Ladies of the Bordello Ch. 3

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My name is Simone. I was born in a suburb outside of New York City twenty three years ago. By the time I was five, my mom had left my father for another man and followed this guy down south to Memphis, Tennessee. Edward was his name. I had never liked him. In less than a year, they were married.

By the time I was fifteen, he was looking at me more than he looked at mama. I concentrated on school, working at Mickey D’s, music and avoiding him. When I turned sixteen, Edward did the inevitable. He finally TRIED to make a move on me one night while mama was out with some of her friends. I was getting ready fry myself a bologna sandwich, when he came up behind me as I was getting a frying pan from a low cabinet.

I felt his manhood (I use the term loosely) brush lightly against my ass, causing me to jump. “Damn, dude! Move!”

I pushed him aside and set the cast iron skillet on the stove before turning it on. He blocked the refrigerator so that I could not open it. “I want to talk to you for a second,” he said running his finger down my arm.

“For what?!” I said, pushing against him. “We have nothing to discuss. Can I please get in the fridge so I can get my bologna?”

“When I finish talking to you” was his answer.

When he didn’t move, I tried to reason with him. “My frying pan is getting hot, dude. Will you please get the fuck out of my way?”

“You have a dirty little mouth, little lady,” he said with a sneer. “I guess that I am gonna have to put you in your place.”

He reached between my legs and rubbed against me roughly, saying, “Now you have to take your punishment.”

I fought with him for a few minutes before I recalled the cast-iron skillet that was now burning on the stove. I grasped it, adrenaline keeping me from feeling the heat and swung it across Edward’s head as hard as I could. He yelped in pain before falling to the floor, motionless. I ran to my bedroom, praying that I did not kill the jackass (I didn’t need a murder rap at sixteen!). I quickly filled two big duffle bags with clothing and grabbed the two thousand dollars that I had saved from flipping burgers for Ronald McDonald. As I ran out of the front door, I heard Edward scream, “I’m gonna get you, you little bitch!”

I scurried to my old 1985 Honda and hopped in. As Edward stumbled from the porch, I pulled out of the driveway, flipping him off as I drove away. I had a friend rent me a room at the Super 8 hotel so that I could get some rest. That night when I called my mother and told her what had happened, she told me that my story didn’t match Edwards and she couldn’t believe that he would ever do anything like that “because he would never hurt me” she said……

“Mama, why would I lie about something like this?” I challenged her.

“Baby, I’m not saying that you would lie about anything like this, but I just can’t believe that Eddie would ever do anything like that,” she argued. “Maybe you are just reading the wrong things into it.”

“Mother, he reached between my legs and started rubbing on me,” I state with annoyance. Could she really be that blind about him?!

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” she said. “I just can’t believe that.”

“Well, fine, mama,” I said, giving up. “Believe whatever you want to believe. I’ll call you back later.” Then I broke the connection. I stayed in the hotel for a few more days, sneaking home in the mornings to retrieve more of my personal items while mama and Edward were gone. On the last day that I was home, my mother caught me as I was going out the door.

“So you’re just going to up and leave huh?”

“I have to go,” I informed her. “You’ve taken his word ands feelings over mine one time too many. I can’t stay here. But I promise you that I will check on you from time to time. I love you, but it’s time for me to step out on my own. I HAVE to go.” I kissed her on her cheek before telling her “goodbye”.

I walked away from her, knowing that I would never return to that house…..

After finally getting in touch with my cousin, Don, who lived in a small town in Arkansas, I moved in with him. He was twenty-three and a bartender at a strip club called Phantasms. All he cared about was making sure that I had my half of the rent and utilities. I was waiting tables in the mornings at the International House of Pancakes, while focusing on my music in the evenings. After a few months, I had Ankara escort scrounged up enough money to get myself a decent music keyboard at a nearby pawn shop. I basically lived at work and at home.

Every now and then Don would have friends over. And on some nights, while Don was working, one of his friends would become a personal friend of mine. Hey! I like getting laid just like everyone else okay! Everything was normal in my life until I met Don’s girlfriend, Cherokee.

Cherokee had been a stripper at the club when she and Don had started dating, but he had insisted that she quit, so she did. He took care of her as needed and even paid her rent for a while.

Cher was Native American with long, blue black hair, almond eyes, and a set of breasts that would make any female green with envy (about a 36 DD, I’m guessing). A nice ass too. She was very pretty, not super model stunning, but she had that certain air about herself that kinda called to you, ya know… She was tall and slim with a gorgeous pair of legs that seemed to go on and on. Don called her legs his “belt” because he loved it when they were wrapped around his waist. Clever huh?

Anyway, Cher and I had grown close over the time that she and Don dated. She was the first friend that I can say that I’d had since elementary school. Every blue moon, she could even talk me into catching a movie when Don was busy. She would sit and listen to me play my keyboard and sing songs that I had written. She was my confidant & critic and I really enjoyed spending time with her. One day, she decided that we had grown close enough to have a heart to heart….

