Lasting Love

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Author’s Note: Forgive me if the story or writing is bland, as this is my first erotic writing piece. I really dislike the story parts and the writing in general, as I believe them to be horrible, badly written, and boring. If anyone has any comments or suggestions on how to improve, feel free to leave them, as I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing and make it better to read! All I ask is to not needlessly bash, that doesn’t help either of us.

Also, there’s no formatting since the file extension wouldn’t work with me x.x

Disclaimer: No readers under 18 and all that jazz, just don’t do it. The law says it’s wrong, therefore it is, obviously.

It was a rather dull day so far. Lily was a high school Senior. A good, smart student at that. For some reason, things just weren’t interesting in her classes today. She didn’t doubt the subjects were the same as always, and should be as easy to concentrate on as usual. It was February after all, she’d been doing it all year. Today though… Her mind was stuck on something.

Lily had known she was a lesbian since she was 16, but she’d never actually gone out with anyone, or even had sexual contact yet. The only trace of it was her constant nightly fantasies about beautiful women over ones about boys. This, though, could come to an end soon. Lily had been chatting online on MSN with an older woman who lived in the same town as her, and after about a week, the woman had suggested to meet up in her apartment… Lily was now 18, so this wasn’t outside the realm of possibility or legality.

She was a bit worried though. This would be her first time, and she didn’t actually know this woman very well. Sure, she knew she was brunette, 27 years old, had blue eyes, and her name was Ashley. She’d been told that, but she didn’t actually know the woman that dubbed herself XxAshyLove177xX. She didn’t know what she liked, disliked, she couldn’t tell what her personality was, and she certainly had been hoping to have her first experience with someone she loved. She was a bit hesitant about the age gap, but honestly, it didn’t matter too much to her. People who cared about age over personality or physical features are just idealistic, stubborn, and afraid of society’s judgment.

All in time, she supposed.

The bell for lunch rang, meaning 3rd period history was over. She usually had no trouble paying attention in that class, but today, none of the lecture about government duties soaked in. Mr. Wentworth gave her a strange look. He was one of her favorite teachers– and likewise her in terms of students. He probably realized something was up, but thankfully didn’t question her on it.

Lily got lunch quickly, sitting down alone, per usual. She didn’t really talk to anyone in her lunch, as somehow it happened that her friends all had second lunch.

Her pocket vibrated as she was finishing up her pizza, she’d gotten a text message. Strange, considering the small amount of friends who actually texted her.

She took her phone out, and looked at the unknown number. Not knowing what to expect, she opened the text.

‘Hey Lils, looking forward to tonight baby? ;)). I get off work at 2:30… What time did you want to come over?


Her heart fluttered, and she instinctively swallowed.

‘Umm, idk.. I’m availible at 2:00 onward. Anytime, really…’

She hoped it wasn’t too obvious she was still in high school from the time. She had neglected to give that detail, as she thought it might scare Ashley away.

‘Cool, maybe I can pick you up at 3:00 from your house? :)’

She had already given her her address, so that would work.

‘Yea, sure Ash, sounds great! I can’t wait.. <3' The bell signaling the end of lunch rang then. ‘Sweet. I’ve got to go now, my lunch break is over, have a great day!’ Lily thought it was somewhat strange with the timing, but it was around noon after all. Obviously a coincidence. With that, she was off to 4th period English with Ms. Young. Lily really liked her, and where Mr. Wentworth was a favorite, she was the favorite teacher. She really hoped she could pay attention in her class today– she’d definitely try. She walked from the overcrowded high school cafeteria to the English building, and headed to her class. Walking in with a few minutes to spare, she leisurely walked over to her seat, and waited for the youthful teacher to begin class. Ms. Young, matching her surname, was a rather youthful teacher. She had just gotten her degree in the last 5 or so years, although she didn’t know her exact age. Ms. Young was currently sitting at her desk in the back of the classroom, looking anxious about something. She wondered what it could be, but had her own anticipating thoughts on her mind as well. Soon, the class filled up and the bell rang, the melodic tone pushing the class into a mode of ready to begin. Somehow, Ms. Young had the ability to make her students do this before she even asked– an aura of respect, or something. “Hello halkalı escort today, guys. I hope you all did your reading, because we have a quiz today. You may use hand written notes that you’ve made while reading the chapters, but only that. As a reminder, electronics are not allowed, but you all know that by now.” Ms. Young said. She walked up to the front of the room and retrieved a stack of papers. She handed them out to each row of desks. Lily wasn’t sure if it was just her, but she felt Ms. Young’s eyes linger on her– and when she looked, she seemed to be spacing out for the briefest of moments. She quickly snapped back to reality, looked away, and continued to pass out the papers. Lily was curious as to what she was thinking about, but it admittedly did make her happy to be looked at by the youthful brunette teacher. She, sadly, had developed a bit of a crush on her in the past year. Her fantasies definitely reflected this crush often, and gave her a deep longing on those countless lonely nights she’d spent with those thoughts of the older brunette woman. She shoved those feelings to the back of her mind though, as she always did. Especially today, when she was going to be… Giving herself to another.

