Lessons in Love Ch. 2

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Kim woke up to the looked around the room, taking a second to remember where she was. One look at Tom lying next to her brought the whole night back in a flash. She smiled as she remembered the way she had cum and cum and cum. She felt a twinge between her legs that let her now her pussy remembered to. Quietly she got up and went to the bathroom. When she finished she took off the garter, which had become twisted all around her waist, and her stockings. The outfit she had chosen worked to perfection and she couldn’t wait to get some more of Tom inside of her.

As she walked back into the bedroom she looked at Tom still sleeping on the bed. He cock was lying there looking so cute she thought. Billy had always wanted her to suck his cock, but she never did. But now looking at Tom’s cock she knew that she wanted to suck it and feel it get hard in her mouth. Gently she crawled into bed and moved towards her lover’s limp tool. She took it in her hand and began to lick the head, kissing it up and down and finally taking it into her mouth. She wasn’t really sure how to blow Tom, but she was giving it a good try, and from the way it was growing in her mouth she knew she must have been doing something right. She let the now hard cock slip out of her mouth and began to lick up and down the shaft. “For someone who has never done that before you do it well” she heard Tom say. She looked up at him, her tongue still tracing paths on the shaft of his cock. “Well if there is something that I can do to make it better please tell me.”

“Well you can suck on my balls, never ignore them, but be gentle, one misguided tooth and that all day sucker you have will melt like an ice cream cone”

Kim moved down to his balls and began to flick them with her tongue. “Mmm that’s nice, Now take one into your mouth and suck on it.” bakırköy escort Again Kim did as she was asked and again heard Tom moan. She moved from one to the other sucking and licking his balls, while her hand gently stroked his cock. She felt his cock twitch and decided it was time to go back to work on it. As she moved up toward the head of his hard cock Kim could see a drop of pre-cum shining on the head. She flicked it off with her tongue and let her mouth cover as much of Tom’s cock as she could.

Again Tom moaned and Kim picked up the pace, moving her mouth up and down the now rigid cock, rubbing the head with her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of the throbbing cock and looked up at Tom. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?” She said with a sexy smile and licked his cockhead.

“Oh god yes, Kim please suck me off.”

She smiled back at him, shocked by the words coming out of her mouth. “Then tell me what you want me to do and be dirty about it.”

Tom looked at Kim and smiled. “Suck my cock baby, suck it good, let me cum down your throat.” As Tom started talking Kim started sucking his cock, the more he talked the faster she moved her head, licking and sucking, feeling Tom’s cock getting closer and closer, her hand reaching down and grabbing his now tight balls and rubbing them, her own pussy getting very wet as Tom kept telling her to suck him off.

Finally Tom cried out “I’m cumming baby” and the cock in her mouth began to explode sending wave after wave of hot cum into Kim’s mouth. Kim swallowed and swallowed as fast as she could not wanting to let any of the sweet cum leak out of her mouth. When Tom quit cumming he pulled her up to him and kissed her, his tongue opening her lips and tasting his spunk on her tongue. When they broke the kiss he looked bakırköy escort bayan at Kim, “I love you, I never told you that, but I do.”

She looked back, a tear in her eye and said, “I love you too.” They kissed again and then laid next to each other, Tom on his back and Kim curled up beside him, her pussy wrapped around his leg.

After a minute he said, “You are really wet, and hot, what shall we do about that.” Kim looked up and said “anything you want as long as I can cum, I’m ready to burst.”

“Anything” he said with a grin. “Well almost anything, depending on what you want to do.”

“I don’t want to do anything to you, I want to watch you play with yourself.”

Kim looked at Tom for a minute. “I have never done that in front of anyone before” she said.

“Would you do it for me?” he asked.

Kim thought about it for a second and smiled. “How do you want me to do it”

Tom pulled her up on the bed, “sit with your back against the headboard and your legs open so I can watch the way you do it. Then I will know how you like it. ” Kim wasn’t counting on being so exposed when playing with herself, but was to horny to argue.

She moved into position and looked at Tom in his eyes she saw love and acceptance, and all kinds of lust. “So he wants a show” she thought, and stared in. Tom was expecting her to start right at her clit and get off. When her hands began to caress her nipples Tom’s eyes lit up. As he sat back and watched Kim began rubbing and pinching her nipples, licking her fingers and sliding them over the little points as the got hard.

Her pussy was dripping and aching for the touch of her fingers, but Kim kept rubbing her tits, then her stomach, her hand tracing circles that went lower and lower toward her dripping cunt. At last her finger escort bayan bakırköy found her dripping hole and she slid a finger in, then pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth, tasting the sweet juices that made her so wet. Again her finger went into her cunt, this time when she took it out she offered it to Tom to suck. He licked her finger and then sucked it into his mouth, the way Kim sucked his cock moments before.

When she pulled her finger out of his mouth she knew it was time to show Tom what he wanted. Her finger headed for her clit and she began to rub it, up and down, her fingertip brushing the opening to her pussy as it slid over her hard button. Her other hand moved down and is fingering the opening to her pussy. Tom can see from the way she is breathing and moving her hand that it won’t be long.

“Play with your ass” he said.

Kim’s eyes got big, “How did you know I like that,” she said as her finger dipped to her tight asshole.

“Because I like it,” he said. Kim felt a jolt of pleasure as he said this and slipped the finger that was wet from her pussy into her ass. Her other finger was still keeping a steady pace on her clit and Kim knew that she will soon cum and cum hard. Tom had one more surprise for Kim as her orgasm approached. He reached down beside the bed and pulled out a small vibrator and a tube of lubricant. He coated the plastic with the jelly and looked at Kim. “Let me help you”. She looked down as he pulled her finger out of her ass and slid the vibrator in, turning it on as it passed her tight sphincter. This was more than Kim could stand and her cunt exploded with pleasure.

“Oh go yes Tom, do it, do it, oh yea, I’m cumming so hard, fuck my ass, yes yes.” The words expressing the release as her body exploded with pleasure. At last her orgasm faded and Tom pulled the vibrator out of her ass. Kim can only fall into his arms and cry, words not expressing the joy she was feeling. As she gets her tears under control Tom kissed her and said “Let’s get some sleep, after all we have all day Saturday and Sunday.”

To Be Continued…

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