Learning the Ropes Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Spotting

HR took a day off from the gym for a “medical concern.” He technically didn’t lie. Ever since he woke up he suffered from what could only be described as “prolonged swelling of the groin.” He tried everything he could to satiate the beast, but whenever he thought back to the prior day his little man rose from the ashes like a phoenix.

Besides, no way he would get caught with a boner two days in a row. The ladies were likely to maul him if he didn’t die of embarrassment first. Yeah, today was a sit around and tame the dragon kind of day.

The next day HR walked into the gym with his head held high. He learned early that if he showed any kind of weakness the vultures would pounce. Just pretend like he didn’t pop a boner mid match with Lai Chan and hopefully they wouldn’t bring it up.

The plan failed before it began. He made it all of 4 steps into the gym before hearing a familiar voice yell “Hilbane!” and getting tackled to the ground.

Thankfully he “took care” of himself so much last night that his little buddy couldn’t stand even if he wanted to, otherwise he’d be saluting the sun again at familiar sight before him..

It was Lai Chan, excited as always. She was sitting on top of him, straddling him, with her usual big smile. “Where were you yesterday!?” She looked like a puppy who’s owner had been away for an hour.

“I was out sick. Had some real bad swelling and now some minor bruising. I’m fine though.” That was technically the truth.

“You’re hurt? Where!?” Lai Chan immediately started checking him for signs of damage, even going as far as to lift his shirt to check.

Before he could fight her off, or at least attempt to given their sparring record, the owner walked up and hit Lai Chan in the back of the head with a folded towel.


He looked at the two of them with as stern as a face he could muster but HR saw some enjoyment in his eyes. “If you two wanna fool around, do it outside of my gym.” HR hears a couple of snickers and realizes the situation. The entire gym had ground to a halt to watch the scene those two were making. HR was suddenly a lot more conscious of the fact that Lai Chan was still straddling him in the middle of the walkway.

Lai Chan climbed off him in order to argue with the owner about how much that towel hurt and HR took the chance to try to sneak away to the locker room to get changed.

He flinched as he heard the owner turn his voice towards him. “Don’t think I didn’t hear what you said HR. If you’re hurt, go home!”

“I’m fine sir, honest. I spent all of yesterday healing up and I feel good as new.” He offered a weak smile, hoping to get the attention back off of him again. He hoped no one asked him exactly where he was bruised.

The owner considered him for a long moment. “Fine you can train. But Lai Chan is spotting you today.”

Lai Chan’s face went from annoyed to excited in an instant. “Yay!”

“What!? Why? Shouldn’t she be training with the others?” HR was a bit skeptical. The owner was usually one of the nicer people, but it wasn’t unheard of for him to get in on the action every once and awhile. Maybe he thought to torture HR with a full day with Lai Chan to force another boner out of him. Maybe some of the others put him up to it, they seemed to be enjoying this turn of events.

“Because she kept asking for you all day yesterday and it’s annoying.” She what? “Also because she can lift more than you and can save you from yourself should you actually be hurt.” That one got a laugh.

Not seeing a way out of it HR begrudgingly accepted and began walking towards the locker rooms. He stopped when he realized Lai Chan was walking right behind him.
“What are you doing?”

“I’m following you like the coach said!”

“You know I’m going into the locker room, right?”
“Yeah, I’m coming with.”

She can’t be serious. “The guy’s locker room, Lai Chan.”

“I know that. Coach said I have to stay with you today.”

For the love of, “Lai Chan you are not going in there with me.”

“Why not?” she pondered her own question for a second before looking back at HR with an accusatory gaze. “Are you keeping boy secrets in there? I wanna see!” Where did she even get that idea from?

HR sighs. “There are no ‘boy secrets’ in there Lai Chan. Just lots, and lots…” he pauses with a thousand-yard stare for a second before recovering. “And lots of naked guys in there.”

“I’m fine with that. I used to bath with my brother and nephew all the time!”

“How old were you when this happened?”
“Well mom made Pierre and me stop when we were like, 4 or 5. And Dai Lee made me stop with Jin 3 years ago.”

“You, your brother, and Jin were kids, Lai Chan. These are full grown, adult men. You’re not coming in with me.” HR put some force in his voice, hoping his bark would be enough to sway her. Everyone knew her bite was stronger.

