Letters to My Virtual Lover Pt. 02

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The Beach

The beach is part of a series of stories from my “Letters to my virtual Lover” Collection. Each story stands alone and there is no real link between the stories except that they are all fantasy experiences with the same two people. That being said, it would help you understand the relationship between the two if you read Part 1 before moving on to the next. I hope you enjoy our fantasy excursion as much as we did.


We are on a beach, somewhere tropical. It is the end of the day. The beach is almost deserted.

We are walking barefoot on the sand. The sand is still warm. It was a very hot day today.

I should have put on a bathing suit, but I am wearing a tank top and shorts instead. I feel icky and sweaty. I like the heat, but it was really, really hot today.

You are wearing loose fitting short that go to your knees. No top.

You have brought some wine and a couple of glasses. I told you wine was wasted on me, but you brought it anyway. You tell me I will love this wine but I have my doubts.

We settle on a spot where there is nobody around and we drop down a large towel on the sand. The heat has really drained my energy. I lay on the towel as if to say I am done.

You are at me to go for a swim. This will freshen me up you say.

I didn’t bring a suit, so that won’t happen. I am not going for a swim with my clothing on and then walking back with wet clothes. You tell me to go skinny dipping. As if I would do that! No, I will suffer here on the beach. Thanks anyway.

You open the bottle of wine. I ask for just a little bit because I won’t drink much anyway. You tell me I am boring. I roll my eyes at you.

I take my first sip. Oh, that is a bit sour. I never did get used to the taste of wine. You tell me to give it a chance and sip on it a while. I really should try, so I keep the glass. Every once in a while, I take a sip.

You are totally enjoying your wine. You try to give me the history of wine or something like that, but you’ve lost me. I decide to shut you up by giving you a kiss. You actually tell me I am bad for trying to distract you, and you keep talking about wine, so I kiss you again. You smile and refill my glass of wine.

I have actually gone through my first full glass of wine. It is starting to taste ok. My taste buds seem to be getting used to it. I am getting just a little tipsy. Now that I am getting use to the taste, I may be drinking it too fast. This isn’t juice. I still have my wits, but my reflexes are a little slower. And it is still so damned hot. I lay back on the towel.

Again, you tell me I should go skinny dipping. Again, I say no. Again, you tell me I am a bore. So you decide to go on your own. You remove your clothing and you are standing in front of me, begging me to go. I think you are funny, but I tell you to go for your swim and let me be boring on my own. You walk away, toward the ocean, you penis dangling and bouncing with each step.

You immerge yourself in the water as soon as the water is deep enough and you scream at me about how refreshing it is in there. The worst part is that I know it is. But I can’t go nude.

A few minutes later, you come back to the towel. You are soaking wet and dripping all over the place. You lay beside me. I have just finished a second glass of wine. I am definitely feeling a little light headed.

You put one of your hands under my top, on my belly. Oh, that feels good. Your hand is cool. When you see my response, Şirinevler escort you decide to lay your wet head on my belly. That is so nice. Your hands circle around my waist, so you are cooling part of my back as well. I am very grateful. Your hands work their way up my back to my bra hooks, and you unfasten them. I give you a stern look, but you know I don’t mean it. The coolness of your hands is so refreshing.

Your head comes off my belly and you sit up a bit. Your hands lift my top a bit more and find my breasts. I take a deep breath. I like it, but I am concerned. I look around to see if anyone is around. We seem to still be alone. The hell with it! I ask you to remove my top. You are more than happy to oblige. You run your fingers along my rib cage on both sides until you are under my arms and you slowly pull the top over my head. I don’t know if this is the wine talking, but it feels pretty good.

Again, I look around. Nobody is in sight. I know you won’t stop at the top. But will I let you take the shorts off too? I look at you, naked next to me, a partial erection in the works. I am feeling very relaxed now, so I voluntarily undo my short button and zipper. I lie on my back and lift my pelvis while you pull my shorts away from my pelvis. Then you go back for the panties. It really does feel liberating. Once you throw my clothes to the side, you put your attention on my naked body.

