Late Night Shopping Ch. 02

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Thursday night shopping and Cindy was stuck with being on duty again. It wasn’t fair. She’d had it last week. It couldn’t be helped, she supposed. It’s not as though Karen broke her arm on purpose.

At least her new boyfriend Rob had said he’d stop by and see her at work. Well, he wasn’t her boyfriend yet, but she had hopes in that direction.

Time crawled past with the usual lack of Thursday night custom. Why they bothered to open on these nights was beyond her. Two hours before she could pack up and head for home. Cindy sighed, took out her phone and brought up facebook.

Just after 8:00, Rob turned up. Cindy brightened and they stood chatting, leaning on either side of the counter. The door buzzer gave its little trill and Cindy looked up to see the next customer.

One look was all it took for Cindy to identify him. It was her late night customer from last week. Her stomach flipped. What if he should say something to Rob? Her pussy was also quietly flipping. Her recognition had sent signals straight to, and it was stirring with interest.

The customer approached the counter and, seeing Cindy looking past him, Rob turned. “Oh, hi, Dad,” he said. He turned to Cindy. “This is my father, Cindy,” he said. “Dad, I’d like you to meet Cindy.”

“How do you do, Cindy?” Rob’s father said politely. “Call me Andrew. Rob hasn’t yet learned how to introduce people properly.”

Cindy gave him a tentative smile. “Pleased to meet you, Andrew,” she murmured. “Are you just here to collect Rob or can I help you?”

Andrew smiled. “Don’t you disturb yourself,” he said. “You stay right there and I’ll help myself.”

Cindy gave Escort Esenyurt him a killing look. One she hoped that Rob didn’t see. How dare he refer to last week like that. She watched Andrew walk over to the shelves, acutely conscious of him as she turned back to continue chatting to Rob.

Andrew considered the situation. What to do? He nodded to himself. OK, Rob would probably be mad at him but he was going to have some fun. Andrew wandered back over to the counter, approaching Cindy from behind.

Cindy was still talking to Rob, still aware of Andrew close by. She could practically feel him approaching. Then he was behind her and his hands were reaching up her skirt. Cindy’s mouth snapped shut in mid sentence as she felt Andrew take her Yoga pants and start pulling them down. This time, damn him, he hooked her panties at the same time and was drawing both of them down.

Rob was puzzled. What was going on? His dad had walked up behind Cindy and then bent down and Cindy had stopped talking. “What’s wrong Cindy,” he asked.

“Ah, nothing,” Cindy mumbled, acutely aware of her bare bottom and legs. “Couldn’t this idiot see that his dad had just pulled down her panties?”

Andrew started stroking Cindy’s bottom, smiling at Rob over her shoulder. “Was he blind as a bat not to notice what I’m doing, or just dumb as an ox?” he wondered.

“Cindy?” queried Rob. “You’re flushing. What’s wrong.”

“Idiot,” thought Cindy. “It’s just that your dad’s pulled down my panties and is running his hands over my bottom and pussy,” she said.

“What?” exclaimed Rob. “Dad, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

By Escort Avcılar now Andrew had urged Cindy’s legs further apart and was playing with her pussy, fingers dipping between her lips to gauge her state of readiness. Satisfied he slipped down his zipper.

Something nudged Andrew’s memory. Oh, yes. Rob had asked him a question.

“Don’t mind me, Rob,” Andrew said. “You just keep on chatting. I’m just getting better acquainted with Cindy.”

Rob saw his father moved closer to Cindy with a satisfied look on his face. Cindy gave a gasp and her eyes opened wide, and she seemed to be leaning hard against the counter.

“My, god,” Rob thought. “My Dad has just pulled down her panties and he’s fucking her. Right here in the middle of the store.”

Stunned he watched as his father enthusiastically hammered his cock into Cindy’s willing pussy. He could hear Cindy gasping in time to the thrusts and could tell from the way she was moving that she was meeting those thrusts eagerly.

Rob didn’t believe this. His Dad was fucking Rob’s new girlfriend in public at the shopping centre. What if someone came in? How could they?

Cindy was past caring about Rob. She was getting royally pounded again, and in public and she was enjoying it. It appeared that she wasn’t going to get Rob as a boyfriend, but that was OK. She’d find another. Meanwhile there was this delicious pussy pounding to concentrate on.

Rob reached out a tentative hand to touch Cindy’s breasts. He hastily jerked his hand away as Cindy slapped at it. “Do you mind?” she said. “Can’t you see that I’m already attending to a customer?”

Andrew winked at Rob. “Maybe later, if you’re lucky,” he said, continuing with his lusty pounding.

Rob could only stare at the pair of them as their bodies joined in the mating dance. Sweating bullets in case another customer came, he waited, wanting to leave but not quite daring to.

He frantically looked around the shop, anywhere was better than watching his old man screw his potential girlfriend. He heard a muffled scream from Cindy, followed by a grunt of relied from his father. “Jesus wept,” Rob thought. “Has Dad ever got some explaining to do.”

Watching the pair of them tidy themselves up, Rob pondered. “I don’t know how he achieved that little stunt but he did. I wonder if he can teach me how to score like that?”

Watching Rob and Andrew leaving the store Cindy was not sure if she was relieved or insulted that Rob hadn’t tried to emulate his father by taking her. She could tell from the bulge in his trousers that he’d wanted to, but suspected from his nervous looks at the door that he was worried about getting caught. Obviously not something his father cared about, she though ruefully.

Cindy sighed. She had better drop Rob, she decided reluctantly. If she didn’t, he would be expecting to screw her the next time they went out and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to. He was practically a stranger, after all. And his father would probably bonk her the first time he brought her home, she thought with a grin. Time to look elsewhere, she decided.

Driving home with his father Rob finally got up the nerve to broach the subject. “Ah, you and Cindy,” he said hesitantly.

“Nice girl,” said his father. “Why don’t you invite her over for dinner one night?”

“You don’t want to invite her out yourself?” asked Rob?

“Me? But I hardly know the girl,” protested Andrew, leaving a stunned Rob with nothing to say.

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