Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 05

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in this story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

The final weeks of their semester had been eventful for both men. Randy’s lacrosse team was on a winning streak, and Tanner’s classes were going well. He had decided to attend the gay-straight alliance meetings on campus and discovered they were not the meat market he’d feared, giving him the chance to get to know some of the other LGBT students on campus. With all the activities they were involved in Randy surprised Tanner when he walked in grinning like a mad man, holding a lacrosse stick.

“What’re you doing?” asked Tanner.

“One of the guys on the team got a new stick for his birthday. He gave me the old one so you and I could play around together.”

“With me? Shit Randy, you know I don’t know anything about lacrosse!”

“It’s easy! I’ll show you how to hold the stick, and we can toss the ball back and forth a few times.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never even played baseball,” said Tanner in near panic, afraid he was going to look like an idiot.

“It’s nothing like baseball. Come on, let’s try it.”

Tanner let out a sigh of resignation. “Ok, but don’t be pissed if I don’t get it.”

“You’ll pick it up. Don’t worry.”

Tanner shrugged his shoulders and followed Randy down the stairs. They spotted Fred and Jenny drinking iced tea on their patio as they raced down the stairs. Randy waved and sprinted over to the couple. He carried on an animated conversation that lasted mere seconds and then hurried back to Tanner.

“Fred said we could practice in the backyard.”

The boys moved to the middle of the yard and Randy rapidly went through some basics, then ran a few feet off and lifted his stick. “Here, I’ll lob one into you.”

With each ball missed or dropped the frustration level grew for both Tanner and Randy. Randy was trying to explain a game he understood on an instinctual level, and Tanner was becoming more and more frustrated with each mistake. It was obvious that they were not having a good time when Fred appeared at Tanner’s side.

“Maybe I can help a bit. I played a little lacrosse when I was a youngster,” said Fred.

The relief was evident on both Tanner and Randy’s faces. Tanner smiled at Fred as he stepped closer and began to make suggestions. First he positioned one of Tanner’s hands on the end of the stick, and the other midway up, pointing out that it would be easier to catch the ball by choking up on the throat of the stick. He then showed Tanner to hold the stick vertically in front of him. He nodded at Randy, who lobed a ball to Tanner — and it flew into the pocket.

“Holy crap! I actually caught it!” squealed Tanner.

Fred chuckled and helped position Tanner’s hands for the toss back, then stepped back to watch. The first ball was far too short, but after a few more adjustments and tosses, Tanner was getting the ball to Randy on almost every throw. The pair spent the next hour practicing, with Fred helping. Eventually though Jenny gathered up their tea glasses, waved to the players and motioned Fred to come with her. Fred walked over to help, holding the door open as they moved inside. Jenny sat the glasses in the sink and turned to Fred with a conspiratorial look.

“You could have told the boys you were the captain of the Cornell lacrosse team,” said Jenny with a chuckle.

“Could have, but wouldn’t do any good, nope not any. ‘Sides, that’s ancient history, I’m an old fart, lacrosse is a game for young men.”

Jenny walked behind her husband and kissed his cheek. “Come on you old leprechaun, it’s time for bed.”

The last weeks of the semester flew by for both boys. Randy had done more research into what he needed to do to transfer to State and had found that while his grades were not as high as Tanner’s, he was still well above the entrance requirements. Randy had sent for the admission packet, and fortunately for his concentration it arrived after he’d finished his last final. Excited to have the actual application, Randy had it spread across the table and was studying it as he ate lunch. Engrossed in reading through the application, he wasn’t aware of Tanner climbing the stairs until the click of the door announced his arrival. Popping the last bite of sandwich into his mouth, Randy turned to greet Tanner as he walked into the apartment.

He watched as Tanner dropped his backpack to the floor and pivoted toward him, giving Randy a shy smile. “Don’t look so innocent, I know you’re curious, and yes finals went fine. I think I have A’s in all my classes, although the botany class is on the edge. Not that I understand what a large animal vet needs with botany.”

“Poisonous plants?” said Randy.

“Oh shut up, you big ole’ slut! I didn’t want logic, I wanted sympathy!” casino oyna said Tanner with a chuckle.

Randy looked over at Tanner and ground his ass against the chair, letting out an exaggerated moan, “You haven’t been very sympathetic to scratching my itch.”

Tanner yanked the farm cap off his head and tossed it at Randy with a laugh, “I know you aren’t complaining. I know you’re smarter than that!”