She couldn’t afford to have those feelings, ones so impossible. Yet, she knew it was useless to try to dispose of them. Her eyes flashed to Ms. Young’s desk, drinking in her beautiful face, and her wondrously fine curves. She noticed the cute way she chewed on her lip when she was concentrating on something, or the expression she got when daydreaming. While she enjoyed her admiring session, she forced herself to get back to her test. She didn’t intend to lose her A in this class over a pretty face, so to say.

She finished among the first, as a few others had already handed in their test to Ms. Young. She usually was the first to hand any test in, but she wasn’t as fast as usual today. She stood up as quietly as she could, and walked over to Ms. Young’s desk, handing her the test. Her hand accidentally brushed against the teacher’s casually, which made her look up at Lily momentarily. Ms. Young had the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes she’d ever seen, and really enjoyed staring into them… She broke off the gaze soon after, muttering an apology. Ms. Young just smiled at her reassuringly and took her test from her, and Lily returned to her seat.

Everyone had finished up by the time the last 5 minutes rolled around, so Ms. Young told them that silence was no longer needed. Granted, with 5 minutes left, nothing could really be done, so everyone just chattered. Lily sighed, just wanting to be through the day. The bell rang, and she quickly picked up her stuff and left. 5th and 6th periods passed by rather quickly, as it was only Gym and science respectively. Gym was just thoughtless physical activity to her, as she was already firm and fit, while science was simply boring… Not that she did bad in it, it just bored her.

The whole time she was staring at the clock anyways, just waiting for the minute hand to swing around to the 12 mark, letting everyone out of school for the weekend(it was Friday).

After an eternity of waiting, the bell rang.

“Have a good weekend, class!” Ms. Osma called after them as the class poured into the hallway. Lily’s heart was racing as she realized she only had an hour left until Ashley would pick her up from her house. The fact that she walked home didn’t make it better– she usually took about 25 minutes to walk to or from school, which probably left her around a half hour to truly get ready for one of the most important moments of her life, if Ashley was early!

Shivering, she quickened her pace. She got home at 2:20.

Immediately, Lily hopped in the shower, scrubbing every part of her incessantly, leaving nothing uncleaned. How embarrassing would it be to smell bad with a new, experienced partner.. This would essentially be a first impression experience.

By the time she was done showering, she noticed she had about 20 minutes left. Perfect to pick out something to wear… She really had no clue how to decide. What does one wear to her first time having sex with someone?

Well, she wanted to look sexy, for certain. Maybe a tad pretty/cute… Lily idly wondered if this would be a one time thing. She really hoped it wouldn’t be, and Ashley had said as much, but many people say whatever they can to get into a young girls pants. Lesbian or not.

She decided on loose fitting jeans and a red tank-top. She took off her bra beforehand… She just felt it was the right thing to do for some reason. It made her breasts feel strange, but she endured that. She was proud of the firmness of her 36C breasts, and they didn’t let her down, as she thought they looked awesome bra-less. Her cleavage was really showing nicely.

She exhaled deeply, trying to calm her racing heart. She wasn’t sure what to expect… She sat down on the couch in her living room, waiting. She traced her fingers over her şirinevler escort legs slowly in anticipation. She was starting to get nervous. What if Ashley didn’t like her? What if she messed up and turned her off? What if she wasn’t attractive enough…..

All these thoughts raced through her mind, up until the doorbell rang loudly, permeating the silence of the house. Lily audibly swallowed, and rose to her feet. The butterflies in her stomach seemingly clawing their way out.

