Kidnapped woman gives in

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I woke up with a start,breathing heavily. What had happened? I couldn’t see! Panicking, I moved my eyes this way and that, but all I could see was black. I whimpered, terrified that something had happened to my eyes. I blinked furiously, all ok. Concentrating on my face and willing myself to calm down, I realised I could see light from below. I must have some sort of mask on. I tried to bring my arms out to remove it, realising in a flash that they were bound above me. I was slowly coming back to reality, realising what a messy situation I was in. I couldn’t escape, could barely move. My eyes were blindfolded and my mouth was gagged. The only noise I could hear was my own heavy breathing, which sounded impossibly loud to my own ears. How had I even got here? My fuzzy memory was desperately trying to remember where I had been…. Running! I had been running round the local park. Slowly the memory of someone shouting my name came back to me. A loud, deep voice, I remembered being startled because it had came from right behind me. Then nothing….I had woken up here.

A shiver ran down my body, making me realise how cold I was. I could feel a draught against my skin, my nipples were achingly hard. In that moment I realised I was naked. I whimpered again. Who had done this to me? What were they now going to do to me? I ached to be able to protect my modesty, but with my arms bound to something on the ceiling I couldn’t. Could I get out? I shook my arms back and forth, desperately trying to figure a way to release them. “Oh Jenny, do be still..” a deep voice said just behind my right ear. I yelped, frozen with shock and terror. Again, all I could hear was my sharp, panicked breaths. “Who is that?”my muffled voice said behind the gag. No response. My heightened ears strained to hear if the man was close by. Just when I was sure I must have imagined it in my terrified state I felt a rough hand on my back. I screamed, lurching forward to get away from the strange hand on my skin.”Stay still Jenny, I don’t want to hurt you. Quite the opposite.”

I listened to him walk around me, and I didn’t move a muscle. I was scared that if I moved it would cause him to do something. How did he even know my name? His boots made a loud clicking noise every time he took a slow, deliberate step around me. ” you’re perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for.” He said. He was so close to me I could feel his breath on my cheek. He traced my face with one finger, I shivered with terror. ” As I said earlier Jenny” he whispered into my ear, “I don’t want to hurt you. But I will If I have to. Do you understand?” I nodded my head furiously, tears leaking from my eyes. “Perfect” he said. I noticed that the man had an incredibly sexy voice at that moment, marvelling at how fucked up I was. I told myself to concentrate, keeping myself alive was of the upmost important right now. I waited to hear my instructions.

He walked behind my, I could feel his eyes looking over my body, taking in every angle. I felt so exposed to this man. Tears came again, rolling down my cheeks under the blindfold. “First things first, no tears my goddess, this is not the time for crying” he commanded. He took my wrists in his hands and lightly traced his hands down my arms, stroking just under my armpits. I shivered into him. “That’s it Jen, you’re getting the idea. Give in to me today Jen and I will let you go.” His hands circled around my boobs, stroking my hard nipples.” Give in to me completely, enjoying my control over you, and I won’t have to hurt you.” His hands slipped down over my stomach settling on my pubic hair, which he tugged. I squirmed in this strangers embrace, which he only seemed to enjoy more.” Give yourself to me, and enjoy it, or you’ll stay here…do you understand?” I had no choice. This man was going to rape me and I had to enjoy it? How the fuck was I supposed to do that? But it was do that or be left here to starve to death. I nodded my head to him, trying hard not to cry, knowing that displeased him.

“Perfect” he said roughly and closed his mouth over a nipple. He licked it lightly, tracing around the shape of my nipple. Sucking on it, making it harder and harder. I squirmed, moaning lightly underneath him. “You’re faking it Jenny..” He said with a chuckle. “Don’t fake it for me” I heard a load crack and suddenly I was in agony. My nipple had been struck by something and I cried out in pain. I was desperate to touch it, to try to release some of the pressure somehow when his mouth closed over my nipple again. He slowly caressed it with his tongue, and seemed to be licking away the pain. I gave in to the wonderful feeling, desperately trying to ease the pain I felt. A slow low moan escaped from my mouth..” That’s it, my beautiful little prisoner, now I can hear you are genuinely enjoying it. Don’t let me have to teach you again, do you understand?” I nodded to my captor. There was no point in fighting this, I felt all defiance slowly melt away. I stood there, ready for him to do his worst.

