Late Night Visit at the Office

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/** wrote this three years ago, as a present to a man with this fantasy. **/

Rubbing his eyes to get rid of the tiredness, he zoomed in onto the display looking over the last lines of code he wrote. Satisfied by the cleanliness of it, he closed the file and opened up the last one of the day. It might not have been the most challenging project, but it was HIS project and he was damn proud of it. Still, he couldn’t wait for his wife to make good on her promise of picking him up from work.

As most of his staff was home nursing the flu, he had been busier than usual this week and ended up staying in the office late. These last nights she brought him dinner, waved him off with a kiss, and waited curled up on the couch at home. He loved his wife’s kind spirit, always there when he needed her. In more ways than one. Of course, he wasn’t any different, kissing the ground she walked on. Just then, his phone rang, signaling a message from his sweetheart.

“Sorry, dear… I won’t be able to get this done alone, but I will be waiting at home for you. <3" He groaned, more out of the frustration of losing his cheer-up method than disappointment. He understood his wife…though today was just a bad day in the motivation aspect. He didn’t want to wait, but there was not anything he could do than “keep coding and hang on”. So, that’s what he did. ———– Meanwhile at home ———– Giggling filled the living room in which the two ladies sat, an opened bottle of wine between them. “Thanks for inviting me, I haven’t seen you in a while.” Layla gushed, touching Ellie lightly on her knee. “No problem, it was time to see each other again, felt as if I didn’t know how you looked anymore,” she replied, whilst lazily roaming her eyes over Layla’s body. “Would have been a shame,” she added, biting her lip. Blushing slightly, Layla took a sip of her wine again. “Yes, it would have been. Good thing we avoided that disaster. You look very good by the way. Jay is good for you.” she complimented the petite woman, who smiled tentatively, agreeing with her friend. “Yes. He is indeed amazing. Treating me all too well. Veeeery well and hard.” Ellie smirked at her own analogy, her man was indeed a fine hottie, especially in the bedroom. Grinning back, Layla smirked, having experienced herself what her friend was talking about. After all, the couple had eccentric taste, that’s how they all started to get to know each other. She smiled fondly at the memory, tingling spreading through her body. Her mind conjured up some dirty images from things she still wanted to try, making her thoughts space out until Ellie interrupted them by asking “Layla? Are you still there?” Shaking her head sheepishly she murmured, “Yeah sorry. Just thinking.” The other woman cocked her eyebrow, “Oh? Do share.” Biting her lip, Layla sat a bit closer, put the wineglass down before tucking a lock of hair behind Ellie’s ear. She loved to watch her face, those pretty green-blue eyes, delicate nose and such soft pouty lips, a tiny doll with a wild streak. Leaning closer, breasts touching, her breath on her cheek, she bit into her earlobe before whispering, “Say… you mentioned your husband was still at work?” Drowsily Ellie replied with Mhm. Layla hid her grin in the woman’s hair. “Then I have an idea… I promise you will like it. Are you in?” A short nod of confirmation was all she got. It was enough for her to fill the pixie in on her plan. After some short explaining, Layla leaned back on her heels again, sat up, and in good military fashion yelled “Let’s get ready and lick some ass!!” it surely wasn’t done that way in the military, but it would have made things a bit hotter for sure. Twenty minutes later both of them were ready to go, both sexily dressed in business attire. Even despite the fact they had picked the outfits out together, none of them were unaffected by the beauty of the other. Layla’s jaw dropped slightly, her nipples hardened when she saw that Ellie had paired her blue short skirt with black platform heels showcasing her sexy legs, whereas her white blouse played peekaboo with her dark lingerie. Her short hair was ruffled and had that recently fucked look Layla wanted to dig her fingers in so bad. Even Ellie’s eyes flared when she took Layla in from top to bottom, she had gone with the black suit, shorter skirt, and red lingerie under her white blouse. Showing her heavy curves perfectly. All paired with tied heels and red sole, her hair pinned to the side and red dark lipstick accentuating her full lips. No idea who moved first, but soon they had grabbed each other figure and pressed their lips together, Layla digging into Ellie’s hair holding her to her. “Dayum. You look good enough to eat.” she roughly mentioned. “Good. That was our purpose wasn’t it?” “Mhm. It so was.” “Then let’s surprise my husband.” Plan in mind, outfits ready, horniness in check, and both of them were ready to get the good stuff going. Each of them threw on their coats, Samsun Escort covered up their attire, and rushed out to the metro to deliver a special kind of package.

