Lady Gambler Ch. 10

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Ron drove Scott and Rachael into the city, heading back to the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Ron was still adamant about not wanting Charlene involved in Rachael’s escort service but Rachael wanted to continue operating the business. Scott was thinking about the business’s financial statements, which illustrated a very profitable venture even though it had been embezzled out of $180,000.

Charlene was sitting alone in the hotel suite when the three arrived. Crystal had left immediately after being fired.

Where’s Crystal?” Rachael asked. “I want to see her.”

“She’s gone. Probably at the bank right now making plans to transfer the money somewhere out of town.” Charlene responded.

“Just let her go.” Charlene added. “Write off the loss as bad business management.”

“Just write the whole damn business off.” Ron exclaimed. “That’s what you should do!”

“I felt the same way till Scott and I looked over the bank statements.” Charlene stated. “It’s not as profitable as the weekend poker parties but it does net more than half a million dollars a year.”

“It’s nothing but a high class call girl business!” Ron exclaimed. “Just a bunch of male and female whores!”

“Ron, why don’t we try and discuss this matter calmly?” Scott suggested. “Charlene’s developed alot of insight into the business.”

Reluctantly, Ron agreed to listen to what everyone had to say. Sitting around the small conference table, everyone spoke their piece. Except for Ron’s negative comments, everyone talked on a positive note.

“Since this is Rachael’s business, it should be her decision whether to continue or not.” Charlene said.

“I want to keep the business running.” Rachael quickly responded. “But, I don’t want to fall into another situation like this one.”

“I say NO and I’m not going to change my mind! Ron exclaimed. “I’m totally against it!”

Charlene suggested Ron leave so the three of them could discuss restructuring the escort service. Knowing his challenges weren’t going to get him anywhere, he left in a huff.

“First thing we need to talk about is clearing out that office and getting things secured better.” Charlene stated. “That’ll save you eighteen grand a year in lease payments.”

“Where would we run it from?” Rachael inquired.

“For eighteen grand a year, you could buy a house and run it from a private residence.” Charlene responded. “Whoever runs the business could live in the house as part of their pay package. That would be another expense savings.”

“I’ve been going through your personnel files.” Scott stated. “You need to look at your escorts, both the men and women. I suggest you run a background check on everyone.”

“Why do I need to do that?” Rachael asked. “I haven’t had any problems.”

“That’s good but that’s not to say you won’t down the road.” Scott replied. “Some of the files look suspicious to me. I’ve got a hunch some of these people aren’t what they represent themselves to be.”

“Ok, whatever you think is best.” Rachael responded, reluctantly.

“You should think about consolidating your business to just one limo service, not two.” Charlene stated. “It doesn’t matter which one, since they’re both competitive on cost and service. With one service, you can monitor the invoices much better.”

Rachael nodded her head in agreement. She hadn’t realized just how carelessly the business had been operating.

“Anything else?” She asked.

“I’d encourage your clientele to use plastic instead of cash.” Charlene responded. “Try and eliminate handling paper money as much as possible. The more business you can generate with credit cards, the better your service rate at the bank will be.”

“Ok. If this is how you want to run it, I don’t have any problems with it.” Rachael said.

“Well ……. I’m not planning on running the business.” Charlene replied. “We’ll have to find someone else.”

“I thought you’d run the business!” Rachael exclaimed. “We already agreed to it!”

“I know but I’ve had alot of second thoughts.” Charlene muttered. “I’m not going to move her afterall.”

“What! Why not?” Rachael asked. “Is it because of all that’s happened or ………..?”

“Not really.” Charlene replied. “I’ve got other commitments I need to keep.”

“What about my investment portfolio?” Rachael inquired. “What am I going to do now?”

“I’ll do what I can to work with you on that.” Charlene responded. “I work out something.”

Rachael was greatly disappointed that Charlene was backing out on their agreement.

“I was counting on you to help me.” Rachael stated. “I thought the investments we’ve made so far were just a beginning.”

“I know. I know.” Charlene replied. “I’m willing to help you but I’ve got another commitment I’ve got to fulfill. It‘s a promise I made to Michelle.”

Rachael realized she wasn’t going to win the argument with Charlene. If she wanted Charlene to work with her on investing her money, it would have to be on Charlene’s terms not hers. Rachael’s thoughts returned to the escort service.

“Who istanbul escorts can we get to operate the escort service that we can trust?” Rachael said, breaking the silence.

“Scott, how about you? Would you be interested?” Charlene inquired.

