Lady Writer

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It all started in a period when nothing mattered and even his writing had lost its ability to spellbind him. He was fast approaching 70 and so jaded that it seemed nothing sexual could awaken his lust and yet an unexpected compliment from a Lady writer possessed of a fetish for subjecting herself to the rampant predilections of groups of old men was enough to kick-start an avalanche of feelings in him.

These feelings, long dormant, led him naturally into an erotic pen-pal relationship with the spectacularly well-endowed woman who withheld no secrets yet whom he felt compelled to refer to, for the sake of her privacy, as “Lady Writer.”

The amateur pictures she sent freely on email were fascinating though not exactly his taste; her naked breasts smeared with ejaculate from the men using her left him cold.

“But,” he wondered, “What about me putting my sperm there?” and he felt the long forgotten lust stirring in his groin.

This was a modern woman who knew what she wanted and those wants included the desire that he write a story describing her satisfying the sexual needs of a group of men “the older the better.” Lady Writer had read the stories he had submitted to an internet group and liked what he wrote.

“Write a story about me, no holds barred or should I say no holes barred? Spanking, both breasts and arse, yes please,” followed by a cheeky smiling face and a final caveat, “Don’t fall in Love with me.”

There had followed an exchange of mails over the summer, his inquisitive, seeking details and explanations and hers cheerfully cheeky, sluttish and very down to earth. There followed a tactful questioning of her constant referral to herself as “slut.”

“Isn’t slut an insult, a derogatory reference to a woman?” he asked. This resulted in a veritable menu of her kinky preferences ending with her only dislike, anal sex. She summed it all up thus;

“I suck and swallow, I like being used by groups of men. A dozen hands roaming over my body, fingers exploring all holes, jostling to get their cocks in me is thrilling. Double penetration gets me off every time! I love cum spraying on my breasts and I love it if Peeping Toms masturbate as they peep. I am a slut and being the centre of men’s desires, controlling them, stimulates me immensely and gives me a feeling of empowerment.”

“But if you meet men who do not respect you and they take control?”

“It has happened and then I was subject to being forced, used and abused, often with various objects, cucumbers for example.”

As if to convince him, an Email with an attachment, a picture of her spread sex penetrated by a hefty cucumber, popped up in his mailbox.

“Do you like that?” She asked before she continued with another mail.

“But I usually know the men I mix with. My husband lends me to his friends to be used and he is always there filming what goes on so that losing control doesn’t often happen. Young men, brought up on internet pornography are the worst. Perhaps that’s why I have a desire to satisfy old men. They are grateful for the chance of an orgasm and they are respectful. Old tricks and forgotten kinks can be very stimulating.”

So began a thought provoking Email relationship that resulted in his first story about her, based on her experiences as a penniless student who had to pay in kind for the flat she lived in. Lady Writer was pleased with the story and their mail correspondence continued in this way until he was unexpectedly asked to travel to her hometown on business.

“I am staying in the airport hotel, can we meet?”

Her cheerful reply, complete with picture of her fabulous breasts was positive. They met for dinner and this is what happened.

By the third drink he was sceptical…”Bloody old fool,” he told himself. He looked around the lobby for the umpteenth time and wondered how he could leave without confirming for all to see that he’d been stood up. He wished he hadn’t worn a tie, he was looking dressed up, looking like it all meant too much. The whole thing was a farce and his discomfort was compounded by his being 20 minutes early for his rendezvous with “Lady Writer.”

He scolded himself.

“Did you really think she would come to meet a total stranger from the internet? There must be dozens like you, fascinated by her sluttish pictures and desperate to have sex with her.”

He berated himself yet again for his naivety and looked around the lobby one last time. No, there was no one here who could possibly be Lady Writer. Pushing his chair back he rose to leave but a voice interrupted his thoughts.

“So, you didn’t spot me. What were you expecting?”

Startled, he turned to face a smartly dressed lady carrying a briefcase. He guessed her to be about 35 years old. Her ash blond hair was tied back rather severely in a pony tail but her smile was full and genuine. She was not especially tall but had lovely legs and a busty fullness that her tailor made jacket accentuated rather than hid.

“I am sorry but I was busy spying on you and I casino siteleri rather forgot the time.”