——— At the office ——-

“Jeez,… what the heck did they code here?” Jay exclaimed, the day already way too long to find out about the stuff his colleagues didn’t do correctly. He could really use a good massage,.. his neck was stiff from staring at the display, he was hungry and his dick hadn’t seen much action either lately, due to the long hours he worked. The secretary of the office as well as everyone else had already gone home, the place now quiet and deserted. You would have heard a pin drop. Stretching out his legs, he raised his hands above his head, thinking whether he should call it a night.

Suddenly, he heard the whir of the elevator coming to a stop, sitting up he wondered who would come here at night, maybe it was a coworker who had forgotten his keys or something. It was likely, right? He tried not to pay the noise any mind, but that turned out to be impossible when he heard the click-clack of heels and familiar giggles reaching his ears. He was overtired, he must be hearing things, right? This could not be, she said she would not have time, how did she make it?

Their footsteps stopped in front of his open door, glass windows to the corridor, but hidden by deep blue curtains. However, when they came into view his heart stopped… she was not alone, rather in companionship with one of their friends and holy heck, his dick twitched in his pants, what they were wearing!! Was he dreaming or were they seriously acting out his fantasy at the moment?

Both of them wore curve accentuating business suits, an attire of short skirt, blazer and blouse with heels. Ellie in blue, Layla in black – the dramatic makeup added to the sexiness. The only thing he wanted to do was kiss both of them and drag them back home. He still could not believe that they were here, both women just grinned at him devilishly. They walked towards him while shaking their hips, letting their hands roam over their breasts, down to their center.

“Hey, honey. Surprise.” Ellie told him, her hands on his shoulders, giving him a short kiss. “Are you surprised?”

His body immediately reacted to her, he was short on air and still thought he was dreaming. They looked hot enough to fuck… Please let them be here for that, he wished.

A lump in his throat hindered him from answering correctly, he somehow managed to nod.

“Good, that was our goal”, Layla seductively mentioned.

“Let’s get you seated, shall we?” With lazy moves, they dragged him to his office chair, giving him a push so he would sit down. His ass hit the chair with a thump, his legs stretched out in front of him, they took his hands into one of theirs and brought it up to their breasts. Forcing him to grab their perky breasts and erect nipples. What a torturous activity. He swallowed heavily, when both of them pushed their breasts into his palms, commanding them with their gaze to continue. He was happy to oblige, the women started to moan softly, he bet they were probably wet for him already too. He wanted to spread them on the desks and fuck them…

Still, something in their eyes held him back – he was not the type who liked to lose control when it came to sex, however, something told him he was not about to lose control, he was allowed to have it by watching these two interact with each other. He continued to tease their nipples, expertly opening up their blazers, tweaking their pointy nips with skilled fingers, watching their faces the entire time. How their eyes glazed over, and how they seemed incapable of standing still, then out of all of the options to chose, Ellie grabbed Layla’s neck and drew her down to a kiss.

His dick immediately sprang to action, he wanted to shove them at each other, watching them pleasure each other, because watching them made him so hot and horny, … He sat back, viewing the porn going on in front of him, how Layla teased Ellie by nibbling her lips, how she started to grab her boob, and Ellie ravished her back by dragging her piercing down Layla’s tongue. Layla curled her hand in Ellie’s locks, opening up her throat to her hungry teeth, and started to kiss the soft spot between jaw and neck, back down to shoulder and neck… occasionally biting her to soften her need.

Jay got anxious, he pulled them both apart, gasping for air, before pulling their lips to his and kissing each of them with a hunger he felt in his belly. Grasping Layla’s jaw he held her there, tight pressure while licking her lips with his tongue and making her watch when he attacked Ellie’s mouth with his. Layla growled in her throat, tried to stick her tongue out, and lick his finger, just as she would do to his dick, but he would not let her. Instead, she laid a hand over his crotch, feeling his erect cock.

“Na,na,na, honey.” Ellie whispered, “It’s our turn now if you remember. We will tell you where to put your hands.”