“If the money’s right, I would.” Scott replied. “It’s going take some money on the table before I’d consider leaving Taos.”

“I paid Crystal $2000 a week.” Rachael stated. “I’m willing to pay you the same.”

“Toss in another $500 a week and the house to work from and we’ve got a deal.” Scott replied.

“Ok, I won’t argue with that.” Rachael said, smiling. “At least I feel I can trust you.”

“Great.” Scott responded. “I’ll start putting together a business plan. I’ll need to go back to Taos and take care of some things first.”

After chatting for a brief period, Scott suggested the three of them go out for dinner.

“You two go ahead.” Charlene said. “I need to find Ron and have a talk with him.”

After Scott and Rachael left, Charlene dialed Ron’s cell phone. Ron was at his office, going over inventory data.

“We need to talk before I go back to Phoenix.” Charlene said. “I’d rather we talk in person than over the phone.”

“Are you going to manage Rachael’s escort service for her?” He inquired, feeling the subject was more important.

“No, Scott’s going to manage it.” Charlene replied.

“Well …….. as long as you’re not involved.” Ron responded. “How about we go out for dinner and then out to my house afterwards?”

“I’d rather you come back to the hotel so we can talk here.” Charlene suggested.

“Ok.” Ron replied. “I can be there in about half an hour.”

Charlene spent the time preparing herself for what she was going to say when Ron arrived.

“Best to keep it short and get right to the point.” She thought. “No sense beating around the bush.”

Ron arrived at the hotel, taking one of the elevators up to Charlene’s suite. Charlene put the “Do Not Disturb” card on the outside door handle. Ron noticed her gesture, hoping she was in the mood for sex.

Charlene was far from being in the mood for intimate contact with anyone. Sitting in a chair at the small conference table, she motioned for Ron to join her.

“I didn’t feel telling you about my plans over the phone was appropriate.” Charlene stated. “I’m leaving in the morning and going back to Phoenix. I won’t be coming back.”

“What do you mean, you won’t be coming back?” Ron asked. “I thought you were going to move here.”

“I know. That’s what I was planning on but I’ve changed my mind.” Charlene replied.

“What about us?” Ron muttered. “I thought we had a good relationship started.”

“We did.” Charlene responded. “We still could. It’d just have to be a distant relationship.”

“It’s up to you.” Charlene added, not getting a response to her statement.

“I was going to suggest you move in with me.” Ron murmured. “I wanted us to be together as much as possible.”

“Ron, I’m sorry.” Charlene said. “I don’t see that ever happening.”

“I guess it’s over then.” Ron said, angrily.

He stormed out of the hotel suite, slamming the door behind him. The startling noise, like a gunshot, caused Charlene to jump.

A short time later, Scott returned to the hotel suite. Charlene had just finished packing her clothes, readying for her trip back to Phoenix.

“You have your talk with Ron?” Scott inquired.

“Yeah. He stopped by.” Charlene responded.

“How’d it go?” He asked.

“About like I thought it would.” Charlene replied, turning her back towards Scott.

“You gonna be alright?” Scott asked.

Charlene, not replying to his question, went back to her bedroom. Shutting the door behind her, she sat quietly on the side of the bed. Scott waited for a few minutes before entering the bedroom.

“How about I call down and get you something to eat from room service?” He suggested. “I’ll get us a nice bottle of wine.”

“Ok, maybe just a sandwich.” Charlene muttered. “I’m not really hungry.”

Charlene decided to take a quick shower while Ron waited on room service to deliver the food and wine. Slipping into a silver satin nightgown, she walked out to the livingroom. Scott’s eyes and facial expression let her know how beautiful she looked.

“Wow! I hope you know how beautiful you look!” He exclaimed. “You may not be sleeping along tonight!”

His compliments made Charlene blush. Her hands brushed over the silver nightgown, smoothing it over her tummy.

Room service arrived a short time later. Instead of a sandwich, Ron had ordered Charlene shrimp prepared in various manners. A very dry white wine complimented the seafood.

Sitting on the couch with her feet propped up on the coffee table, Charlene gradually relaxed. Looking out the large windows of the suite, the lights of Las Vegas gradually came on.

“Have you decided what you’re going to do about Rick?” Scott inquired.

“Kinda.” Charlene responded. “Thought istanbul eskort I’d stop by Prescott and see him on my way back. Maybe suggest we go into the ranching business together. At least till he gets settled, anyway.”

“Hmmm. That might work.” Scott responded. “At least he won’t be all alone.”