Thankfully Lai Chan wasn’t as aggressive outside the ring as zenci gaziantep escort she was in it. She switched tactics, begging like a spoiled child. HR held firm on his stance and eventually convinced her to go set up his weights for training when he got out.

After confirming that she was really going to go and not try to follow him, he restarted his walk to the land of naked men. He steeled his mind for what he was about to see. This was his downfall.

He was so focused on ignoring penis that he didn’t notice the three women forming around him. That day off caused his natural defenses to wane.

With surprisingly practiced motions two of them restrained his arms while the third covered his mouth with her hand, her other hand giving him the “shhhh” motion. He was then quickly ushered into the women’s locker room then quickly rushed into the shower section. They dragged him into the stall in the back.

The first thing HR noticed when he was kidnapped was the smell. While it still smelled of sweat and musk, he somehow found it sweeter. Definitely more enjoyable than the guy’s side. After the shock subsided, he recognized the three women who had forced him in there in the first place.

Holding his left arm was Allison, the tall dark elf pressing herself unnecessarily close to the boy. Being another elf, he could guess her age but not really pin it down. Given her slightly mature face, hints of laughing lines and such, he could ballpark her to be around three hundred and fifty to four hundred. That’s a few decades younger than his mom.

Her body on the other hand was a few centuries younger. The amount of tone and definition on her body were obvious signs of decades if not at least a century of hard and specific workouts. The amount of dark grey skin showing outside of her sports bra and short shorts made sure everyone could appreciate her hard work.

Currently HR’s arm was nestled nicely between her ample bosom, his hand resting dangerously close to her pelvis, the back of it resting on her lower two abs. She was more clutching his arm than restraining it. She cradled his head affectionately against her chest.

Compared to the other two she was definitely the “nicest.” If being the most gentle with her advances could count as nice.

His right arm, being gripped tightly in a proper restraint, was held by Flavia. The asimar, who based on what he’s deduced is in her late twenties or early thirties, wore her usual skin tight leggings that showed off all of her (her words) “ass-sets.” She wasn’t as tall as Allison, but what she lacked in height she more than made up for in sheer confidence.

Years of squats and leg presses and all other forms of thigh, glute, and calf exercises has left her lower body built as if crafted by Sune (goddess of beauty) herself. Thick calf muscles, toned thighs and (her words again) “an ass so fat that hippos would be jealous” are the pride and joy of this woman.

There was an unspoken game played in the gym centered around her. The rules were simple, members would try to sneak glances at her bottom and she would try to catch them. A game of cat and mouse where everybody wins.

In front of HR, with her hand still covering his mouth, was Jazmin. She was the youngest, at twenty-six, and most aggressive of the bunch. The pale skinned human had joined the gym shortly after HR, her curly, fire red hair attracting the attention of everyone the moment she first entered. She was already a bombshell of a lady, looking only to get slightly more toned for a modeling gig. She quickly fell in love with the place, seeing it as more of a resource for entertainment than a place to better herself. Though he has heard some stories of her flings with other members, she has made it loud and clear that her favorite activity was toying with HR, whittling him down until he eventually caved and gave her what “they both wanted”.

Seeing the evil glint in her green eyes and her smirk that oozed bad intentions HR figured the day he feared had come. That she was tired of waiting and had finally come to take what was hers. Based on what he’d heard, men and women bigger and more capable than he had trouble keeping up with her in bed. She’d eat him alive.

HR quickly scanned the already cramped stall. Even if he could beat any of them one on one, and that was only sometimes, the three of them together were insurmountable. He ran through all of his possible actions and each one came up worse than the last. HR saw no choice but to accept his fate.

Honestly, was it really that bad? There were worse ways to go. Death by snu snu with three lovely women has to be a top 10 way to die.

Wait, no. He doesn’t have nearly enough experience to make that go even remotely well, at least for them. He needed to get out of this. Maybe if he calmly and confidently presented his arguments, he could talk his way out of it.

