Kiss Me Kate Continues

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Claudia did not take much persuading. She was going off Paul anyway now that she and Kate were seeing so much of each other. When she heard a “blow-by-blow” account of what had happened at the interview, she was the more excited of them as they took the freeway out into to the wooded countryside. Everything looked so pretty in the fall sunshine.

The instructions had been to “come to my country cottage and bring your friend this time. If you both behave, you will get two pictures back!” The instructions were easy to follow and they were soon on a small road winding up the hill overlooking the valley. They turned off at a large stone gateway onto to a narrow path through more woods. They both gasped as the car moved into the open; beyond the woods, they saw a huge clearing at the end of which stood a large colonial-style mansion. A red Ferrari and a white Rolls Royce completed the picture.

“Some country cottage!” said Kate. “Lucky we dressed for the occasion!”

“Yeh – really?” muttered Claudia as the car drew up in front of the steps leading up to the front door.

She opened the door and got out. She was wearing very tight black tight-cut jeans with high-heel boots, and a tight red vest top that showed ample flesh and her belly button, tight across her chest so it hugged her big white breasts. Her long black hair swung free as she walked. Kate was wearing a short black-blue skirt, with held-up stockings, no panties, a cream top with a low cut v-neck, fitting but not too tight across her flesh-toned hold-up bra. Her blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail.

Not realising that they were being closely watched as they stood at the foot of the steps, Kate and Claudia put their arms around each other and kissed tenderly.

“Remember what I said, darling” said Kate. “Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Promise?”

“I promise, but I doubt if he is man enough for both of us.”

“We’ll see – wait ’til you see the size of his dick!” Kate responded with a lascivious smile. “Let’s go, before you come in your panties!”

Claudia pushed the large doorbell: then they waited for a few minutes. Everything was quiet.

“Oh come on.” Moaned Kate. “I hope we got the right day.”

At last a tall dark-clothed gentleman opened the door; he ushered them in.

“Good afternoon, ladies.” He had a rather classy English accent and wasn’t bad looking, Claudia thought. “You must be the two secretaries Mr Maddox mentioned; he said I should let you in. I am Frobisher, the butler here; please let me know if there is anything you need, anything at all.”

He smiled as he showed them through a large hallway and into a living room overlooking the lawn at the front of the house.

“Mr Maddox is making some business calls in his study and will be a little while. He said I should offer you some refreshments while you waited. Then I will leave you in peace. Please make yourselves at home, ladies, and help yourselves.”

He opened a bottle of champagne that was standing in an ice bucket on the table and poured them each a glass. There was also a collection of various delicious looking cold dishes on the table. They were both hungry and soon got stuck into the food. Then Kate refilled their glasses and they sat together on the large comfortable settee.

“This is the life! What more could you wish for!” said Claudia.

“I can think of a thing or two!!”

“You and my titties; you’re incorrigible. Can’t you wait?”

“Why should we? Frobisher said we should make ourselves at home. By the way, you fancy him, don’t you? I can canlı bahis tell that look a mile away.”

“I’ve known worse.” Claudia replied with a smile. “I’m quite happy with what I’ve got, thank you. For the time being at any rate.”

They kissed again, this time more passionately. They had not had time to make love before setting off in the car and it showed! Kate soon removed Claudia’s top and was squeezing those superb white breasts and sucking on her nipples. Claudia slid her hand under Kate’s skirt and caressed her thighs all the way up to the top.

“Wow, stockings! And no panties! You hussy! My god, you’re wet!” She exclaimed, as she eased a finger along the slit of Kate’s pussy and then into it. She removed it, placed the finger on her tongue and then Kate’s.

“You taste so, so good, my sexy one!”

“Then eat me, Claudia. I want you to eat me. Now!” Kate quickly unzipped her skirt and removed it. She lay back on the settee with her legs open. Claudia admired the pussy she loved so much, clitoris proud and ready. She teased for a while, kissing the insides of Kate’s thighs, and then up over her tummy, pulling Kate’s top and bra up over her breasts.

“For fuck sake, Claud, eat me. I’m ready to burst!”

“Yes, my dear!”

