Laura’s Sweaty, Smelly Awakening

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Laura was an attractive young woman with a nine to five office job in the city. On the short side, she had a slender but curvy figure, long brown hair, a button nose, and gray-blue eyes closely set in a round, pixyish face.

For the past few weeks she had been dating Alec, someone new. They had had sex twice and although they were still getting to know each other, Laura thought that there was a lot of potential in the relationship.

It was a Friday in August and the city was in the grip of a heat wave – as usual it wasn’t a dry heat, but a sticky, humid one. Laura left work and walked down to the subway platform, her thoughts preoccupied by two facts. First, that Alec was going to meet her at her apartment in less than an hour and second, that her air conditioner was broken and would not be repaired until Monday. It was certainly going to be a hot weekend at home, she thought to herself.

Laura jostled with the commuters in the tightly packed subway train. Feeling a damp warmth under her arms and in her shoes, she mopped her brow with a tissue.

Because of how cold the air conditioning was in her office, and the fact that her desk was right next to the air vent, she had to wear warm clothes to work despite the overwhelming heat outside. Today she was wearing a brown one-piece dress with a v-neck, tan stockings, and black leather shoes. Laura had always perspired heavily – added to her naturally oily, even slightly greasy, skin – and was sweating profusely when she finally reached her apartment.

She looked at her watch. Alec was going to be there in ten minutes and she had to clean up the place a little – definitely not enough time for a shower. She washed her face, but it was so warm in the small apartment that a few minutes later she was already shining again with a thin layer of sweat.

Alec rang her buzzer and came up to the apartment. They kissed at the door and Laura asked him to sit down on the couch. She went into the kitchen, got them both a glass of lemonade, and came and sat down next to him.

Laura apologized to Alec for “being so sweaty and smelly,” explaining how she had just got home from work, hadn’t had time to shower, and how that combined with not having any air conditioning…Alec interrupted and told her not to worry about it. Laura suggested that she go take a shower so that she didn’t “gross him out.”

But Alec said quickly “no, don’t do that.”

“Why not?” Laura asked.

“I, uh, actually like that…when women are sweaty and kind of smell,” said Alec.

Laura smiled and said “You mean ‘like’ as in a sexual way? That it’s a turn-on?”

“Yeah, I hope it’s not too strange,” Alec said, wondering if he should have told her.

Laura was happy to be hearing about another of Alec’s fetishes so soon after meeting him, believing it to be a sign of a quickly growing intimacy. He had already told her about his foot fetish the weekend before – which she was fine with – but she had to admit to herself that this new one was a little strange. Yet she was very eager to please him sexually, and to show that she was as liberated and open-minded in this respect as she liked to think of herself. She smiled sweetly, as they moved closer and began to French kiss.

“I’ve been wanting you all day” Alec whispered.

“Me too, I’ve been thinking about last weekend and how good it was,” Laura answered. “And I think all this heat makes me horny.”

“We need to take some clothes off,” said Alec, and they both proceeded to strip down to their underwear. They fell back on the couch, kissing with their bodies entwined. Now that he was lying against her, Alec could feel how sweaty Laura was all over and he savored her musky smell.

“Have you always sweated so much?” Alec asked her.

“Yeah, well, ever since puberty,” Laura said laughing, as Alec reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, freeing her small, firm breasts with their hard brown nipples.

Alec was now lying on his back with Laura on top of him. She moved up and pushed her breasts into his face. Alec kissed them. “Hmm, these are so sweaty too…,” he said with satisfaction. Maltepe Escort

After devoting some time to her breasts he asked Laura to let him smell and lick her underarms. Laura raised her left arm, giving Alec access to her wet armpit (her deodorant had worn off by now) with its short brown stubble. He sniffed and then, clearly liking what he smelled, began to lick her pit greedily.

Laura had never had a guy do this, but it wasn’t bad, she thought. Owing to their excitement and the heat in the room they were both sweating a great deal now.

Alec went back to kissing Laura’s chest and then, bringing her up further, ran his tongue down her stomach, poking it into her small navel. Laura still had her stockings on. Alec said that he wanted to take them off her and went down on his knees, as she sat in front of him on the couch.

He unrolled the warm, damp nylons off both of Laura’s shapely legs, pausing to admire the thin gold chain that she wore around her left ankle, before pulling the stockings off her moist feet. Laura wiggled her brown painted toes. “That’s nice, my feet have been in those hot stockings and shoes all day,” she laughed, adding “you probably don’t want to get to close though – I’m sure they are really cheesy and stinky.”