Randy broke out in laughter, “Nope, not bitching at all. Just say’n that anytime . . .” Randy wiggled his eyebrows at Tanner.

“Oh hell, I’ve created a monster that’s addicted to sex!” said Tanner with a laugh. “But I’m afraid I have bad news in that area, I have to go home next week to help put up the first cutting of hay. But I can come back and help you get ready to leave.”

“I’ll just go with you. I like your parents,” said Randy.

Tanner breathed out a sigh of relief. “I’d like that, but you know . . .”

“I know, I know. No hankie pankie while we’re at your parent’s house. But you know that means I’ll be extra horny by the time we come back,” said Randy with a cartoon leer.

“I think I can take care of that,” said Tanner with a chuckle. “But I’m suppose to be there tomorrow, so we need to get packed. We’ll be there most of the week.”

“No problem,” said Randy as Tanner turned to lay out what he needed. After a few minutes, he realized that Randy was standing in the middle of the apartment looking at him with a single piece of cloth in his hand.

“What the hell is that?”

“My clothes for the week!” said Randy. As he watched Randy open the fragment of material, Tanner realized it was one of the jockstraps that looked like a pair of briefs with the ass cut out. He suddenly remembered he’d mentioned to Randy that he thought they were hot, and now Randy was holding a fire engine red pair.

“Oh crap, you can’t—”

Randy broke down laughing and tossed the jock to the bed. Walking over he wrapped his arms around Tanner and pulled them together, giving him a passionate kiss.

“Oh . . . you are so easy.”

Tanner chuckled and kissed Randy back. “Probably, but get busy and pack!”

Tanner wiped his arm across his face, clearing the flood of sweat for a few seconds. He couldn’t believe his easy week of hauling hay with Randy had turned into an endurance trek through hell. It was one of those May weeks that are a harbinger of the summer to be, which translated into spending the last few 100 degree plus days throwing 60-pound bales into an oven-like hay barn.

Standing for a few minutes on the bale wagon, he watched Randy working at the other end of the bed as they stacked bales. The heat had driven them to shed their shirts hours ago, and Tanner had a fantastic view of his boyfriend as the fierce sun glistened off his muscular torso. He drifted in speculation as he tried to think of a way for them to get some time together, and he was still mulling over ideas when a bale fell from the lift and plowed into his side, almost throwing him off the wagon.

“Pay attention, Tanner!” yelled Jo.

He glared at the back of his sister’s head, knowing she was laughing at his expense. He also glowered in the direction of the ranch house, and his father. He sometimes wished they had the latest equipment. It would make life so much easier. Deep down he understood that part of the reason his family had managed to not just survive, but thrive, was a history of making the most out of whatever they had. Still it was frustrating to see the ranch next-door finish in half the time because they had new machinery. But as his dad had pointed out numerous times, the owner of that ranch was a doctor, the ranch just a hobby, so they didn’t need to make money.

When a second bale rammed into Tanner, he heard laughter coming from both Jo and Randy. Without acknowledging either of them, he refocused on the work at hand, throwing bales high onto the stack. After tossing several bales, he calmed down, knowing that if it had happened to Randy or Jo he would have laughed too. They were nearly finished anyway, and it would be after sundown before any more hay could be baled.

After the last bale was loaded, Jo drove them to the hay barn. The wagon wasn’t moving fast, but it was still enough for a light breeze that caused the scent of Randy’s sweaty body to surround Tanner as they stood side by side. Tanner looked at his lover and smiled, again enjoying the sight of his bare torso decorated with scattered pieces of hay. The vision of Randy’s chest fueled an intricate fantasy, until they lurched to a stop. Concentrating on the job at hand, the three of them soon had the last bale stored.

Exhausted and over-heated, the two young men walked to the house and washed up, using the garden hose to wash the dirt and hay from their torsos. The additional cooling effect of the cold well water was a welcome benefit. After wiping water from their skin, they hurried to Tanner’s room, found clean t-shirts and were tugging them on as canlı casino they raced to the table. They sat down just as Tanner’s mom began putting the meal on the table.

“This looks delicious, Mrs. Carson,” said Randy as he started shoveling food onto his plate.

“Please Randy, just call me Mary,” she said, “Besides, I always heard hunger was the best spice for any dish.”