Now Claudia got about her business, starting with the clitoris – gentle caresses, the tip of her tongue circling and tantalising it. Her finger, sliding slowly up Katie’s pleasure hole, feeling the walls of the pussy contract around it. Then, more vigorously, she tongued away, enjoying the sweet fresh sexy taste of her lover. From the clitty down into her vagina where the taste became even sweeter and stronger. This was heaven! Pure heaven! As Kate’s body arched as she thrust her sex up into Claudia’s face, she felt hands clenching her buttocks followed by a finger pushing up into her tight arse hole.

“Oh my god!” Kate yelled. “This is too much! I’m going to come! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop, please stop.”

But Claudia continued sucking and tonguing the pussy as she finger fucked Kate’s bum. Her mouth and chin were drenched with cum; a large damp patch had already gathered on the edge of the settee as Kate continued to spurt as she writhed in ecstasy, screaming at the top of her voice. She had no sense of time or place, just a feeling of total abandonment and sexual excess; a feeling of love and gratitude for the woman who was between her legs now and had allowed her, over the last few days, to experience more pleasure than she could ever have imagined possible.

At last, Claudia slowed her pace and stopped, kissing Kate’s pussy lovingly. She moved up, juices dripping from her mouth and chin, and kissed her again, mouth to mouth and then tongue to tongue so they could both relish the taste and texture of those heavenly juices.

“Pure nectar!” Claudia laughed, as Kate lay back in a state of perfect peace and contentment.

“That was beautiful, darling, but where the hell is our so-called host.” Kate asked. “Let’s have some more bubbly, then it is your turn!”

As there seemed to be no movement from the rest of the house, they drank more, opened another bottle and continued to make love, through the heat of the afternoon, on the settee and on the thick, blue carpet. Mouth to mouth, mouth to breasts, mouth to pussy, pussy to pussy, all their favorite positions. Eventually, they had no energy left and lay in each others’ arms, dozing quietly as the evening sunshine came through the window to warm their naked bodies.

They were awoken by a discrete cough. bahis siteleri Kate looked up and saw Frobisher standing there; she had no idea how long he had been there. She nudged Claudia who sprang awake. Neither seemed too worried that they were lying in front of a total stranger without a stitch of clothing. The whole room was filled with a pungent erotic smell. The day had taken on a surreal quality that made everything seem normal.

“I’m sorry it is taking so long, ladies. Mr Maddox is still making calls; it is getting late in England and his advisors need his instructions on a large deal that he is doing. He sends his profuse apologies and thought you might find this film helps pass the time. He won’t be more than an hour at the most.”

“OK, whatever.” Said Kate. “We’re in no state to drive anyway!”

Frobisher turned on the television set in the corner of the room and inserted the tape.

“I think you will enjoy this.” He said as he poured them each another glass of champagne and stood there by the window.

As they sipped their drinks and watched disinterestedly as the film started, Kate stroked Claudia’s thigh affectionately. Claudia was paying little attention until suddenly Kate’s grip tightened and her nails dug into her flesh, almost hard enough to draw blood.

“Hey, take it easy.” She yelled.

“Have a look at this, sister!”

“Holly shit!”

Now their attention was fully focused as they watched the screen in a state of disbelief. At first, it had appeared to be an everyday “hard-core” porn film with lots of close-ups, grunting and groaning and simulated orgasms – a lesbian love scene – tasty women too, Kate thought. Then she noticed the beauty spot on the blonde one’s backside; she remembered the interview the other day.

“My god. It’s us! Fuck me dead!”

After a short period of horrified silence, they both started to giggle. Whether it was the champagne or just the outrageous situation, they were never sure. But somehow it became funnier and funnier as they watched themselves cavort and began to mimic the noises and language on the film.

“Oh yes, Claudia. You’re so good. Eat me! Fuck me! Oh I’m cumming, I’m going to explode.” Claudia imitated Kate’s mid-West accent.

“Oh Katie, Katie, Katie. Finger fuck me harder, harder, harder!” Kate mimicked Claudia’s New York voice.

They laughed and laughed and laughed, tears pouring down their faces. Even Frobisher joined in the laughter – butlers weren’t supposed to join in the guests’ fun and he was a consummate professional. Somehow, it was infectious; he couldn’t help himself.