Jay grumbled, but accepted the conditions,… so Samsun Escort Bayan when he released Layla, they held him at gunpoint, taking care of his jacket, which soon was on the floor, … then they loosened his tie, Ellie took that one, started to dance, while putting it around her neck. She pulled it tighter than it normally should be, making his nostrils flare on instinct: she was his. Meanwhile, Layla leaned down, her cleavage almost in his face, pressing her tits together on purpose, while she opened up his dress shirt button by button, her fingers teasing his skin until she got rid of that too.

He was watching them carefully, now if only he could unpack their bodies so he’d have something to lick and nibble at too,… he’d die a happy man. His dick was already straining against his pants, it was still unreal, that soon turned to pure reality, when one of the girls wandered behind him, one stayed in front and they rubbed themselves against him. He was the middle of a babe sandwich, Layla smashing her breasts against his back, drawing her hands down the front, scorching his skin with her delicate touch, while Ellie was showing him her ass, dry humping his dick.

“Jeez.. Girls.” he groaned, his arousal confined in his normally loose pants now.

“Lead my hips, grab them,” she told him over her shoulder. He was happy to finally have something to do with his hands and even better that he could guide her to his and her arousal. Digging his fingers in he moved her how he liked it, making sure to squeeze her here and there, before planting her on his lap, hand on her chin, bowing her back while massaging her breast with the other.

Layla took that opportunity to kiss Ellie in that position, one hand diving down to Ellie’s pussy, teasing the top of her skirt, before wedging a finger under.

Ellie was spread out helplessly over Jay’s body, being cherished by both of them.

“Touch her”, Jay ordered Layla. Spreading the woman’s legs, she moved her body forward to have better access for touching Ellie’s sweet spot. Drawing circles on her clit, she felt the heat emanating from said core, being wet and slippery enough. Feeling it, even more, when she moved her fingers over her friend’s panties, hot juice dampening her fingers.

She had to have more, she wanted to feel the heat on her fingers, feel the moans when she’d enter her, and have his encouragement in doing so. Pulling the thin scrap of clothing aside, she teased the opening with a finger… then two,… circling up again, before finally pushing two of her fingers in. Ellie back bowed, but she didn’t get far as Jay was holding her tight, she moaned in pleasure, rocking her hips.

Layla slid her fingers in and out again, all while kissing her or him occasionally, she was moving her hips fast already, making him growl, “Be still.” she quieted her movements, Layla didn’t.

She hooked her fingers into Ellie’s pussy, feeling the heat and her walls clenching, before pulling her wet fingers out, bringing them to his lips and letting him lick her juice of her fingers.

The women were insane,.. how they openly spread before him, he wanted to lick Layla’s fingers clean, he wanted it so deeply, he did it without thinking.

He had to release Ellie’s breast and wandered down to her core, spreading her pussylips apart, teasing, playing with her juices before digging his forefinger in almost groaning at the hot feeling and intimate contact. Turning her neck, he licked the delicate path up her earlobes before biting into the sweet flesh. All while continuing to fuck her with his fingers and Layla playing with her nipples. Under their combined hands, she was putty, his chopped breaths, her accelerated breathing, and Ellie’s tampered moans combined into a sexy tune of passion and lust. The woman on his lap moved her hips, trying to get off, but each time she was on the edge, Jay would move his fingers out before inserting them again, slower than before.

Behind him Layla was growing impatient, taking matters into her own hands, she walked in front, kneeled on the floor, and edged her friends skirt up.

“Yes!” the man hissed, his voice deep with arousal, his dick leaking already. “Lick her pussy. Show me how you get her off.”

Smirking, she spread her knees, seeing the dampened material of the sexy lingerie in front of her, licking her lips. Not having enough time to undress the brown-haired beauty properly, she drew her finger over the clothed pussy before drawing it aside in one move, revealing its glistening core. Jay released Ellie’s head enough so she was able to watch, her hand meanwhile stroking the man’s dick.

Looking up, Layla focused her gaze on both of them, loving how well paired they were, how they just fit as a couple and were so tender to her, yet extraordinary creative and sweet all at once. She could smell her friend scent in the air, now she wanted to taste it… her tongue sneaked out over the clit, teasing, tickling, before giving her a lazy stroke bottom to top. Ellie’s gaze intensified in heat, Jay’s almost sparkling with Escort Samsun desire.