Late in the evening, the two decided to call it a night. Charlene slipped into her bed, listening to the sound of the shower coming from Scott‘s bathroom. A short time later, Scott entered Charlene’s bedroom, approaching her bed. He was wearing skimpy black briefs and a sly grin.

“Thought maybe you’d like a little company.” Scott quipped.

Pulling back the sheet, he slipped into bed beside Charlene.

“Can I trust you?” Charlene kidded.

“Not tonight, you can’t.” He whispered.

Pulling Charlene close to him, Scott kissed her softly on the lips. Charlene’s arms held Scott at the shoulders.

“Didn’t think you cared for women?” Charlene murmured.

“Not all women, just a few I really cared about.” Scott replied.

Their kisses grew more passionate. Charlene’s body responded to Scott’s hand caressing her breasts. His hands gently massaged and fondled them through the thin satin material. Charlene’s nipples grew erect when Scott’s fingers brushed over them.

Reaching down, Scott eased the hem of Charlene’s nightgown upwards, baring her legs, then the matching silver panties of the nightgown. Charlene lifted her butt just enough for Scott to work the material halfway up her back. Lifting her body slightly off the bed, Scott removed the satin nightgown, tossing it to the floor.

Scott’s lips slowly made their way to Charlene’s neck, kissing her lightly. His hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them gently. Charlene closed her eyes, feeling Scott’s lips traveling over her breasts. His tongue flicked at her nipples, exciting them even more. With his lips clamped on her nipples, he tenderly sucked on each one. Low moans escaped Charlene’s lips.

Scott’s hand slipped beneath the satin panties, brushing over her pubic hair. Charlene’s legs spread slightly at his touch. Scott gently rubbed her pussy in slow, circular motions. Touching Charlene’s sensitive clit caused her hips to react, pressing her butt down against the sheets. Scott’s lips kissed downward over Charlene’s tummy. Pushing the material farther down, he exposed Charlene’s wanton pussy.

Charlene lifted her butt off the bed, allowing Scott to pull her panties off. He tossed them to the floor on top of the nightgown. Spreading Charlene’s legs farther apart, he leaned down, kissing her pussy. Scott’s tongue licked slowly up and down Charlene’s slit causing it to blossom. Sliding his tongue deep inside her pussy, he brought Charlene to a quick and arousing orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Scoooooooootttttttttttt, Arghhhhhhhhhhhh” Charlene cried out.

Scott continued swirling his tongue inside Charlene’s pussy long after her orgasm subsided, bringing her passions up again. Charlene was whimpering, silently begging for Scott to fuck her.

Scott slipped off his black briefs, exposing his hard cock. It’s mushroom shaped head throbbing in anticipation of penetrating Charlene’s wet pussy. Charlene spread her legs wide, allowing Scott full access to her pussy. Scott pressed into Charlene, slowly forcing his thick cock inside her. Charlene’s pussy stretched to its limits. Lubricated by her juices, Scott’s cock pushed in deeper until his balls touched Charlene’s butt. Fucking her slowly but passionately, he gradually increased his tempo.

Sensing Charlene was nearing orgasm, Scott slowed his fucking motion to long, deep strokes. Charlene’s expression let him know she was savoring the extended pleasure. Charlene’s hands gripped Scott’s upper arms as she felt the ultimate orgasm building.

“Fuck me hard! As hard as you can!” Charlene begged.

Scott pulled his cock out of Charlene’s pussy, then plunged in hard, jolting her body. Fucking her hard and fast, he brought Charlene to orgasm. Her mouth gaped open, emitting a loud scream.

“AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Scotttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Arrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She screamed.

Charlene’s body convulsed, her legs tightened around Scott’s waist. Lifting herself completely off the bed, Scott’s muscles were barely able to support the two of them. Gritting his teeth, Scott continued fucking Charlene’s pussy till his cum spewed deep inside her. A long moan escaped his lips as his face cringed with pleasure.

Scott, weak and quickly losing his strength, lowered himself on top of Charlene. Wrapping her arms around him, Charlene kissed his shoulders and neck. Scott slowly climbed off her spent body, stretching out next to her.

“You’re not really gay, are you?” She whispered, looking over at Scott.

“No, I’m bisexual.” Scott admitted.

Not saying any more, the two shared a kiss before drifting off to sleep. Scott held Charlene in his arms, feeling closer to her than he ever had before.

The next morning, after showering eskort istanbul and getting dressed, Charlene and Scott headed down to one of the hotel’s restaurants for breakfast.

“About last night.” Charlene spoke. “Do you mind if I ask why?”