She started walking over to the door, her steps padding lightly on the hard, polished wood floor. When she reached the door, she breathed in deeply, and slowly exhaled. Her hand hesitantly grasped the cold doorknob, her stomach alight with a blaze of excitement and worry.

She twisted the knob and pulled the door open, and her eyes bulged. Wide.

“Lily… It’s you?” In front of her, standing in a red blouse and jeans, was Ms. Young. Ashley. Ashley Young.

“Ms… Young… Your name is Ashley?” Lily stammered. Tears flooded to her eyes, and a deep fear of rejection suddenly crashed into her. A deep feeling of comfort stirred inside her, knowing Ashley was the teacher she’d grown to like in that way. Still… She doubted her teacher would want her at all.

“Oh god… I’m sorry.. Ms. Young.. Ashley, I… You probably don’t want anything to do with this now, do you.” Lily whispered, visible tears rolling down her cheeks, and her eyes closed.

“Lily….” Ashley said softly.

“I understand…” Lily replied.

“I mean… We’re student and teacher here,” She said

“I know.” A dejected, resigned tone had entered Lily’s voice.

“I… I didn’t know it’d be you, Lily, but…”

“No, Ms– I mean, Ashley, don’t. It’s okay, I understand. “

“Lily, just hear me out. I’m surprised that it’s you, I had no idea you were one of my students when we were taking online. But, I don’t care. You’ve always been beautiful to me, even in class… You’re such a beautiful girl, Lily,” Ashley said, stepping forward and taking Lily into a deep embrace.

“Ashley..?” Lily whimpered, unsure what she was doing. She felt weird calling her teacher by her first name, but it was appropriate at the time, and she couldn’t imagine calling her “Ms. Young” In this situation.

“It’s okay Lily. I understand if you don’t want to do anything anymore, but honestly, I think you do. And Lily, I definitely do too.” Ashley said, leaning down and kissing the young student softly on the lips.

Lily’s soft, forest green eyes gazed into Ashley’s intensely, and she started responding to the kiss lightly, lovingly. It was better than all of the fantasies Lily had imagined put together to finally be able to kiss her English teacher.

“Let’s go, Lils…” Ashley said softly, grabbing the younger woman’s hand and walking towards her car. She opened her passenger door for Lily chivalrously, and received a shy “thank you” in return. She smiled, and walked over to the driver’s side, getting in.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Lily?” Ashley asked. She was still a bit worried about her, and didn’t want her to feel pressured or forced into anything, just to be happy.

“Honestly, I’m more than okay with it. I’ve wanted this for a long time… It makes me happy that you’re someone I know and care for, rather than just someone I met online…” Lily said softly.

“Good. Just so you know, I care for you too, Lily. I can’t say I’ve thought about this extensively before, you’re my student in school, after all.” Ashley let out a nervous laugh. “But outside of school, let’s just ignore that detail.”

“I think that’s the best thing to do” Lily said, blushing. The situation seemed surreal, it was absolutely perfect for her.

“Ummm… Ashley?

“Yes, Lily?”

“I’m wondering.. What are you going into this expecting..? I mean, after today/tonight…”

“I only expect what you want to give, Lily. I’m not going to force you into anything, but ideally, I don’t just want this to be a hit and quit.” Ashley said.

“Wow… Really??? That makes me so happy! I want the same, really. I want a lover, not someone to sex me up, and… Admittedly, I want you for that lover.”

“Well, Lily, I’m overjoyed at that! But, we’ll have to make sure to keep it private for the next 4-5 months until you graduate. I trust you can do that?”

“Don’t worry, you know I wouldn’t tell anyone anything that would hurt you.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

Ashley pulled up to a small house in a middle class neighborhood.

“Well, we’re here,” Ashley said.

They both got out of the car, Ashley getting her house key ready.

“You’ve got a nice house Ash,” Lily exclaimed as they walked inside. There was a staircase on the left side of going forward when entering the house, going up, and on the right, there was a variety of openings which looked like they led to a living room, a kitchen, and the 3rd room wasn’t in sight of the door for Lily to see, as it was escort istanbul under the stairs.

“Thanks” Ashley smiled. She took Lily’s hand in her own after they took off their shoes, and took her up the stairs, where her bedroom was located.

“Last chance to decide you don’t actually want to do it, Lily”. Ashley said as she opened the door to her bedroom. Lily didn’t even respond as she stepped into the room and absorbed the interior: It was painted a light pink color, with silken dark red sheets and transparent light red curtains.