His hand izmit rus escort traced again towards my pubic hair as his mouth and tongue explored each breast. I drew a sharp breath as his teeth gently closed around a nipple, tugging it. My body refused to relax, poised and ready for the pain that I was sure was going to come again. Sensing my stiff body he said “I’ve promised not to hurt you if you do as you’re told. Now relax.” His finger slipped towards my pussy and began stroking my clit lightly, as his tongue made its way towards my neck. Without thinking, I arched my neck away to give him full access to the delicate skin that was aching to be licked and touched. I was shocked at myself, what was wrong with me? I felt like I didn’t know myself as the familiar ache came between my legs as stroked and stroked on my clit. His mouth settled on my neck, and as he licked towards my ear and I felt his breath, my legs opened to let him further in to my pussy. “Oh yes Jenny. That’s it. That is exactly what I want from you. Give your body over to me completely.”

His hot breath left my neck and for a moment, I lost a sense of what was happening. I could still fell the rhythmic stroke on my pussy. Suddenly, I felt his tongue, lightly trace my bottom lip. I lightly moaned, loving the feeling of his rough tongue. I licked my lip where his tongue had traced and his mouth was suddenly on mine. He teased open my lips, his tongue sliding into my mouth, demanding a response. I returned his kiss with equal passion, giving in to everything. His hand suddenly slid away from my clit, sliding lower. It was in that moment I realised how wet I was. I pressed my body into his, my only aim now was to feel the sweet release I knew his hand were going to bring to me. “Look how wet you are Jenny,” he exclaimed in wonder as he ran his finger up and down my dripping pussy. His finger suddenly plunged into me and a loud moan escaped my mouth. He pushed his body close into me as he held his finger inside of me. “You feel delicious.” He whispered into my ear. I was panting at him, biting my lip and wishing he would move that finger. I pushed it deeper inside of me. “That’s it, my little prisoner. You’re doing wonderfully.” And then his finger began to move. Slowly and deliberately he fucked me with one finger, pulling it out at such a delicious pace and then plunging it back in. He knelt down, hitching one of my legs up above his shoulder, then continued the heavenly assault. Never going faster, just deeper each time. I squirmed above him, feeling exposed to this man, loving the cold air around my pussy.

I felt him kneel closer to me, knowing he was watching my pussy closely as he slowly fingered me. I felt his thumb slide the wetness from my hole up to my clit and circle around it and I shuddered. “What a beautiful pussy you have Jen. I’ve thought for a very long time about watching it as I play with you and watch you.”he said with a low drawl. “Do you like what I am doing to you Jenny?” I moaned my response as I began to push down against his finger. He chuckled, ” I should have done this months ago,” then I felt his tongue lick up the length of my wet pussy. I almost exploded. Why did this feel so good? I marvelled at how delicious it felt as his tongue circled around my clit, settling in to lightly flick it as his finger continued its slow and deliberate assault. “You taste incredible” he moaned as his tongue devoured me. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm begin deep inside me at his words and my body twitched with anticipation. “Is my little prisoner about to cum? Oh I do hope so” his hot breath whispered against my clit. His tongue plunged down into my pussy as he added a second finger to fuck me slowly with. “Oh god!” I moaned behind my gag as I felt the delicious orgasm wash over me. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” I heard myself say as my juices poured over his fingers. “Yes Jenny!” He cried out, continued to lick and fuck my pussy. My body, spent, was only held up by the bounds and it shuddered with the aftermath of the orgasm.

“Perfect Jenny” the man said as he rose to his feet. “You’re beginning to give yourself to me.” He removed the gag from my mouth and I gulped in air. Breathing heavily I retorted with, “beginning to?” And laughed a sarcastic laugh. I felt him stand in front of me, and he held my chin in place. “Oh yes. I have much more in mind for you Jenny. You keep giving yourself to me, just like that, and you might get out of here today.” I said nothing in response. I had no idea how long I was going to be kept in here. I thought he would just fuck me and then go, but it looked like this powerful man had much more in mind than that.