He didn’t know what to say and she apologised for a second time.

“I am sorry, It is a bad habit I have, let us find our table and I will explain.”

He extended his hand as if to introduce himself. She smiled. Moving gracefully and ignoring his hand, she embraced him and kissed both cheeks.

“I feel we know each other already, we have after all shared our sexual dreams, fantasies and ambitions during our Email correspondence this last year or so.”

They moved into the restaurant and found a table. He felt foolish while she, as far as he could see, looked perfectly at ease.

“I am a lawyer,” she said, “I have learned to quickly sum up the people I meet. I was sitting behind you watching your every move. If I had not liked what I saw I would have left without meeting you.”

“And what have you learned about me that enabled you to stay?”

“Like me you like to be punctual, even to the point of arriving 20 minutes before the agreed time.”

She grinned at him and he blushed.

“You are secure in yourself and outwardly it seemed you were perfectly at ease. You treat the staff at the bar with respect and you are more polite than the average man. You are modest, you blush and that’s a good sign. Yes, you seem like a man I could respect.”

With that, she grinned, leant across the table and pointing with her thumbs to her to her chest whispered “Do you like my tits?”

He tried not to stare at her generous cleavage as she drew her shoulders back and presented her bust to him. He felt sure the whole restaurant was staring and he stuttered as he replied.

“I like them very much, but could you be a bit more discreet?”

She grinned and under the table her foot stroked his leg.

“I told you I was a slut. But don’t worry, I’ll behave.”

The waiter came and went and the meal was eaten as they discussed each others writing. He was sure that anyone listening would have been scandalised as the discussion moved back and forth between them.

“Yes,” She said “You are correct. I have told you that I don’t like Anal intercourse. As a consequence of that neither do the characters I create.” She whispered loudly. “But you see the double insertion I referred to in the story you mentioned doesn’t mean one cock is anal; it means they are both vaginal!”

“Oh dear,” he stuttered and blushed furiously, “I agree, I also cannot have my characters doing things I don’t like. I wouldn’t like to feel another man’s cock touching mine no matter how delightful the vagina was.”

“You say that but if I asked you right now to take me to your room and fuck me and another cock then I bet you would make an effort to oblige me!”

“I would always want you for my self.”

“But my darling you cannot have me for yourself. I am a slut and thrive on doing my husbands will. If he brings a dozen men home from the pub then I get turned on by the thought of satisfying them all. My loyalty is to my husband.

“Romance,” She paused as if to emphasise the point; “Romance, not sex, with anyone but my husband, is out of the question.”

“But let’s not argue. We are different but we complement each other and it has been so nice to meet you at last.”

The discussion, though subdued now, lasted until she had to leave. Saying goodbye in the lobby she promised to ring to say she had arrived home safely. “Which room number should I ask to be connected to?”

“Room 417” he said as she turned to go.

He was just finished in the shower when someone knocked on the door. He grabbed a towel and knotting it roughly round his waist he peered around the door. It was Lady Writer.

“But my dear, you said you had to get home.”

“I rang my husband and explained and he said I could come home late. He made me promise there would be no lovemaking.”

“Look”, he said. You had better come in before someone sees you.”

As she entered, she turned and draped her arms around his neck.

“Here I am, Lady Writer in the flesh and ready to write a chapter of our story with you.” She kissed him and as he responded, she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Between kisses she repeated her stern caveat.

“No lovemaking!” She said and waved a finger at him. “Do you hear? Lovemaking would be breaking my husband’s trust.”

She pushed him in through the door and shut it behind her. Without breaking their embrace, she backed him into the room and toppled him backwards onto the bed. Pinned to the bed he held her as she explained why she had not gone home.

“When I left I saw that you were disappointed about not getting any sex from me but you tackled it like a gentleman. I felt you deserved better so I decided to come and give you what you have only hinted at in your E mails.”

He turned her over and continued the kiss as he pressed himself down against her and began humping her thigh.

“Phew!” She exclaimed after a while, “You are canlı casino a horny old man, do you want to caress my tits?”

“Yes please.” he said and with trembling hands began unbuttoning her blouse. She lay back and grinned as he groped behind her trying to unlatch her bra.