But there was no way that Alec was going to pass up the opportunity to play with Laura’s smelly, petite feet and he quickly brought them up to his nose. “God they smell so good, like some kind of strong, salty cheese.” As he voraciously kissed her soles and sucked her toes, Alec said that her feet hadn’t smelled nearly this strong last weekend.

“That’s because I washed them really well before you came over. And I think it’s also the weather…they always get really smelly and sweaty when it’s hot and I wear closed shoes all day,” Laura said. “I used to always wear flip-flops in the summer at college, because if I wore closed shoes they would stink so much when I took them off. One time my first year roommate actually complained about my sneakers, so I started to put them in the hallway. When our friends came over they would say that they could smell them before they even got to our door – so it became a kind of in-joke.”

Laura brought one foot down to Alec’s boxers and felt his stiff erection. “Hmm, you’re so hard…is that just from my feet?”

“From everything…I love hearing you talk about this stuff,” Alec said.

Laura watched as he reached up and pulled off her lavender Victoria’s Secret panties. Bringing the crotch to his face he inhaled their heady mix of pussy juice and sweat.

Seeing Alec worshipping her dirty underpants made Laura horny as hell and she began to rub her smoothly shaven pussy lips, before Alec pushed his face between her thighs and sloppily ate her out. It wasn’t long before they were fucking with Laura on top.

Riding Alec’s hard cock she was sweating more than ever, her hair damp and her face glistening. Grinding her hips she moaned “oh fuck, that feel’s so good…talk dirty to me…call me names.”

Alec was happy to oblige and savored the words in his mouth as he said “I love to fuck your tight little cunt, you’re such a sweaty little bitch…I love your nasty armpits and foot smell.”

“Oh yeah,” Laura moaned in reply “fuck me, I want to be your slut and smell and sweat for you.”

Hearing her talk like this made Alec harder and he thrust deeper into Laura’s cunt. She lowered herself and brought his face up under her arm, knowing how much it would excite him as they fucked.

The smell of Laura’s writhing, sweaty body and her pungent underarms was making it harder and harder for Alec to hold back his orgasm and he moaned that he was about to cum. Laura was approaching climax as well. Grabbing Alec’s head she pushed her small pink tongue into his mouth. When their faces pressed together, Alec could feel the beads of sweat on Laura’s forehead dripping on to his own.

“I want to cum on your sweaty face,” he moaned.

“Oh yeah, do it, do it on me…cum all over my face,” Laura said as she came up off of his cock and lay back on the other side Anadolu Yakası Escort of the couch. Alec quickly brought his prick up to her face, stroking it hard. Laura looked up at him “come on baby, I want your hot cum all over my face.”

“Uhh, I’m gonna cum soon…,” Alec said as he continued to stroke himself.

At that moment Alec saw Laura’s leather shoe on the carpet near the couch “Wait, I want to smell your shoe,” he said, almost pleadingly. Laura reached over and picked up her shoe.

“Is this what you want?” she said teasingly.

“Yeah, make me smell it…” Alec said.

Laura pushed the opening of her damp shoe against his face, saying in a tone of mock command “smell it…that’s it…smell my nasty shoe and cum on my face.”

The stench of the inside of Laura’s shoe – a buttery, vinegary aroma even stronger than her feet – combined with her words, was all he could take. In a spasm Alec exploded, his thick cum spurting over Laura’s lips and cheek.

Not knowing what impulse drove her, Laura started to rub the cum all over her face – her forehead, cheeks, and nose – as if it was a wash for her grease-prone pores. The sight of Laura rubbing this mixture of his cum and her sweat into her face drove Alec wild and he instinctively began to lick it off. Laura, who had not yet came, fingered herself frantically as she moaned “Oh god, that’s it, lick it off me, lick it off me…oh shit I’m so horny!” Their tongues met in Laura’s mouth and they shared the cum and sweat concoction as Laura peaked with a huge orgasm.


That night, long after Alec had left, Laura tossed and turned in her warm bedroom. The damp sheets clung to her thighs, heels, and the rest of her naked body (it being far too hot for her to wear her customary t-shirt and panties to bed).

Half awake she glanced at the clock on her nightstand and saw that it was three in the morning. Her wild sex session with Alec played on her mind. She couldn’t get certain images out of her head: his face buried under her arm, or him smelling her panties, feet, and shoes. Or the fact that he had been so turned on by her sweat.

She had never paid that kind of attention to her bodily odors and secretions. They were always something to cover-up or laugh about, rather than a source of arousal, something to indulge in. She decided that she probably couldn’t have a fetish for Alec’s smells or sweat in the way that he had for hers…but maybe there was something different about the female variety.

She began to think about this as a powerful new dimension of her femininity and sexuality, and was excited by the primal rawness of it. Could she get turned-on by her own smells?, she wondered.