“I’m going to take your arms out. If you try to get violent, I will punish you. If you try to run, I will punish you. If you take off your blindfold, I will punish you. Do you understand Jenny?” I nodded, desperately wanting to release my arms which were now beginning to ache. “Answer me, little prisoner!”
“Yes” I answered instantly.
“Good izmit escort girl,” he said with a chuckle. I felt his arms circle round my body and he lifted me up, unhooking my arms. He untied my wrists and I felt the sweet release as I moved them about freely once again. I realised then I did not know where he was. My hands flew to my blindfold to rip it off but paused as I remembered his warning. I lowered them again and span round as I heard his voice say, “Good, you remembered.” I stood frozen on the spot, unable to figure out where his voice had came from. “Kneel down.” His voice commanded me from somewhere to my left. I knelt on the floor, realising I was kneeling on wooden flooring, desperately trying to piece together where I was. I heard his footsteps as he began to circle me slowly. ” you’re next instruction is going to be to suck my cock Jenny. I know how good you are, I found out.” How did this man know me? It was true that I thoroughly enjoyed giving head. “Are you going to enjoy it Jen?” He said from right in front of me. “Yes” I replied. “Ask for it then, beg for it.” His voice said, lower and raspier than ever. I squirmed. I did not want to talk dirty to this man. Ridiculously I was doubting my own skills, wondering if I wouldn’t be able to be sexy enough. “Or are you not following instructions?”
“No I am!” I quickly answered.” Please, sir. Please give me your big cock.” I whispered.
“Speak up, little prisoner!”he said to me.
“Please give me you’re cock, sir. Let me suck on it like a good girl!” I said loudly and clearly. Suddenly I felt the tip of his cock on my lips. Well, if he wanted good, I’d show him how a real woman gives head.

My hand circled around his ass, and lightly stroked the hairs on it. My mouth moved over to side of his thigh and I lightly licked towards his cock. My other hand circled around his cock and I marvelled at how meaty it was as he let out a long groan. I let my tongue travel over his balls as my hand slowly tugged his long length. I licked up his length until my mouth rested on the tip of his cock. His hands pulled on my hair as he felt my hot breath on his tip. “You’re such a tease Jen'” he gasped, “it’s delicious,” as I took the length of him into my mouth i felt a jolt of desire as he groaned a long loud horny groan.”Fucking hell, you’re amazing!” He exclaimed as my mouth and tongue ran up and down his cock. With one hand I played with his balls and with the other I continued to circle closer and closer to his ass hole. His breath quickened as he thrust into my slurping mouth. It dawned on me how much I was enjoying servicing this unseen man. I moaned with pleasure which he answered with a more animal groan as he realised I was enjoying myself. I held the tip of his cock in my mouth , holding him back as I took control. I sucked on just the tip of his cock as he jerked and gasped in front of me. With one hand I gently pressed upon his ass hole and he stood frozen in shock. I was a little scared I had done the wrong thing when I felt his balls tighten underneath my grasp. He let out a long moan and suddenly he was bursting long jets of cum into my mouth. I swallowed it down like the good girl I am, just noticing that I was playing with myself whilst taking his load. I moaned, thrusting into my finger as I felt his breath return to normal. “Oh my perfect little girl, are you playing with yourself? Let me help you baby,” he said and he suddenly flipped me over and his tongue was on my pussy again. “So wet…” He murmured and his voice vibrating on my pussy was what sent me over the edge. I screamed as the orgasm washed over me. I felt him chuckle as I grinded my pussy into his face as I came.

We lay there, getting our breath back. I could feel his rough hand stroking my thigh as he lay happily between my legs. I felt him shift his weight and suddenly he wasn’t there. I began to pull myself up when suddenly, he lifted me off of the floor. I squealed as I fought to get a bearing on my surrounds and he laughed, making me feel better. He lay me softly into the bed, running his hands down my body. My breath quickened and I marvelled at my body’s response. I was quite literally, ready to be fucked – by a stranger. A stranger I couldn’t even see. “You’ve been better than I even imagined Jen. You’re nearly there now. Be a good girl for me” he almost begged.
“I will, sir,” I purred back. I spread my legs wide for him in a silent invitation which he gladly accepted. I heard him groan as his tongue met my calf, slowly working its way up my leg and body, narrowly missing my aching pussy. “I can’t wait any longer,” he breathed into my ear and I felt the tip of his cock work its way up and down my soaking pussy. Ever time it got close to my hole he would pause, waiting to feel me move towards him, then he would slide up to my clit again. I ached for him, wrapping my arms around his back and pressing myself against him. “I can’t wait to be inside you Jenny. I’ve waited so long to be inside that beautiful pussy!” And with one long thrust, he kocaeli escort was inside me. He filled me up completely and for a moment, took my breath away. I gasped and moaned a long low moan. He felt incredible. As he began to slowly move in and out of me, matching the same rhythm his finger had only a short while ago, I joined in by thrusting at the same speed. His tongue prised my lips open and explored my mouth as he thrust deeper and deeper inside of me. I bit his lip, loving it when he groaned into my mouth. “God yes! That’s it my little prisoner, give yourself to me!” He cried as he picked up the pace. I reached a finger down between us and he leaned back to accommodate me. I found my throbbing clit and began to stroke as plunged deeper inside of me. I was in heaven. His finger worked its way around to my asshole and he circled my pussy juice into it, massaging it with just a touch of pressure. I moaned, my breath coming in little gasps by now. When I felt his finger tip plunge into my asshole I gave myself to him completely. Matching every thrust and moan whilst my orgasm began to build. “Cum on my cock Jenny, give it to me” he commanded as I went into paradise. My orgasm began at my toes and as it washed over me I felt my pussy contract around his cock. He moaned with pleasure, taking a breast into his mouth and sucking as I came.