“The catch is at the front, let me show you.” He gasped as she lifted the lacy cups from her breasts.

He reached reverently and with two hands lifted first the one then the other breast.

“Amazing.” he whispered, “They are so big and so firm, they sit there without sagging. It seems you don’t need a bra.”

Then as an afterthought he gave a great whispering sigh, “Good lord! I would love to rub my cock between them.”

She laughed and pressed her breasts together. “Oh, so you want a titty fuck?”

She pulled the towel from around his waist and exposed his erection.

“There he is and he’s waking up.” She grasped the shaft of his cock and jerked it a few times.

“If I sandwich him between my tits you could rub yourself to cum in just a few minutes.”

“Yes I could but I have other demands of you young lady.” he said sternly. If you are a slut then you will help me with my one remaining sexual ambition.”

She laughed, “I am one hundred percent slut so your wish is my command. I seem to remember you writing that you had never met a girl who would let you cum in her mouth.”

“That’s correct; now let’s get those clothes off you.”

She undressed quickly and threw herself onto the bed.

“Come on then, bring your cock over here.”

He crawled across the bed.

“I want you sitting up a little, here; take the pillow behind your neck.”

She did as he asked and kneeling, he threw his leg over her. Sitting astride her hips his cock lay against her warm breasts.

She spat several times into her cleavage and pressed the firm globes together. She smiled encouragingly,

“Come on then, don’t be shy. Let me hug him between my two slippery girls.”

He leant over her and grasping the head-board of the bed behind her pushed his cock between her breasts. She caught it in their firm embrace and he pushed carefully against her.

“My god that’s wonderful”, he said and she laughed.

“Let me pull your foreskin back darling, it will be even nicer for you that way.” and grasping the shaft of his cock rolled back the foreskin.

“That’s better darling, now let’s see how long you can last.”

She grinned and extended her tongue and licked his cock head before pushing it back between her breasts. He gasped at her cheekiness and the fiery blast of pleasure her tongue gave him.

He increased the speed of his thrusting and she urged him on.

“Do you like to hear dirty talk? How does it feel to be fucking my tits? Can you feel your balls tightening? Do you want to dump your load soon? I think you can you feel the pressure building in your balls can’t you? But what about your unfulfilled ambition?”

Gasping with the excitement of it all he only just managed to answer her.

“Tonight I will achieve my ambition. When I am on the verge of coming between your tits I will push my cock into your mouth.”

She nodded and dribbled another mouthful of saliva into her cleavage.

When I am close to coming I will hold your head and thrust into your mouth at just the right depth and speed.”

She laughed.

“Now you’re talking. You are using me like a slut aren’t you? And then you want me to swallow. Perhaps you want me to show you how much I have in my mouth before I swallow?”

“NO! Listen to me. I get to use your mouth as if it was your vagina but you do not swallow a drop! Is that clear?”

He continued his thrusting and she pressed her breasts together and spat to lubricate his cock whenever she caught his eye. Her tongue came out and licked his cock head whenever it appeared from her cleavage.

“I think you are getting close aren’t you? She said mischievously.

“Getting close,” She paused and grinned at him “Getting close to shooting your stuff all over me. Don’t you think I had better suck you off now so as we don’t spill a drop?”

She licked her lips and made slurping noises before teasing him mercilessly. “Nice cock in my mouth, I’ll suck you dry. Big mouthful of salty cum.” And slurped some more. He was fascinated and violently excited, he had never heard a girl talk in this way and he knew had to move quickly.

With that he wrenched his cock from between her breasts and pushed it into her open and willing mouth.

“Suck nicely now and whirl with your tongue.” He commanded.

He grasped her head and forced it in against his groin and thrust several times until she had taken the full length of his cock.

He heard her muffled laughter as she teased him towards the edge of orgasm. The long comfortable mouth-fuck he had fantasised about so many times became a blindingly intense struggle to prolong the pleasure. It was a struggle he lost and losing control, he came in an explosion kaçak casino of toe curling pleasure so strong he almost fainted with the intensity of It all. It was all he could do to keep himself from falling back on the bed. He had to hold firmly to the bed headbord to steady himself and he luxuriated in the fabulously intense pleasure of his cock in her warm mouth for several minutes before being jolted back to reality by her voice.