You lay beside me, leaning on one elbow and your other arm gently touches my belly and then works its way to my breasts. You pinch the nipple furthest away from you while you suck on the one that is closest. I hold my breath for a second. Again, I look around; still nobody in sight.

You grab one of my hands and you bring it to your penis. It is getting harder. Seriously, are we really going to do this on a public beach? But your penis feels so good in my hand. I can’t resist. I start to rub it, up and down. But this is awkward. You are still working on my breasts and I am stretching out my arm to give you a hand job. We are going to have to change positions if I am going to be effective. I tell you to lie back while I sit up beside you. I can use both hands now. I rub your penis and sometimes extend my move so that my hands go the length of your shaft and then keep going to your belly. Sideways is still awkward. I spread your legs and decide to position myself between your knees.

With both hands extended to your inner thighs, I gently, sensually rub your inner thighs with smooth moves upwards, toward your pelvis. I get to your groin and again, with even motion and pressure, I move my hands simultaneously, up and down, basically circling your penis and scrotum, getting close, but not touching them. Your legs shake just a little. I look at your face. You appear to be concentrating on your breathing. It is uneven at times, but definitely deeper than before.

I look around again. There is a certain thrill about the fact that we could be seen. But again, there is nobody around. I breathe in deep and slowly move my hands to your penis. He is hard now, very hard. Your eyes are closed and I wonder what you are thinking, but I won’t ask. I will just appreciate that you are standing at attention for me.

You feel so good in my hands, and your testicles are, as usual, a source of fun for me. I handle them very gently and am amazed when I feel movement in your sac. These things actually respond to touch.

I fear that I might hurt you though as my hands are Şirinevler escort bayan dry and this hand job is being done without lubrication, so I decide there is only one thing to do. I come in closer and I hold your penis steady. I lick the head of your penis in a circular motion, just the head. Your pelvis just twitched, so I know you are responding to my tongue. I lick again, same motion, but I suck in the tip as I finish my circle. I suck it like I would a Popsicle, in and out of my mouth. Then I lick the length of your penis, back to the tip and suck on the tip again a few times. Then back to the base of your shaft. I suck on the skin at the base just a little. The suction brings in a little bit of the skin from your scrotum. I release the suction and then move to your scrotum. I begin by shaking my tongue underneath your sac. Your testicles are dancing like marionettes. I suckle each testicle, one at a time, and then try to get both in at the same time. I didn’t quite make it, but it was worth a try.

Time to go back to the penis. I put my lips at the base of it and basically kind of suck my way up your shaft, taking in the tip as I get to it. Then it is in and out of my mouth, while one of my hands holds the base of your penis. I think I am doing pretty good, but then your hand comes up to my face and you make me stop. I am a bit perplexed as I look at your face. You grin and say I was doing fine, but you want to try something else. You have me lie down on the towel and then you go over top of me, but with your head at my crotch and your penis at my head.

Are you serious? You want to 69, here? I have never done this. I have never had anyone with their face between my legs. This cannot be a good idea. You assure me that it will be ok. You start by positioning your penis in my mouth. It is different now that your pelvis can come down toward me rather than staying put like when you are on your back. I fumble a bit to try and get a decent rhythm going. Every once in a while, you go in deeper and I feel your penis in the back of my throat. I am not gagging, but it is sometimes close. So when your pelvis tips toward me, I am tightening up with my tongue to keep it from going too far. You don’t seem to mind.

Now that we have me almost knowing what I am doing, you start your work. You spread my labia and find my clitoris. You shake your tongue at it. Oh my God, that feels weird. Then your lips go around my clit and you suck on it gently, making the clit go slightly in your mouth. Then, while still sucking, your tongue starts to vibrate against it. Holy shit! It is getting really hard to concentrate here. Who knew a tongue could be such a powerful weapon.

