Kisses Ch. 01

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You awaken me from my after dinner nap with little kisses on my forehead. I smile and raise my lips up to yours.

As always, you tell me you love me and I whisper “I love you too.”

You pull me up, telling me you have to show me something. Hand in hand, I follow you down the hall. Pushing the door open, you lead me into our candlelit bedroom – candles everywhere – matching the glow in your eyes.

We embrace and kiss – a deep, deep passionate kiss. Fire begins to flow through my veins. You guide me towards the bed. My hands run up and down your sides while you kiss my neck. You brush first one sleeve of my robe off my shoulder and kiss it. My whole body shudders and a little whimper escapes from my lips as you nuzzle my neck with your kisses.

You cup one of my breasts in your hand and suck my nipple. It becomes hard at your gentle nipping and tugging. I can feel the heat running through my veins heading towards the “V” between my legs. Kissing your way back up to the other shoulder, you push the other sleeve down; sucking and kissing my shoulder, down my neck, to my other tittie. Nibbling, sucking, and licking, your hands on my hips, my fingers running through your hair, you push me down on the bed.

Your mouth comes even with my pussy and you can see the glistening wetness. You slide me over to the middle of the bed and before I know it we are both naked. You straddle my hips and stroke your manhood a few times. I lick my lips and nod, but you shake your head no, lean down, and kiss me. I can feel your hard shaft against my body.

Passion the silk trailing over my hot, wet mound. Wrapping the scarf around my ankle, tying it to Escort Esenyurt the bed, you slide back up my now burning body. Your tongue traces my lips, making them part for another passionate kiss. You take another silk scarf and tie the wrist opposite of the ankle to the bed. You continue your mission, tying first the other wrist, then travelling down my body, awakening every nerve with your kisses.

Desire is now running through every fiber of my being. Gliding over my mound, you slide your tongue along the slit and I let out a gasp. You finish tying my other ankle. My enflamed body is spread wide open for you to devour, leaving me helpless to interfere. You kneel between my legs, stroking your cock. A bead of pre-cum glistens on the tip and I moan.

You tell me, “Not yet-I have more for you first.”

You take your cock and begin sliding it up and down my slit. Bending over me, your cock touching my clit, you take both titties and suckle first one then the other. I arch my back and try to touch my mound to your groin, which makes you hold my hips down. Your tongue runs down my belly, over and around my belly button. My whole body is trembling. Passion…desires…running wild.

Parting my pussy lips wide, you slowly flick your tongue over my clit. Sucking and kissing my clit – making it harden and throb. I am helpless to do anything but lie there. You run your tongue up and down my slit, up to my now throbbing clit. Tongue flicking back and forth faster and faster, a finger slides in my hole. I am wild now, juices flowing. Switching your tongue to my hole and your fingertips on my clit, your tongue explores my hole – fucking my pussy. Escort Avcılar My moans getting louder, my body writhing under you. My hips raising, twisting. Your tongue dives deeper, my pussy gripping it. Your tongue brushes over my G-spot.

“Oh my God!”

My eyes rolling back in my head. Faster and deeper. You tell me to cum. I heard your voice; it seems like a million miles away. Lights are flashing before my eyes, my whole body taut with desire.

You raise my hips, your tongue wildly fucking me. My whole body tenses bringing me closer. Eyes half-glazed over, I am watching you. Watching your tongue fuck me, drawing me nearer. My hips are grinding against your mouth. The pace increases until I am bucking uncontrollably.

Your tongue searches for and finds my G-spot once again, making me tense. Flicking it over and over, I tense, and with a deep moan cum all over your tongue. Juices exploding on your tongue, swallowing my sweetness. My whole body is jerking and twitching. You lap my juices, still sucking my pussy. My pussy is throbbing, pulsing; you won’t stop. I am begging you for your cock. You refuse. Your tongue diving deeper and deeper, back and forth over my swollen clit. It’s so sensitive, in and out of my hole. I groan.

“I’m cumming…oh darlin’…I’m cumming.”

Juices burst from my pussy.

All the while, you have been stroking your cock. As my orgasm overtakes me into another world, you get up and ask me if I want your cock. With a hoarse whisper, I say yes. You rub your cock up and down my slit, not entering, just teasing me. Up and down my slit, back and forth across my clit. My body is raw with passion and desire. I want you so badly. I look at your body towering over me, my eyes begging you. You’re bringing me on the verge of another orgasm. Closing my eyes, moaning.

Your hard shaft teasing me, my body arches, your cock keeps grazing my clit, down my slit to my hole. You push just the tip against my hole. I explode in a shattering orgasm. With a quick move, you thrust your hard cock deep in me and hold it there, my pussy convulsing still deep in orgasm, gripping your cock tight. My throbbing pussy muscles grip and squeeze this piece of heaven.

You begin thrusting, our bodies in perfect rhythm. I want to kiss you – you move over the top of my breasts, gasping, you run your tongue along my lips. I draw it in and we are locked in a passionate kiss. You untie one of my wrists, which I don’t even realize at first. Your cock is pounding me, faster, deeper. Your hips rotating deep inside me. Your cock thrusting, my pussy squeezing, pulling you in. I tense, yell, and explode all over your cock. My pussy wraps around your cock, squeezing tight.

As I begin to come down, you untie my wrist and ankles. Your cock still hard and glistening. You roll me over and pull me up on all fours. Your cock slides in my sopping pussy. I am so hot, and wet, and throbbing. I watch you in the mirrors pounding me from behind. Balls slapping my ass. I push my ass against you, grinding it against your groin. Pushing and pulling, you fuck me hard and fast. I feel you tense. I feel my insides tense, ready to erupt. As soon as you release your load, your cock buried deep inside, grinding against me. Squirting your cum into my raw pussy, I explode all over your cock. We are motionless for awhile, then collapse. Your juices draining in me. My pussy holds you there.

WHEW! I say, “I love you.”

You say, “I love you.”

My reply is, “I LOVE YOU MORE!”

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