“Mmmmmh!” She mumbled as she slapped his leg to awake him. MmmmhhH!

“Oh, sorry my dear I forgot myself.”

And he slowly withdrew his softening penis from her mouth. Her lips snapped shut as his cock head passed. Cheeks bulging and lips pursed tightly she turned to him and gave him a zany grin and thumbs up.

He climbed off the bed and taking her hand helped her up. “Come with me my darling.”

He led her to the bathroom and turned her to face the mirror over the wash hand basin.

“Ok my slutty friend, look at yourself while we have some fun.”

“Chin on chest and let the cum in your mouth dribble slowly onto your chin.”

He reached under her arms from behind and cradled her breasts, one in each hand. The nipples were stiff and protruding and her breasts seemed even bigger than before.

“Let It dribble slowly my dear.”

She opened her mouth and a small stream of saliva and sperm ran onto her chin. He pressed her tits together and caught the sticky cum on her breasts as it fell. Spreading the drops with his hands he continued until her mouth was empty and she could finally speak.

“You dirty old bastard! Where did all that cum come from?” She chuckled hoarsely and he heard the lust in her voice.

“You old ones do have a certain finesse.”

She pushed his hands aside. “Let me,” She said, “Let me spread it out on my tits.”

As she spoke, his hand found its way over her belly, into her groin and parted the hairy lips of her vagina. She was soaking and his fingers skidded rapidly around her clitoris.

He studied her face in the mirror as she massaged her slimy breasts. Her eyes were half closed now and her breathing was hollow and ragged. She swayed in his embrace and pressed herself against his hand as he finger fucked her. He was excited by her lust, and increased the intensity of his fingering. His little finger slipped into her anus and his thumb diddled her clitoris and his whole hand worked to please her.

“I am going to come.” was the last she said before crossing her legs and trapping his hand against her clitoris. He felt the pulse of her orgasm as with each wave of pleasure she pressed her crossed thighs tightly against his rubbing hand.

Her loud moaning frightened him.

“Shush now, please,” he whispered anxiously. “Darling, the next room will hear you.”

In his desperation to silence her he smacked her firmly on the bottom.

She was suddenly silent. He could see her face in the mirror her eyes were closed and she bit her lower lip firmly.

“Again.” She whispered, “Smack me again.”

He smacked her round buttocks once and then twice more. He felt a strange thrill and smacked her several times more.

“That’s more like it.”

“Smack me again.” She said and with that she folded her arms on the washbasin and lay her head upon them. Taking a wide legged stance she surrendered to his spanking.

He felt a strange conflicting thrill. He was brought up to be a gentleman yet here he was spanking a lovely woman, he wondered if that wasn’t going too far. Concerned, he asked her gently if she was ok?

She sensed his reluctance.

“Don’t stop,” she said, “It’s nice, honest.” and he smacked her reluctantly on her reddening buttocks.

She laughed “It lovely and my sex is on fire. If you don’t believe me then finger me and see.”

He let his hand glide over her bright red buttocks and into the dark forest covering her sex. The hair was soaked and plastered flat with her juices. His fingers slid inside and he felt a primitive thrill from his audacity.

She reached behind her and found his penis. “My goodness!” she said. “My goodness you have another hard on already, what are we going to do with that?”

Receiving no answer, she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Sucking enthusiastically, she licked and slid his cockhead from cheek to cheek while tugging on his ball sack. But after several minutes he said quietly.

“I am sorry my dear but I don’t think even you with your talented mouth could give my old cock a second orgasm after so short a time.”

She rose to her feet and embraced him. “Where there is a will there is a way and I won’t be beaten.”

She turned away from him and leaned back over the washbasin Assuming her lovely wide legged stance again she looked cheekily over her shoulder. “You know where to put him.”

“But you said No lovemaking”

Yes I did but you misunderstood, that’s not what I meant. This isn’t lovemaking it’s rough fucking, it’s dumping your cum in me, on me. I thought you understood. My husband is nervous about lovey dovey romance and worries about me falling in love with someone else. As far as he is concerned sluttish fucking is just good fun and no harm done. Are you up for it?”

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