My first instinct is to bring my knees together as my thigh muscles tighten up, but your hands are on my knees, resisting my attempts. The counter force you are applying against my legs only heightens the intensity of my muscle contractions. My butt muscles are hard as rocks right now. And you keep going, sucking and rubbing my clit. Your moustache and beard also add to the stimulation down there. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!

My insides are all over the place. Muscles I didn’t know I had are contracting. This makes me tighten my hold on your penis. I am trying really hard now not to hurt you. You are so hard. Every once in a while, I gasp and my mouth opens more, allowing more of you in. My hands go to your butt. It too is hard as your muscles do their thing. I use my hold on your butt as leverage escort şirinevler to be able to bring myself up toward you. I am taking you in deep. I can only do this a few times. I let you out of my mouth and let my hands help me. I rub up and down, sucking the tip while my hands do the work. Your balls are hanging down. Gravity brings them in close. Between gasps and while grasping your member with both hands, I nuzzle your sac with my lips. I go back to your penis. You taste saltier than usual. Must be that ocean salt you got from your swim. You are helping by thrusting in my mouth. I can’t believe it is possible to have so much enjoyment in two places at the same time. But I feel like I am going to lose control. My body shakes. I think your body shakes a bit too, but there is so much going on that I am not sure anymore. I have to make you stop. I pull your penis out of my mouth and turn my head. I tell you I can’t take any more.

You stop and you get off of me, for a moment, and you turn around. You come over to my face and you kiss me on the lips. My breathing is fast and deep, like I just ran a marathon. You lay beside me for a few moments while I catch my breath. You tell me you are not done. I look down and see you are still very hard. I cautiously reach over and grab your penis. I can feel a pulse in it. What an amazing body part. I stroke it. I tell you I don’t know if I can do much more. My arms feel like Jello. I probably shouldn’t have had that wine. You smile and get in position. My legs are spread and you are there, ready for action. Where do you get your energy? You stroke your penis a few times and you line it up with my vagina. I can honestly say that I have never in my entire life been this wet, so you have lots of lubrication to work with. You put your finger in first, and then you lick it. You go back with your finger, but this time you bring it to my mouth. I lick it like it is a mini penis. You take your finger out of my mouth and you rub it gently between my breasts and down my belly. You grab a hold of your penis and give it a couple of pulls then you push your penis inside me

Despite the lube, it is still tight. But you seem to enjoy that. You are hard as steel, so you have no problems getting in. You push hard. I think you just hit my cervix. Oh my God! In and out, you gain a faster rhythm. The wet noise from your penis going in and out of my wet hole is slightly distracting, but feeling every inch of your penis penetrating me like that makes me forget about the noise. Good Lord, is that the G spot people talk about. I can’t think anymore. I feel like I am going to explode. I open my eyes and see you making a face, holding your breath. And just then, I feel a massive contraction in my vagina followed by multiple small ones.

That contraction did something to you. I think it squeezed the life out of you. You appear to spasm a little bit as you try to exhale. As my contractions diminish, I realize I am not the only one contracting in there. I can feel your penis spew in me. Warm fluid flows out of my vagina, trickling toward my anus. Oh my God! That was amazing.

You are still in me, when I hear noise close by. I look up and see a couple walking by. They must be in their 70s. I stop breathing. I just held my breath and you stay very still over top of me. The man looks over and says” Nice evening tonight, isn’t it?”. I just managed to let out a shy “um hum”. The woman slaps her man on an arm and tells him to keep moving. As soon as they are out of ear’s length, you look at me and you burst out laughing. I smile and start to breathe again.

As soon as I get my senses back and my breathing has slowed, I look at you and say” Maybe skinny dipping isn’t such a bad idea. Lord knows I need refreshing right now” You smile, take my hand, and lead me into the water.

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