“Why, Frobisher, you should be ashamed of yourself!” Claudia laughed. That started them off again. She poured a glass, walked rather unsteadily over and handed it to him.

“No, madam. Thank you; I’m on duty.”

“Come on, you’re not a fucking policeman. I hope not anyway!”

“It’s no good, darling.” Kate exclaimed. “Can’t you tell? He’s English – they’re all so repressed. All those all-boy schools and cold baths.”

“You’re right. I bet he would enjoy a very good spanking though!” Claudia went right up to Frobisher and put her arms around him. She whispered in his ear: “What would you really like, Frobisher? Tell me. Or do you prefer boys?”

As he stood there trying to look dignified, Claudia put her hand between his legs and rubbed up and down the front of his pants.

“I tell a lie, Katie! Frobisher can get excited after all. Come and see for yourself.”

Kate was even more the worse for wear but staggered over to them.

“Let me see. My, bahis şirketleri my, who’s a big boy? Keep watching the film, Frobisher. This won’t hurt – I promise.”

She knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants. Her fingers soon extricated what she wanted from his underwear and pulled it out. It was about eight inches of rock hard Englishman and Katie had always fancied the English. She licked off a drip of pre-cum, relishing the sharp salty taste, a pleasant contrast to what she had enjoyed from Claudia. She took his shaft into her mouth and sucked him as far up as he would go; she heard him gasp with pleasure and felt his hands on her head, pulling her up and down. She loved the taste and texture and hardness of his impressive manhood as he took him into her throat. She moved her mouth up and down slowly and seductively.

Claudia was back sitting back watching them, absentmindedly fingering her clitoris.

“Are you off duty now, Frobisher?” she laughed scornfully.

“No, madam. I always try to fulfil my guests’ needs and your friend here still seems thirsty.”

“Is that a promise, Frobisher?” Claudia stood up and came over to them again. She pulled Kate back.

“Step aside, sister. I want some too!” As Kate stood to one side, Claudia pulled hard on his pants so they fell to his ankles. “Let’s see how strong you are, big boy!”

She opened her legs and put her arms around his shoulders. Then she lifted herself up, just far enough to get on top of him as he bent his knees slightly to accommodate her. She was so wet that he slid easily into her; she used her arms to control the speed at which his long thick dick penetrated her. God, it felt so good as he began to rock her up and down. Kate enjoyed the sight of him pulling in and out like a piston, Claudia’s pussy skin moving in and out with his dick. Soon she was all the way in, her juices dripping down the inside of her thigh where Kate licked them up and sucked and tongued his tight hairy balls.

She had never experienced anything so big and strong before. The sensitive loving touch of a woman was all very well but this was hard, primeval sex – pure animal lust between two strangers.

“Fuck me Frobisher, you English bastard. Show me you’re a man!! Harder or I’ll tell Mr Maddox about you!”

This sent him to a higher level of passion. He eased her off him. Then he threw her roughly face down on to the floor and pulled her legs apart, ramming a finger up her tight arse-hole. He positioned his head against the opening.

“You’ll never get it up there, you bastard.” She screamed.

“We’ll see about that, Madam.”

He drove in with all his power. She was tight, but he was determined and strong enough to drive all the way in and begin to move back into the same fucking rhythm. He kept going hard and fast.

“No, please. Stop! Stop!” She yelled. “Katie, please stop him.” Then as Kate put his hand on his shoulder to pull him off: “No leave him, Katie. I need it!! Fuck me, Frobisher, fill me up! Fuck me! Harder!! ”

By now she was gibbering with frenzied pleasure; she had two fingers up her own pussy and was trying to fuck herself to the same beat as him. As her final orgasm began to build, stronger than she had ever known or even contemplated, Kate was kissing and getting ready to stifle her screams.

“I love you, Darling.” She whispered.

By now Frobisher was out of control pummelling up her; suddenly his whole body froze, followed by one last thrust all the way up that tight, tight hole. He exploded as her massive last climax racked her body. He flooded up her in several warm squirts with an enormous deep grunt. Then he very carefully eased out and lay exhausted on the carpet beside her.

At last he remembered who and where he was.

“Will that be all, Madam?”

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