Randy chuckled, piling his plate high with barbecued ribs and salad fresh from the family garden. Jo and Tanner’s father were not too far behind. The small group dug into the deliciously prepared food. Reducing what had looked like an enormous amount of food to a few odds and ends. Tanner drained his glass of ice tea and then turned to his father.

“Dad, do you need us for anything this afternoon? I thought I’d take Randy over to Turner Falls, and we could swim.”

Mark Carson shook his head, “No, I don’t need you. It’s going to be too dry to put up hay. But Turner Falls is just a wore-out tourist trap, why go there?”

“It was fun when I was a kid, it just seemed like it would be a good place to cool off.”

“No, you’re thinking of Sulphur Springs. It’s a national park now. Ya’ll should go there.” Mark chuckled, “That water’ll cool your jets.”

Randy gave Tanner a questioning look. Tanner explained, “It’s fed by a huge spring, and the water really cold.”

“That sounds good to me!” said Randy with a smile.

“Ok then, let’s head to Sulphur,” said Tanner.

“Hey, I wanna go!” said Jo. Tanner’s mother piped up too, “I wouldn’t mind tagging along either. I could pickup a few things in town.”

Tanner sighed inwardly, his plans for some alone time with Randy squashed. A swim in the bracingly cold water would still be a good thing though, so the trip wasn’t a total bust.

The three younger travelers rushed to change to their swimsuits while Mary made a list of things she needed in town. The resulting trip was fun, even if it wasn’t exactly what Tanner had envisioned. He’d talked Randy into diving into the swimming hole first, giving he and Jo uproarious entertainment. They laughed at his cold-water induced scream until they were gasping for air.

An afternoon of swimming had left them ready to finish the work as darkness, and cooler hours, descended on them. By the time the last bale of hay was in the barn, they were all too tired for anything other than falling into bed. This was their last day on the ranch, tomorrow it was back to the university where the pair would pack Randy’s pickup for his drive to Maryland.

Randy and Tanner barely contained themselves as they made the trip back to their apartment. They had both been flirting with the other, and as a result they arrived desperately in need of release. Grabbing their bags, they burst through the apartment door and tossed them into the corner. The instant the door shut behind them, Randy had Tanner pinned against the wall, kissing him hard. The week of abstinence had left them both horny as only men in their sexual peak can be. Tanner’s aggression was no less as he grabbed Randy’s ass and squeezed it tight in his work-strengthened hands. The slick fabric of Randy’s basketball shorts shifted under Tanner’s hands revealing that Randy was not wearing anything under them. He groaned at the discovery and ripped the shorts off his handsome lovers body.

Without a pause, Randy peeled off Tanner’s shirt and launched it randomly into the air. His focus was on his handsome boyfriend, and nothing else. Dropping to his knees, Randy grabbed Tanner’s denim covered ass, leaned in and pressed his face against his crotch. The smell of Tanner and sweat was overwhelming. Randy loved the scent of his man; it seemed to supercharge his system, making his already hard cock throb with anticipation. Randy began chewing on the bulge that snaked across the front of Tanner’s jeans, feeling his levels of passion ratchet up as the tube of flesh shifted under his assault.

Lifting his face, Randy unbuttoned the jeans in front of him and slid down the zipper. To Randy’s surprise, and pleasure, he could see Tanner’s wiry bush as it peeked from the opening. Grinning he looked up at Tanner.


Tanner leaned down and kissed Randy and then stood with his hips pressed slightly toward Randy. “Yeah commando. You aren’t the only one who’s horny as hell after the last week.”

“Hell yes!”

Randy yanked down Tanner’s jeans, freeing his cock from the confines of the denim. Taking it in his hand, Randy started teasing it with long strokes, his hand twisting each time he reached the head. In short order, he had Tanner groaning with abandon. Knowing this wasn’t where he wanted this to end, he let his hand drift off his lover’s throbbing cock. Standing, he kissed Tanner hard, and then carried him to their bed. Randy was enjoying the moment as he carried Tanner’s nude body to their bed. A wave of sexual electricity surged through him, his body suddenly weakening. Randy chuckled when he almost immediately kaçak casino realized that the source of his kryptonite was Tanner teasing his nipples.

“You almost got dropped,” said Randy, panting heavily.

Tanner gave a lusty chuckle, “I’d have survived.”