Instead what he got as a nervous rant pleading for his life. The gaziantep zenci escort bayan second Jazmin removed her hand he started. “Listen guy-LADIES, ladies, as always, I’m flattered. Really, I am. You are all very beautiful and any man would die to be in the position I’m in and personally I think it would be better for e-everyone here if that other guy did take my place. I-I mean listen you don’t want me, I’ve only had sex once and I’m pretty sure she didn’t enjoy it-you probably wouldn’t like it either. I wouldn’t want to waste your time- I’m-just some kid, there must be – mfph” To shut him up Allison shoved his head further into her breasts, gently smothering him.

“It’s Ok HR,” She gently rubbed the back of his head and he melted. “When the time comes, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Just make sure you pay attention so you can learn properly.” Maybe everything would be fine. He felt so safe and loved. Gods she smelled nic- now was not the time for this. She almost got him.

Allison was different than most drow. Instead of the usual demanding and dominant attitude expected of drow women she was more caring and subservient. Her wide hips and large breasts only add to the loving, motherly persona she displays. All the stories he’d heard about her had been more sensual and slower than the much more common “rigorous training” other members liked to have.

HR fought against his need to be loved and freed his head from its pillowy prison. The other two laughed at him while he regained his composure.

Jazmin was the first to address him. She smiled at him. “Relax HR, we’re not here to ‘get you’ or anything. At least not right now.” She used air quotations for emphasis. Then her smile became more sinister. “Besides, when I get you, I’m sure as hell not sharing.” She leaned in and gave his cheek a long lick. Her voice lowered, almost a predatory growl. “You’ll be all mine until I’m done with you.” HR shivered. Mostly out of fear.

HR swallowed hard. “The-then why am I here?”

Flavia tightened her hold slightly, enough to cause discomfort. “We got some questions to ask you and you’re gonna answer them truthfully. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am.”

She put on a pouty face and whined, “Come on HR. We’ve known each other for a while now.” She pushed modest bust up against him, HR now fully sandwiched between her and Allison. She looked up at him and gave him puppy dog eyes “Call me Flavia, would you?”

HR was once again glad his little guy was on vacation, otherwise he would have probably clocked in right about now.

“Ladies!” Jazmin barked and got everyone’s attention. “As fun as it is to bully him, let’s stick to the task at hand. If we keep him any longer Lai Chan might go looking for him.”

She turned her attention back to HR. “So, Hilbane, you and her fucking?”

What? “What?”

“Are you and our little prodigy bumping uglies between the sheets?” Did she tell them? If so, how much?

“No! No, I would never! She’s rich and famous and I’m just a nobody who goes to her gym.” Ouch, that hurt to say out loud.

“Then what happened between you two? Yesterday she came in acting all weird. Like she was calmer yet also more excited, hard to explain. She ran through the trainers like they were nothing! We’ve never seen her perform so well. And all the while she kept asking where you were.”

Gods damn it Lai Chan. “Look, I don’t know what happened.”

Flavia tightened her grip. “According to the owner, you left with her the night before.” Damn him. “And we aren’t dumb HR. She was positively glowing. The only reason a woman acts like that is when she gets fucked right and proper.”

They had him. He might as well come clean now. But if he did then that would cause problems. They for sure would tell everyone else. Rumors would spread and not only affect her but possibly her family. The press looked for any bit of gossip about them. He couldn’t do that to Lai Chan. Imagine the damage it would do if her first sexual experience was on the front-page news. Whatever happened to him, she was a nice girl and didn’t deserve any of that.

HR prepared for the worst. He puffed out his chest and looked Jazmin in the eye, a feat he could only rarely do, lest he become the target of her aggression. “Yes, I left the gym with Lai Chan that night but no, we are not having relations with one another. I would request that you respect both her and my privacy and not ask any further questions.” He closed his eyes and awaited punishment, but none came.

“Damn. Would you look at that? Little guy actually grew some balls.” Jazmin seemed impressed.

That earned him more head rubs from Allison. “I for one think it’s a good thing. You two are always so mean to him.”

“He won’t get any better if you keep coddling him.” Flavia didn’t buy the act. Bet he’s still a total bottom.” She jostled his arm a bit to get his attention. “Think you can keep that attitude in the sack gaziantep zenci escort ‘big man?'”

Jazmin just inspected his face for a moment, silently interrogating him. After a while she seemed to come up with a conclusion. “Fine we’ll stop, for now. Besides, I like my men with a little fight in them, it’s more fun to break them in that way” Jazmin squeezed by him to get to the outside of the stall. As she moved past she put her lips against his ear and whispered. “Just make sure that little girl knows that she’s only borrowing you. This,” HR flinched as she grabbed a handful of his junk and gave a little squeeze. “Belongs to me.”

