank you Bill.”

“What’s up?” Brad’s face was looking very serious.

“My dad had a heart attack on the way home from Italy. The plane landed and he’s at a hospital in New York. I have to go now.”

Kevin watched as his boyfriend struggled to pack up some things. Clothes were flying everywhere and all Kevin could do was call out important things that Brad should be packing. Kevin and Brad had just gotten home from visiting family at Thanksgiving. The resident advisor had just knocked on their door and told them that Brad’s father had had a heart attack. Kevin watched helplessly as Brad dressed and was on the phone confirming his flight arrangements. He had to get to New York as quickly as possible and his mother had already arranged for a flight. Brad walked over and kissed Kevin passionately.

“I love you. I’ll be home soon.”

And with that, Brad was off. Kevin dragged himself through classes, making sure to take details notes to share with Brad when he got back. He kept checking his cell phone for text messages. He had never met Brad’s parents, canlı casino but knew that they were in Italy for the month of November. He hoped that Brad got to New York safely and was worried about Brad’s father. Right before bed, the phone rang and Kevin was glad to hear Brad’s voice.

“I’m in New York now. He was checked out and is healthy enough to fly home tomorrow. I’ll be back tomorrow night. I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

“How much do you miss me?”

“A lot. Where are you?”

Kevin giggled. His cock had started to throb the moment he heard Brad’s voice and knew he was suggesting something a little wild.

“I’m in a hotel room alone. Would you like something?”

“I’m stroking my cock for you now.” Kevin could hear Brad moan and heard the zipper of his pants before Brad spoke again.

“So am I. I wish it was your mouth wrapped tight around my cock. It felt so good yesterday.”

Kevin stroked his cock harder and faster. He was panting hard and moaned into the phone.

“I want your lips tight around my cock too. Sucking hard until I cum in your mouth.” Kevin tried to sound sexy, but he could barely put together a sentence as he imagined Brad kneeling between his legs sucking him off.

“Oh kaçak casino fuck.” Brad cried out into the phone and Kevin knew he was cumming. Kevin stroked fast and as he squeezed the tip of his cock, he came all over his stomach.

“Did you cum Kevin?’

“Oh yeah. Did you?’

“Yep. I miss you.”

“Good night.”

Brad fell asleep alone in the hotel room in New York. He wanted to feel Kevin’s warm body next to him. Kevin slept in Brad’s bed with his own comforter.

Kevin woke up and got ready for classes. He couldn’t wait for Brad to get home. The day dragged on and after his last class, he raced back to his room to change and get the keys to Brad’s car. He drove very carefully to the airport and waited eagerly for Brad to step off the plane. He had no idea what Brad had told his parents, but just seeing Brad was going to make him happy. The flight was delayed an hour, but when Brad walked into the luggage area he couldn’t help but smile. Kevin was standing there waiting for him. He walked over.

“Can I kiss you?” Kevin’s eyes went wide. He had never done anything like that in public.

“Do your parents know?” Brad nodded.

“Yes.” Brad leaned over and gave Kevin a soft kiss. It was soft and sensual, but more importantly it was done in public. At this point, Kevin knew that Brad was serious when he said he wouldn’t hurt him. He had truly fallen in love with Brad and it didn’t scare him anymore.

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