Randy grinned and tossed Tanner onto the bed. Reaching down he ripped off Tanner’s boots, pressing each one against his face and breathing in the intoxicating scent. He paused to enjoy the sight of his muscular boyfriend, the reddish undertones of his chestnut hair catching the sunlight, creating a golden aura. A broad expanse of hair spread across his pectoral muscles, narrowing to only a few inches wide before plunging down his stomach. From there it spread around his navel before coalescing in a dark treasure trail that dove downward. The amble hair covering his legs joined it at his groin to create a masculine nest for his rock hard cock, with its crimson, plum head. Randy knew Tanner was the most handsome man he’d ever seen.

“Hello! Are you going to sketch me or something? Earth to Randy,” said Tanner with a smirk.

A broad grin exploded across Randy’s face. He stripped quickly, jumping on the bed beside Tanner, and wrapped his arms around his lover. Their lips pressed together as their hands explored and tantalized, letting the ardor of the moment drive their lovemaking. Their bare skin rubbed together, igniting jolts of lust across their systems. A clear coating covered their rigid cocks as precum dribbled from their piss slits. The fever pitch of their frottage was bringing them closer and closer to their much-needed release.

Pulling back, Randy panted, his cock drooling a steady stream, marking his heightened state of lust. Recognizing how close his orgasm was, he desperately tried to slow his race to a pinnacle. Looking at Tanner, who seemed to be equally close, Randy smiled and caressed his face.

“I want you inside me. I want your week’s worth of jizz filling my ass.”

“Oh shit. Yeah, that sounds fucking hot,” said Tanner, his speech slurred with desire.

Randy stretched across the bed, grabbing the bottle of lube they kept on the nightstand, and handed it to Tanner. “Get me ready, baby. I’m so fucking horny I’d let you just dry fuck me, but I think that might make the next couple of days of driving pretty miserable.”

“On your belly, boy!” said Tanner with a chuckle.

Randy pushed up the bed, twisting as he came down to offer his bubble butt like a gourmet dinner. Tanner grabbed a couple of pillows and shoved them under Randy’s pelvis, lifting his ass until it was deliciously protruding. Tanner reached over and started to dribble lube down Randy’s ass crack, but stopped. Sticking the bottle in Randy’s hand, he jumped off the bed and raced to the bathroom. In a heartbeat, he was back carrying two large towels. Kneeling behind Randy he slapped his lover’s ass and then pushed him forward.

“Raise up a second.”

Randy followed instructions without question, his hard cock overwhelming any desire for discussion he might have had. He felt the terry cloth slide under him, covering the pillow. He gave Tanner a questioning look and got a smirk in return.

“There’s going to be a lot of juice down there pretty soon, and I don’t want a cum soaked pillow,” said Tanner with a chuckle.

Randy started laughing, wiggled his ass in the air and enjoyed the feeling of the towel under his aching cock. His laughter became a groan as he felt a well-lubed finger invade his hole. Tanner smiled at Randy’s response, slipped the finger of his other hand into his butt alongside the first and started stretching Randy’s ass. Tanner’s fingers slid through the saturated hair, teasing Randy unmercifully as he plunged his fingers inside his man’s hot ass.

Randy was soon gasping for air as Tanner rammed both fingers inside his lover. Randy’s body was a tangle of taut nerves that Tanner was playing like a harp. Seeing that Randy was more than ready, Tanner grabbed his hips in a vice-like grip with his fingers. Tanner let his rigid cock rub up and down Randy’s dripping ass crack. Soon he was pushing his cockhead into Randy’s pucker with each pass, Randy’s body flushed with sexual excitement as Tanner extended the foreplay. Randy looked back with a storm of passion showing across his face.

“Fuck. Me,” Randy gasped out.

Tanner pressed forward, shoving his cock deep inside Randy with one long push, his lust overwhelming any concerns he had for his lover. As he reached bottom he paused, then began to gyrate his hips, pressing hard against Randy’s bubble butt. With a sudden change of tactic, Tanner pulled almost out, and then shoved his raging cock hard into Randy’s receptive ass. His passion overwhelmed everything else as he used his cock as a pile driver, fucking Randy with abandon. Soon the room was awash in the sound of slapping flesh and grunting men as the two of them rushed to meet the cravings that had built over the past week. With his fingers griping Randy’s hips, Tanner unleashed his needs. His lovemaking shifted to meet their animalistic desires. Tanner felt his balls tighten against his shaft, his nipples hard and aching, as he rushed toward a mind-blowing culmination.

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