Again, her tongue drove in. Deeper this time, invading her pussy, while her nose touched her clitoris – “Feels.. good.” she moaned,

“Looks sexy as hell”, he added, before gripping strands of her hair in his hand, pressing her tongue deeper into his wife’s core. Layla took it with pleasure, she licked and sucked, tasting her with her tongue, wanting more of her cum in her mouth. So she added a finger into the wet heat, curling it up to touch her sweet spot. Trying to make her explode. The touch did not disappoint, Ellie’s moans turned louder, deeper, her body began to shudder.

Layla had to press her thighs apart to have enough space to lick her juices. She shuddered one last time and came, her walls clenching around the fingers, the pain from him tweaking her nipple and the stiffness of his cock on her ass was too much for her sensitive flesh.

“So pretty,” both of them whispered to Ellie. Loving the expression on her face when she came. Sated, slightly flushed and heart racing, she rested her head on Jay’s shoulder, while Layla got up, licked her lips, and bent down to kiss him, tongues clashing, teeth biting, he tasted his wife’s cum on her lips. Aggressively, he gripped her throat, pushing her away, before holding her there and kissing her back again.

He remembered how Layla would go off on any simple touch, gosh, what a mind field. His cock was painfully erect now, he needed some release, badly,…this was so much better than spending his night coding.

Lifting Ellie from his lap, he kissed her sensually, stroking her cheek, before helping her stand again. His eager gaze devoured them repeatedly, trying to think what else was on their agenda. Taking matters into their own hands again, they shrugged out of their blazers slowly… each revealing a white blouse, underneath each of them their pattern of the lingerie was visible. He loved their curves, something to hold on to while he fucked them from the front, the behind, or just watched while they got each other off. Finished, they went to him, starting to work on his pants, brushing their hands not so subtly over his erection quite often, before finally drawing down his zipper and urging him to lift his butt to pull his pants off. He was now only in underwear, his dick poking out of his boxers, leaking onto his stomach. Both of the ladies looked at his penis as if they wanted to devour it, almost as if they would challenge each other who’d get there first…

In the end, Ellie opened up her blouse, revealing her bra, breasts spilling over, and sat between his legs. Jay had to admit that the open-blouse-lace-bra did him in, be it a fetish, but his dick stood at attention for it. Even more when Ellie, still flushed, did his favorite thing and laid his dick on her breasts, before moving him between her tits… moistening them up with his precum. He loved how that felt around his dick, she fondled his balls with one hand, teasing him, watching his reaction carefully. Her skirt still bunched around her waist, she looked into his eyes, compelled him with her gaze, before dipping down and sucking his tip in.

Layla got to watch it from the sidelines, and the expression on Jays face after her friend sucked his dick in, was so worth it: His eyes rolled back into his head, his hips jerked and he gripped the underside of the seat. He looked ready to shoot his load, which only made her smirk, she wanted him to cum in their mouths and on them.. marking them as his playthings.

She couldn’t leave his lips unattended, or his pretty face, so while Ellie was licking his penis all around, sucking it while playing with his balls, which she’d so like to watch longer, she took his chin between her forefinger and thumb, turned it sideways and bit into his carotid. She blew kisses on the wet spots, licked the spot behind his ear before finally letting her soft lips drop on his. He slapped her on the ass then, slamming her to his body. Teeth clashing together she supported her body by leaning into him.

Now it was her turn to lose her clothing, coyly she shed her blouse. Revealing a red crisscrossed bra underneath, her breasts full and round, heavy with arousal. Raising her hands in the air, she played with her hair, moving to her hips while shaking her body – her eyes were glued to Ellie sucking his dick. How her cheeks hollowed when she drew him in, how her hot tongue sneaked out to tease him, or how cocky she gazed up once in a while, knowing that she was good at this.

Tweaking her nipples, Layla groaned and decided to follow suit by dropping to her knees softly, and mouthing one of his balls while her friend was taking care of his erect cock. His eyes were glazed over, his legs a bit shaking…giving it on fine lick, Ellie took the root of the penis, pulled Layla’s head up and urged her to take over. She took him into her mouth while Ellie was moving her hand alongside the movement. Dragging her tongue up the underside of his dick, she cherished the fullness it created, the heat erupting in her belly… She and her friend took turns pleasuring him with their mouths, groaning, touching themselves while sneaking a kiss in, exchanging saliva and his musky taste, in between. He was watching them with half-lidded eyes, stroking their hair softly, “Feels so good, girls… please…don’t stop.”

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