As Jazmin walked back to the main locker room Flavia walked behind her. “You mean belongs to us. Right?”

“Yeah, sure.”

HR let loose a deep sigh of relief. He was safe. For now. They finally left him alone, or he would be alone if not for Allison still clinging to his side.

“Oh no! She didn’t hurt you, did she?” The genuine concern in her voice confused HR. Usually she would do something sexual in the guise of “helping him out.” Currently she was patting his groin, checking it for damage.

“It’s fine really.”

“No, it’s not, she shouldn’t have done that!” She sounded genuinely a little angry.

“Honest, I-“
Her voice became breathy. “Here,” he noticed that her patting had turned into gentle rubbing. She started lowering her body. “Let mommy kiss it better.”

There it is.

HR was paralyzed with indecision. Part of him was telling him to let it happen and another part was telling him that he had to go meet Lai Chan outside.

Luckily the decision was made for him as after she hooked her thumbs in his pants but before she could pull them down they heard Flavia call out for her. The woman stood up, pouting as she walked away from her catch.

HR continued to stand there, stunned until he too was called out by Flavia. “If you want to get caught peeping in the women’s shower’s that’s fine and all. But if you don’t, I suggest you leave before anyone comes in and sees you.” That got him moving.

After making sure the coast was clear for him, Flavia let him sneak out of the women’s locker room, though not without a parting squeeze of his ass.

He quickly went into the men’s side and changed as fast as possible, knowing damn well that if he took any longer there was a legitimate chance Lai Chan would get bored and follow him in there.

When he exited the locker room he was met with a regime that seemed to suggest that Lai Chan had forgotten he was “injured.” She had prepared sets of weights that were tough for him to complete even at full strength. She apologized and said that she was just giving him her normal for a light workout. Gods the girl was a monster. Then he blushed a little as he remembered why she was so fit in the first place.

The rest of the session went along as normal as it could have gone with Lai Chan hounding him. They chatted a lot, talking about different things such as her upcoming match and if he was thinking about fighting professionally. It was honestly pretty enjoyable. He never had many chances to just talk to her off the mat. It’s amazing how enjoyable talking to someone can be when they aren’t trying to forcibly bend your body in ways it shouldn’t.

The only problem was that he noticed three women were watching them like hawks, but he tried to ignore it as best he could. That was until he noticed Lai Chan get less talkative and more distracted. She started staring off into space or sometimes just at him with a blank expression.

He finally spoke up when she seemed to be ignoring her job at spotting him on the bench press. He racked the weights and stood up, waving his hand in front of her. “Hey Lai Chan. You good? Kinda spacing out on me.”

She jumped at his hand and quickly glanced at his face before looking away, face flushed. Gods please don’t let her be sick. She had title defense coming up and it was too late now to reschedule. HR reached up and put a hand to her forehead, it was hot. “We have to tell the coach, you can’t fight in this condition.” He turned to go find her lead trainer.

She grabbed his arm, stopping him and causing him to turn back towards her. “No!” her outburst caused a few heads to turn their way. She realized and lowered her voice. “I’m fine. Really.”

“Lai Chan, you’re burning up. It could be a fever.”

“Its-its not a fever. It’s just… come with me.” She pulled over to a corner of the gym no one was using. HR felt the eyes on his back as she dragged him. “I’m not sick.”
“Then what is it? And why’d you drag me over here?”

Lai Chan looked flustered, a rare occurrence in the gym. She leaned in close and whispered into his ear. “Th-The feeling’s back”


“Well can’t you just, wait till you get home and masturbate?” HR also began whispering, which he knew would only draw more attention to them, but he couldn’t exactly talk about this out loud.

“But it’s super bad. And I still don’t know how to masturbate.”

“Lai Chan, that’s the whole reason I went to your place last time. Just… do what I did to you but to yourself.”

“But what if i don’t do it right? Can’t you come and like… I don’t know, spot me or something?”

Was she actually asking him to watch her masturbate? “Lai Chan you do realize that masturbation is usually something done alone right?”

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