“Ashley, do you even have to ask?” Lily said, and with a boldness that suddenly sprung up inside her, she paced over to the bed, and laid down on it, stomach up, and looked expectantly at Ashley.

That was all it took. Ashley smirked as she paced over to her bed, and placed her hands on each side of Lily, crawling over her so she was looking down into the young girl’s eyes.

“No, I don’t.” Ashley said, and she brought her lips down to Lily’s, who immediately reciprocated. Lily didn’t feel like being shy anymore– not with Ashley, not where she was. She pushed her tongue up against Ashley’s lips, and found an easy entrance to the older woman’s mouth. She swept her tongue across every inch and cranny of that warm, delightful mouth, before finally settling on the other girl’s tongue.

Ashley slowly inched Lily’s tank top up above her stomach, running her hands along the smooth skin of Lily’s side. Her hands crawled up Lily’s smooth abs, and finally Ashley broke the kiss, tugging off the piece of clothing altogether, leaving Lily completely topless before her hungry eyes. She gazed down at the young beauty, lust clouding her senses. She slowly brought her hands down to Lily’s breasts, and covered each with her palms, grasping them and taking her nipples in her fingers, rubbing them gently. She lowered her mouth to Lily’s right nipple, while concentrating on the left with her left hand. She took it into her mouth, lightly sucking and nibbling.

“Ohhh….” Lily whimpered, placing her hands lightly on the sides of Ashley’s head, and closing her eyes, savoring the wondrous feeling. She had no idea it could feel so good, having your tits played with.

Ashley’s right hand snaked down to Lily’s waistline, trying to undo the button on her jeans. She didn’t want to stop her current ministrations, so it took a bit, but finally, the button came undone. She quickly tugged the zipper down, and Lily lifted her hips off the bed and helped her remove the jeans, leaving her only in her white cotton panties. Ashley’s hand softly rubbed Lily’s center through the thin fabric, slowly moving up and down along the length of her dampened womanhood.

“Oh god, Ashie..!” Lily moaned at the new contact.

Ashley started trailing her mouth down Lily’s stomach, while running her hand down her side. While Lily was a little disappointed at the loss of contact with her breasts, her skin felt divine from Ashley’s attentions.

Soon Ashley had made it down to her hips, where she ran her mouth across her hips just above her panties, and delved lower, kissing up and down her legs, inching her way to the inside of Lily’s soft thighs.

“Ash.. Stop teasing!” Lily whimpered, pure arousal shining in both her eyes, and her wetness.

Ashley didn’t respond, but she slowly tugged down Lily’s panties, trailing them down her soft legs, and over her feet. She discarded them to the side of the bed. Getting on her knees in between Lily’s legs, she took in the blonde’s fully naked body for the first time. Lily blushed red at the older woman’s stares, feeling self conscious a bit.

“Ashley, that’s no fair…” Lily said.

“What?” Ashley asked

“You’re still wearing all your clothes and I’m wearing none…” Lily protested with a smirk

“You’re right, mind helping me with that?” Ashley grinned teasingly

“Definitely…” Lily replied, sitting up, her bare legs on either side of Ashley’s body. She reached out and quickly undid the buttons on Ashley’s blouse, before gripping the bottom of it and pulling it up. Ashley raised her hands in the air to help the process, though unlike Lily, she was still wearing a bra. Lily reached behind her and unclasped the bra, letting it fall to the side and exposing Ashley’s perfect 32B breasts to her lover. They may not have been as big, but they were just as firm and well rounded as Lily’s.

“They’re wonderful…” Lily admired, groping Ashley’s tits with her exploring hands, tweaking her nipples as Ashley had done to her, and eliciting a small whimper. She liked that sort of power over her love…

“Thank you,” Ashley said softly, unbuttoning her own jeans and sliding them, along with her panties, off in one go, rather than wait for Lily to do it. Soon, Ashley was entirely bare as well, and Lily’s admiring eyes scanned over her body appreciatively. Lily laid back again, wrapping her legs around Ashley’s waist, and nudging her forward with the back of her feet. Ashley laid in a makeshift missionary position between Lily’s legs, lowering herself down to kiss the younger girl.

She also lowered her womanhood down to Lily’s, grinding against it with her own as they kissed. Lily let out a small moan as they kissed, and in response, Ashley ground their pussies together harder than before, as well as faster.

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