She sat up and then turned over and brought her nose down to the mattress, breathing in her musky night sweat off of the sheet. To her surprise, Laura found the smell invigorating. But in order to really test her sexual reaction she needed to try something stronger.

She got out of bed. Not bothering to put any clothes on, she walked into the living room. Her leather shoes still lay on the rug. Laura sat down cross legged in front of the couch and picked up one of the shoes.

Holding the shoe a few inches from her face she was immediately hit by the smell – she couldn’t believe how badly it reeked! If she had to make an analogy with food, it was like if you poured half a bottle of vinegar on hot buttered popcorn. At first the stench made her recoil, but she found that the more she smelled it, the more addictive it became.

Now curious as to the ‘source,’ she brought one of her bare feet, slick with sweat, up as far as she could to her face (and was just about able to reach the tip of her nose with her big toe). As Alec had said, her feet and toes were cheesier smelling than her shoes (still with a hint of vinegar), but equally stimulating.

As Laura pushed out her tongue and caught some of her salty foot sweat on her taste buds, she found that she had inadvertently brought her hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit. Laura wondered if other women’s shoes and feet smelled as İstanbul Escort good as hers and what it would be like to lick the sweat off of another woman’s skin.

Then she began to think about her female friends in a new way, imagining smelling their ripe armpits, sniffing and licking their feet of all different shapes and sizes. Overcome by the heat, tiredness, and her mounting sexual excitement, Laura began to imagine a situation more detailed than any other fantasy she had had before.

She was at some kind of party or celebration in honor of one of her college friends. It was being held in a warm, tropical place – a resort of some kind. There may have been men present somewhere, but now it was only a group of twelve or thirteen women consisting of Laura’s friends and a few of their mothers and aunts. They were all dancing and laughing and sweating because of the heat.

At one point in the evening Laura and the whole group of women would go into a bedroom. Except for Laura they would all strip down to their underwear and climb onto the two beds. Someone would give a signal and Laura would then move from one sweaty woman, or group of them, to another, smelling their underarms, their hair, and every aroma that their body gave off. (The fact that some of the women were middle-aged, as old as her own mother, made this all somehow more perverse and delicious in Laura’s mind’s eye.)

To this point all the women still had their shoes on, but now they would take them off in unison. Lying on their backs, they would put their smelly, sweaty feet – which had been encased in their tight heels all night – up into the air. All those warm feet together would give off an incredible cheesy stink and Laura would worship each pair of feet one at a time.

First she would rub her nose up and down the soles and then between the toes, inhaling the different foot odor of each woman. After licking them a little and sucking the toes, she would move on to the next pair. (While imagining things to this point Laura was sitting up against the couch, her head thrown back and eyes closed, letting the fantasy take her wherever her mind went. Her legs were spread open and her bald pussy was dripping, as she rubbed her clit harder.) While the smell – and taste – of all these female feet would be wonderful, Laura, driven by a new craving, would then need an even more primal and feminine sensation in her little nose.

She imagined that all the women would take off their underpants and put them in a pile in the center of the bed. Then she would push her face into the heap of thongs and panties – all sizes, colors, and fabrics – and intoxicate herself on the intimate smells of all of her friends and their moms and aunts…pussy smell mixed with sweat, stale urine, and an even more tangy odor from the panties with ‘skid marks.’ The smell of their underpants would make Laura want to push her nose into all of the women’s moist cunts and sweaty assholes….

In reality, Laura had taken her own pair of dirty panties and was rubbing the crotch all over her face, inhaling them and, at the same time, using the underwear as a cloth to soak up her fresh facial sweat. She lay face down on the carpet and continued to rub her clit with one hand while sliding two fingers in and out of her wet hole with the other. Then she stuffed the dirty panties into her shoe and pushed her face down into it until she could hardly breathe, enjoying every second of being totally surrounded by her crotch and foot odors.

Moaning into her shoe Laura found herself echoing the degrading language she had loved hearing from Alec, saying “I’m such a smelly, sweaty bitch and I love my own stink…” over and over again, louder and louder, like a mantra.

With her nose still pressed into the shoe, she rubbed her fingers (now coated with her pussy juice) in and around her sweaty butt crack, before shoving them into her salivating mouth. Bucking her hips wildly against a pillow she had put between her legs, with her feet arched and her toes curling in randy pleasure, Laura celebrated her own smells and tastes with all her energy, until a quaking orgasm shook her whole body and she collapsed in a warm pool of sweat.

Remembering the night’s events the next morning, Laura promised herself that she would now pursue her new found lust for female smells (her own and other women’s) at every opportunity.

To be continued (if there is interest)

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