Laura’s House Call

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It is well known in medical practice that patient referrals are always the best to have, because the new patient is already inclined to have a favorable impression. This apparently was the case for Laura who was recommended to me by the Smiths.

After a most satisfactory first visit I of course offered to make a house call. Not much to my surprise I received a call a few days later from my answering service that Laura R needed a house call. I answered her and once again she complained of chest pain. I told her that I was coming right over and jumped into my care for the short ride to her home in then Palisades.

Her home was modest compared with others in the area, but the garden was tastefully and beautifully planted. I rang the door not knowing what to expect, and in a few moments answered the remote that it was the Dr to make a house call. The door opened to reveal Laura, and I mean that in the literal sense of the word. She was dressed in a sheer peignoir, cut low in front to reveal the beautifully breasts that I had enjoyed in our first encounter. Below she wore nothing except a French lace Garter belts holding up lace topped sheer black, seamed nylon thigh high stockings. She was wearing high heeled black pumps.

I reached to kiss her, but she said “what’s the hurry? We have all evening. Let’s have a glass of wine first and talk.” And so we did. She described her former marriage as being “Contented”.Her deceased husband was a lawyer whom she had met during the course of her work as a court stenographer. He was considerate, generous, but not particularly exciting sexually. “Women, as you know talk about everything” she said. “And it seemed to me that many of my girlfriends were dissatisfied with their sex lives. Some talked about affairs that they had or were having. But we had two lovely children who adored their father, and I couldn’t bring myself to jeopardize our marriage for their sake. Now that Mike is dead, and the children are on their own I feel free to find out what if anything I’ve missed. Judging by our first encounter I’ve missed a lot. As you know Joyce and I are childhood friends, and she generously offered to share you!” At this we both broke into laughter, and for then first time that evening kissed each other.

Laura’s kiss was special, and I had to come up for air frequently. Her tonguing was remarkable because wherever it went in my mouth, my ears, my neck it left a tingling sensation like electricity. Her hands were not idle either as they sought out and caressed by immediate erection. S soon had to ask her to slow down otherwise I’d use up all of my energy before we even began.

She smile and after we had a glass of white wine said “Follow me.” She arose from the couch and walked ahead of me up a Samsun Escort flight of stairs. She must have known the effect that she was having on me as she ascended the stairs. The translucency of her robe left just enough to one’s imagination to inflame my desire for her even more. Her slender figure was topped by a magnificent bust. Her slim waist rose above her swaying hips , which in turn continued to a pair of long shapely legs. The latter were framed by a Garter belt holding up her stockings.

As she walked upstairs ahead of me I couldn’t resist sliding my hands along her stockings, up her thighs to where they were attached to her garter belt. Just below a charming view of her Vagina and blond curls that now and then presented itself. I would have happily made love to her on the stairs, but she said” Patience my darling, just a few more steps.”

Finally after what seemed to be an eternity we reached her bed room in which there was a king sized bed. I reached again for her, but she slipped out of my grasp and said ” My darling,I want you to just lie still. I’ll do everything.” Happy to oblige and curious as to what would follow I complied, and lay down on the bed.

First she removed my shoes and socks, and proceeded to massage my feet. Then she unbuttoned and removed my shirt and undershirt. She began by kissing my mouth, then she worked her way downwards until she reached my chest. There she kissed and gently nipped my nipples. This was something that I had not experienced before, and which not only was pleasurable but heightened my sexual tension. “Now you know how much I like you to play with my breasts”, she laughed.

Then came belt, and she unzipped my trousers. My erection by this time was barely restrained by my shorts. But she didn’t touch it then, but pulled my trousers off. I could not stand it any more and brought her fingers to my groin. “Be patient!’ she scolded. “I’m in charge tonight.”

Finally she liberated my straining Penis from its restraint and it immediately stood erect. “How beautiful” she said, and then touched the tip with moist tongue. My Penis jerked uncontrollably as she licked the pre-cum which already had begun to trickle out. “Yummy” she said and then moved her attention to my scrotum. There she carefully took each testicle into her mouth and licked the skin. She worked her way upwards from there, slowly, savoring each taste. She took the bulb of my Penis into her mouth and then began to play with it using her tongue alternating with her sucking vigorously. All the while taking more and more of me into her mouth until my Penis was completely swallowed. She gently pushed my hands away as I attempted to hold her head. She looked up at me mischievously as she gave me the best Blow Samsun Escort Bayan job that I had ever experienced. Suddenly I felt her finger tease, and then gently penetrate my Anus. and she began to massage my Prostate.

