Lesbian Vampire Whores Ch. 04

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Cynthia awakened wanting sex. Her breasts ached for attention, and her pussy literally throbbed with need. She could feel the plug nestled in her ass and clenched her muscles against it. A delicious sensation ran up her belly and back down to her clit.

“Our baby is awake,” Monica purred and moved the sheets aside so she could look at this sweet and oh so tender bit in bed between her and Candy. “How are you feeling, Sweetie?”

“I need to cum,” Cynthia replied with a gasp and ran her hands down to her pussy.

“Ah, ah,” Candy said and moved her hands away. “We want to play awhile.”

“Play?” Cynthia asked curiously.

“Oh, yes,” Monica said and took Cynthia’s left hand in hers, while Candy took her right. Before Cynthia knew it, she was secured by her wrists to the head board. “Open your legs wide, baby. Can’t have that sweet little pussy left out of the fun.”

Once Cynthia was stretched and tied, Monica crawled over her body and opened the bedside drawer. She found a pair of nipple clamps, not too painful, and attached to them to the girl’s cherry hard nipples. Cynthia squirmed and gasped an ‘ouch!’ but not enough to want them off. Besides the clamps looked like jeweled butterflies nesting on her nipple tips. And they sent small electric jolts down to her hungry pussy.

Monica ran a forefinger between Cynthia’s legs and found her pussy hot and sticky. Very nice. “First things first,” she decided and crawled over her bound toy. “Eat my, pussy, Sweets.” Kneeling over Cynthia’s face, she lowered herself and gasped with pleasure when Cynthia’s tongue snaked along her slit and sucked hard on her clit. Helping her out, Candy, on all fours, took one of her full titties into mouth and suckled it. Monica’s nipple hardened in her mouth like a pebble. Using her teeth on the nub, she worried Monica’s tit until her breasts were rising and falling hard with every nip.

This was the way to start the day, getting your pussy eaten and her titties sucked. Monica rolled her other nipple between her fingers and pinched on it hard. She was close to cumming. Letting the orgasm build in her clit and rise up through her belly, she threw her head back and freed her breast from Candy’s mouth. She wanted to torture her own nipples as Cynthia sucked and chewed on her throbbing clit.

Candy sat on Cynthia’s face next. But this time while Cynthia ate pussy, Monica got Eskort Bayan a vibrator out of the drawer. She pressed it up against the butt plug and turned the juice on high. Cynthia squirmed, but every time she stopped licking because of her own impending orgasm, Candy reached behind her and pinched Cynthia’s tender nipples hard. Wicked Monica made herself comfortable beside Cynthia’s pelvis and ran the vibrator over her skin. She even leaned over and parted her cunt lips with her tongue. Cynthia’s clit was hard and engorged. Monica placed the vibrator on her clit and left it there.

Cynthia orgasmed over and over while Candy ground her pussy in Cynthia’s face. A little pissed off with Monica, Candy climbed off Cynthia and looked to see what she was doing.

For the next few hours, the two women tortured the younger woman with the vibrator and whatever else they could find in the drawer. Cynthia’s tongue, mouth and pussy were worn out by the time they got finished. Only Cynthia’s clit showed any life in it. It would be a few months before she wasn’t as orgasmic as she was now. If Monica wanted to lay the vibrator against Cynthia’s clit and walk off, there was a good possibility that Cynthia would orgasm herself to death. But what a way to go.

When they finally freed their sweet plaything, they took the clamps off her nipples and slowly sucked the pain out of them. Cynthia lay on the pillows with he eyes shut while her clit twitched a couple of times. Having two beautiful women sucking on her sore titties was the most incredible thing.

One of the things Millicent liked to do was have her pets masturbate in front of a mirror. This taught them to appreciate their gorgeous bodies, and gave them something to do when they were bored.

Holly sat in a chair with her legs dangling over the arm rests in front of the mirror with Lisa sitting in a chair beside her. She watched Lisa cup her own magnificent breasts and even lift one up to run her tongue over the nipple. It was very sexy, but Holly wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to tongue her own tit. Still, running her hands over her lean slick body down to her hungry pussy was thrilling. She loved the way her naked pussy looked, and how hot it was when she ran her fingers over the wet slit.

As she got closer to an orgasm her nipples automatically tightened like plump little raisins.