He gave me no time to recover, flipping me over and plunging his cock into my pussy. I cried out, it felt so sensitive, but he did not stop. He began fucking me hard and fast and I screamed out, feeling him going deeper than ever. He reached into my hair and tugged it back, riding me. I felt his hands going through my hair and before I could figure out what was going on he loosed my blindfold and I felt it fall off. He slowed his pace and began slowly sliding in and out of me as my blinking eyes adjusted to the light. I didn’t know what to do. The noise of my pussy juice slurping as his cock was going in and out was turning me on so much that I didn’t want to look around and see who this man was. He was pleasure giver, and that was enough for me. He took his cock out with his hand and pushed my pussy juice up into my ass hole, wetting it, getting it ready. My body froze with a jolt. I had never been fucked in the ass before, and I imagined that it hurt. He continued to press his soaking cock against my asshole and his hand circled round to begin to stroke my clit. I gave into the pleasure and relaxed again, my eyes settling in on his other hand which was resting bear my face. He continued to press into my asshole when suddenly, I felt the head of his cock pop into my tight asshole. I groaned, adjusting to this strange and wonderful feeling. The man stiffened, groaning with barely contained pleasure. “Look at me Jenny” he said, cock stuck in my ass.

I didn’t want to. But I had to. I slowly turned my head towards him, noticing first his tanned muscular arm, then looked directly into his face. There behind me, was my best friends husband, staring into my eyes. I froze with shock, he didn’t move, his hand still on my ass, positioning it ready for a fucking. “Don’t move Jenny, the rules are still the same. You give yourself completely to me, or I leave you here. Do you understand me? He said, his voice shaking slightly. I gazed into his eyes, confused as hell. This was my opportunity to fight again. Get him the hell off of me. I could escape, i could see again. I had to tell Natalie, my best friend. But how could I? I had responded to him, had given in to him completely. As I stared at him, he ran his hands across my ass then round to my clit. One finger slowly began to stroke my clit and he held my gaze. “Understand me?” He repeated. I nodded, burying all thoughts of confusion in the back of my mind. “Keep your eyes on me,” he commanded as he slid his cock into my ass. His finger continued to circle around my clit as he slid slowly into my ass, opening me up to him. I groaned, my eyes were begging him to fuck me as I held his gaze. One hand reached forward to play with my nipple as he thrust again and again into my ass. I shuddered quickly into an orgasm that seemed to last forever, vibrating through my whole body. ” oh yes! Little Jenny loves my cock in her ass. Take it deeper for me my little prisoner” he cried as he bent me over and mounted on top of me. His cock was grinding deeper and deeper into my ass, stretching me and opening me up to him. “Jenny!!” He screamed as I felt his hot cum fill up me ass. With one last flick of my clit I spasmed into an intense orgasm, screaming his name.

As his cum dripped from my asshole he wiped it over my pussy, caressing my body from behind. ” You good good girl. Well done, you gave yourself to me just like I hoped you would,” His finger gently played with my pussy, causing aftershocks to vibrate through my body. “Now I can let you go Jenny.” He whispered into my ear with a flick of his tongue. “But this isn’t the end Jenny. If you tell my wife, I will come for you again. I will punish you. If you don’t, I will come for you again to pleasure you, understand?” I nodded, already growing horny as I felt his hand hover near my hole. “Yes, sir'” I replied, feeling for his cock again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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