“Simone, I really need to talk before I explode,” she had told me, coming to see me one Thursday night while Don was at the club. “Can we talk?”

“Of course,” I told her, getting comfortable on my bed.

“I know that I am taking a big risk with our friendship by telling you this but…..” She hesitated.

“Just tell me,” I said.

“I’m leaving Don.”

I sat quietly, feeling that there was more. When she said nothing, I asked, “Is that all?”

“More or less,” she answered.

“Why?” I wanted to know. “Are you fucking someone else,” I asked.

She hesitated once again before replying, “Yes. But before you get pissed, please let me explain, okay.”

“Go for it,” I challenged, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I told you what it was like when Don and I first met,” she began. “I had been stripping for almost two years when we hooked up and I was making good money. Every now and then, I had to go beyond stripping… the occasional blow job or fuck, but they were paying me a hundred or two just to rub on me, ya know. Well, when I stopped working at the club, I had to start depending on Don and even though I hated it, I never said anything.”

“So you were just using my cousin?”

“No,” she argued. “It wasn’t like that at all. He insisted on taking care of me. Even when we argued about it, he still persisted. Well, about a month ago, I ran into a girl that I used to go to school with named Alexis. We had lunch at a very expensive restaurant and she paid. When I asked her what she was doing to be able to have the finer things in life, she told me about her career working for a lady name Madam Nadia who specialized in ‘comforting men’ as she put it. She talked me into meeting with the Madam and it turns out that she was running a bordello-”

“A whore house?” I interrupted.

“Actually, it’s a really classy place,” Cher contended. “Well, to make a long story short, I started working for her the very same night on the weekends while Don was at the club. In the past month, working just two days a week, I’ve already made about six thousand dollars, girl! I’m at home during the week and away on weekends. I am able to take care of myself and just relax when I am at home. I fuckin’ love it!”

“Six thousand dollars?” I asked curiously. “Just to fuck?”

“Well, men have certain taste. We give them what they want,” Cher told me.

“Are the guys sleaze balls?” I asked, my interest growing even more.

“Actually, no,” Cher answered. “Most of them are actually really nice. Rich guys too. They are even willing to pay GOOD MONEY just to sit and talk with us. I even have a couple of regulars already.”

I thought about it for a minute. Six thousand dollars in about eight days was way better than Ankara escort bayan what I was making waitressing. I made less than half of that in a whole month! I was definitely interested. “Do you think that you could hook me up with Madam Nadine-?”

“Nadia,” Cher corrected me. “I dunno. Do you think that you could deal with having sex with a lot of different men?”

“I’ve fucked a couple of Don’s friends,” I informed her.

“I’m so sorry to hear that, you poor thing,” she joked with me. “Well, let me see if you got what it takes.”

“What?” I said dumbly. “You want a blow job?” I joked.

“No, goofus,” she said. “Let me see your package…..Strip.”

“Why?” I asked.

“The madam is very particular about who works for her,” Cher explained. “She is going to want to see your body. I’m just going to give her something to go on. So strip.”

Somewhat nervously, I did as I was instructed.. I removed my pants and t shirt, revealing my matching cotton panties and bra set. Cher observed me quietly.

I was satisfied with my body as a whole. I was often complemented on my eyes, which almond shape gave away my already distinct Oriental bloodline, though I am half black- half Korean. My skin is a light apricot in spite of being half-black. I had recently highlighted my jet black hair with blond streaks so I really thought that I was cute now. My breasts were full, but not huge, a 34 D to be exact. My tummy is well toned, thanks to doing sit ups every day and I like to think that I have a nice ass built onto the back of my 5’7″ frame.

“Nice,” Cher praised. “The cotton panties will definitely have to go though. Those will not work. If you meet the madam, try to wear something sexy…silk or satin…something like that. Sex appeal is a very major issue at the bordello. Now… take off your bra and panties.”

Feeling that it was for a good enough cause, I did as I was directed. “Very nice,” Cher complimented me. “Perky too. Are they real?”

“Yes they are real,” I said, putting my hand on my hip with attitude.

“Now don’t go getting all feisty,” Cher joked. Catching me off guard, she reached up and stroked my nipples with both hands. I gasped and she said, “Sorry. Couldn’t help it. They are so nice. They guys will love it.”

Also catching me off guard was the fact that my nipples had sprang to life at her touch! She noticed too, but she only smiled a little bit and said nothing. She then took her attention to my lightly trimmed womanhood. Her hand lightly grazed it, almost as if testing me, but she only said, “Keep it trimmed up neatly just like that or completely shaven clean. The madam does not like the bushy bush okay . . . just letting you know.”

“Okay,” I said, nodding. Standing naked in front of Cher I asked, “So do you think I am good enough for the job?”

“I think so,” Cher answered looking at me as if seeing me in a whole new light. She began to walk up to me, then changed her mind and stopped.

“What is it?” I asked, looking at her.

“Nothing,” Cher answered, looking at the floor. “I just….nothing.”

“What is it, Cher?” I asked, walking up to her, completely forgetting that I was naked.

“I just never realized until now, how pretty you are.”