“That’s it, baby, play with that slit,” Lisa purred and ran her hands down her belly to her own hungry cunt. She was so wet and horny.

Mimicking each other in the mirror, they ran their fingers over their hairless slits and into their hot wet cunts. Holly closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she rubbed her clit with one hand and punished a nipple with the other. The orgasm hit her quick and hard. Riding it for as long as she could, she moaned wantonly and rubbed her clit until there was nothing left but a lingering tingle.

The rest of the day was spent resting or indulging in private pleasure. Holly loved the pool, and Cynthia enjoyed the feel of baby oil being rubbed all over her body while she baked in the bright sunshine. Monica and Candy teased her periodically, pinching a tender nipple or actually dropping down for a quick suck on their way to another lounging chair by the pool. Monica was obsessed with Cynthia’s super tender nipples and actually knelt by her chair to feast on one hot nibblet. Getting the desired reaction from Cynthia, she raised her head and said, “Lady Millicent is going to have so much fun with you tonight.”

Cynthia hoped so. Her wet cunt twitched in agreement.

But when Lady Millicent showed up to feed that night, she had other plans. Carmen, her meal for the evening, was ready with her hands tied behind her back and her lovely breasts jutting out ready for her mistress’ enjoyment. Millicent sat in the chair and helped her sweet young meal to impale herself on the rubber cock. Carmen, aroused by several hours of steady preparation, tried to rub her clit against the cock, but this was not an easy task. Millicent took one of the ripe nipples into her mouth and sucked vigorously on it while stroking her dinner’s throbbing clit. Carmen exploded in a powerful orgasm while Millicent fed on her hot energized blood. The moment Carmen fainted, she stood up with the sweet morsel unconscious in her arms.

“I need Cynthia, Monica and Candy to get into some clothes while I put Carmen to bed. We are taking a little trip, and I may not be back for a couple of days,” she said and walked out of the playroom.

Lady Millicent desired specific clothing on her food when she traveled. Breasts and pussies had to be accessible, which meant short leather skirts and sheer blouses with corsets that held the breasts up without hiding them. Garters were all right as long as they didn’t hamper her access to clits and cunts. The blouses had to open in the front without buttons and be transparent so she could enjoy the view. High heels were required for travel, but walking shoes were all right if there was to be any walking.

When she arrived at the limo for the ride to the airport, she found her companions waiting for her. Although she had fed on Carmen’s blood and sexual energy, she needed more energy to be sated. And since Cynthia was the most orgasmic of the three at the moment, she chose Cynthia to feed her first.

“Come sit in my lap,” she told the young woman. “Face your friends.”

Cynthia sat on Millicent’s leather clad legs facing Candy and Monica. Millicent easily opened the transparent blue blouse and cupped her breasts in her hands. Cynthia loved having her breasts played with, and she moaned when Millicent rubbed her nipples between her fingers. Candy and Monica looked at her with lust in their eyes.

“Lean forward,” Millicent said. Cynthia got on her knees and leaned forward. Millicent now had access to her naked ass and pussy, while Cynthia’s hanging breasts were within reach of Candy and Monica. “Play with her tits,” Millicent told the other two. “Oh yes, very wet and hot. Try not to cum too quickly, my pretty plum.”

Cynthia hung her head as Candy and Monica fondled her breasts and Mistress explored her pussy and clit with a long pointed finger. She even probed her rectum with the other finger. It was exquisite. Every nerve in her body thrummed on the edge of one incredible orgasm. Millicent finger fucked her ass and started rubbing her clit at the same time. Cynthia squirmed and humped back to meet the finger in her ass. Monica and Candy pinched her nipples hard and kissed her face and lips. Monica even managed to contort herself so she could suck on Cynthia’s sensitive nipple.

Orgasmic oblivion hit Cynthia hard. She growled like an animal as Millicent focused all her attention on Cynthia’s spasming clit and rectum. And the energy that was released by the orgasm fed Millicent well. She stroked her pretty plum to several orgasms before they reached the airport.

Unable to walk without a little help from Monica, Cynthia walked to the waiting private jet with her breasts hanging free in the night air. After what Millicent had done to her, she didn’t care if anyone saw her tits. It was all right. Her pussy even twitched at the thought of more sex on the plane. All she wanted was more sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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