“Because I always wanted to.” Scott responded. “I’ve always loved you but I could never just come right out and tell you.”

“What about Michelle?” Charlene asked. “Did you love her too?”

“Yeah, but it was different with Michelle.” Scott explained. “I loved her as a very close friend.”

Charlene didn’t ask him to explain how he felt about her. She wanted to know but she didn’t want to have to ask him to find out. After breakfast, Scott helped Charlene get her car packed for the journey back to Phoenix. Charlene tugged the diamond cocktail ring over her finger.

“When you see Rachael, would you give this back to her?” She asked. “I wouldn’t feel right about keeping it.”

“Yeah, she’s coming by later on this morning.” Scott responded. “I’ll see that she gets it.”

“Well ……… guess this is good-bye.” Charlene muttered.

“I’m not saying good-bye.” Scott replied. “I want us to stay in touch with each other. Let me know how the ranch is coming along.”

“Besides, Colorado’s not that far away.” He added. “Don’t be surprised if I come and see you two.”

Scott and Charlene held each other, meshing their lips together for a long kiss. After agreeing to keep in touch, Charlene blended her car into traffic, heading southeast, away from the city.

Approaching the Prescott – Sedona exit on I-17, Charlene hoped she would be successful in convincing Rick to move to Colorado. Pulling into the long driveway, she spotted Rick loading several horses into a trailer. Even at a distance, Charlene could see a big smile appearing on his face when he recognized her car.

“Man, am I glad to see you!” He exclaimed. “I haven’t seen anyone for almost a week!”

“I thought I’d stop by on my way back home and see how you were doing.” Charlene responded. “Maybe talk a little business.”

Rick escorted Charlene into the camper, offering her a cold soft drink. Sitting together on the couch they chatted about the weather and the horses. Seeing Rick was in a good mood, Charlene decided to make her pitch.

“I’d like to make you a business proposition.” She stated. “I’m planning on moving up to Colorado to start building that ranch of yours. I could sure use your help.”

“Are you serious?” Rick asked. “Is ranching what you really want to do?”

“Yep.” Charlene responded. “I’m tired of living in the city. There’s 800 acres of beautiful ranch land just waiting for us up there in the mountains.”

“It’s going to be hard for me, being there without Michelle.” Rick said. “But, I’ve been giving alot of thought about going up there. I feel it‘s what she wanted me to do.”

“I can be ready to leave in a week.” Charlene stated. “You tell your boss you’re quitting and the two of us will build the ranch together.”

Hesitating for a few moments, Rick agreed to make the move. Charlene hugged Rick close to her, kissing him on the cheek.

“I’ve got to get my house packed up, get everything put in storage.” Charlene said. “I’ll be back in a week.”

“Ok.” Rick replied. “All I’ve got is my clothes and personal stuff, a few tools. I’ll be ready to go.”

Later that afternoon, Charlene left to complete her drive to Phoenix. She made mental notes of things she’d need to take care of before leaving Phoenix for good. According to the realtor, quite a few prospective buyers had been looking at her house. Charlene felt a quick sale was in the near future.

Midweek Charlene phoned Rick to see how he was doing. The tone of Rick’s voice let her know how excited he was about making the move.

“I’ve got everything packed, just need to load up the truck and go.” He stated.

“I’ve still got some business to finish up here.” Charlene said. “The storage company’s coming by Thursday morning to pick up my furniture.”

“Great! Why don’t you come up Friday sometime?” Rick inquired. “We can leave early Saturday.”

“That sounds good to me.” Charlene responded. “We could be there sometime late Saturday evening.”

“I’ll make reservations at the motel on the outskirts of Walsenburg so we’ll have a place to stay.” Charlene added.

Early Friday morning, Charlene packed all her clothes into her car. Taking one last tour of the house she’d lived in for almost fifteen years, she made sure everything was locked securely before leaving.

A little over two hours later, she pulled into the dusty driveway leading up to the ranch in Prescott. Rick was just coming out of the camper as she drove up. Charlene noticed the corrals were empty.

“Hey, where’s all the horses?” She asked.

“We shipped them up to another ranch near Sedona.” Rick replied. “The owners haven’t found anyone to take my place yet. Said they may sell this ranch off.”

“I just finished working on the truck.” He added. “Had to put on a new fuel pump.”

“Will it make the trip alright?” Charlene inquired. “It’s almost 700 miles.”

“Yeah, I think it’ll make it.” Rick responded. “I need to get a newer truck but I hate to give this one up. I‘ve had it since I was in high school.”

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