“Thank you,” I said to her in astonishment. I was unable to stop a blush that crept to my face.

“Oh that is priceless,” she said admiring the fact that she had caused me to blush. She then touched my face softly. “Have you ever been with a woman?” she suddenly asked me.


“Have you ever thought about it before?” she then asked.

“Not really,” I answered honestly, taking in a sharp breath as her hand caressed my back as she drew me closer to her.

“What about right now,” she challenged. “Are you thinking about it now?”

“Maybe,” I stammered as I felt heat grow between my legs. “Why do you ask?” I stuttered.

“Because I am going to kiss you,” she informed me bluntly. “And if you kiss me back, I WILL take you right here in your bedroom, on your floor or bed…wherever I can have you.”

“Well, thanks for the warning,” I said as she drew my face closer to hers. Her lips then grazed mine softly. I was blown away by the softness of her lips. When they brushed mine again, I was still in shock that a woman was kissing me. Then she took my lips full on, tracing her tongue across them, coaxing Escort Ankara them open. My eyes fluttered shut as her tongue swept mine. Gingerly, I began to kiss her back. She moaned with satisfaction as my tongue gently battled with hers as we stood in the middle of my bedroom. Her hands caressed my back, then ass as she tongued me deeply. I moaned into her mouth.

I had never felt this kind of high kissing any guy that I had been with. My head was spinning! I began to caress her in return, playing in her hair…touching her face… reveling in the feel of her. I had never given any thought to being with a woman before, but it was definitely on my mind as I felt her covered breasts smashed against my bare ones. I was going crazy now….wanting her.

She pulled away from me so that we both could catch our breath. She began to undress right in front of me, sashaying to the slow music that was constantly playing on the radio. She pushed me onto the bed and showed me why guys always came to see her at the strip club. She rolled her hips and gyrated provocatively as she stripped for me. When she was totally exposed, her hand strayed to her clean-shaven pussy and two fingers disappeared between her pussy lips. I sat, spellbound by what she was doing. She walked over to me and rubbed those same two fingers across my lips. “Taste,” she demanded. Mesmerized, I let her slide the fingers into my mouth. The taste was unusual, but actually good. “You like that huh?” she said as I licked the juices from her fingers. “You’ll have more,” she promised. “But for now, I want to taste you. Tonight, I am going to make you sing.”

She spread my legs apart as I sat on the edge of the bed. She kneeled before me as she held my legs wide open. I could feel her warm breath on my now aching feline. It throbbed for her in my anticipation and excitement. Ever so slowly, her lengthy tongue found my clit with no assistance from her hands. As if by reflex, my back arched and bucked towards Cher’s face. I moaned uncontrollably as she mercilessly held my legs as far apart as humanly possible while licking me frenziedly. I fell back onto my elbows and rocked my soaked snatch against her mouth. She moaned in pleasure at the taste of me, sticking her long tongue deep into my pussy.

“Oh shit, Cher!” I cried out. “Yes, baby..OH YES!! Mmmmm! Ohhhhhh. Yes!”

When she returned her mouth to my humming clit, she let go of my thighs. As if by rote, they flew over her shoulders as I fucked her face. She then slipped two slender fingers deep into my cavern of lust and began to finger fuck me furiously. I fell back onto the bed, tossing my head to and fro, yelling for her. “You like that?” she said before sucking on my clit fiercely.

“Yes!” I answered wildly.

“Ready to cum, baby?” she asked in a sexy voice that I had never heard before. She licked my clit like a mad woman.

“YES YES YES!!!” I screamed as I groped my own breasts, tugging at them in rapture.

“Are you gonna sing for me, baby girl?”

“YES . . . PLEASE!!!…..I’m about to cum!” I told her, grasping at my bedspread, writhing beneath Cher’s mouth and fingers.

“Then sing for me.” She flicked my clit with such speed that I felt like my body was about to shatter into a million pieces.

As an earth shattering orgasm took over me, I screamed in such a high pitch that I heard my dressed mirror crack and shatter. We both looked at the mirror that laid in pieces on the floor.

“Damn,” she said, staring at the mirror with amazement. “That was pretty damn good.”

Unable to say anything, but overcome with wantonness, I pulled her to me and laid her on the bed and began to ravish her as she had done me. I licked her like a mad woman, fucking her with my tongue and mouth like as though I had been doing it for years. She moaned and screamed out for me as I made her cum several times into my mouth, drinking in every drop of her.

Two hours later, we showered together and laid in the bed for a while. At about four in the morning, she had to get up from my bed before Don made it home. Before she went into the living room, I asked, “So you’re still going to talk to the madam for me right?”

She smiled at me sexily and said, “I’ll personally see to it that you get the job.” She ran over to the bed and kissed me passionately one more time before journeying to my cousin’s bedroom.

I couldn’t believe that I had just had sex with my cousin’s girlfriend! But at the same time, I knew that I wouldn’t be the last time . . .

Stay tuned to see what happens when Simone goes to Madam Nadia’s Bordello….. let me know what you think.

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