“I’m going to come,” I cried, and come I did. I exploded into her throat and mouth, with more semen than I could have imagined was possible. This seemed to go on forever, until my by now completely spent Penis flopped out of her mouth. Laura had swallowed almost all of my come except for some remnants around her lips. She moved her head up to mine and again we kissed deeply. I could readily taste its saltiness..

“My God” I asked. ” Where did you learn to do that?” She smiled and answered “Girl talk you know.”

“Now its your turn” I said. I too began by kissing her and working my way down to her lovely breasts. I could have happily stayed there forever licking, and sucking her hard and erect nipples. She very much enjoyed this, but moved my hand down to her stomach. Realizing what she wanted I moved my fingers down to her thighs where i began to gently stroke them upwards. I Enjoyed the feel of her stockings, and experiencing the increasing warmth and moisture of the skin of her thighs above the closer they came to her Vagina.

I kissed her stomach and as my lips approached her groin she purred like a cat and spread her legs apart. This allowed me to lick and to kiss her thighs above her stockings. Soon I reached her now swollen and reddened Vulva lips. They were glistening with her juices which oozed out of her Vaginal orifice. My tongue brushed against the Vaginal lips and she gave a start. She grasped my head and brought it closer to her groin. I easily inserted two fingers into her Vagina and again immediately found her pleasure zone. Scissoring my fingers I brought her to a fever pitch of sensation. She flung her thighs over me and clamped me so firmly that I could hardly move. My tongue found her Clitoris, and this together with the stimulation of my fingers brought her to her climax. She screamed, and screamed again. Her body shook, while she had one climax after another until I lost count. Finally the pressure of her thighs eased and I was able to move my had and neck. Her eyes were filled with tears as we kissed. “I’ve never come like this before,” she said.

We both lay side to side, and Laura eased her back against my stomach. My now re-incarnated Penis stirred and began to harden again. My Penis lay from behind between her legs and I could feel the intense warmth and moisture of her Vagina. Meanwhile I fondled her breast with my hand. We lay companionably and comfortably, both dozing. In a few minutes we were asleep. We awoke an hour later in the same position. The only Escort Samsun difference was that this time once again I had an intense erection.

“What have we here?” asked Laura mischievously as she fondled my Penis. “I’ll show you” said I, and rolled her over onto her back. What a sight she was with a saucy grin as she licked her lips. Her long Blond hair lay disheveled over her shoulders. Her breasts pointing up with erect nipples, and her chest wall flushed red with sexual stimulation. Her long black nylon stockinged legs were spread apart and a lacy black Garter belt framed the patch of moist blond pubic hair.

“Come to me Lover” she said and guided my rampant penis towards her bush. I placed a pillow under her hips which were thrust up in anticipation of what must follow. I felt an exquisite sensation of pleasure as the tip of my Penis brushed her Vaginal lips. Without effort on either of our parts it slid completely into her already moist and fiercely warm cavity which fitted snuggly around. We lay still for the moment enjoying the sensation. I lifted my head to suck on her breast, and she once again purred with pleasure. We moved slowly at first, without any prompting except for her obvious but unspoken desires. I can’t explain the sensation except to say that never before, with anyone else had it seemed so sublime. We moved together in perfect sync. When I got too close I warned her and reaching down between us she pinched the skin of my Glans effectively slowing things down for me, but without decreasing her own pleasure. We moved thus for what seemed to be hours (actually it was only 30 minutes.) Until she grasped my buttocks and pulled me closer She cried out “Fuck me, Oh please Fuck me hard.” And I did like a madman, plunging and retreating ever deeper and faster until the moment came for us together. She stiffened and shook as I exploded a torrent of cum which flooded her vagina, and leaking out around my Penis. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on my Penis ,which I could not have removed at that moment had I wanted.

Then came the blessed relaxation and flood of pleasure that sated us both, and we lay in each others arms for minutes. My Penis slowly drooped, and Laura’s Vagina slowly leaked our mingled juices.

We prattled, and giggled, and did all of those things that lovers do at times like these. We showered together and had it not been very late, and I very tired, we might have resumed our love making. We agreed though that this was the beginning of a special relationship. Specially so since I had been divorced for almost a year.

Almost afraid of the answer I asked Laura “What are you going to tell Joyce? ” “Nothing that you may not want me too” she answered giving me a meaningful look. “We’re both adults, and so long as what we do does not harm anyone else, its nobody’s else business. I will tell her however that I found her recommendation most appropriate and that I intend to keep you as my personal physician” We kissed goodnight and made arrangements to meet later that week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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